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  1. Azure Sage

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I got my reserved copy of Link’s Awakening and I got a cute poster to go with it as a preorder bonus. I didn’t know about that so I was pleasantly surprised. :)
  2. Azure Sage

    Wolf Link curiosity

    From what I understand, it's however many hearts you have left when you complete the trial entirely as Wolf Link. So if you want a lot of hearts in BotW you gotta be careful.
  3. Azure Sage

    Halloween 2018 Pumpkin Carving Competition - Voting Round

    Halloween events begin the first day of October. Look forward to it. :)
  4. Azure Sage

    How important should Story/Cutscenes be?

    I really enjoyed the story that BotW offered us, as well as the interesting way it was presented. However, BotW2's premise is different. We aren't waking up in a beautiful world full of intrigue and wonder to explore, we are delving into mysterious caverns to investigate something. There is...
  5. Azure Sage

    Ezlo's Art Gallery

    Nice work! The wind effect looks good. :)
  6. Azure Sage

    Well thank you. :) Welcome to the site!

    Well thank you. :) Welcome to the site!
  7. Azure Sage

    Less freedom

    Personally, I really don't like having to backtrack to get things I could have gotten if only I had a specific item. If I have to miss something, I prefer it to be because I missed it, not because I saw it and wasn't able to get it yet. That's what makes revisits fun for me. It's less fun if I...
  8. Azure Sage

    Less freedom

    Honestly, places locked behind items make me irritated. I loved that BotW allowed you to go anywhere if you were creative enough. We need more of that. Seeing a place where I know there's something cool or interesting yet I can't get there unless I have something that I don't is nowhere near as...
  9. Azure Sage

    What was your most recent purchase?

    I ordered a Golden Deer hoodie. Gotta rep my house.
  10. Azure Sage

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    This is such an underrated piece of music. It's literally my favorite in the entire game.
  11. Azure Sage

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I still can’t put down FE3H but I am managing to play some Astral Chain and Celeste DLC on the side.
  12. Azure Sage

    What Are You Doing Right Now?

    Watching anime while I wait for my Switch to recharge.
  13. Azure Sage

    What are your Zelda quirks?

    One example I can think of is in BotW, right before cutscenes I will change my euipment and outfit to what I want displayed in the cutscene. Like, on Death Mountain I will allow Link to burn for a few moments in the heat in order to wear the Champion's Tunic for the Vah Rudania cutscenes.
  14. Azure Sage

    Your Worst Puzzles

    Are there types of puzzles in games that are your worst enemy? Types of puzzles that are always really hard for you? For me, traffic jam puzzles are the worst, like the picture in Link's Cabana in WW. I am notoriously bad at them. Sky Keep is also really hard for me because its map is a...
  15. Azure Sage

    What makes a great dungeon?

    Dungeons that have a nice progression through them. This means minimal backtracking (I'm glaring at you, almost every dungeon in TP) and fun ways to progress. I think BotW did a good job with dungeon progression. You can feel your progress building up as the music intensifies, even though you...
  16. Azure Sage

    What would you like from an Astral Chain sequel?

    New Legions would be a must. I think the story should focus on the next generation, trying to take back Earth's surface and making it habitable again. The Howard twins could totally cameo, though, like as mentors or something. We didn't see a lick of anything outside the Ark, but then we also...
  17. Azure Sage

    Post Your Favorite Screenshots (SPOILERS)

    This thread is for sharing your favorite pics from the game. Naturally you can expect there to be spoilers, so look at your own risk. Here are some of mine. Now it's your turn!
  18. Azure Sage

    Zelda- A playable character in BotW 2?

    I really want Zelda to be playable, either as a character option or as your partner. Spirit Tracks is one of my favorite games due in big part to Zelda being the companion. I loved the teamwork puzzles with her and Link, and I've been dying for the series to do that again. This is the perfect...
  19. Azure Sage

    Astral Chain; your thoughts

    Only things I've played by Platinum are the Bayo games, but Astral Chain is easily on par with them, maybe even better. I really enjoy the combat and exploration (even if I fall off of things constantly) and the visuals are super cool. The story made my jaw drop a couple times. It's a great game.
  20. Azure Sage

    Favourite/least favourite file in Astral Chain (spoilers)

    File 06 was easily my favorite one. The forced stealth at the beginning was kind of a pain to get through, especially with me who likes to scour every nook and cranny of every part of each level, but everything after that was glorious. The whole story around Sector V, Kyle's boss fight and his...
  21. Azure Sage

    Favourite/least favourite Legion in Astral Chain

    I really don't care for the Arrow or Beast legions much. I use Sword and Axe the most. Their designs are great and so is their play style. Axe could stand to be a little faster, though.
  22. Azure Sage

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I don’t know who it was because I didn’t get out of bed to look, but the school I heard him crying about not wanting to go back to is not the one I’m working at today. I have been to it many times, though.
  23. Azure Sage

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    This morning I was woken up by screaming and crying coming from the bus stop outside my house. I could hear a little boy sobbing and crying, saying he couldn’t bear to go back to [school I have worked at before] for another year because everyone there hates him. His mom sounded exasperated...
  24. Azure Sage

    What Is The Last Video You Viewed?

    Joe Zeija is a gift.
  25. Azure Sage

    Spoiler General Screenshot Thread

    EE-fah. It's a celtic (i think?) name.
  26. Azure Sage

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    This game has great music.
  27. Azure Sage

    Spoiler General Screenshot Thread

    My OCs Azure and Aoife as they appear in Astral Chain. :)
  28. Azure Sage

    Ultimate Smash Bros Ultimate

    Banjo isn't terrible but I really don't vibe with him. His stage is neat, but I also don't really vibe with his music, either. If I had to rank the DLC fighters so far with how much I like using them... Hero > Joker > Banjo
  29. Azure Sage

    Post Fighters Pass characters; first or third party?

    I am hoping for Monster Hunter, Adol Christin, and more than anything else, Lest/Frey from RF. Those are my biggest hopes. I can't think of anyone else I'd want (aside from Linkle, but HW rep is extremely unlikely lol). It would be nice for the last fighter's pass character to be one of those...
  30. Azure Sage

    The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread

    The direct wasn't terribly exciting for me, but what else is new. I'm sad we didn't see Silksong or Rune Factory 4 Special. It did have some moments that made me really happy, though. Don't care about Banjo or Terry, but that doesn't mean I won't try them, and I'm not mad about them being in...
  31. Azure Sage


    I am currently a substitute teacher, and it's my first job, ever. I am trying to find a more stable one as a one-on-one for students with special needs in my school district. My current job isn't very stable at all; whether I work or not is completely dependent on first-come-first-serve...
  32. Azure Sage


    I don't really feel anything for stickers. I used to put them all over my GameBoy SP back in the day, but... There always came a time when I wanted the stickers off, and they were always a pain to get off. Eventually I just stopped bothering with them. The closest thing to stickers that I've...
  33. Azure Sage

    Do you often feel accepted?

    The biggest social interaction I have IRL is work, which means the public school system. I do feel accepted, both by my peers and by my students. I've been in a lot of classrooms where the kids loved me, some even asking me to come back. I've received a lot of compliments from other teachers at...
  34. Azure Sage

    Loud Music In Public

    I'm sure each of us has walked by someone in public who was blasting their music for all the world to hear. What are your thoughts on this behavior? In my opinion, playing music in public without headphones is just flat out rude. I feel the same thing about watching videos and cell phone calls...
  35. Azure Sage

    Giri scribbles!

    You do good stuff! Nice detail on the Spiderman one. :)
  36. Azure Sage

    Hypothetically, could a Zelda game with no dungeons at all become your favorite ever?

    It depends. I definitely enjoy delving into ruins and solving puzzles for sure, and while BotW had less of that in the traditional sense, it still became my favorite game ever, and there were still tons of puzzle opportunities in the game that I enjoyed. I think a Zelda game that focused on...
  37. Azure Sage

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    No?? It’s fantastic. I am currently playing Astral Chain. It’s cool as hell.
  38. Azure Sage

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Astral Chain. It's very fun to play. The levels are fun to explore and the combat is crazy fast and satisfying.
  39. Azure Sage

    ZD Writing Competition: Special Round - Voting Time

    They were all charming, but I had to go with 1 for that well-written, chilling detail. :)
  40. Azure Sage

    What rules or principals do you have when buying games?

    Depends on priority level for me. I usually buy games on release, but if there's something else I'm waiting for, I'll put it off. Generally speaking, as long as I'm excited for the game, I'll go get it right away. This is doubly true now that I am able to drive myself and am making money...
  41. Azure Sage

    Interactive Map

    I don't know if there's a way to close it on desktop. I was able to use the korok seed map just fine with it there without it ever getting in the way, so I don't know if that's what the seed challenge is or not, but from my perspective at least the legend is very out-of-the-way. I don't know who...
  42. Azure Sage

    Think thrice!

    The Switch because it has the best concentration of games that I care about and it's portable. Handheld master race.
  43. Azure Sage

    What's your least favorite part of Link's Awakening and do you think the Remake will improve upon it?

    Others have said this before, but my biggest issue with the game was only having two buttons for every item. That was really annoying, hardware restriction or not. Many of the items will have their own buttons or be auto-equipped so that’s gonna make things much better.
  44. Azure Sage

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Bought a loaf of bread for garlic bread purposes, when I get home and turn it over it’s got a big hole in it. :( Still tastes good at least, but that’s less bread for my buck. Grrr.
  45. Azure Sage

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Custom Stage Tournament!

    @Moe the Moblin and I had our matches, and I won 3/4! (we did 4 because drift caused an unfair 3rd round.) D-does this mean I won the toruney? :kawaii:
  46. Azure Sage

    What would you like to see in the next BotW2 trailer?

    I wanna see some gameplay and environments. I wanna see what kind of places we'll be exploring beneath Hyrule Castle. I wanna see any new mechanics and elements. I don't wanna see too much story yet.
  47. Azure Sage

    What Is The Last Video You Viewed?

    This is such a meme and I love this man. Golden Deer rise up!
  48. Azure Sage

    The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread

    Only thing in the Indie World video that caught my eye was Earthnight. Ori looked interesting too, I guess.
  49. Azure Sage

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Thinking about what I can do to celebrate Halloween this year. Might carve a pumpkin with the Golden Deer symbol, might bake some tasty sweets, and there's also the Halloween events here on the forums. I love fall. :)
  50. Azure Sage

    I too thought this during the battle

    Zelda in Spirit Tracks is the best companion, easy. I love the teamwork puzzles in the Tower of Spirits and she’s a lot of fun to be around.
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