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  1. Justac00lguy

    Zelda Switch confirmed to be BotW direct sequel; are you happy about that?

    Great news. Breath of the Wild is the closest the series has come to achieving the ultimate Zelda experience. Wasn’t my favourite game, but came pretty close. All you have to do is create a more intriguing and gripping story that keeps you engaged throughout. Interesting side quests that...
  2. Justac00lguy

    Gaming hopes wishlist

    Not really sure what I want really. I always relied on anticipating either a new Fallout, GTA or Zelda. Fallout has dipped severely since NV and I just don’t really trust Bethesda with the franchise anymore. It feels weird to say I’m kind of bored of GTA, considering GTA V was released over...
  3. Justac00lguy

    Your last game of 2018 and first of 2019

    Last game was either Red Dead or Spyro, can’t remember. Though I did something terrible and bought Witcher 3 again. I have no time to play it, but why the **** not try and enjoy one of the best games of the last 10 years.
  4. Justac00lguy

    What did you learn in high school/college?

    How to master of the art of bull****ting. It will take you far in life kids.
  5. Justac00lguy

    Things you've never gotten used to

    English weather
  6. Justac00lguy

    Microsoft How Can Xbox "Win" a Generation?

    I think Xbox suffers from lack of brand identity. It’s always plaugued them. I think they’ve done great in the resurgence of the Xbox One, but they’re still yet to really differentiate themselves. I don’t think it will stop them from outselling other consoles, which I predict they will.
  7. Justac00lguy

    Have you earned Bitcoin/ other cryptocurrency?

    It’s worth keeping a close eye on blockchain technology in general. I’d be wary on backing any of the big cryptocurrencies just yet; the market is very volatile and regulators want to control it which kind of defeats the whole automation purpose.
  8. Justac00lguy

    2018 is almost over, so how did this year go for you? And do you look forward to 2019?

    I guess 2018 was objectively one of my best years. I don’t know though, I feel so detached emotionally from stuff. I guess you can kind of say things that would have made me happy, now make me 60% as happy as they would of a few years ago. That’s the only way I can explain it. After going back...
  9. Justac00lguy

    The fact I’ll never get to speak to you again or reminisce makes me so sad. I come back here...

    The fact I’ll never get to speak to you again or reminisce makes me so sad. I come back here every so often to see what my friends are up to and see if I can catch up. Today I came to check beck on a few people and found out this news. In another life, I wish today I could have saw you online...
  10. Justac00lguy

    Monogamy outdated/unnecessary?

    I always thought monogamy didn’t exist - that it was a dated concept based nothing more on tradition. I never got attached to anyone and always desired other people. While I still hold some similar views, my outlook has changed after being in a relationship for several months. Though I’m totally...
  11. Justac00lguy

    Transgenderism: Mental illness?

    I’m not sure how accurate this is, but I was having a drunk debate with my friend a while ago and he said that around 80-90% of trans (post-op) commit suicide. I’m not sure on the validity of that statistic as it seems incredibly high. However, I do think it is a form of mental illness...
  12. Justac00lguy

    Nintendo E3 2018

    Where’s metroid?
  13. Justac00lguy

    Microsoft E3 2018

    Very good show... WORLD PREMIERE!!!!!!
  14. Justac00lguy

    Sony E3 2018

    Why was the baby in a bag?
  15. Justac00lguy

    Fallout 76

    I’d rather ask for ‘other’ favours :;):
  16. Justac00lguy

    The Switch is DOOMED

    Good to sit here with retrospective. I think the Switch has been pretty successful - both commercially and just from a design perspective. I don’t really aim to buy one any time soon, but it has a great line up of games, a novelty that is both cool and somewhat fashionable, while really building...
  17. Justac00lguy

    Fallout 76

    I wanna be the wasteland hobo, like from Fallout 3. I’m going to sit outside of big towns and beg online players for water.
  18. Justac00lguy

    Spyro Trilogy remastered

    This is the only game to care about in the last five years.
  19. Justac00lguy

    The chicken thread

    I like my chicken unborn and still in the egg.
  20. Justac00lguy

    Gay men

    As long as everyone is getting some action, I don’t care.
  21. Justac00lguy

    Messy, clean or a little bit in between?

    Clean or tactical mess as I like to put it.
  22. Justac00lguy

    What Do You Think of Sex Dolls?

    Only problem with these things is like how can you be inconspicuous about it? Like a woman can just hide her vibrator in a sock or something. Good old bob is having a work do at his house, while Susan finds a giant-boob’d Asian sex doll behind the shower curtain. Imagine if your kids saw it...
  23. Justac00lguy

    Social Hierarchy

    ^ This is pretty much what’s happening in modern society. More so now stereotypical ‘roles’ form within groups — the funny one, the idiot, the sexy one, the slut, the little one etc.
  24. Justac00lguy

    When was the last time you were tempted?

    Lust is my single biggest temptation. Even though I’m in a relationship, it’s hard not to think about other things. I’ve never really believed in monogamy though, so maybe that’s why. Also gambling. It’s actually worse when you’re doing good, because you just do it more often. Especially when...
  25. Justac00lguy

    Beliefs and relationships

    Luckily enough I haven’t really had much of a conflict in political and social ideologies when it comes to relationships— even friendships. Though, I’m pretty laid back about my views as long as the opposing party is mutual in respect. Most of the time I try to find some sort of mutual consensus...
  26. Justac00lguy


    I don’t really care, all I know is my mum got with an Italian and made me.
  27. Justac00lguy

    Debate between Christians and Atheists.

    Believe what you want, I don’t really care as long as you aren’t harming people or chucking it in everyone’s face. A Christian gave me a piece of toast the other night, I have no idea what he was trying to achieve but keep fighting the good fight!
  28. Justac00lguy


    I like to take showers most of the time or get on the sesh.
  29. Justac00lguy


    4ft 6 with naturally green hair and a nice ass
  30. Justac00lguy

    Hi long lost gf

    Hi long lost gf
  31. Justac00lguy

    Real Talk: Recognizability

    If I ever met my younger self, I would slap the little ****.
  32. Justac00lguy

    Do you like Babies?

    Not really
  33. Justac00lguy

    Favourites that wont be beaten

    Frank Ocean as a music artist. GTA San Andreas in the GTA series. Return of the King as a film. Tolkien in fantasy.
  34. Justac00lguy

    Ranking the Star Wars Films

    Star Wars is an odd series. Some movies have great writing and suck in other departments, some look good from a cinematography perspective but add nothing or **** on the lore. Anyway my list (haven't seen Episode VIII): 1. Return of the Jedi 2. Empire Strikes Back 3. Revenge of the Sith 4. The...
  35. Justac00lguy

    Whats Your Favourite Part of Christmas Dinner?

    The awkward stares that people give each other when someone is hogging the gravy or cranberry sauce.
  36. Justac00lguy

    My amazing tunes

    Christmas has come early :)
  37. Justac00lguy

    Sexuality Thread

    In person I've only ever been attracted to females, but I wouldn't rule out the possibility of me ever hooking up with a guy if I found him sexually attractive. Feelings are feelings at the end of the day.
  38. Justac00lguy

    Smoking And Alcohol

    Drink but don't smoke because I value my lungs.
  39. Justac00lguy

    How Often Do You Move?

    11 times overall I think. 8 in the past year and a half.
  40. Justac00lguy

    2017 Game Of The Year Awards

    You've just said it. We give them prestige. The most recognised organisations are the ones we recognise. Maybe it's due to tradition, respect, influence, whatever. This is no different to the other mediums. You pick which one to recognise. Pick none. It doesn't change the status or prestige of...
  41. Justac00lguy

    What's with the Skyward Sword hate?

    Everything is hated in one way or another. All I can say, in the nicest way possible, is deal with it
  42. Justac00lguy

    2017 Game Of The Year Awards

    I don't know what your point is though. Film, music and TV mediums are the same. They have tons of awards from different organisations and critics. Which one is the true one? That's not a question because there is no true one. They're just as subjective as you or I. We just tend to recognise and...
  43. Justac00lguy

    2017 Game Of The Year Awards

    It's really not that big of a deal though and the 'problem' you mention is kind of unavoidable. It's like how music, tv show and film mediums have hundreds of different award shows. We just tend to recognise the most prestigious. It's no different with games. Whether you agree or not, the VGAs...
  44. Justac00lguy

    2017 Game Of The Year Awards

    Wait I know whoever wins it shouldn't be taken as law, but what makes it so illegitimate? I think they've been pretty damn accurate each year. I mean of course you're free to disagree, but generally, public view and critic reviews support these choices. Some pretty unanimously.
  45. Justac00lguy

    The Lord of The Rings: TV series announced

    The Silmarillion just wouldn't work as a TV show or a movie. There's too much happening to make a movie and too little dialogue to create a TV show. The Sil acts as more of an ambiguous telling of history thousands of years ago. The status of it being a series of forgotten tales should be kept...
  46. Justac00lguy

    What do you want for Christmas this year?

    I just want to see my dog
  47. Justac00lguy

    Most "Meaningful" Lyric?

    "So scared of getting older I'm only good at being young So I play the numbers game To find a way to say that life has just begun" - John Mayer I guess it's just a relevant concept in general. The song is called 'Stop this Train' and is centred around John stressing about how quickly time...
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