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  1. A Link In Time

    Mario Maker Courses

    Made my first ever music level. It's Ballad of the Wind Fish. It turned out okay, I think, but could be better. Let me know: 1XN-FPF-LRG
  2. A Link In Time

    How old were you when your family got internet?

    3, I think? Hard to remember for sure. 3 or 4. We got the AOL dial-up Internet to use on our family Windows 98 desktop.
  3. A Link In Time

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
  4. A Link In Time

    Do you guys mod your systems?

    Nope. Modding comes with the risk of getting banned, so I'd rather not do so.
  5. A Link In Time

    2020 U.S. Presidential Election Thread

    Biden, Warren, Sanders all had a good night at the third Dem debate. Not much more to say. I think one of them will be the nominee vs. Trump.
  6. A Link In Time

    Happy Birthday, HoT!

    Happy Birthday, HoT!
  7. A Link In Time

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  8. A Link In Time

    New UK exclusive PS4 game art (might be released digitally worldwide)

    I love it. It's pretty clean and minimalist. Think I prefer it to the original cover art in all cases.
  9. A Link In Time

    Ultimate Smash Bros Ultimate

    Banjo is pretty fun but I can't see myself maining him. He's not much of a combo character.
  10. A Link In Time

    NES & SNES games for NSO will now be added 'irregularly' rather than monthly

    I think this means Nintendo has very little first party games to offer left. So they want them to trickle down. Also, not too many third party games either I reckon. I expect updates to slow down to once every 3-4 months with about 3-5 games at a time.
  11. A Link In Time

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Super Mario World!
  12. A Link In Time

    Happy Birthday, Libk!

    Happy Birthday, Libk!
  13. A Link In Time

    The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread

    Thought this direct was a little weaker than usual. But it still had its moments. Banjo-Kazooie shadow dropping in Smash, Terry Bogard coming to Smash in November, SNES games coming to Switch online tomorrow, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore, and Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition were...
  14. A Link In Time

    Good trailers for bad games

    For as much of a turd as it turned out to be, I always thought Devil's Third had decent trailers. While not bad games, I think Halo 4's and Halo 5's trailers were more hype than the games themselves.
  15. A Link In Time

    Hypothetically, could a Zelda game with no dungeons at all become your favorite ever?

    I highly doubt it. Dungeons are one of the highlights of Zelda for me and Breath of the Wild already felt lacking in that regard. So getting rid of dungeons entirely would be a big no for me.
  16. A Link In Time

    The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread

    I hope we get some content added to SMM2! I'll take some new enemies at the very least!
  17. A Link In Time

    Pokemon Shield and Pokemon Sword steelbooks

    Oh, wow, thanks for the info. I've been living under a rock. Those actually look super nice. I'll try to pick up the one for Shield.
  18. A Link In Time

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Back to Super Mario Maker 2!
  19. A Link In Time

    Rest of 2019 game release date leak

    Shame Overwatch for Switch got leaked by a case of all things. It would have made for a good Direct surprise.
  20. A Link In Time

    Things You Like to Collect.

    I collected U.S. quarters from all the states when I was younger. Nowadays, I pretty much only collect games. I have a few unopened limited editions that might go up in value over time.
  21. A Link In Time

    What rules or principals do you have when buying games?

    I buy games from my favorite franchises at launch. Mario, Zelda, Halo, Pokémon, etc. I get at launch. Everything else, I wait for a price drop. I'm a bit of a cheap skate. I'll bite when a $60 game drops to $40. As for practices I don't support, I avoid games with microtransactions. They...
  22. A Link In Time

    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will be censored

    Don't care about the game so this doesn't affect me, but never understood the mentality of censoring private parts when it's no secret what's there. Everyone learns this stuff by the end of elementary school at latest, so it's not like potential kids playing the game are suddenly scarred for life.
  23. A Link In Time

    Do You Prefer to Hang with Girls or Boys?

    I've had around 2/3 male friends and 1/3 female friends in my life. Fellow guys tend to share more of my interests, but I've had some great friendships with women across the years as well.
  24. A Link In Time

    Are you prone to feeling homesick on holiday or travelling?

    Nah, I don't get homesick. Sure, once you get back, it's a good feeling to be home, but I love traveling, and I don't mind hotel rooms.
  25. A Link In Time

    What’s one forgotten mechanic you wish they brought back?

    I'll also cast my vote for magic. I want to see the magic meter and spells return. I think runes came the closest to capturing that original feeling but it's not quite the same.
  26. A Link In Time

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 371!

    I had to vote for Ocarina of Time. It's not only impressive for the actual drawing of the sword and the music that plays with it but the impact it has on the game world as Hyrule plunges into chaos. No other Zelda game has a Master Sword pull that matches the weight of that moment.
  27. A Link In Time

    How Has Growing Up Impacted Your Gaming?

    I've had a revival of playing games these past few years. From 2009-2012 is when I lost interest in gaming. I often talked about it more on forums like this than actually playing games. But, ever since 2013, I've gradually been getting more and more into gaming. Right now, I'd say I spend...
  28. A Link In Time

    Do you still play new games on your old systems?

    Depends. I tend to play on systems from the past 10 or so years a lot. I go back to my Vita, 3DS, and Wii U still but I've already moved on from the PS3, 360, Wii, DS, and PSP. My backlog is so massive that it's sometimes daunting but I try to get through it on the more recent hardware I own.
  29. A Link In Time

    Square, Enix Co or Square Enix?

    The classic Square is where it's at. I think some of their newer games are better than their efforts in the late 2000s/early 2010s but not as good as their work in the 90s.
  30. A Link In Time

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Playing some Mario Party The Top 100.
  31. A Link In Time

    Do You Prefer Food Places Raise the Price for the Same Portion or Decrease the Portion Size but Keep the Same Price?

    Whenever food prices want to keep revenue up but they're either not doing as well as they hoped as a company or the economy is down, they raise the price of their food but keep the portion size the same or decrease the portion size while maintaining the same price. Which of these approaches do...
  32. A Link In Time


    I used to put stickers all over my room as a kid. My dad always complained about me ruining the furniture. Don't really use them nowadays.
  33. A Link In Time

    The future of Super Mario

    I think 3D Mario is in good hands. Every Nintendo console since the N64 has had a very different themed 3D Mario with some unique and fun mechanic attached to it. 2D Mario is in a worse state. The New Super Mario Bros. games outstayed their welcome. Super Mario Maker 1 and 2 were phenomenal...
  34. A Link In Time

    NBA 2K20 has literal gambling in it - do you care?

    EA is a joke of a company. Lootboxes penetrate all of their games, and EA brands them as "surprise menchanics." This is just another example of a predatory move by them.
  35. A Link In Time

    Shovel Knight Dig announced by Yacht Club Games

    I'm not too interested in these roguelikes. They're often too hard for me and are also oversaturating the industry right now. I'm sure it'll be good but nothing special.
  36. A Link In Time

    Happy Birthday, funnier! I wish I could have brought home the game. It would have made a sweet...

    Happy Birthday, funnier! I wish I could have brought home the game. It would have made a sweet present. But I hope you have a great day.
  37. A Link In Time

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Mixed bag of emotions right now to say the least.
  38. A Link In Time

    Happy Birthday, Doc!

    Happy Birthday, Doc!
  39. A Link In Time

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
  40. A Link In Time

    Happy Birthday! Keep it strong!

    Happy Birthday! Keep it strong!
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