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  1. Mrflamexd3

    General Zelda Selling My 25th Anniversary Zelda 3DS, What's a Good Price?

    Hello everyone, Here's a link to my listing on eBay with all the information: http://www.ebay.com/itm/121388553790?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 Anyways, with all that information in mind what do you think a good price would be to sell this at? Please don't tell me...
  2. Mrflamexd3

    Playstation 2 Vs. Xbox

    The question is pretty self explanatory, you can base this off of facts or nostalgia I guess, i'd just like to know what everyone thinks.
  3. Mrflamexd3

    The Wind Waker Missable Items

    Just making sure, are the only missable items the 15 pictographs? Everything else you can get after you've completed the game?
  4. Mrflamexd3

    WW-Wii U How Long Will The Wind Waker HD Console Bundle Be Around For?

    So I am currently selling my Zelda 25th Anniversary Limited Edition 3DS bundle on eBay that comes with every downloadable Zelda game (here's the link if you're interested: http://www.ebay.com/itm/121208014495?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 Anyways, with the money I want to...
  5. Mrflamexd3

    The Wind Waker How Long Will The Wind Waker HD Console Bundle Be Around For?

    I want to buy the Wii U bundle that comes with The Wind Waker and has Zelda engravings on the Game Pad, but I don't know how much longer it'll be around, and I was wondering if any of you guys knew since I have no idea how long it will take for my 3DS to sell.
  6. Mrflamexd3

    New Video Game Console?

    I was wondering if there are any new video game consoles come out, and what I mean by that is a new console from a new developer like the Playstation back in the 90's and the Xbox back in 2001?
  7. Mrflamexd3

    Mallrats Vs Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

    Me and my friend are having a debate on which is better, we both love Clerks and Chasing Amy but I like Mallrats while he likes Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. What do you guys think?
  8. Mrflamexd3

    Original Xbox Question

    I bought an Xbox on eBay and I got Halo and Conker. Anyways, the audio is out of sync and just turns on and off as it pleases and sometimes the game disc works and sometimes it doesn't. Is this a problem with the disc or the system?
  9. Mrflamexd3

    Which Version of Conker Do You Prefer?

    A few years ago I played through Conker's Bad Fur Day on the N64, and recently I got an Xbox so I decided to pay the extra cash and get Conker Live and Reloaded since I no longer own an N64. Anyways, I wanted to know which version you guys thought was better?
  10. Mrflamexd3

    The Legend of Zelda Remake?

    Kind of like FireRed and LeafGreen for Pokemon, how would you guys feel about a remake of the original Legend of Zelda?
  11. Mrflamexd3

    Red & Blue Vs. FireRed & LeafGreen

    I was thinking about getting one of the two but I cannot decide which is the better game. Please do not go off of nostalgia for this poll, I would just like to know which version is actually better.
  12. Mrflamexd3

    Original Star Wars Questio

    Alright besides the 2006 DVD release, which versions of Star Wars DO NOT say Episode IV: A New Hope in the opening crawl?
  13. Mrflamexd3

    PS1 Vs Xbox?

    I'm trying to decide which console to get. PS1 is $15 but the games will be more expensive while the Xbox is $40 and the games will be cheaper. Either way they both even out, but which one is better? Which console should I get?
  14. Mrflamexd3

    A Link Between Worlds Second Quest

    I was wondering what everybody's thoughts on this game having a second quest would be.
  15. Mrflamexd3

    WW-Wii U Second Quest Question

    This may seem odd but anyways, after you complete The Wind Waker you unlock Second Quest right? Now if you save the Second Quest game into a different file, can you beat the Ganon again on the first quest file and make your other file (this would be your third file) second quest also?
  16. Mrflamexd3

    Favorite Star Wars Movie

    Well basically I would like to know which movie of this franchise is your favorite, this poll will go on forever! :lol:
  17. Mrflamexd3

    Xbox 360 4GB Vs 250GB

    I know this question has been asked time and time again but hear me out okay? First off, what's the difference of playing the game on the disk vs. downloading it to the console? Second, I plan to play these games: Borderlands Catherine Red Dead Redemption Dead Space Sneak King and maybe...
  18. Mrflamexd3

    Medal of Honor Games That Spielberg Has Worked On.

    So we know that there are plenty of Medal of Honor games in the world, but which ones did Spielberg work on specifically?
  19. Mrflamexd3

    Spirit Tracks Ferrus Letter #3

    Okay so I obtained and finished Ferrus Letter #2 (and got the Force Gem). Now I only need one more letter which is the 3rd letter from Ferrus, and i'm a little stumped...how exactly do I get the letter?
  20. Mrflamexd3

    Spirit Tracks 100% Question

    Alright so the Freebie and Quintuple card, I ended up using them without even thinking about it....can I still consider my game 100%?
  21. Mrflamexd3

    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages 3DS Question

    Are the Oracle games on 3DS Limited Edition like Four Swords or are they a permanent stay like Link's Awakening DX?
  22. Mrflamexd3

    Twilight Princess In 2013, Which is Better, the Gamecube or Wii Version?

    Now before you go off and say this thread has been made before, those threads were from before Skyward Sword. Now that we have a definitive Wii Zelda title out of the way, which is better, the Wii or Gamecube version of Twilight Princess? I had the Gamecube version back in 2006, and then in 2012...
  23. Mrflamexd3

    Should There Have Ever Been a Sequel to The Hangover?

    With The Hangover Part III just around the corner, i've been wondering if The Hangover should have even had a sequel to begin with. Now me, personally I hate every and all sequels, some worse than others. But The Hangover is kind of an odd topic, me personally I think that it should have been a...
  24. Mrflamexd3

    OoT-3DS Do You Really Need Ocarina of Time 3D if You Already Own Ocarina of Time?

    I'm selling me copy of Ocarina of Time 3D. But i'm not sure if I really want to. Here's the thing, I own Ocarina of Time on the Gamecube with Master Quest AND I own The Collector's Edition on the Gamecube. I have a 100% file of Ocarina of Time on the Master Quest Bonus Disc version. Now I bought...
  25. Mrflamexd3

    WW-Wii U Is the Upcoming WW HD Release Making You Replay the Game Before It's Released?

    The Wind Waker is my personal favorite game in the series. Now when you look at it, i've completed the game hundreds of time, I may even play it again today, I believe the last time I played it was back in August. Anyways, it honestly depends on what the HD remake is. Will it add anything...
  26. Mrflamexd3

    General Zelda Has Zelda Gone on for Too Long?

    Unlike movies, I think video game sequels are always better then the originals. Now if there were 16 of any movie then yes I would personally think they should stop. But with Zelda it just seems to keep getting better. Yes, The Wind Waker is my personal favorite game but I loved games like...
  27. Mrflamexd3

    Star Wars Blu-ray Question

    My question to any Star Wars fans out there is should I buy the Original Trilogy on Blu-ray now or wait for the individual releases? All I really want is the first movie on Blu-ray. Granted the 2 sequels are actually pretty good for sequels (I have a real problem against sequels). I'm not sure...
  28. Mrflamexd3

    Should You Buy an HD Collection for Just One Game?

    Okay so I want to play Metal Gear Solid 2. I have a PS2 and an Xbox 360. There is a slight chance I might play Metal Gear Solid 3 but if I do it won't be for a long time, and I have no intention to really ever play Peace Walker. My question is, should I buy the original or the HD Collection if I...
  29. Mrflamexd3

    Ocarina of Time Completionist Question

    I want to 100% all the mains series Zelda games. For games like The Wind Waker and Skyward Sword i'm just going to 100% the game on Second Quest and Hero Mode. Now do you guys consider Master Quest another game entirely and I should 100% the game on the original and Master Quest or should I just...
  30. Mrflamexd3

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time Master Quest Question

    Alright, here's my dilemma. I usually don't care much for second quests, but is Ocarina of Time Master Quest actually worth playing if I already completed Ocarina of Time and don't care much for second quests as stated before?
  31. Mrflamexd3

    What is the Most Recent Dungeon That You Completed?

    Last dungeon I recently completed, The Ocean Temple in Spirit Tracks. Following along with ZD's Video Walkthrough. =)
  32. Mrflamexd3

    The 5 Zelda Games You Have Played the Most?

    Let me really think about this for a minute...... 5. Majora's Mask/Skyward Sword (I can't decide between the two). 4. The Minish Cap 3. Twilight Princess 2. Ocarina of Time 1. The Wind Waker (beaten this game way too many times)
  33. Mrflamexd3

    General Zelda What is the Best Zelda Game to Start With?

    Whatever the newest console game at the time is (which is right now Skyward Sword), and if they like it then the newest handheld game at the time (which is now Ocarina of Time 3D). From there they could do as they please.
  34. Mrflamexd3

    The Legend of Zelda Why Do You Love The Legend of Zelda So Much More Than Other Games?

    As most people, for nostalgic reasons. I got my first video game console in 2004, the Gamecube. I was at my grandparent's house with my cousins for the holidays in 2003 and they got my cousin a Gamecube game (I believe it was Tak and The Power of Juju). I had no idea what the thing was and I...
  35. Mrflamexd3

    WW-Wii U Zelda Dungeon & The Wind Waker

    I'm not sure if this can be answered at this time, but hey why not ask? Okay so my question is, due to the recent announcement of The Wind Waker HD will ZD update the site walkthrough and maybe even make a video walkthrough in the next few months before the game comes out, around the time the...
  36. Mrflamexd3

    General Zelda The Game/games You Haven't Beaten.

    Not 100%, I've completed them all except for the Oracle games (which i'm waiting for them to come out on the eShop!) 100%, look at my signature.
  37. Mrflamexd3

    Do I Need to Play Metal Gear Solid Before Metal Gear Solid 2?

    Okay, I will play The Twin Snakes soon. Seems like it could be fun. Also, the Metal Gear Sold in The Essentials Collection is still a PsOne game but in a PS2 case.
  38. Mrflamexd3

    Do I Need to Play Metal Gear Solid Before Metal Gear Solid 2?

    I plan to get Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3 on PS2, and I don't have a PS1 memory card nor want one. I do have a Gamecube and can play The Twin Snakes but I don't really want to, but I will if I need to play MGS1 to understand MGS2. So basically my question is do I need to play Metal Gear Solid to...
  39. Mrflamexd3

    Can You Transfer Wii Saves to Wii U Without a Wii Present?

    This question may have been asked before but I can't find an answer. Anyways, I recently sold my Wii (put all my saves on an SD card) and will buy a Wii U eventually but I want to know if I can put that SD card in my Wii U and just copy the saves on there? I only plan to put my Twilight...
  40. Mrflamexd3

    The Wind Waker in 30 Minutes

    Hahaha no it doesn't hurt to ask, you should always take chances. Anyways as the description says I originally made a Wind Waker Walkthrough back in August which consisted of 9 parts each being about 1-2 hours each. They had no commentary, it was basically like if you want to see the whole game...
  41. Mrflamexd3

    The Wind Waker in 30 Minutes

    The Wind Waker in 30 Minutes - YouTube Oh and by the way, read the description.
  42. Mrflamexd3

    Looking for a Specific Type of Hat

    Does anybody know who Nathan Barnatt is? Has anybody seen the hat he wears? Anybody know where I can get one?
  43. Mrflamexd3

    Resident Evil & Metal Gear Solid Question

    Thanks guys, i'm only asking because I plan to play PS2 games and not PS1 games. Before I play MGS2 (if I ever do play MGS 2) I will do my research on the first one.
  44. Mrflamexd3

    Resident Evil & Metal Gear Solid Question

    Well here's the thing, do I need to play Resident Evil 1-3 to understand 4..do I need to play MGS 1 to understand 2?
  45. Mrflamexd3

    Video Walkthroughs or Written Walkthroughs?

    Well yes like everyone else I like Video Walkthroughs, and for people like you ZD made those guides for OoT and TP in video on like golden bugs, golden skulltullas, pieces of heart, etc. What I like to do is complete the game, then to 100% the game I just follow a video walkthrough one video...
  46. Mrflamexd3

    OoT-Wii Virtual Console or N64?

    I played both on the Gamecube actually. I heard that the OoT on the Gamecube was the best looking (for the original, not talking about the remake). Majora's Mask however I do not no, currently i'm playing the Gamecube version and I enjoy it although if you don't take it slow then it will freeze...
  47. Mrflamexd3

    5th Gen Graphics That Do and Don't Hold Up Today

    Not on a huge HD TV with double the frames per second (reason I sold my N64 for a PS2).
  48. Mrflamexd3

    Nintendo Wii - End of Life Thoughts

    I honestly thought the virtual console was a great idea, never really used it though..well I did on the 3DS. Even though I owned and 100%ed Twilight Princess on the Wii I like the Gamecube version better which is the version I owned back when the game came out, almost 100% completed, then sold...
  49. Mrflamexd3

    What is the Most Recent Game That You Completed?

    Well actually it was Uncharted 3 a few weeks ago (made me but 1 & 2 again even though I beat those), prior to that it was Sonic Generations back in January which is a big gap. As you can see after a year hiatus I am trying to 100% more Zelda games, I only have 2 that i'm working on right now...
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