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  1. Deus

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I just started Greedfall. It's the same publisher as A Plague Tale: Innocence which was really good for storytelling and I was told this one is pretty good too. I haven't gotten very far at all. Just left the tutorial home bit and am now in the streets.
  2. Deus

    The Return Of The Hookshot?

    The hookshot should indeed return particularly the double hookshot. BoTW 1 made you think about how to tackle certain climbs because of the stamina wheel to do that again would just be doing the same old thing. Link should have a lot more stamina starting BoTW2 and be fully powered up as a hero...
  3. Deus

    How would you change the overworld for BotW2?

    BoTW 1 had all these locations which effort was clearly put in to making them and making them aesthetically pleasing. But there was nothing good in them. I'm not after an environment simulator when I play a game. I like beautiful and varied locations but I like for there to be a reason to go to...
  4. Deus

    Blackface Trudeau

    You can never know for sure unless he admitted to it. But the evidence that he is mocking them is strong due to the massive overemphasis of the skin colour for Aladdin.
  5. Deus

    Blackface Trudeau

    He's not boot polish black
  6. Deus

    Blackface Trudeau

    It recently came out that Canadian president Justin 'its not mankind it's peoplekind' Trudeau. One of the most insufferable social justice warrior world leaders has a history of blacking it up! Already three incidents have come to light and he has said that he does not know how many times he has...
  7. Deus

    Hyrulean Lifespans

    Everyone knows the face of Daruk as it is carved onto a mountain. The Goron elder however in his old age does still not claim to personally have known Daruk and his speech implies Daruk was before his time which means he is less than 100 years old. He is the oldest Goron and if he is less than...
  8. Deus

    What are you currently eating?

  9. Deus

    Hyrulean Lifespans

    Let us not forget the Gorons. They appear to have short lifespans. The elderly leader of the Gorons does not appear to ever have known Daruk personally and Yunobo refers to Daruk as his ancestor. Its not typical to refer to your grandad or great grandad as such. King Dorephan must also be well...
  10. Deus

    Heights of LoZ characters?

    OOT link appears to not be as short as TP link if you take the lakeside laboratory scale as being accurate. Some comparisons between Link and Dorf in OOT as we have seen in this thread would suggest Link to be closer to 5ft 3. We really need a true side by side of the pair to get the genuine...
  11. Deus

    Heights of LoZ characters?

    Its got to be the case that Link is a 4ft midget and Ganondorf is 7ft6 consistently between OOT and TP. It will be interesting to see what height he is in BoTW 2. If it is the original Dorf he shouldn't change size but since the Gerudo grew after OOT if this is a newer Ganondorf he might be...
  12. Deus

    Heights of LoZ characters?

    He is the same size before execution as we see him in the final battle. We know this because he would appear smaller compared to the sword of sages in the execution cutscene and larger when he wields it again in the final battle. However this is not the case. That Dorf is also supposed to be...
  13. Deus

  14. Deus

    How important should Story/Cutscenes be?

    Zelda games have always featured story at the forefront, the reason that drives the gameplay. Without story most of the gameplay would just be chore without reward. BoTW's story was poor even by Zelda standards which usually tells simple stories but in an effective and compelling way. It was...
  15. Deus

    Less freedom

    Unrestricted access to everything is unsatisfying it's why many people who become multi millionaires after a while begin to feel their lives are unrewarding and they become depressed. Having goals is a good thing. A sense of having a distant objective which is not possible to undertake yet e.g...
  16. Deus

    What Causes Some Video Games to Age Poorly, In Your Opinion? What Do You Feel Makes a Game Timeless?

    Games age poorly when quality of life changes occur across the rest of gaming in the future. Clunky controls for instance. In many older games the controls are clunky and not smooth. Now it is industry standard that games have smooth controls. At the time when most games have clunky controls...
  17. Deus

  18. Deus

    What Made You Happy Today?

    I liked both versions of the film. The new one added some stuff and was a bit longer but if you like the story and songs then you'll probably like the remake.
  19. Deus

    Dreams thread.

    Aha I get what you meant now. I'd never thought about it before but I can see why my mind went that way.
  20. Deus

    Dreams thread.

    I'm not sure I know what you mean by that
  21. Deus

  22. Deus

    Heights of LoZ characters?

    He was definitely big before he got the triforce
  23. Deus

    Dreams thread.

    I had a dream where Jim Sterling the game reviewer became Santa Claus, and I saw some of the stuff in the workshop and there were real alien weapons in there.
  24. Deus

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
  25. Deus

    Ever preferred the villain over the hero?

    I have always favoured villains. Particularly in cases where the heroes have special powers I always found it odd they don't often abuse those powers at least a bit. I just don't like those that are too goody goody that is why I hate characters like Captain America. I much prefer more grey...
  26. Deus

    Location Scouting!

    I'd use Egmont national park in NZ to shoot Hyrule Field, it's got a magnificent mountain which can be digitally altered to look more like the active death mountain and could even shoot the Lost Woods in the Goblin forest also in Egmont. New Zealand is a beautiful country and the fields and...
  27. Deus

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    My eyes must have just glossed over it before but since becoming aware people do it I notice it all the time. It's obvious what they mean by the context but it's just annoying that they use the wrong word.
  28. Deus

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    @Beauts once ruined my life by pointing out people write defiantly instead of definitely and now I see it everywhere.
  29. Deus

  30. Deus

    Your Worst Puzzles

    The kind that is in Skykeep. That whole place was a chore.
  31. Deus

    Heights of LoZ characters?

    Thats what I thought. No point only growing a couple of feet if you are gonna go beast mode! Though I wouldn't count the horns in the height personally.
  32. Deus

    How important was Kass and would you like to see him return?

    He was not an important character. He didn't develop over the course of the game and wasn't essential to the main plot. He basically tells you the same story Impa does rather than offer any real interesting insight. I quite liked his accordion playing, makes a change from the nonexistent...
  33. Deus

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
  34. Deus

  35. Deus

    What makes a great dungeon?

    I wouldnt like to play a game where it was just dungeons. Which is why I don't understand people who say story isn't important. Dungeons are a hardship which the player should have the desire to overcome to get the reward at the end. In most titles the reward is to fight the boss and further the...
  36. Deus

  37. Deus

    Study Habits

    I was like this also. I didn't study at all until I was 16-17 when we in England do our A Levels. A level stands for 'Ard. These are the hardest things you have to do and there was nothing to prepare me because everything that came before was so easy. A levels are so much more difficult than...
  38. Deus

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
  39. Deus

    Spoiler Random theories

    I'll have to post the new updated theories at some point then :crylaugh:
  40. Deus

    Spoiler Random theories

    This thread is for dumb theories that don't deserve their own threads, both of those theories have their own threads!
  41. Deus

    Zelda- A playable character in BotW 2?

    1) BoTW 2 will have somewhat better graphics than HW but the Switch is not much more powerful than Wii U. Neither of those things are difficult with hair to any competent developer. 2) BoTW 2 probably does not take place directly after BoTW 1. There is likely a time jump of weeks or months...
  42. Deus

    Zelda- A playable character in BotW 2?

    1) these experts don't know what they are talking about. Long haired player characters exist in games and they even had Ganondorf playable in Hyrule Warriors and he had a massive mane. 2) Nintendo don't care for practicality. As @TheGreatCthulhu has pointed out, a lot of the weapons in the...
  43. Deus

    What Annoyed You Today?

    I hate Sundays for that reason
  44. Deus

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Get some crumpies!
  45. Deus

    Could you do a blog about Ganondorfs Swords in Wind Waker next. They are a very unusual design.

    Could you do a blog about Ganondorfs Swords in Wind Waker next. They are a very unusual design.
  46. Deus

  47. Deus

    Could well be part of the problem. Washing the natural oils out of your scalp too much can cause...

    Could well be part of the problem. Washing the natural oils out of your scalp too much can cause the skin to produce even more to replace what was washed out
  48. Deus

  49. Deus

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