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  1. Darklinkrules45

    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    To be honest, i like Skyward Sword the best. It's probably not a big surprise to everyone because a lot of peoples favorite zelda game is SKyward Sword
  2. Darklinkrules45

    Boss Subtitles

    yeah. i agree. it would've been cool if the made it be all like The Apocalypse DEMISE that would be the coolest subtitle ever.
  3. Darklinkrules45

    What is Your Least Favorite Enemy in the Zelda Series?

    My least favorite enemy are definately like-likes. they eat your shield, whatever, but eating your clothes? What the heck?
  4. Darklinkrules45

    Hylian Shield

    no, like early on in the game. like in the E3 demo
  5. Darklinkrules45

    Spoiler Demise and the Sealing Spike

    I honestly don't know. i think Ghirahim removed it, like JucieJ said. (off topic. but today's my birthday!)
  6. Darklinkrules45

    Link Vs. The Horde

    Yeah, same here. I really liked deku babas that were in the grass, then they would surprise attack you while you didn't know where they were. That is something i have always really liked from Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. But the horde battle was just really just too easy. I had the...
  7. Darklinkrules45

    Which Zelda Game Haven't You Played

    The only game i haven't played is Minish Cap. That's it! I have all of the other zelda games but not Minish Cap. It's kind of a fail, for me that is.
  8. Darklinkrules45

    What is Your Favorite SS Pairing (other than Link X Zelda)?

    i think Pipit and Karane would be my favorite pair. they are really cute together.
  9. Darklinkrules45

    Poll: Favorite Minor Character

    Scrapper: because he helps a lot in side quests and in the main quest. Gondo: because he helps me upgrade my shields and items.
  10. Darklinkrules45

    Does Writing Your Name Instead of Link Reduces the Epicness?

    i do the exact opposite. i use "link" the first time around, then on my second play through, then i use my name.
  11. Darklinkrules45

    Your Favorite Zelda Merch!!

    My Zelda gold Wii remote. it's so cool! i am also trying to get my grandma to make my a shirt with the hylian crest on it. My grandma is a really great sewer. so that's why i'm asking her.
  12. Darklinkrules45

    Do You Nickname Your Pokemon?

    i sometimes(by sometimes i mean rarely) nickname my Pokemon. Like Conor said, i might (by might i mean rarely too.) name them swear words if they're really hard to catch
  13. Darklinkrules45

    Your Favorite Pokemon Game

    i think i had the most fun playing Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. those were the only games i had, so it was the only fun Pokemon game for me.
  14. Darklinkrules45

    Your First Pokemon

    I got in to Pokemon when i was 5. i was watching it on TV. I never liked the new Pokemon though. i only really liked the originals. they were the best in my opinion.
  15. Darklinkrules45

    Favorite Eeveelution

    Flareon(that's how you say it right?) it's so cool with it's bright red color.
  16. Darklinkrules45

    Shiny Pokemon

    I really admire all shiny pokemon. i just do. they're hust so cool!
  17. Darklinkrules45

    Favorite Pokemon Type

    Mine would be dragon type pokemon. i just love dragon types!
  18. Darklinkrules45

    Skyward Sword Hylian Shield

    i got it on my first try. but i wish it was more like Twilight Princess. Then you could just buy it. that would be cool.
  19. Darklinkrules45

    S.S. Ghirahim and Fi?

    Fi is the Master sword. and Ghirahim is the Dark Master sword. you just don't notice it until the end of the game.
  20. Darklinkrules45

    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character

    Mine would be (it's pretty obvious) Character: Dark Link Game: Ocarina of Time Why I like him: He's AWESOME!
  21. Darklinkrules45

    Song That Suits Demon Lord Ghirahim?

    his theme song is the best. i'm trying to figure it out on my piano.
  22. Darklinkrules45

    S.S. Ghirahim and Fi?

    it's like Link and Dark Link. but instead it's Fi and Ghirahim.
  23. Darklinkrules45

    Hylian Shield

    yeah, that's the only reason that i know of.
  24. Darklinkrules45

    The Master Sword's Pedestal

    uh-huh, uh-huh. that's right.
  25. Darklinkrules45

    The Master Sword's Pedestal

    ok. that makes a lot more sense.
  26. Darklinkrules45

    The Master Sword's Pedestal

    Because link and Zelda used the Ocarina of Time to seal ganondorf in the (where was it? I'll have to play OoT again) realm. So then Zelda used the OoT to send link back into his childhood. So I guess that would explain why the tp castle might be the OoT castle. Link got older and moved out of...
  27. Darklinkrules45

    The Master Sword's Pedestal

    so the tp castle was the OoT castle rebuilt, so they tore down the ToT (Temple of Time) and moved it to a new location?
  28. Darklinkrules45

    Favorite Cutscene!

    that is my favorite too!
  29. Darklinkrules45

    Custom Horse

    my loftwing or horse would be red and black. that would be so cool!
  30. Darklinkrules45

    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    Skyward Sword:because it is awesome Twilight Princess:first zelda game on wii Ocarina of Time: sweet graphics The Legend of Zelda: i love the music
  31. Darklinkrules45

    Game Over Screen

    i really hated the game over screen in tp. i was seven, so, i was pretty freaked out. that. was. scary. really scary.
  32. Darklinkrules45

    The Master Sword's Pedestal

    yeah, me too. i wonder why....
  33. Darklinkrules45

    Twilight Princess: Shields?

    As we all know, you can take your shield on or off at will in Skyward Sword. but in Twilight Princess, the only way you could take off your shield is if you burned it. so what i'm trying to say is, that, why didn't nintendo let you take off your shield?
  34. Darklinkrules45

    Twilight Princess Twilight Princess: Gamecube or Wii

    i like the gamecube version better. you can do more stuff on it.
  35. Darklinkrules45

    General Modern Favorite Companion?

    to be honest, i think i like fi or midna the best
  36. Darklinkrules45

    The Imprisoned

    the 1st and the 3rd time were the easiest. i hated the 2nd time.
  37. Darklinkrules45

    How Dark Link Came to Be

    maybe... maybe...
  38. Darklinkrules45

    How Dark Link Came to Be

    ok, i was just thinking, that if Link looked into the mirror of twilight, could it have created an evil side? =\:suspicious:
  39. Darklinkrules45

    Dungeon Ideas

    that would be cool!! :):):):):):)
  40. Darklinkrules45

    Something I Just Now Noticed

  41. Darklinkrules45

    Spoiler If Fi Could Fight...

    what about a gerudo guard? they have swords. so if they do, why can't fi?
  42. Darklinkrules45

    Which Antagonist Would You Like To Return?

    i would love it if Dark Link made a return. that'd be so cool! but instead of being like Ocarina of Time, when he copies all of your moves, maybe he could make up some of his own.
  43. Darklinkrules45

    Spoiler If Fi Could Fight...

    i think she would have the same weapons as Ghirahim but different colors. like instead of black and red, they would be blue and purple.
  44. Darklinkrules45

    Improving On The Upgrading System

    i really liked the upgrade system in skyward sword. it was really easy getting all of the stuff you needed to upgrade your items. it was just easy for me.
  45. Darklinkrules45

    Hardest Dungeon?

    my hardest dungeon was the sky keep. it was so hard!
  46. Darklinkrules45

    Spoiler Most Hated Boss

    my most hated boss is definatly the imprisoned.
  47. Darklinkrules45

    Do You Use the Shields?

    i always use shields. whether if i'm in skyloft or faron woods. i always use shields.
  48. Darklinkrules45

    Which Silent Realm is the Hardest?

    i would have to say the eldin volcano silent realm. it took me like, 15 tries to beat it. it was so hard!
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