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  1. the8thark

    Excellent analysis of Link's Awakening by Digital Foundry

    Digital Foundry mentioned the stuff in the video I linked like: poor and uneven frame rates Aggressive double v-sync lack of d-pad support Link having no smoothing animations (ie he snaps to each of the 8 directions, he does not smoothly transition between them) the fact that this would have...
  2. the8thark

    Skills developed irl due to Zelda games

    A deeper respect for chickens.
  3. the8thark

    Digital Foundry vs gameXplain - which do you prefer?

    Which do you prefer and why? ***** This whole subject came to me when I read a comment on youtube. What the random person said, really had me thinking. I can really see the point there. Just explaining what you see in some footage, even spending hours to go through every frame of the...
  4. the8thark

    Do you like the look of the Link's Awakening amiibo?

    I think the black eyes and frown do that. There's a lot to be said about how your eyes can show your emotion. I agree with you that the final finish is really good but the pose and facial expressions are lacking in a few ways.
  5. the8thark

    Excellent analysis of Link's Awakening by Digital Foundry

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KREpHaA0Tbo This analysis is really good, a must watch for anyone interested in the game. Note Well - this is better than any review out there as it tells us exactly what we want to know without any spin, bias or developer ass kissing.
  6. the8thark

    Blackface Trudeau

    Personally I don't care that he did it. However . . . it is very hypocritical of him to push his discrimination agenda while attacking people for doing similar things to what he did back then. One rule for him and one rule for everyone else does not go down well with the general public.
  7. the8thark

    Do you like the look of the Link's Awakening amiibo?

    Here's what the amiibo looks like in detail One of the major differences with this amiibo is the gloss finish. As far as I can remember all of the amino before this one has a matt textured finish. This LA amiibo is has a smooth gloss finish. Also the colours chosen are very bold...
  8. the8thark

    Link's Awakening (Swtich) is much better than BotW...

    I agree with the quoted statement 100%. Zelda as an IP was becoming very stale. SS proved this. The broken motion controls was only the icing on the cake. The series needed as total shake up and re-invention. That's what BotW did and that's why it's such an amazing game. We need developers...
  9. the8thark

    Could You Date/Marry/Love Someone With the Same Name As Your Brother/Sister/Parent

    Yes I could. The name of someone would not matter to me at all. Mind you here in Australia we often call someone by a version of their name, not their actual birth name. Secondly I don't call my mother by her first name, I call her mum or mother so that same name association is really not...
  10. the8thark

    2020 U.S. Presidential Election Thread

    I am not a US citizen thus not a stakeholder in the US presidential election. However in my opinion I feel if the DNC want to have any chance of winning they need to find themselves a sensible moderate candidate free from all the past baggage the party has. Secondly that candidate needs to...
  11. the8thark

    What Causes Some Video Games to Age Poorly, In Your Opinion? What Do You Feel Makes a Game Timeless?

    Games age poorly because they no longer are fun when compared to more modern games. A game can age technically but still be quite fun to play. Ocarina of Time is a good example of this. The game in many aspects has aged very poorly, but it's still a very fun game to play, thus people still...
  12. the8thark

    Your Worst Puzzles

    RNG puzzles. Think "SPLOOOOOOSH" from Wind Waker. Is the Japanese "SPLOOOOOOSH" better?
  13. the8thark

    Favorite Boss Music?

    @Woyogoyo Great idea for a topic. I've not played Hollow Knight but that track is pretty good. I like it and it works well as boss music. Here are some of my favourite boss music pieces and why I think they work so well. Donkey Kong Country - Gang Plank Galleon It works so well as it's not...
  14. the8thark

    An issue I have with game reviews (a soapbox)

    Game reviews exist. They have their place and need to exist. There some from many different angles. Critic reviews, customer reviews, journalist (who haven't even plauyed the game) reviews . . . and more . . . you get the point. My issue is not about the reviews themselves, well not about the...
  15. the8thark

    RingFit Adventure for Switch

    I guess "SwitchFit" as a title didn't sound so good.
  16. the8thark

    RingFit Adventure for Switch

    This looks like a crossover of any standard RPG and WiiFit. I recommed watching the trailer to understand more what this is about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1orju1NsN8
  17. the8thark

    Walmart breaks street date for Switch Lite

    Walmart breaks street date for Switch Lire. Source -https://twitter.com/DJDaveReed
  18. the8thark

    This bloke discovered that the "hours played" statistic on the Switch caps out at 9999 hours.

    This bloke discovered that the "hours played" statistic on the Switch caps out at 9999 hours. He actually played BotW for that long - yeah I don't know what to say about that . . . Hmmmm.
  19. the8thark

    Who's gonna be the final boss of the next God of War ?

    I think you are mistaken. The next game in the series is "God 9". Simlarily to "Gears 5". The "of War", no one wants that anymore. /sarcasm
  20. the8thark

    New UK exclusive PS4 game art (might be released digitally worldwide)

    In other words GAME exclusive. Not even Amazon UK has these.
  21. the8thark

    New UK exclusive PS4 game art (might be released digitally worldwide)

    For those interested in the new artwork, Sony/Playstation is looking into making some high quality jpeg's available. This is because they realise people outside the UK want this UK exclusive artwork too. The actual images of the new artwork will be in the next post.
  22. the8thark

    Playstation UK has confirmed Circle, Square, Cross, Triangle

    I'm not sure why Playstation UK needed to clarify this. I thought it was rather obvious and very intentionally done by Sony all those decades ago.
  23. the8thark

    The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread

    King of Fighters was quite popular back in the 90s. There was quite a few of them. I'm just surprised Nintendo did not use KoF and said Fatal Fury instead. Overall for me I think the direct was totally amazing. But in a non hype kind of way. Something for everyone there. That's the big...
  24. the8thark

    The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread

    All of today's direct announcements. Overwatch - 15 October Luigi’s Mansion - 31 October Super Kirby Clash - Now Trials of Mana Remake - 24 April Return of the Obra Dinn - 2019 Little Town Hero - 16 October Banjo and Kazooie in Smash Bros U - Now Terry Bogard announced for Smash Bros U -...
  25. the8thark

    Rest of 2019 game release date leak

    Supposed leak. But it looks to be pretty legit? Source - https://twitter.com/the_marmolade/status/1166292092315942912
  26. the8thark

    NBA 2K20 has literal gambling in it - do you care?

    Here's the source article. https://www.polygon.com/2019/8/28/20837104/nba-2k20-myteam-loot-boxes-ball-drop-triple-threat-slot-machines-trailer-pc-xbox-one-ps4-switch Do you have any opinions on it? The joke, is people don't want basketball interrupting their 2K Casino Simulator.
  27. the8thark

    Games released physically in only one region - your thoughts?

    Well said and I agree. I thought Nintendo enforced the RRP / MSRP for each game. The retailers have the choice to pass on that price or lower it and take a loss. Useful if a prticular software title is going to be a loss leader. I agre 100%. Developers have their reasons. At times reasons...
  28. the8thark

    Games released physically in only one region - your thoughts?

    @CraftyLuminaryObject Imagine if a devlopment studio said "our game is digitally only because we release it physically worldwide" I think the customers would be happier. Also the price of the game physically is not an issue as most of the time it's the same digitally. If the price is agreed...
  29. the8thark

    The future of Super Mario

    I thought Ubisoft already did that?
  30. the8thark

    Games released physically in only one region - your thoughts?

    An issue has arisen with certain games and game developers. The issue being they release their games digitally world wide but only release the same game physically in one region. So if you live outside that region and you want a physical copy you have to import or miss out. Sure region free...
  31. the8thark

    The future of Super Mario

    From a story point you're correct. But from a gameplay standpoint, it's been a gradual continuation. Of cause ignoring the mistake that was Mario Sunshine. Mario 64 is the base moveset / game. Mario Galaxy adds in gravity and 2D pull star sections and other things. Odyssey added in the hat...
  32. the8thark

    What's Your Top Ten Worst/Disappointing Games You've Personally Played?

    I will add a few more. Warcraft 3 and Frozen Throne - After coming from Warcraft 2 and seeing how Starcraft improved on the formula, Warcraft 3 was such a let down for me. A return to non unique races where half the units from different races did the same thing. Adding in hero units that add...
  33. the8thark

    Square, Enix Co or Square Enix?

    Square, Enix Co or Square Enix - which do you think made better games and why? Note well - Squaresoft is the US subsidary of Square, the international company. Lets run through a selection of what I think is some of each compasny's best games pre and post merger. There are more games than I've...
  34. the8thark

    Think thrice!

    Both the PS4 and Switch have exclusives I like. The deciding factor is how much the indie developers like the Switch and how Nintendo is treating them. Also the Switch is the ultimate future retro console. In the future when standard HDMI cables have been replaced by better technology, we...
  35. the8thark

    What rules or principals do you have when buying games?

    I have a rough framework which I sometimes stick to and sometimes do not. $2 per hour of expected entertainment. I think the game will be fun according to my own tastes Recommendations from good friends - because they know my tastes and push my boundaries to like games I'd not have prevously...
  36. the8thark

    This is what the PS5 could look like

    Correct. That's why I think it's just the PS5 dev kit. As we both know dev kits oftendo look very different from the final retail model.
  37. the8thark

    Has a name ever sold you on a game?

    Fire Emblem Warriors did. I like Warriors/Musou games in general. Fire Emblem Warriors ended up being a terrible musou game. Not regretting getting it but it's not one of my best purchases ever. I think Dynasty Warriors 9 also sold me on the name. DW9 is just as bad, but for totally different...
  38. the8thark

    This is what the PS5 could look like

    Here's more to add to these rumours.
  39. the8thark

    This is what the PS5 could look like

    The Playstation 5 could look like this. A render / rumour. Most people think it's a dev kit. I just removed the obnoxious website branding so we can get a better look at it. Source - https://nl.letsgodigital.org/spelcomputers-games/ps5-sony-playstation-5/
  40. the8thark

    Why isn't there a game called Banjo-Brewie?

    Because there's no instrument pun there.
  41. the8thark

    Do you still play new games on your old systems?

    @mαrkαsscoρ I assume you mean old games that are new to you as opposed to new games made for the old consoles like: Planet X2 for the Commodore 64 Lizard for the NES Paprium for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Unholy Knight: Darkness Hunter for the SNES Princess Lydie for the Intellivision All...
  42. the8thark

    The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread

    Goat Simulator is basically the same thing and is on Switch. Play that if you really want a intentionally bug/glitch filled animal simulator where the bugs/glitches are the star attraction.
  43. the8thark

    Pokemon Shield and Pokemon Sword steelbooks

    It seems there is 3 different Sword and Shield steenboks floating around the world in various places you can pre-order the game as pre-order bonuses.
  44. the8thark

    The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread

    Here's the list of all the games from the recent indie world presentation. Risk of Rain 2 Eastward Freedom Finger Roki Torchlight 2 Skater XL Youropa Superhot - Out Now Dungeon Defenders: Awakened The Touryst - November 2019 Skellboy - 3rd December 2019 Earthnight Hotline Miami Collection...
  45. the8thark

    Do you have a console bias for some series?

    For most games I prefer Nintendo consoles ie Switch. I just like it's pro controller more. The only thing changing that is games that run better and are much cheaper on PS4. This is really rare as I bought a PS4 Slim for exclusives. Though I do own DW8XL and New DOOM on PS4. The former I got...
  46. the8thark

    self save or auto save

    That's Bethesda being not good at doing it. I don't know why they can't get it right, when hundreds of games in the 90's got it right from all different developers. One of my favourite games of all time, Master of Orion 2 (a 1996 game) has both options exactly as I described and it worked just...
  47. the8thark

    self save or auto save

    The "why not both" meme is the best answer. Just have a single save slot set for the auto save and all the rest of the save slots for manual saving. That's the best way so you have your manual saves but have the auto backup if you need it. Lots of 90's games did it this way and it worked...
  48. the8thark

    What Is Your Favorite Game Over/Lose a Life Tune?

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