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  1. Zorth

    Aonuma on the Possibility of a Playable Female Protagonist

    If so, then could you buy the reasoning that since he is poorly written and even has multiple incarnations (hence the inconsistencies with family, origin, home town) then one of these incarnations could be a girl, and shouldn't matter more than say Link having a sister in one game but not in the...
  2. Zorth

    Aonuma on the Possibility of a Playable Female Protagonist

    If we consider Link a defined character I'd argue he is very poorly written. It is very hard to tell if he shows any emotion towards anything, how much he cares about his quest, what his passions are, or how he reasons/thinks. Mostly because he never talks. Describing him without using the words...
  3. Zorth

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Discussion Thread

    I did enjoy the movie, but after thinking about it for a while I find that as a standalone movie it isn't that great. Direction wise & visually it was amazing, as would be expected. Storywise I don't think it was that interesting or unique. Jyn is pretty dull and has one really good emotional...
  4. Zorth

    If You Could Meet Anyone, Who Would It Be?

    @Justac00lguy right back at ya thought of you instantly when mr. Ocean dropped his album
  5. Zorth

    Breath of the Wild How Pleased are you with what you have seen

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before but oh my god how I hate that pling noise that is made when you pick up a new item. Hear it 24/7 in every demo I've seen. Hopefully there is an option for disabling it otherwise the first few days of playing will be hell because you constantly going to...
  6. Zorth

    Breath of the Wild There will be NO female Link

    This topic is a bit controversial (sensitive?) and such topics should never have one liner responses since the person asking the question can't learn something new and has no idea of why you have your standpoint. It comes off just a tiny bit narrow-minded. Implying that there is something...
  7. Zorth

    Breath of the Wild How Pleased are you with what you have seen

    Saw the demo and BotW looks interesting gameplay wise. They have upped their game by making resources more important, so I really liked the food aspect. I also loved that the sword wasn't the standard go-to weapon, I suspect the master sword will play an important role in the plot but overall in...
  8. Zorth

    Breath of the Wild There will be NO female Link

    You could do it your way, having one gender be the canonical one, which I wouldn't really mind. Or play it 100% safe and just make gender irrelevant when speaking of the hero of time, any potential future depictions can be programmed to mimic the gender that each individual chooses. And when...
  9. Zorth

    nice to meet you too m8

    nice to meet you too m8
  10. Zorth

    hello friend nice meet you have you tried monstersMMORPG ??

    hello friend nice meet you have you tried monstersMMORPG ??
  11. Zorth

    Breath of the Wild There will be NO female Link

    Then I'll make it clear here; I really don't care if there is an option or not, personally. But I do not agree that having one can affect the story/lore/game/franchise, let alone ruin it. Not trying to come off as the notorious SJW person that has been discussed in here hehe
  12. Zorth

    Breath of the Wild There will be NO female Link

    Still not asking for a complete gender swap, just an option for one. Still not helping anyone's point to get emotional about this. Something tells me that me telling you what my thoughts are on people who oppose homosexuals will not help this discussion at all. And why people want fem Link...
  13. Zorth

    Breath of the Wild There will be NO female Link

    Yes maybe if you are homophobic you would hate girl Link falling in love with girl Zelda, but even if 99% of zelda fans hated same sex relations this could still be fixed by swapping the love interests gender. Or is this waaay too many gender swaps now? Are we stepping out of line by swapping...
  14. Zorth

    Breath of the Wild There will be NO female Link

    Great, what we can gather from this is that you exaggerated in that original post that Link has always been viewed as a character by everyone. And can agree on that at this point in time, Link is still a blank slate that never talks, but at least his name is constant. Although will have to...
  15. Zorth

    Breath of the Wild There will be NO female Link

    It is a small change, that literally would not affect you in any way if you intend to keep playing as the male version, but could mean so much for people who like playing as a female. And no, it is not a poor business decision to make your product available for a wider audience. Especially...
  16. Zorth

    Breath of the Wild E3 Trailer/Discussion

    Looks adventurous, but would like to see more sentient beings (people). Please Nintendo, get inspiration from (copy) OoT and have a Human, Zora, and Goron capital. Even though it is a beautiful world and all, I feel as if it can get boring really fast if there is hardly any people to talk to.
  17. Zorth

    Breath of the Wild There will be NO female Link

    I am perplexed, it is such a trivial thing. How exactly does gender ever affect a story? (Unless you are homophobic and can't stand a romance between 2 same sex characters maybe) Even if you believe it does, is anybody forcing you to play the other gender? I honestly don't know, please, if...
  18. Zorth

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Discussion Thread

    It looks great, and more of a rough underground SW story as opposed to the fixation with the mysticism of the force. I suspect our main character is more of a Han Solo than a Skywalker, and really hope they don't shove in any skywalkers into the movie (including Vader). Possibly just for fun...
  19. Zorth

    why so much h8, m8. Just kidding, u are gr8, cya l8

    why so much h8, m8. Just kidding, u are gr8, cya l8
  20. Zorth


    I played LoL quite much a year or two ago. It was really fun to me for a while, especially with friends. Although what made me drift away was ultimately the community & game length. I just couldn't bring myself to play 40+ minute games every day with toxic immature players everywhere, but a game...
  21. Zorth

    Your Unpopular Opinion

    - people who value animal lives over humans disgust me - looks do matter to a certain extent, I am really sick of people pretending to be these white knights that would date anyone. No, stop. If a talking trash can or gorilla come talking to you, and have a 10/10 personality, you will still run...
  22. Zorth

    What Are Some Bad Movies?

    The Phantom Menace & Attack of the Clones make me cringe. Same with the last Airbender. A great deal because these films drop fecal matter on their origins. But nothing beats Cool Cat Saves the Kids. oh. my. god. Just watching reviews of this movie makes me puke.
  23. Zorth

    The Force Awakens Discussion Thread.(SPOILER ZONE)

    We already got to know enough, during the clone wars the empire took over and all the jedi died. Hence why kenobi is hiding out. Him hiding specifically on tatooine, or who these clones were, isn't important at all to the story. And the family connections really are weird to compare since as far...
  24. Zorth

    The Force Awakens Discussion Thread.(SPOILER ZONE)

    I totally get that, but the issue to me is that it felt lazy not to go all the way. If they are anyway going to reveal something like "one of Luke's students turned on him", then it is really simple to add an extra line of dialogue saying something like "because XXX felt YYY about ZZZ". I guess...
  25. Zorth

    The Force Awakens Discussion Thread.(SPOILER ZONE)

    It was reallyyyyyyyyy... good. Definitely better than the prequels, and was a solid movie. Well shot, practical effects finally, good acting, characters that aren't on moprhine, and no jar jar binks. Although I do have to be a little ***** and complain about it a little. I rolled my eyes a...
  26. Zorth

    TPHD-Wii U Twilight Princess HD confirmed

    I apologize, I am not mad at Nintendo then, am mad at Aounuma. Hope he bangs his little toe against furniture
  27. Zorth

    TPHD-Wii U Twilight Princess HD confirmed

    So disappointed in hearing these news, remaking a game that is from 2006 into HD version? Are they insane? Even WWHD was really pointless, the games graphics are good as they are and making them HD added a tiny bit of replay value for people with a nostalgia level of over 9000. It's not even on...
  28. Zorth

    What if Skyward Sword had been delayed to early 2012?

    I don't think so. 2 months is not enough to change what I found disappointing with the game, a few core mechanics and important writing would need to be changed. And for SS to even be worthy of a GOY it would need a lot more than 2 months, to just make it on par with Skyrim, LA Noire, or Portal...
  29. Zorth

    Twilight Princess Re-Make -- Master Wish List

    I don't think a remake should be ever made, would be like a huge middlefinger to the fossils that have been waiting for Zelda U. I don't think I would even play it since TP isn't that outdated to need a remake, the same could have been said for WW. The lists people are making are something...
  30. Zorth

    Twilight Princess vs. Skyward Sword

    +9000 All other things aside, what bugged me the most was their failure to be a prequel to OoT. Like you said, the stuff we got to know was very vague and didn't really make for awesome Zelda lore.
  31. Zorth

    Twilight Princess vs. Skyward Sword

    Still having trouble processing this. How? I can definitely understand that Zelda games are not clones of each other but they are still similar, even across platforms. And that is not such a big surprise considering it is the same franchise. They all have elements of action/adventure, master...
  32. Zorth

    Twilight Princess vs. Skyward Sword

    I'd recommend you play these games to freshen up your memory. TP and SS are not so different as you make them out to be. This argument would only work if we are talking about comparison between two vastly different genres, example SS vs League of Legends or TP vs Pokemon Stadium. TP and SS have...
  33. Zorth

    Would a 'realistic' Wind Waker have sold better?

    So many factors to sales than just the art style, but I guess from a marketing perspective it could make a difference.If you see a trailer for a game that looks like a cartoon as opposed to a game that looks like a playable anime show, then I think the anime game would lure in more people...
  34. Zorth

    Do people guess your age correctly?

    never People always assume I'm born 1990 or earlier, but actually am 19.
  35. Zorth

    Keys need to go

    +10 for mentioning Indiana Jones <3 Keys don't need to go from the series since there are clever ways of implementing them, but like you said, boss keys make no sense at all sometimes and the way normal small key chests are placed for the intruder can be so illogical. I'd be fine though with...
  36. Zorth

    MM-N64 What if Majora's Mask used Different Character Models?

    I think it was a good thing that they slacked a bit and re-used many characters. Not only because of the funny theorizing you can (could at least) do about why this happened, but also because the connection between MM and OoT was felt much stronger. Sure to this day it is sort of on the brink of...
  37. Zorth

    Should Dungeons Become More Like Overworlds?

    If you go into the steps of something like the Stone Tower from MM and its following dungeon, then yes definitely. You have an enclosed area that heavily resembles Ikana Canyon, and is pretty much part of it too, and has its own tricks and treats. But the point of a dungeon is to be dark...
  38. Zorth

    What's your biggest problem with the Zelda series overall?

    The lack of ambition, lore, and originality has really made the series plummet down there with Titanic and Adele, for me. The remakes seemed like fan service but even if they were that, and not money grabs for being too lazy to make a great original game, it was the wrong king of fan service...
  39. Zorth

    Breath of the Wild Top 5 want-to-knows

    1. what is the ambition of this game. Is it going to be yet another classic Nintendo game, a Zelda that is fun/ok to play but compared to other titles in its category, really nothing special at all. Is it going to be a fan appealer, or crowd appealer for ages 2-99? 2. Setting; is the plot going...
  40. Zorth

    Which does Zelda do better; Overworld or Dungeons?

    I think the overworld should and is done better. The dungeons are just a part of it, the overworld connects them. Great examples of Zelda overworlds as loz, alttp, tmc, mm. Bad ones are tww, ss, oot. The first ones I mentioned are teeming with life and stuff to do, even though they are huge. The...
  41. Zorth

    OoT mod: Project 3rd Quest (demo to be released soon!)

    looks amazing, really looking forward to seeing the final version. Although boss mechanics were exactly the same as in OoT I saw, it was basically a skin change. Do you have any plans on writing new code for an entirely new boss/enemy fight? :D I'm guessing an emulation program on a decent...
  42. Zorth

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    went to Magaluf this week, met a lot of british people there. Thought of your thick attractive accent right away while I was half asleep on the street being poked with a stick by a drunken brit 5 in the morning.
  43. Zorth

    What is something that bothers you about yourself?

    - right shoulder blade is slightly asymmetrical to the spine compared with the left one. Makes the back muscles look a little weird and also causes a snapping sound in my right shoulder when I use it. - my hair is extremely thick so I can only style it the way I want for a week after getting a...
  44. Zorth

    Your ideal career

    Always been more of a creative mind and interested in stuff like music, film, litterature, etc. so making a living as a musician or film director would be pretty neat. Same with training and more physical stuff, being a professional footballer/swimmer or personal trainer / fitness model would be...
  45. Zorth

    The Official ZD Jokes Thread

    why can't Stevie Wonder read? because he's bla... blind
  46. Zorth

    never really been into wrestling lol, so can't say that I am ;)

    never really been into wrestling lol, so can't say that I am ;)
  47. Zorth

    Gossip Stone: What would a more "mature" Zelda game be like?

    I wouldn't mind another game that follows the footsteps of MM. I can understand that a lot of the older players that grew up with alttp, oot, and mm have grown up and could play a zelda game that goes into territory like Bioshock or Fallout. But I could do with just staying with a lighter...
  48. Zorth

    Language Thread

    Fluent in Swedish, English, German, and Bosnian (Serbo-Croatian). Looking to learn Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic.
  49. Zorth

    General Zelda Best Zelda Game to Start Speedrunning.

    Actually would say TP, the sequence breaks and other tricks were much easier for me to both learn and understand than those of OoT (which are just insane at some points). Then the game itself is overall just easier control and enemy wise. But whatever game you like the best is a good starting...
  50. Zorth

    Funny Quotes from Real Life

    "why does NASA get so much money if they cannot get a color picture of the moon?" - engineering classmate .______________________________________________________________.
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