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  1. Fierce_Deity

    self save or auto save

    I like having both. Autosave definitely comes in handy if there are power interruptions or game freezes/crashes.
  2. Fierce_Deity

    Zelda's Unbroken Bloodline Is ABSURD

    I think you're looking too deep into it. Why bother trying to apply reality into a work of fiction that is based heavily in fantasy? Yeah in reality bloodlines thin. But this is a world of magic, gods, curses, etc. And it's not just Hero spirit or Hylia being passed down or reincarnated but the...
  3. Fierce_Deity

    It's called 'The Legend' for a reason.

    That's very doubtful. Wind Waker is not a retelling of The Adventure of Link just as one example.
  4. Fierce_Deity

    A way of merging the timelines

    I don't have a story or theory for this, it's just an assumption since both timelines or universes are running parallel to each other. Other media that have used multiverses or multiple dimensions have found ways to unify them or at leased crossed over. So maybe a method you find in one can be...
  5. Fierce_Deity

    A way of merging the timelines

    The thing about the Downfall Timeline its existence is conditional. That is too say for it to happen the other two timelines cannot exist. In the DT Link fails in the final battle of Ocarina of time, so no split occurs and it goes right into A Link to the Past. The other two could be merged...
  6. Fierce_Deity

    How Much Are Willing To Pay For The Link's Awakening Remake?

    My local Walmart has Mario maker 2 for $50, so my hope is that Link’s Awakening will be that too. If not then $60 it is since I like the series too much
  7. Fierce_Deity

    New Enemies in BOTW2

    Oh yeah bring back Horsehead
  8. Fierce_Deity

    Letters in Green Spell

    Riding sand seals is a Gerudo thing so
  9. Fierce_Deity

    What's up with the Ox?

    I don't think it's going to be a central mechanic in the game, it's movements would be way slow. It just looks like they used it for a long journey. It is odd however they didn't use horses and Link is on foot.
  10. Fierce_Deity

    Is Ganon's Tower beneath Hyrule Castle?

    I think you are right, in fact the trailer shows the entrance of a temple/shrine built into mountain or underground cavern or something . As for Hyrule Castle, maybe it's like in Ocarina of Time where Ganon transforms it into his own castle, causing it to rise up.
  11. Fierce_Deity

    Has anyone else noticed this detail in the trailer?

    Time travel isn't the only way. We don't know the time gap between the two games yet.
  12. Fierce_Deity

    Weapons may not break in BotW2?

    It does seem like that may be the case. It seems the entity combines with Link's right hand. In a next scene, Link is grabbing Zelda's right hand (maybe she fell?) with his right hand. Then we later see the hand entity grasping Link's left hand. If you flip the latter two images, then Link...
  13. Fierce_Deity

    Inevitable BotW2 backlash?

    Yes, but it was character models and such. And they used a modified version of Ocarina's engine. The world of Termina itself was new. OP- If they use the same map and locations as BotW, sure it takes the fun of exploration away but if the game play is great, the story is good, and the...
  14. Fierce_Deity

    When will we see BotW2 again?

    I'm thinking we may not get any more on it till next year like in a January/February Direct then later heavily featured at E3. Since they are using BotW assets development should go quickly, could even release Holiday 2020.
  15. Fierce_Deity

    Do you like the create a dungeon feature on LA for Switch?

    Yeah I like it, looks like they could be testing the waters for a future Zelda Maker.
  16. Fierce_Deity

    Where is your hype level for Link's Awakening on Switch?

    Pretty high now thanks to the E3 trailer. It's one of the few I've not played it looks to be a blast.
  17. Fierce_Deity

    How did you find out about games pre-internet?

    First it was going to the local arcades or hearing about a new one from friends. My town had arcade downtown, plus Walmart had some and the local theater. After i got an nes it was just checking Walmart and toys r us frequently either going in or looking through their circular. I don’t recall...
  18. Fierce_Deity

    BotW - Are the "Seven Heroines" Sages?

    Because you're being really simplistic with it. "7 heroines must be 7 maidens" You ignore the role the Seven Heroines played. They were "divine protectors" of the Gerudo, doesn't really fit with the anything from A Link to the Past. The fact there were originally 8 throws that out the window...
  19. Fierce_Deity

    Microsoft wants to bring Xbox Live to the Nintendo Switch

    It makes a lot of sense actually for Nintendo to be on board with this. XBox on the Switch could help increase switch sales. Switch has gotten decent 3rd party support but not great and not enough to really compete with Sony. Old and/or downgraded Ports and 1st party titles aren’t enough to for...
  20. Fierce_Deity

    How do you feel about Link and Zelda appearing in an Indie game?

    I don’t think I’ll play it since it won’t be canon to the Zelda Universe, I assume. Not being canon, no reason to have the characters in it.
  21. Fierce_Deity


    It's great to have some out there theories, but they should at least make sense if you make them public.. It's practically impossible to have both TWW and TP in the same timeline as both in game stories follow directly from OoT. Saying the Ooccoo evolved into Rito contradicts TWW where it is...
  22. Fierce_Deity

    Would you buy a google developed gaming console?

    For the moment I say no. That could change depending on gaming library and reception
  23. Fierce_Deity

    How Important are Cutscenes in a video game to you?

    I think they are important in story driven games- they add flair and emotion to them. Some games that come to mind that did them right, FFIX, OoT, TP
  24. Fierce_Deity

    Which RPGs would you recommend to someone who is new to the genre?

    I'd start them off with Final Fantasy VI or Chrono Trigger. They contain the basics of RPGs, don't have a complicated learning curve, and have engaging stories.
  25. Fierce_Deity

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Just started playing Final Fantasy IX on the Switch. It’s one of my favorites
  26. Fierce_Deity

    Are you going to play (or replay) LA before its remake is released?

    Recently I had begun contemplating playing the games I hadn't played (LA and the OoX). I'm glad this got announced when it did. So I'm going to wait for the remake and get that 'new Zelda game' experience.
  27. Fierce_Deity

    How much more of LA for Switch will see before release?

    I think E3 probably will have a demo. Would be nice if they would put a demo on the switch soon
  28. Fierce_Deity

    Do You Like the New Link's Awakening Art Style?

    I like it, much better than the toon link cell shaded stuff
  29. Fierce_Deity

    Timeline Theories

  30. Fierce_Deity

    Timeline Theories

    I think the developers intended it to be based on where you want it which is why, other than OoT and a games before it, there aren't that many specific, detailed references to other branches. If say you think it should be in the AT because of the WW references, then the other subtle references...
  31. Fierce_Deity

    Timeline Theories

    You're correct that BotW has stuff from all 3 timelines, making it difficult to place. However, unifying all 3 timelines is impossible. The AT and CT timelines run concurrently to each other.The DT on the other hand doesn't since it's kind of a "what if" scenario. If Link is defeated in the...
  32. Fierce_Deity

    Zelda Theory: Is The Master Sword in LoZ 1?

    I think it's a minor retcon, and the Magical Sword is the Master Sword. Like the Master Sword is in most games, the Magical Sword is the final and most powerful. Side note, you start off with the Magical Sword in Zelda II and it's the only one you get.
  33. Fierce_Deity

    Games you struggle to like

    Maybe Mario Kart 8. Had a lot of fun with MKW, but 8 didn’t seem like a huge improvement; mainly the online play.
  34. Fierce_Deity

    Switch Pro Controller

    I've been using the Joycon/grip but finally considering getting the Pro. However my local retailer sells the Nintendo brand for $70 and PowerA brand for $25-35 (depending on the skin). So my question, not really wanting to throw $70 at a controller, is the PowerA brand reliable, top quality?
  35. Fierce_Deity

    Should Nintendo outsource IPs to 3rd Party and indie developers?

    The relationship has improved a lot. They released games for the GameCube and Wii, Wii U and announced a several popular FF games to be ported to the Switch.
  36. Fierce_Deity

    Should Nintendo outsource IPs to 3rd Party and indie developers?

    I'm sure Square Enix could make a great game with Link. Bethesda or FromSoftware probably could as well. I would think there are others too,
  37. Fierce_Deity

    3rd Party Switch Port Wishlist

    Eternal Darkness, originally on the GameCube, would love to see an HD Switch port.
  38. Fierce_Deity

    Were Guardians formidable enough in BotW?

    I think they were, especially early on, while you’re exploring. Also I think it was the Central Tower; kept getting targeted and shot while attempting to climb and activate. Really, early in the game I think most enemies were formidable.
  39. Fierce_Deity

    Nintendo Have you Warmed Up to the Idea of Subscription Based Classic Games?

    I don't see a problem with this. Nintendo Online is $20 a year to play current games online, like Smash Bros, and they throw in a bunch of NES games you can play as well at no extra cost. The subscription service isn't to just play NES games like I see some suggesting here. If I'm not mistaken...
  40. Fierce_Deity

    How Long After a Game Releases is it Reasonable to Expect DLC?

    A year or two is reasonable. I am surprised that Nintendo abandoned BotW after the champions ballad, seems like they could have done a few things more maybe.
  41. Fierce_Deity

    Did you ever got into a franchise or like a game without playing it at all?

    Not sure if this answers the question but I watched a friend play through Final Fantasy III on the SNES. At that time, I hadn't played any turn based RPGs and overall wasn't even aware of them. At first didn't care for turn based attack system but was really getting into the story. I began to...
  42. Fierce_Deity

    Spoiler THEORY: The Ceremonial Prayer is about SS Link.

    I disagree. I think the first part of the prayer is about different events the Hero has gone through and how the MS was bound to him each time and would be bound to BotW Link no matter what he faces. During the ceremony Darkuk and Revali have a conversation that suggests it was Darkuk's idea...
  43. Fierce_Deity

    What do you want Zelda Switch to do better than BotW?

    Something I was thinking about in another thread, how about better frame rate. For the most part, BotW did run smoothly, however there are several instances where things breakdown. Could be because the game was originally designed for the Wii U. Seamless transition from the overworld into...
  44. Fierce_Deity

    My wishes for the next Zelda

    I agree with your list for the most part, except this. Keep in mind only 2 of the 3 timelines could be merged, AT and CT. Those 2 run parallel while the DT is a hypothetical situation. For the DT to happen the other 2 don't exist. But why merge anyways? All that does is confine your stories...
  45. Fierce_Deity

    Should Link be more agile in the next 3D game?

    I think it was fine the way it was in BotW. I would like to see the hookshot return to help with climbing. Upgrade it throughout the game to interact with different things in the environment.
  46. Fierce_Deity

    Are you going to be apprehensive of Zelda Switch's story trailer?

    I'm sure I'll have some apprehension. But just for it being a new game I'll probably be more excited.
  47. Fierce_Deity

    Are the 6 sages dead in Ocarina of Time?

    I don't think they are dead. Wind Waker's sages had to be alive to perform their duty, so I think the same for the ones in OoT. Speaking of WW, isn't Laruto thought to be a descendant of Ruto? I also seem to recall them appearing together at the end of OoT looking over Hyrule. As for Mido...
  48. Fierce_Deity

    Ideas for Returning to Previous Lore/Chronology for Future Zelda Games

    I agree with Aku, TP is pretty much that third game. The fate of Ganon is revealed and in a way the fate of the Hero of Time. Based on some of things the Hero's Shade says implies he didn't have a big adventure and wasn't remembered as a hero. Not sure how you could get a game out of that. As...
  49. Fierce_Deity

    Is Link in "Twilight Princess" related to the Twili

    Changed, evolved, adapted- call it what you will but that's what happened. The Twili aren't the same race that was banished from Hyrule. This is why, at first, Midna is unable to exist beyond a shadow in Hyrule that isn't covered in Twilight. So yes it is impossible for Link to have any kind of...
  50. Fierce_Deity

    Is Link in "Twilight Princess" related to the Twili

    No, the Twili are a race that evolved from another race that was banished to the Twilight Realm long before the events of Ocarina of Time.
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