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  1. mαrkαsscoρ

    Do you guys mod your systems?

    I've done it for my Wii and PSP and maybe at some point for my 3ds if I'm feeling it. I started w/ my Wii that wasn't able to read discs, and this was when the Wii U was out so support for the Wii was about done, so I just gave that a shot. I'll just say if I hadn't done so, I wouldn't have been...
  2. mαrkαsscoρ

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    jesus christ I flippin hate shadows of valentia
  3. mαrkαsscoρ

    What are your Zelda quirks?

    if my wooden shield burns in twilight princess, I do not buy another shield until.....I don't know, something in wind waker, whenever you get a heart piece after beating a boss, if you jump in any direction while L targeting to get the heart, it stops link mid animation and just zooms in on...
  4. mαrkαsscoρ

    What made you sad today?

    reading the responses to this thread...
  5. mαrkαsscoρ

    Favorite Boss Music?

    oi, ima try to limit it to one per franchise b/c es gon b a lot otherwise, also to games that have a general boss theme and not bosses that have their own ok, I gotta stop at some point
  6. mαrkαsscoρ

    Random Theories About Different Series

    everybody hates chris and full house take place in the same universe
  7. mαrkαsscoρ

    The Julius Game - Pokémon

  8. mαrkαsscoρ

    Best Ocarina of Time Melody

    out of these, either song of storms or song of time love that they're both in majora's mask too
  9. mαrkαsscoρ

    Rate the Last Game That You Played

    Grand Theft Auto V was a really fun game, ending was kinda anti-climactic compared to other gta final missions, but even so I had a blast throughout and its probably among my favorites, I do wish they never got rid of the pay n spray though
  10. mαrkαsscoρ

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I've been on these super nintendo games way more than I thought I would be; I really wanna play super metroid since I haven't done so before, but there's a few games I wanna get out of the way first also I've been considering replaying xenogears and the xenosaga trilogy before xenoblade hd...
  11. mαrkαsscoρ

    Favourite 2D Zelda game

    oh easily minish cap, I was probably as invested in that game as I was in any other 3d zelda, it probably also helped that I was in a weird zelda fanboy phase when I played it
  12. mαrkαsscoρ

    The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread

    you know its funny, when a direct was announced I was as excited as anyone, but right before I started to watch it I got to thinking.....they had a pretty good E3 and they mentioned about bringing up games we knew about, how much big stuff could there possibly be? that right there got me to...
  13. mαrkαsscoρ

    The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread

    xenoblade......my heart stopped
  14. mαrkαsscoρ

    Loud Music In Public

    my friend is a big offender of this, even w/o my or other friends consent he'd have whatever he's on at full volume only til I tell him in a serious-ish tone to turn it down, kinda deflating in the mood, which is stupid b/c I was blatantly not consenting to the loud music in the first place [as...
  15. mαrkαsscoρ

    Hypothetically, could a Zelda game with no dungeons at all become your favorite ever?

    I'm on the same boat as spirit, it ain't freaking fun wandering around aimless at some temple or whatever for who knows how long just b/c you're stumped on some puzzle you can't figure out, or you're missing a key, or there's a room you haven't been into and don't realize, or the lakebed temple...
  16. mαrkαsscoρ

    Hypothetically, could a Zelda game with no dungeons at all become your favorite ever?

    as someone who despises dungeons and puzzers, yes I'd definitely welcome something like that
  17. mαrkαsscoρ

    Hyrulean Holidays

    the birthdays of notable royal family members is probably something that would get the hylians a day off, do you think theyd have their own independence day? like becoming independent from skyloft, I dont know
  18. mαrkαsscoρ

    Dreams thread.

    you guys know the youtube guy antdude92? I had a dream that I was gonna meet him at some near by park for some park event or something [I barley even recognize the park], and he was a COMPLETE jerk, that classic case of meeting someone famous and they turn out to be asses I'm not even that big...
  19. mαrkαsscoρ

    What would you change about your favourite game?

    after having gone through Metal Gear Solid 3d, if there were a hd home console version of the game that brings in the enhancements that MGS3d brought to the table, that'd be the best version of it no question
  20. mαrkαsscoρ

    Rate the Last Game That You Played

    Metal Gear Solid 3d this is an amazingly competent port, it has a lot going for it but it also has a lot going against it, namely that it strips certain features from the PS2 subsistence version while at the same time adding some notable gameplay enhancements: mainly the third person aiming for...
  21. mαrkαsscoρ

    What parts of a game made you LOL hard?

    that summer segment in persona 4 where chie and yukiko pushed yosuke and yu off a cliff for teasing them about their bathing suits, then they turn to kanji and he has a nose bleed its kinda typical anime fair but how it was handled just absolutely cracked me up
  22. mαrkαsscoρ

    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will be censored

    oh... I mean its still one of the remaining final fantasies I need to play so there's that
  23. mαrkαsscoρ

    What Annoyed You Today?

    uh....there's a fly in my room
  24. mαrkαsscoρ

    What do you think of Silent Protagonists?

    honestly I don't like the idea for much of the reasons spirit stated, I'd much rather the main character be a part of the story than some blank slate for you to put yourself in
  25. mαrkαsscoρ

    The future of Super Mario

    .....DANG IT
  26. mαrkαsscoρ

    Stationary things you've walked into

    a refrigerator we had outside when I was very young
  27. mαrkαsscoρ


    as much as I like them, I don't have much I want to put them on so I just to not even get em
  28. mαrkαsscoρ

    Square, Enix Co or Square Enix?

    I haven't played nearly enough enix games to say fairly, but it goes w/o saying that square soft was an absolute beast during the 90s
  29. mαrkαsscoρ

    The future of Super Mario

    go the jak and daxter route and give mario firearms odyssey was the real follow up to the galaxy games that we wanted, and that took em 7 - 10 years to bring it to us [depending if you count galaxy 2], it'd be some time before we can see the next successor but if galaxy/odyssey are anything to...
  30. mαrkαsscoρ

    Dump these dungeons!

    the lakebed temple is the worst atrocity mankid has ever committed....in video games at least
  31. mαrkαsscoρ

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Metal Gear Solid 3d temporary ownership, I have MGS3 in other forms so don't really need another, but I got too curious and wanted to try it jesus, its really something else to see what I think is the best PS2 game ever on the 3ds, and it plays competently
  32. mαrkαsscoρ

    Has a name ever sold you on a game?

    here's a new spin to this: celebrity endorsed games anyone?
  33. mαrkαsscoρ

    Why isn't there a game called Banjo-Brewie?

    seems pretty clear its a mixed opinion game, look into it and see if it appeals to you, even if it isn't exactly a proper follow up to tooie
  34. mαrkαsscoρ

    Do you still play new games on your old systems?

    I'm sure plenty of us like to revisit our old games now and then, but how often do you play games that you haven't played before on those old systems? Would you even consider getting a game for your older systems? Or do you mostly stick w/ current gen hardware or PC and maybe just hold out for...
  35. mαrkαsscoρ

    Voice of Zelda autographs fan's copy of BotW in Hylian

    cool to see she's also a fan of the series ...her performance was still bleh though
  36. mαrkαsscoρ

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    its been a while coming but I've finally started the ratchet and clank series through the hd collection, there's plenty of games afterwards in the series so I'll see where I go from there
  37. mαrkαsscoρ

    I too thought this during the battle

    this all the way, out of any, king of red lions is still my favorite
  38. mαrkαsscoρ


    oh big time, hell even now there's some things I should probably get done but instead I'm here on these forums ....eh, I'll get to it eventually
  39. mαrkαsscoρ

    Do you get stage fright?

    holy frick yes, I thought I out ran it but nah, I'm still a shivering mess out there my main annoyance is I was a big stutterer when I was a kid, I've basically got it completely managed nowadays but anytime I have say something in front of a crowd or so, I always trip and fumble over my words...
  40. mαrkαsscoρ

    Favorite game, aesthetically

    twilight princess honestly, you ever take a look at the sky while it's raining in that game? not to mention the fishing hole area in its entirety
  41. mαrkαsscoρ

    Have You Played Link's Awakening?

    my niece is about 8 who very much just plays games casually, I don't feel she's the kind to look up story synopsis on games online, even so, beyond kids, there's bound to be numerous switch owners who may have come into zelda through breath of the wild that probably don't know much about the...
  42. mαrkαsscoρ

    A sequel to which?

    wasn't there a timeline shift that moved the oracles elsewhere
  43. mαrkαsscoρ

    Have You Played Link's Awakening?

    yes b/c if I gave the remake to my young niece, she'd totally be like 'oh I already know the plot to this decades old game on systems I never owned'
  44. mαrkαsscoρ

    Do you have a console bias for some series?

    When a certain series is multiplat, do you tend to buy the games in that series for a specific platform? Like for instance, if you had a 360 and PS3, would you have only played the Mass Effect series or the Bioshock series for one platform exclusively? Or better yet for something like when Crash...
  45. mαrkαsscoρ

    Voice to Voice?

    basically this, if it's a voice call I'm much more prone to stumble on my words more often since it's an on the spot kind of thing
  46. mαrkαsscoρ

    What Is Your Favorite Game Over/Lose a Life Tune?

    really all of the tunes from the MGS series stick out to me, fission mailed, time paradox, but this is of course the most classic
  47. mαrkαsscoρ

    Renaming foods.

    Mussolini Pepto Bismol
  48. mαrkαsscoρ

    Games that was 'Love at first frame'

    oh shoot, also the jak and daxter games, starting from jak 1 I knew I would end up liking the games, but by the end of it, they became some of my favorite platformers ever
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