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  1. Libk

    Ah Haha. No Smash Brothers, actually

    Ah Haha. No Smash Brothers, actually
  2. Libk

    It's the logo for my team

    It's the logo for my team
  3. Libk

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  4. Libk

    Pokemon Sword and Shield first impressions

    I'm loving the memes the most tbh.
  5. Libk

    Smash Ultimate Valentine’s Tournament! <3

    I beat Niki 2-0
  6. Libk

    Smash Ultimate Valentine’s Tournament! <3

    I'm down. Will make my schedule clear as well, I'm usually available between 4pm and 10pm est. Though Tuesdays and Wednesdays I might be at irl tournaments. Xanadu and a local bar started doing a weekly. And, hold me to this, I will respect whatever outcome regardless of lag.
  7. Libk

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Christmas Tournament!

    Give it to Niki. I would feel wrong if a coin flip decided because my schedule got too busy.
  8. Libk

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Christmas Tournament!

    He wasn't kidding about lag
  9. Libk

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Christmas Tournament!

    Funnier and I are discussing when to play
  10. Libk

    Christmas: Are you looking forward to it?

    Am I looking forward to Christmas this year? I don't really think that I can say I am. I've certainly lost interest in it as it's gotten closer this year, and for no particular reason except that I just really don't care. But I'm not in the same spot I was in last year so I'm not wishing it...
  11. Libk

    Did you ever got into a franchise or like a game without playing it at all?

    I misunderstood the question,but even still yes I've had games like this. I've haven't played any xenoblade games but love those as well.
  12. Libk

    Did you ever got into a franchise or like a game without playing it at all?

    Well uh, actually I'm currently doing that. I've never played a persona game but Joker being announced for smash made me go out and buy persona 5. I'm loving it so far
  13. Libk

    OoT Secret Gauntlets

    I did this glitch as well way back. Habe green guantelts and red tunic all the time to be Christmas link
  14. Libk

    Best way to play Ocarina of Time?

    with this.(Actually it's super hard but I plan on doing a twitch stream of it eventually when I can get the stuff for the set up.)
  15. Libk

    What was your most recent purchase?

    Foot long Chicken bacon ranch on Italian herbs and cheese, a coke, and 2 cookies. $11.60
  16. Libk

    When Does the Christmas Season Start?

    For me it's started when Santa goes across that star in the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade
  17. Libk

    I Wish..

    I wish I was a reasonable distance away. I'd get to see some snow too.
  18. Libk

    Rate Your Day

    6/10 work is going quick, which is fine, but been feeling a bit lonely.
  19. Libk

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Why do I keep finding the ones so far away? Oh well
  20. Libk

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Most of my day has kinda gone too quick at work. Like. I'm finishing tasks a bit easier than I like which is worrying me and it's annoying because I shouldn't be worrying. Lol
  21. Libk

    Grilled Cheese or BLT?

    Wait.... what? Anyway, while I have recently been enjoying the BLT more, I still gotta go with grilled cheese. But only if I can add like, ham and other meats.
  22. Libk

    Hands of Light Sign UP

    WORK IN PROGRESS Name: Emrys Age: 33 Race: Hylian Class: Diplomat Sub-Class: Wizard Height: 6' 2" Weight: 173 lbs Eye Color: Hazle Hair Color: Dark Brown List of Weapons None List of Items Scrolls, quills, ink, other various supplies one might need. Skills: Spellcaster proficient in protection...
  23. Libk

    Ultimate DLC Wishlist!

    Alright so my wish list is only slightly keeping in mind the fact Nintendo chose the reps, but the 2 third party characters I chose are plausible, but maybe only barely. I know a lot of people would want Twintelle or Ribbon girl but I'm not one of those people. I would really love to have Min...
  24. Libk

    What Are You Doing In BOTW?

    I believe you need magnesis, however even then you won't get far. There's a wall around the plateau that will kill you if you go through it until you get the glider
  25. Libk

    Ultimate Smash Bros Ultimate

    I also wouldn't mind doing that. I was going to run one this month for Wii U to prepare but idk yet
  26. Libk

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  27. Libk

    Pokémon Sun and Moon SPOOKtacular 2018 - Game Thread

    Oh. Uh I'll try to come up with something I guess. I didn't know I signed up because I had said I wasn't sure if I was going to do it. Lol
  28. Libk

    Omega War Game Thread

    Karina put a finger to her ear "I found a kid here. I'm not sure what side she's on but I'm going to try talking to her. Have you found the shooter yet?" Karina waited for Spirit's response before lighting her dagger on fire. "Look kid, I'm just trying to stop anyone else from dying. If that's...
  29. Libk

    Game Thread CHAOS MAFIA IIII- Game Thread

    Alright so I'm going to try and read everything when I get home tonight. Tbh I forgot about day 2. Not because I don't want to play. I'm designing a dungeon
  30. Libk

    Game Thread CHAOS MAFIA IIII- Game Thread

    why am I no longer the die?
  31. Libk

    Pokémon Sun and Moon SPOOKtacular 2018

  32. Libk

    Game Thread CHAOS MAFIA IIII- Game Thread

    I also didn't vote for Storma to begin with *shrug* This lynch hour is just bad for me so I didn't get to unvote.
  33. Libk

    Game Thread CHAOS MAFIA IIII- Game Thread

    Vote:Storm I'm always cautious in Bastard games
  34. Libk

    Sign Ups CHAOS Mafia IV- Sign Ups

  35. Libk

    Omega War Game Thread

    Karina arrived to the scene and landed next to the police officers who were surrounding the entrances. Several of the officers gasped, seeing her arrive. "Sun Forger. I thought you retired?" A few of them approached her as she pulled out one of her daggers. "I'm not sun forger anymore. That...
  36. Libk

    Omega War Game Thread

    Karina pulls out an ear piece and then starts fiddling with a phone tuning into police channels. "Of course I'm up to this." Though she wasn't actually too sure about that. "Look it's not like we're..." but Karina cut herself off rather abruptly as she listened to the radio. There was an attack...
  37. Libk

    Omega War Sign-Ups

    @YIGAhim , so a lot of the characters that Deku, Pen, Storm and I are using are already established characters in this universe and have been in other RPs together. You don't need to feel pressured to join in with the other established characters quite yet. We're basically going through some...
  38. Libk

    Omega War Game Thread

    When the old man had finally walked out of the door, Karina slammed the door shut and locked it before the little orb of fire could get out. They needed stealth tonight, and the damn thing was too worried about her to be able to stay stealthy. "Well, lead the way." She said and then followed...
  39. Libk

    Omega War Sign-Ups

  40. Libk

    Post Apocalyptic LoZ:OoT RP full

    Lyna still had no idea what a waffle was but listened to the explanation. Never before had she heard of batter referred to as an ingot. She tried to imagine what an ingot of batter would even look like while also trying to adjust herself in her booth to a more comfortable position. She just...
  41. Libk

    Ultimate Smash Bros Ultimate

    Also, could you explain to me why it's wrong to promote future games with characters from a franchise?
  42. Libk

    Ultimate Smash Bros Ultimate

    Woah hey watch that tone. I too am disgusted by that part of the fanbase but please don't group us all together. I wasn't expecting another rep so I'm happy. Is that an issue?
  43. Libk

    Omega War Game Thread

    ???, South Avalon, Massachusetts, 30 June 2018 Karina lay on a beaten old couch, multiple blood stains and rips in the lining, a bottle of whiskey in her hand, a small little sun nudging her face. The woman pushed the sun away and turned over, spilling the alcohol all over herself. "$#!+" She...
  44. Libk

    Ultimate Smash Bros Ultimate

  45. Libk

    Ultimate Smash Bros Ultimate

    I have too many people to destroy, then
  46. Libk

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  47. Libk

    Ultimate Smash Bros Ultimate

    Those are fighting words. We'll settle it in smash
  48. Libk

    Ultimate Smash Bros Ultimate

    But Isabells is hype I didn't know I wanted. We're also probably getting at least 1 more new character announced, and while it may not be a character you like, at least it wasn't Steve, like you thought it was going to be
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