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  1. Linkette

    Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

    I haven't played many Zelda games but I found the Sky Keep from Skyward Sword quite tricky. There is no set order on how to get through the rooms and there are are a few possibilities. One wrong move and even a walkthrough can't help you. The final dungeon was a mix of previous dungeons which...
  2. Linkette

    A Link to the Past Digging Minigame?

    Thank you 7hE4o76! Having 'great luck' actually worked. I had no idea that the fairy fountain might have an effect on this. Got the heart piece on my second try, the last dig.
  3. Linkette

    A Link to the Past Digging Minigame?

    The good/bad luck is only for getting extra arrows and bombs. But I may try that.
  4. Linkette

    A Link to the Past Digging Minigame?

    I don't think I have the shovel, but I'm playing the virtual console SNES version. Yes, I have the flute and I have 500+ rupees.
  5. Linkette

    A Link to the Past Digging Minigame?

    This is my first playthrough of a Link to the Past, and this is my favourite Zelda game so far. With dungeons I'm OK, I don't need help at all, but when it comes to sidequests, I'm hopeless. So I am using ZeldaDungeon's walthrough for the Overworld, and have been following it up to Chapter 14...
  6. Linkette

    I Just Noticed That in the Artwork.

    My bro asked me if Skyward Sword will be set after Twilight Princess or Spirit Tracks and then I had to explain the whole "timeline" thingy. Then he pointed at the artwork with the tree and asked "Is this the Deku Tree?" And I was like "No, it looks like an original tree but it might turn into...
  7. Linkette

    Sing Up Thread for Fan-fic I Am Writing.

    Name: Stella McCloud Age : 14 Race : Kokiri/Hylian Gender: Female Position: Rose Mage Appearance: Dark blond hair, hazel eyes Cloting: Wears blue, white and gold Character: Childlish, gets excited and angry easily but quickly forgives people. Smart and stubborn. Also can you make my...
  8. Linkette

    Young Zelda Fans/ N00bs

    I'm 14, I've been playing Zelda games for just over a month, I've played 10 games (5 of them complete) and yet I know I'm a true Zelda fan. Also very important notice: The fandoism can't be measured in amout of merchandise you've got. I think it's called an obession. Like Bigelover88 said "true...
  9. Linkette

    Has Anyone Here Played Master Quest?

    I'm playing through Master Quest right this moment. The Well doesn't have any invisible walls just invisible keese and skulltulas. It is harder than OoT but it's not too hard for me. It has the perfect amount of difficulty. I'm also having trouble with Golden Skulltulas, they are in different...
  10. Linkette

    Why Living In Hyrule is Better Than the Real World

    It would take me a while to get used to no electricity but I'm not that sort of person who sits in front of TV all day. For my entertainment I would go horse-riding (awesome!) or go pick berries in the forest (cool) until a monster attacks me and Link saves me afterwards. I would also sign up...
  11. Linkette

    Why Link Doesn't Eat...

    Similar to the bathroom problems often it's not shown how videogame characters fullfil their nutritional needs either. However a certain article on uncyclopedia might be right. Hylians might live on sunlight like some mysterious race of elves. That's sounds almost magical, some other people may...
  12. Linkette

    How Was Your First Dungeon Experience?

    my first experience of a dungeon was about 5 years ago. it was Inside the Deku Tree. OMG I got stuck about half way but after a week of failure i finally managed to work it out. I ws so suprised with the difficulty of the boss-Gohma. I thought if that was the easiest dungeon in the game then...
  13. Linkette

    What DON'T You Want in Zelda Wii?

    TINGLE!! ...and cell shaded graphics which I don't think they'll do it. just look at the artwork. I also don't want boring NPCs with lack of character and pitch dark rooms. I hate dark. A new baddie and repetetive dungeon designs or dungeons you have to go over and over again (Temple of the...
  14. Linkette

    What Makes It 'Zelda'?

    I so agree with that For me those points alsoare really important 1. DUNGEONS, TEMPLES ETC What is a Zelda game without dungeons, puzzles and mysteries? They were in since the first Zelda game so the next one should be no exception. Zelda games are known well partly because of the puzzles...
  15. Linkette

    What's Your Favorite Mario RPG?

    I enjoyed M&L Partners in Time but Bowser's Inside Story was my favourite. I loved playing as Bowser (favourite Mario character) and those puzzles. It didn't have a lot of them but they were decent. The minigames were amazing and the touch/blow controls seemed perfect. I think it's the best...
  16. Linkette

    Jump Button?

    I just don't see the need of jumping in Zelda games. Automatic jumping seemed fine making you focus on the enemy combat and puzzle solving. And yup, with jumping Link would end up just like Mario.
  17. Linkette


    I own a LoZ Alttp manga but other than that nothing else. But my friend has got every single volume of Naruto. I read it but I didn't really like it. Any recommendations which manga I might like?
  18. Linkette

    Horrible Glitch!

    I think I maight have one of the later copies of the game but I'm still scared with that glitch. Today I was going through Abiter's Grounds and I was in that big circular room where you have to insert the spinner in the middle and I opened the door to the room before the boss chamber before I...
  19. Linkette

    Most Memorable Moment

    I remember when for the first time playing Oot (my firts Zelda game) I finally got the Master Sword after being stuck in Jabu Jabu and the memories recalling when I picked up the master Sword in TP.
  20. Linkette

    When Do You Know You've Overplayed the Legend of Zelda?

    Actually #3 (last post^) will happen cos though the grass doesn't grow as quick as in the game but it still grows fast as for a plant. #When you listen to the Hyrule Field theme while going to school #When you ask the evil redhead in your class if he prefers power, widom or courage and you get...
  21. Linkette

    Worst Zelda Ocarina Song?

    The only song which I don't like is Nocturne of Shadow. It's the only song I hadn't memorized and the notes are random. I strangely like Sun's Song though. It fits with the rise of sun
  22. Linkette

    Treasure Locations

    I'm kinda stuck cos I need for Mystic Jades to get all of the Golden train parts. If you have any tips where I could actually find them please PM me.
  23. Linkette

    Legend of Zelda Pronunciations

    My accent is a bit weird so I just say how Japanese people talk. Except Gerudo. I say JER-u-do. And i pronounce Deku as Deck-u.
  24. Linkette

    Is It Weird for Girls to <3 LOZ

    I recently did my class talk on Zelda and almost no-one slagged me off. Only one girl called me saddo but she didn't do a talk on anything so she was just annoyed. I'm a girl and really enjoy Zelda series so I think there's nothing wrong with it.
  25. Linkette

    When Do You Know You've Overplayed the Legend of Zelda?

    I love threads like that! #When you compare you and your boyfriend/girlfriend to Link and Zelda #When you buy a blue ocarina #When you hate people with ginger hair (redheads) #All you draw is Link #All you dream about is Link #When you're having a Zelda-themed birthday party I have to say...
  26. Linkette

    ALttP Before OoT?

    I think That Alttp is before Oot beacuse wouldn't the Master Sword be originally hidden in the Temple of time than Lost Woods? Also I looked on lots of timeline theories and OoT is the beginning.
  27. Linkette


    I used to be obsessed with Mario when I was a small kid but now I just don't get the point of it. I find them childlish, easy, and stuff like that. I was dreaming of hardcore(?) mature games the same quality and that's how I got onto Zelda. The only Mario game which I enjoy just now is Mario &...
  28. Linkette

    Mario and Luigi RPG Series

    I don't really play Mario games nowadays but I waited for Mario&Luigi3 all 2009. I find Mario games boring just now but M&L3 got me away from Zelda for two weeks! It has very good humour understandible for Mario fans, it's an RPG and it has a couple of decent puzzles. It's the only Mario game...
  29. Linkette

    What is the Weirdest or Strangest Thing That Has Ever Happened to You?

    Very, very often I have dreams which come true (creepy). Most of them I have to find a meaning for and there are some which are direct (just like a flashforward of my life). Also everytime I walk under an unlit lightpost IT LIGHTS! It doesn't have sensors cause every other person walks under...
  30. Linkette

    What Would You Call Your Child?

    I like Caleb too^ I much more like foreign names than local For Girl: Yuki, Stella (I don't know why, I just love that name) I can't think up of any boys' names at the moment. Because almost all boys I met were jerks.
  31. Linkette

    Ocarina of Time Most Favorite glitches in Ocarina of Time

    I just completed Ganon's Castle today and discovered something the rest of the world should know: When you're in the Fire barrier thingy and are on the sinking platforms use hover boots to make the platform stop sinking. I hope it'll make your life easier.
  32. Linkette

    Ocarina of Time Favorite Sage?

    I like Nabooru because she's awsome. Anyway, in my little fan-fiction I made up another light sage called Stella. She's replacing Rauru cause he's retired.
  33. Linkette

    Your Scarecrow Song

    <,<,<, down, <, ^, A, > or left, left, left, down, left, up, A, right If you play it, you'll realise it's the beginning of the Mario theme. lol.
  34. Linkette

    Which Character Would You Be?

    I'd be either Link (y'know heroic, brave and stuff) or Nabooru. She's my new favourite. It would be so awsome to be a thief and live in a desert. Ooh, I miss warmth and sun so much... we have a very cold winter just now.
  35. Linkette

    Favorite Quotes

    MAH BOI, every time I hear it, it makes me lolling
  36. Linkette

    What Games Are You Playing Through at the Moment?

    Just now I'm playing Mario & Luigi bowser's Inside Story. I'm also trying to complete Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess.
  37. Linkette

    Time Travel

    I've also read somewhere that it's possible to get out of a black hole but it takes millions (or thousands, I'm not sure) years. So if a person wanted to use black hole warp they would have to live for ever (or at least a lery long time)
  38. Linkette

    Time Travel

    We all know that Link is able to travel through time. But is it really possible? Post your theories here. When we look at stars we don't see them how they look just now we see them what they looked like millions of years ago. But if we were travel in the future, it would be harder than...
  39. Linkette

    Ocarina of Time Favorite OOT tunic.

    I like the Goron tunic too. It's dark red (one of my favorite colors) and it looks great with Link's golden-like blond hair. It looks christmasy.
  40. Linkette


    I think Zelda games have quite good graphics as for the consoles they were released, but they don't really matter, as the cutscenes in OoT are as thrilling as if they were very graphically detailed. I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE GRAPHICS!!! I remember when we got a new HD TV and I expected the Wii...
  41. Linkette

    Ocarina of Time Favorite Temple in OOT

    I haven't been to any other temples in OoT because I just got this game but I completed Forest and Water straight after (I wasn't bothered to do Fire). I don't know why but i just said kinda wow to myself at how this temple is designed. And those outside meadows are just beautiful (when you...
  42. Linkette

    Ocarina of Time Poll: Who is Better Adult Link or Young Link?

    I certainly like adult Link more than the young one. Why? Because he's cuter...:rolleyes: Anyway, I've been thinking about this question and I can't answer it "How old is young Link in OoT?"
  43. Linkette

    What Part of the Triforce Do You Correspond To?

    I think I have more wisdom than courage, because I'm quite good at maths (I have maths masterclasses, but wisdom really isn't really being smart. It's also about thinking about yourself, people and things around you. Unluckily, I don't have as much courage but I'm not afraid to have talks in...
  44. Linkette

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    Oh, my list isn't that great A Link to the Past Manga (French) A couple of Zelda posters I hope I might be getting some more for christmas. (I also have a plastic sword which will get replaced by the Master Sword replica, and a home-made wooden shield which I painted to look like the Hylian...
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