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  1. Dizzi

    Pros and cons

    Has technology improved our lives or not?? Im making a list any suggestions welcome PROS more accessible Message friends easier More entertainment Easier to find people with common interests Easier to find info Easier travelling Less strain on your time CONS No clear sepration of...
  2. Dizzi

    Cause of MM

    The whole cause of Majoras Mask is Link giving skull kid the skeleton mask in OoT which hit him like a drug making him addicted to mask thats why he beat up Happy Mask Salesman for new masks, and Majora possessed Skull Kid...
  3. Dizzi

    knowing medical issues before they happen?

    would you wanna know if you're gonna get, for example, cancer or Alzheimers when you're young or not and why?
  4. Dizzi


    do you get car sick if yea how do you deal with it..... me sing songs to myself and distract myself from the nausea.....
  5. Dizzi


    Tingle IS NOT in Ocarina of time i only realised today!!!
  6. Dizzi

    Unwanted hugs

    In recent years people have been hugging when before it was a wave or handshake or nod? Does this annoy you and how do you avoid it?? My mum keeps telling me to hug people but i dont wanna....
  7. Dizzi

    TV personalitys that really annoy you

    There are some people on tv who just annoy you bitbyou dont know why....professor brian cox is one of mine i just cant watcj him for long without going mad....
  8. Dizzi


    Playing MM i was thinking surely the races would have different currency in Hyrule and Termina and other Zelda related games... why not?? And try making your own...
  9. Dizzi

    voice actors

    a discussion today between me and @Spirit was about voice acting, I was watching Dragonheart and didn't realise that Sean Connery was the Dragon, who else have you found was that voice actor and been 'Really?' Also I've had Kristen Dunst as young Anya in Anastasia cartoon..
  10. Dizzi

    how do you organise your books??

    in the SB today @Spirit linked a pic of a book case and it got thinkin how dya organise your books? personally I sort into series order and writers...
  11. Dizzi

    empty houses

    when ypu visit someones house and they leave the room or house, do you feel awkwards and end up like perching on the chair??
  12. Dizzi

    um apparently one of the zeldas was called Hyrule Fanasty

  13. Dizzi

    forest temple's warp stone

    the stairs seem to end where the warp stone is so its like did the stone stone come later or were the stairs very steep??
  14. Dizzi


    would you choose the name of your child as a result of a bet??
  15. Dizzi

    self save or auto save

    title says it all really, or theres the mixed save method where it auto saves but you can save as well...
  16. Dizzi

    alternative Link's

    a chat i was having in Discord threw up the possibility of Professor Layton taking Links place, aa he has the wisdom to solve puzzles, the courage to explore haunted house and the power to be strong (ok i got stuck there!) so any other alternatives for Link??
  17. Dizzi

    Ocarina of Time sages chamber

    where is the sages chamber in Ocarina of Time ?? is it in a another universe or underground??
  18. Dizzi

    would you take your own food to someones house?

    last night my mum cooked a lasagne for my family (2of her brothers, their wives and her sister and mum me and daddy ad well) one of my aunts brings her own meal, salad and stinky fish and a pepper, (i sat next to her pheeew stinky!!) so would you take your own food to a dinner party??
  19. Dizzi

    how the Ocarina of Time sages coulda helpedLink

    the sages in Ocarina of Time could have helped Link like Saria coulda planted trees or gone through small spaces, Darunia coulda rolled smash walls, Ruto helped a tiny titchy bit but shes the only one that did. The others could help in other ways somehow... guys suggest ways they could help!!
  20. Dizzi

    walkthroughs yea or nay??

    just the above question, but do you prefer pictures or loadsa text in the walkthrough? personally as im deaf i use walkthroughs for audio led parts of games if needed like lost woods in OoT...
  21. Dizzi

    What are the differences between British + American stuff??

    Inspired by a chat between me and @Spiritual Mask Salesman about Grits (apparently a foods stuff to Maskie but road stuff to me) i wondered what other differences there were between the two, (or other countries) i think we alreasy know about the chips/crisps/french fries one....
  22. Dizzi

    Watching others play games

    Self explanatory do you enjoy watching others play games and offering advice or do you not enjoy playing and wanna do it yourself....
  23. Dizzi

    What boss has the weirdest fight??

    In fable 2 (i think) you have to play a tune with your little music box to help beat the crazy old dude, what other weird boss fights are there??
  24. Dizzi

    Interspecies relations

    Would a coupling between a zora and rito be a zoto or a rira?? Would other species get together and how??
  25. Dizzi

    Has a death in a book or film or game got to you alot??

    I was reading the subtle knife and i had to stop for a little while to have a cry at Lee Scoresby death, trying to defend an acquaintances escape by shooting the bad guys so the friend could get to the main characters and it was a full on sob! Wondered if you guys ever cried at a fictional...
  26. Dizzi

    Link bio

    Child Link Ocarina of Time Link was born Hylian but raised Kokiri and is approx 10 years old when we meet him, he had no fairy, his only friend was Saria. His Mother was running from a war when she asked the Great Deku Tree, a large ancient tree deity, to take him in, which he did with help...
  27. Dizzi

    7 years without the Great Deku Tree

    Who guides the kokiri when there is no Great Deku Tree for 7 years, after he dies and the deku sprout has well, sprouted???
  28. Dizzi

    Koroks taste??

    Self explanatory really, what would Koroks taste like? Would they be like potatoes or chocs?
  29. Dizzi

    PJ's (night clothes)

    when do you put your pj's on? what's the latest or earliest time you put them on?? mine is 7:00 if my parents aren't home, 8:00 if they are.
  30. Dizzi


    is Cragma from ST a bobokin or a golem, or something else entirely.......
  31. Dizzi

    Ocarina of Time family.

    The King of Hyrule had a one night stand with a Gerudo woman who are said to have one night stands with Hylian men and she had baby Ganon. The King, of course, didn’t know about Ganon, so the King gets on with his life and married the Queen, who we never meet, who gives birth to twins, Link and...
  32. Dizzi

    subtitles and TV failings

    ok being deaf means I have to have subtitles on TV so I can follow whats happening, if the programme is live the subs are slow, that annoys me, but how would you deal with it and have you had any funny subtitles if you use them?
  33. Dizzi

    OoT the bosses aint that bad

    I was recently playing the new Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword, and I got to the end of the Sandship to the boss (in which I haven’t got any further than the next silent realm; I’m all ready to jump into cuz I’m scared of the Guardians), Tentalus. He seems to be trying to guard his home and we...
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