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  1. Azure Sage

    Your Worst Puzzles

    Are there types of puzzles in games that are your worst enemy? Types of puzzles that are always really hard for you? For me, traffic jam puzzles are the worst, like the picture in Link's Cabana in WW. I am notoriously bad at them. Sky Keep is also really hard for me because its map is a...
  2. Azure Sage

    Post Your Favorite Screenshots (SPOILERS)

    This thread is for sharing your favorite pics from the game. Naturally you can expect there to be spoilers, so look at your own risk. Here are some of mine. Now it's your turn!
  3. Azure Sage

    Loud Music In Public

    I'm sure each of us has walked by someone in public who was blasting their music for all the world to hear. What are your thoughts on this behavior? In my opinion, playing music in public without headphones is just flat out rude. I feel the same thing about watching videos and cell phone calls...
  4. Azure Sage

    FE3H: Spending Your Time

    For those of us with the game, how do you spend your allotted time each month? Some months don't give you as much teaching and free times as others, but I've always been able to do nearly everything I wanted to each month. I usually spend the first free day of the month exploring the...
  5. Azure Sage

    ZD Drawing Competition Round 30 - Voting

    Hey, friends! This time around, we're doing something different with the voting. Because I only received one entry, we're going to try holding a vote to see if it's award-worthy, rather than just give it the award by default. The theme this round was Dungeon Chamber Design, which meant drawing a...
  6. Azure Sage

    A BotW Trilogy?

    I have absolutely no basis for this question, but I'll ask it anyway; what would you think if the BotW story spanned three games and not just two? It wouldn't be the first time we've had a trilogy of games (Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks), and it really depends on how BotW 2's...
  7. Azure Sage

    Cadence of Hyrule Cadence of Hyrule Impressions

    The game's been out for a little while now and I still haven't really seen a thread about it. So what do you guys think about the game? I enjoy it a lot. I got it before I tried the original Necrodancer so I was expecting keeping the beat to be hard, because I thought every song would have a...
  8. Azure Sage

    ZD Drawing Competition Round 30 - Theme

    Hey, everyone! This is your substitute host Azure Sage, in place of @BlackWolf//WhiteAngel once again! It's time for another round of the Drawing Competition! This round's theme is... Dungeon Chamber Design Inspired by the chamber dungeon in the upcoming Link's Awakening remake, your job is to...
  9. Azure Sage

    Sword and Shield Discussion Thread

    This is a thread for all of our thoughts on Sword and Shield, especially coming off of that direct. I'll begin. I was blown away, and I'm super excited. Everything we saw looks amazing. I'm super stoked to have open regions with free camera control, it was one of my biggest hopes for the...
  10. Azure Sage

    The Most Visually Striking Elements

    Zelda has a lot of visually impressive things in the series, but what has blown you away the most? What do you think is the most impressive? For me, I'd have to say that nothing stunned me and left me in awe as much as seeing the Divine Beasts for the first time, because damn. Even now I'm...
  11. Azure Sage

    ZD Drawing Competition Round 29 - Voting

    Hello, friends! It's time to vote for your favorite drawing competition entry! We received 4 entries this round. Please take a look! The theme this time was Dances of Hyrule, which ranged from Cadence of Hyrule to dancers and/or dances of the Zelda series in general. Here are the entries for...
  12. Azure Sage

    Does A Correct Prediction Bother You?

    This is talking about being able to predict the plot. Lately, I tend to hear a lot about shows and stuff doing the "unexpected" just for shock value and it not coming out very well, like they're going too far out of their way to avoid predictability. Do you think predictability is a bad thing? I...
  13. Azure Sage

    ZD Drawing Competition Round 29 - Theme

    Welcome, friends! Time for another round of the Drawing Competition! This is your substitute host, Azure Sage, standing in for @BlackWolf//WhiteAngel while he's getting his computer issues sorted out. This round's theme is as follows... Dances of Hyrule With Cadence of Hyrule on the horizon...
  14. Azure Sage

    Ultimate Share Your Custom Stages

    Now that the update is out, there's been tons of custom stages posted in the game. I'm sure by now some of us have made a few. If you've posted them, this is the thread to share them in. Here are a few of mine. I've got more, but I'm just gonna start with these three for now.
  15. Azure Sage

    Pokemon Appreciation Thread

    This is a thread to give love to your favorite Pokemon, because Pokemon are lovable pals who deserve our appreciation! I'll begin. Adorable. Amazing. Wonderful. 10/10. My favorite. Soft. Tiny. Cuddly. I want 20 of them. Adorable baby. I love this so much. So gosh darn cute! Okay now...
  16. Azure Sage

    Dragon's Dogma: Is it Worth Getting?

    So Dragon's Dogma is coming to the Switch and I've heard mixed things. My main pull to the game is being able to make two characters and the companion system. I watched a character creation video and it looked better than what I've seen of most games with such a dull and bland art style. So my...
  17. Azure Sage

    Galar's Native Pokemon

    By native, I mean all pokemon that exist naturally in the region, not just the new ones. All the ones you don't need Pokebank for. Which pokemon do you hope show up in the region? We already know there's a delightful mix of pokemon from various gens in the region thanks to the reveal trailer...
  18. Azure Sage

    Do You Leave Your Devices On?

    I'm asking this because I'm curious about what other people do with their devices; phones, gaming systems, computers, anything. Do you leave them on, and just put them to sleep whenever they're not in use, or do you shut them off when you're not using them? Literally every device I own is...
  19. Azure Sage

    The Journey vs The Reward

    In gaming, are you satisfied if you had fun accomplishing something, or do you only do something if you get something good out of it? For example, the korok seeds in BotW or the power moons in Mario Odyssey. Do you enjoy doing quests, regardless of what the reward for it is? Me, personally, I...
  20. Azure Sage

    Nintendo Animal Crossing: What Draws You In?

    With a new Animal Crossing game on the horizon for this year, I’d like to ask fellow fans of the series: what draws you in? What do you like about the series? For me, I would say the simplicity draws me in. I’m not usually a fan of simulation games, but Animal Crossing has a charm like no...
  21. Azure Sage

    Christmas 2018 Avatar & Signature Competition - Voting Round

    Christmas 2018 Avatar & Signature Competition Voting Round Hello, friends! It's time for the voting round of this year's avy/sig competition! We have 8 entries this year, and they are all shared below for your convenience. You can change your vote at any time, but you can only vote for one...
  22. Azure Sage

    Ultimate Favored Spirits

    I'm sure that by now some of us have spirits we like a lot or at least use frequently. Who are these spirits, and do they usually have traits in common? What kind of traits do you prefer spirits to have? My favorite spirits are Tiki (Naga's Voice), Tsubasa Oribe (carnage form), Alucard, and...
  23. Azure Sage

    Creating a Champion: Impressions

    So by now I'm sure most of us are aware of the Breath of the Wild book, Creating a Champion (Master Works in Japan). How many of us have bought it? Did you buy it by itself, or did you buy one of the special editions? What do you think of it so far? I bought the Champion Edition, so mine came...
  24. Azure Sage

    Christmas 2018 Avatar & Signature Competition - Round 1

    Christmas 2018 Avatar & Signature Competition Round 1 - Entries Hey, friends! It's that time of year again. Let's kick off the Christmas season with another avatar/signature competition! I'm sure we're all familiar with these by now, but let's go over the rules, anyway. If you are going to use...
  25. Azure Sage

    Music Competition Round 5 - Results

    Unfortunately, this time around we only received one entry so there is no need to vote for a winner. Due to a lack of participants, the winner was selected by default. Please congratulate... @Attila the Pun! Again, due to the lack of participation, I think that this will be the last one for a...
  26. Azure Sage

    Most Welcome Surprises

    This can apply to any video game. What is something that a game has done that was really surprising to you, but in a good way? Something that caught you off guard and made you smile. Pirahna Plant being playable in SSBU comes to mind first, but I also want to mention Cloth in Hollow Knight...
  27. Azure Sage

    Halloween 2018 Pumpkin Carving Competition - Voting Round

    Halloween 2018 Pumpkin Carving Competition Voting Round Hey, everyone! Jack sure did a great job leading our events for the month, but October is over so he had to go home. I'm here to finish up his work. Welcome to the voting round of the pumpkin carving competition! We had three entries this...
  28. Azure Sage

    What Is the Worst Area In Hollow Knight...

    ... and why is it the Crystalized Mound? The game has so many cool and chilling areas, but that place is pure evil in the most frustrating sense of the word.
  29. Azure Sage

    Gen 8 Hopes

    This isn't about the kind of Pokemon we'd encounter per se, but you can include that if you want to. This is just a general hopes thread for the next main series Pokemon game. I've just got a few... I want it to be at least a partially open game with a free camera. I want actual exploration in...
  30. Azure Sage

    Nintendo Animal Crossing Switch Hopes

    So now that we have confirmation that Animal Crossing is coming to the Switch in 2019, what do you hope to see? Aesthetically, I hope it looks at least as good as that Isabelle reveal trailer, cuz damn that looked good. But I have three main wishes that I really, really want: 1. ACTUAL...
  31. Azure Sage

    Should Pink Link Become Canon?

    So we all know Link’s pink hair in A Link to the Past was an unintended graphical error or something, right? What would you feel if Nintendo were to make a new Zelda game where Link actually had pink hair on purpose? I, for one, think that would make for a really neat design and I would love...
  32. Azure Sage

    Your Oldest Favorite

    We all have our favorite Pokémon, but we all also probably have more than one favorite. What is the oldest favorite you can remember having, the one that’s stayed constant over the years since you started playing? For me, it would have to be Furret. Crystal was my second game and I took to...
  33. Azure Sage

    Ultimate Your Smash Tier List

    Hi, friends! This thread is to share your personal tier list for SSBU and the Smash series in general. It can just be a list of your mains or your favorites. This site lets you customize it pretty freely. Mine is featured below. A quick tip: If you don't have an account, the site will not let...
  34. Azure Sage

    Bayonetta: 1 vs 2

    For those of you who've played the Bayonetta games, which one do you prefer? They both have merits, but I think I prefer 2. The difficulty in 2 is more actual challenge, whereas in 1 it's more "don't get hit, *****" levels of frustrating. 1 is also like half-platformer and most boss fights...
  35. Azure Sage

    ZD Drawing Competition Round 26 - Voting

    Hi, friends! Entries for Round 26 of the Drawing Competition are now closed. So let's get the voting round started! This round's theme was: Super Smash Bros We received two entries this round, and they can be found below. After viewing them, decide for yourself which you think is best...
  36. Azure Sage

    ZD Drawing Competition Round 26 - Theme

    Hey, guys. It's ya boi here with Round 26 of the Drawing Competition! Since this week is special with E3 coming up real fast and a new Super Smash Bros reveal right around the corner, this round's theme should be obvious: Super Smash Bros Please have your entries in to @Azure Sage by PM no...
  37. Azure Sage

    Pokemon Switch News

    So, we just got some news on Pokemon Switch titles; 3 of them, in fact. The first one is both a mobile game and a Switch game; Pokemon Quest. https://twitter.com/Pokemon/status/1001631951571238912 The second is confirmation of the Let's Go: Pikachu & Eevee games. The third is an...
  38. Azure Sage

    Favorite Potato Form

    We all know potatoes are a fantastic food. What are your favorite forms of the glorious potato? French fries? Baked? Chips (or crisps is you’re british I think)? My personal favorite is mashed. Mashed potatoes with some butter and maybe a little salt is heaven. I could eat a whole bucket of just...
  39. Azure Sage

    Adding a Vertical Dimension to Exploration

    So, with BotW having a glorious climbing mechanic, it opened up a whole new realm of exploration for us. We no longer needed to follow set paths through the overworld, we could literally climb right past everything if we wanted. Climbing around was a necessity in a lot of exploration. I want to...
  40. Azure Sage

    Nintendo 3DS Play Log Thread

    This is a thread to share your most played 3DS titles and your hours for them. I'm gonna keep things simple and go with my top 15 titles. 1. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - 1207:30 hours 2. Monster Hunter Generations - 865:57 hours 3. Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 601:32 hours 4. Fantasy Life -...
  41. Azure Sage

    Nintendo Nintendo Switch Video Capture Confirmed

    It's only 30 seconds, and only for compatible games, but it works pretty much exactly like we all expected it would. We don't know how many games are compatible yet, but this is pretty cool. What do you guys think?
  42. Azure Sage

    Manga Discussion

    Discuss the manga here. Tag your spoilers.
  43. Azure Sage

    Anime Discussion

    Discuss the anime here. Tag spoilers.
  44. Azure Sage

    Favorite Ships

    If you have a ship, which is your favorite? Izuocha is my ultimate otp. I love them to death. They're so pure and mutually supportive of each other on a level you don't usually see in anime. I'll fite anyone who calls it boring or vanilla. They're frickin perfect together. Tsuchako and...
  45. Azure Sage

    Favorite Villains

    Who are your favorite villains in the series? Add spoiler tags when necessary.
  46. Azure Sage

    Favorite Heroes

    Who's your favorite pro hero? This also includes U.A. students, as well! My favorite pro is All Might. The hero/father figure we deserve. As for overall characters, Ochako and Deku are my favorites. I love them both to death. Mina and Tooru are also high on my list.
  47. Azure Sage

    Can You Bite Into Popsicles?

    So apparently there are some people who can't bite into ice cream or popsicles. What's up with that? I've always been able to do so with no issue at all, its surprising to think that some people can't. What makes it so hard for people to do something so simple and easy? Are you able to? If no...
  48. Azure Sage

    Not As Hard As You Remember

    I'm sure we've had times when replaying some part of a Zelda game, and that part not being as hard as it was for you the first time you ever did it. It can be something from years ago, or something recent, but share some experiences you've had with this. One instance of this that happened...
  49. Azure Sage

    Habits You Have Even Though You Know Better

    This thread is to talk about any habits we have, that we still can't help doing even though we know better. They don't have to be debilitating or anything. For example, I have this thing where I hate to leave any sort of measurement on the number 13. I've been that way ever since I was a kid...
  50. Azure Sage

    Nintendo E3 2017 Hopes and Expectations

    With E3 just a week away, I thought it would be a good idea to make a thread to talk about our hopes and expectations for it; what we would like to see, and what we expect to see. Hopes: Monster Hunter Double Cross western release announcement Sinnoh remakes confirmed RiME release date for...
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