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  1. Alex

    The Wind Waker Wind Waker Hacks?

    Just downloaded Wind Waker to PC cuse i thought it'd be fun to download some hacks and glitches like infinite hover, moon jump, etc and stuff, anyone know where i can download hacks in general to Wind waker on PC?
  2. Alex

    Ocarina of Time Why Do We Love OoT So Much?

    Idk honestly, i'm not too much into OoT, it's a great game, but not even close to being one of my favourites. :p
  3. Alex

    Breath of the Wild All That You're Waiting For?

    Wind Waker HD and the entire new zelda game to the Wii U.
  4. Alex

    Games You Are Dying to Play.

    The Wind Waker HD and the upcoming entire new Zelda Game!
  5. Alex

    General Zelda The Ultimate World Of Zelda Quiz

    I'll do 20, don't got time for all that... :p 1 This precious ornament was part of Zelda's vision in OOT: Lens of truth? 2 The sword of evils bane in OOT: Master Sword 3 You needed 5 hearts to wield this in TLOZ: Uhm, don't know the name of it, but the blue sword 4 A blade that needed...
  6. Alex

    Could We See the Twili Make a Return?

    I would love to see this happen.
  7. Alex

    General Zelda Best Shop in Zelda History

    Beedle's shop in TWW and SS's Bazaar, it was something very unique.
  8. Alex

    Zelda Art Dragon Roost Island Charity Video!

    This sounded really good, great job!
  9. Alex

    Skyward Sword Do the Sheikah Stones Go Too Far?

    Meh, i don't think so, you're not forced to use them, it's up 2 yourself if you want to or not. :p
  10. Alex

    Spoiler Is Demise Supposed to Be This Easy?

    It's way too easy, i'm quite dissipointed in fact, you saw the epic portal at the end and Demise looking super baws and then when you get to the fight you win it almost imidiently...
  11. Alex

    General Zelda Which Handheld LoZ is Your Favorite?

    I'd say Phantom Hourglass.
  12. Alex

    The Longest Time Spent Playing

    8 hours Max i believe when playing TWW
  13. Alex

    General Zelda If The Lands Of Zelda Were Real, Where Would You Live?

    I'd go with windfall Island from TWW and Clock Town from MM would probaly be nice. :D
  14. Alex

    Allergies: Do You Have Any?

    Pollen is what i'm alergic against, extremely... It really sucks because sometimes when it's the Pollen Season i can't even go outside even thought i take medicines for it. :(
  15. Alex

    NPC Game - Zelda!

    Comment below a NPC from TLoZ Series, it can be from any game! NOTE: You're not supposed to post the same NPC as someone else has already said. Ima start off with Makar from the Wind Waker!
  16. Alex

    Do You Ever Wake Up in the Middle of the Night?

    I do atleast wake up 1-2 times at the night. It's very annoying honestly, and the strange thing is WHY it happens because it feels like it's just programmed for me to automaticlly wake up at specific times on the night lol...
  17. Alex

    How Do You Say That?

  18. Alex

    General Zelda Would You Like To See More Direct Zelda Sequels?

    I'd love a continue of TP and Majora's Mask, they're both games that could have a sequel imo.
  19. Alex

    Game Series You've Followed Since Their Beginning

    Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda. :)
  20. Alex

    Twilight Princess Would You Like to See a TP 2?

    So this is something i've thinked about a while and i was wondering what you're thoughts were. Would you like to see a Twilight Princess 2? SPOILER ALERT So basicly at the end of Twilight Princess you talk to midna for the last time and then she destroys the Mirror right? So what i was...
  21. Alex

    Make a Loz Collection Video!

    Edited and added in some Pictures of my collection, got a bunch of more stuff to show but that was what i found atm, some other things are in the basement. :p
  22. Alex

    General Zelda The First Zelda Game You Played

    My first Zelda game i think i played was OoT. :)
  23. Alex

    Make a Loz Collection Video!

    Well, you can either make a video of your personal collection, or atleast take some pictures?:)
  24. Alex

    Spoiler Ghirihim's Brilliant Game Design

    Honestly, i didn't like him a lot. The last fight against him was nice thought.
  25. Alex

    Sleep Walking...

    According to my parents, i once went to the toilet sleep walking lol.
  26. Alex

    Make a Loz Collection Video!

    Hey guys! So i thought it would be nice to see everyones Zelda collections! This could be the Zelda historia book, characters, or the video games! I'll be editing this thread tomorrow and add in a video of my own Collection!:) NOTE: You can also just post pictures if you don't want to make a...
  27. Alex

    Favorite Musical Instruments

    Piano, harp, ocarina, trumpet! :)
  28. Alex

    A Link Between Worlds Should Nintendo Keep Making Legend of Zelda 3DS Games?

    I don't know really, i'm not to much into the 3Ds, but a MM remake would be awesome thought or just in HD to the Wii U idk.
  29. Alex

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Skrillex - first of the year A day to remember - remember the name Ephixa - Song of Storms Remix 50 cent - My life
  30. Alex

    General Zelda Why Does Nintendo Waste Time on Gimmicks and Art Style?

    I honestly don't mind if it takes a while before the next Zelda game comes out because yeah sure it sucks, but atleast they always make a great game so i don't mind as long as they make me proud as they always have. :p
  31. Alex

    Zelda Piano Covers!

    Sure! I'll take you're challange! I'll try to do it sometime this week and i'll uppdate you guys! Also, thanks a lot for the critizm, and yeah i kind of failed a few notes, especially at the end on Midna's lament. The problem is that i learned them pretty recently and i was to Quick and excited...
  32. Alex

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I accidently got my arm on my Coca Cola so it came on the Keyboard... :(
  33. Alex

    Your Top "5" Favorite Consoles?

    5. Nintendo Wii 4. Wii U 3. N64 2. Super Nintendo 1. GameCube
  34. Alex

    General Zelda Top 10 Zelda

    Top 5 Zelda games: 5. The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword 4. Ocarina of time 3. Twilight princess 2. Majora's mask 1. The Wind Waker Top 5 MM Masks: 5. Gibdo's mask 4. Frog's Mask 3. Stone Mask 2. Captain's Mask 1. Fierce Deity Link! Top 5 TWW Islands: 5. Can't remember the main Island but...
  35. Alex

    What Do You Want Right Now?

    I can't wait till the summer... The last summer i had sucked so hard, it almost rained every day... The next summer (the one which is coming this year) is going to be something special, i'm going to do a bunch of crazy stuff with my mates. :D
  36. Alex

    A Link Between Worlds Should a Past Character Return?

    Hmm, a return of a character... I'd say Komali!
  37. Alex

    The Legend of Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 41!

    I'd go with Moldorms. :)
  38. Alex

    General Zelda An Emotionally Invested Story?

    I would love to see some kind of more emotional Zelda game definetly. Perhaps some more romance between Link and Zelda. It is something i have waited for very long. ;)
  39. Alex

    Breath of the Wild What Would You Like to Be Changed or Added in Wind Waker HD

    I honestly don't know, but i can't wait until this gets released, when it does i'm buying a Wii U. :) I've seen the pictures of the Windfall Island in HD and it's so beutiful... When i play it and it gets released ima be super mega duper happy lol. :D Even thought i've completed this game like...
  40. Alex

    The Shop!:)

    So i just found out about the Shops here on the Forums and wow... This forum is so amazing, i'd rate it 10/10. It has so much achievements you can unlock and so much motivation! Great job to the Community. :)
  41. Alex

    I May Be Attempting My First Ever Let's Play Soon

    Good luck! I used to do Lp's before, it was really funny until i got bored of it. If you got any questions feel free to ask me. :)
  42. Alex

    Spoiler "OMG" Moments in Zelda!

    Midna destroying the mirror in TP When i found out Tetra was Zelda in WW -When you found out you can become a deku, goron, and zora in MM! (such a great game) -When Midna sacrifices herself after killing Ganon in kind of wolf form.
  43. Alex

    General Zelda What Age Were You when You First Started Playing Zelda?

    I was 6 when i started playing Ocarina of time (my first zelda game) but then when i came pretty far to when you became a adult my father didn't let me play it more because he thought i would get scared of the Zombies at hyrule town lol...
  44. Alex

    Least Favorite Zelda Character?

    I'd go with the EAGLE on OoT. Most annoying person EVER
  45. Alex

    General Zelda Should Link Die?

    If Link dies... I would cry... No joke. Perhaps in the future, (not the upcoming zelda games) sometime Link could die in a game... But hopefully not soon. :C
  46. Alex

    Zelda Piano Covers!

    I lisen to ear when i learn songs.(:
  47. Alex

    Zelda Piano Covers!

    Hey guys, i've started lately with making Piano Covers on YouTube and mostly i've done Zelda songs so far, feel free to check some i've done so far :) Ocarina of Time Opening Theme: Ocarina of Time Opening Theme Piano Cover! - YouTube Grandma's Theme (TWW): Wind Waker Grandma's Theme Piano...
  48. Alex

    Wind Waker 3D: Should They Make It?

    A WW port would be nice, but not on 3DS. We already have PH and ST which have the same traveling-on-a-vehicle mechanic and WW graphics. I'd rather have Nintendo finish Skyward Sword and some more awesome games before they do another game remake. And like someone else said, WW should be ported to...
  49. Alex

    Rate the Avatar!

    5/10, looks nice but isn't that original and isn't drawn too well.
  50. Alex

    Operation Moonfall: When Will The Moon Fall?

    I'm kind of against Operation Moonfall, but for personal reasons, so my vote probably won't matter much. xD But I'm really kind of scared of Majora's Mask - I don't really know why, when I was little I used to think it was so cool, but now I can't sleep at night when I think of it ;u; - and if...
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