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  1. masterSword2

    How Trusting of Others Are You?

    My initial answer to the question was not at all, but then I stopped to think about it for a few seconds. I actually am a pretty trusting person. It's not to hard to earn my trust, and once you have, it's pretty hard to break it. I'll probably just end up forgiving you in a day or two. Unless...
  2. masterSword2

    How Easily Do You Date?

    I'd really rather not date someone without knowing them well first. I have no interest in a "just for fun" kind of relationship. If I decide to date someone, it's because I really like them for who they are. The topic of dating has been on my mind recently with going back to school. I've started...
  3. masterSword2

    Males Vs Females Game

  4. masterSword2

    Did You Ever Think You Would Turn Out Like You Currently Are?

    I certainly didn't, in multiple ways. First of all in sports. For the longest time I hated running, and was terrible at it. (Long distances at least. I was always a fairly quick sprinter.) In 7th grade however, I made the decision to join track. I'm now a freshman in cross country, and I'm doing...
  5. masterSword2

    The Dreamers RP (Thread)

    Cameron was quite shocked. He had hoped that he would be reunited with his comrades quickly, but this was more than he could have hoped for. "Yeah, somehow!" He replied, still stunned, and happy to see the others. "How's the group holding up?"
  6. masterSword2

    The Dreamers RP (Thread)

    Finally, Cameron was feeling normal again. During the dreamer demon attack he had gotten separated from the group, and was badly injured. His memories of the time following his separation from the group were hazy. He vaguely recalled someone finding him, and telling him to hold on until they...
  7. masterSword2

    General Zelda Easiest Zelda Title

    WW is the easiest for me, but after beating the game as many times as I have, it would be impossible for it not to be easy. TP comes in second. Just not a whole lot of challenge in the game.
  8. masterSword2

    RP Leaving/returning Activity Thread

    I'll be gone starting tomorrow afternoon, and won't get back until Thursday night. If it's necessary, those in charge of the RP's I'm in may control my character as need be. Otherwise, I'll catch up as quickly as possible once I return!
  9. masterSword2

    Dreamers Semi-Open Sign Ups

    If you were completely surrounded by dreamer demons, you'd have a bit of trouble with direction too you know! Stop taking the bait Cameron! You aren't even technically back yet, and you're already getting into fights... I can already tell Cameron and dagger are going to have an interesting...
  10. masterSword2

    When Do You Plan To Move Out?

    I'll be moving out when the time comes for me to go to college. Not sure where I'm gonna go or what I'm gonna do, but I still have 4 years to decide, so that's no big deal. My initial reaction was to say that I'd move out right now if I had the money. After thinking about it though, I realized...
  11. masterSword2

    Dreamers Semi-Open Sign Ups

    I was here first you know! I just... got lost...
  12. masterSword2

    Dreamers Semi-Open Sign Ups

    Name: Cameron (no last name) Age: 24 Appearance/Clothing: Lon'qu from FE. I have no idea why I just literally stole this from FE. I guess I was just to lazy to come up with an original look. :sweat: I'm not gonna change it now though, for the sake of preserving the character. Weaponry: Dual...
  13. masterSword2

    Did You Ever Yell at Someone Out in the Street?

    I've never yelled at anyone out on the street. No matter how angry I get I just wouldn't be comfortable with it. I have been yelled at, however. A few weeks ago I was in Chicago and there was a homeless guy sitting down with his feet stretched out across the sidewalk. As I walked by he started...
  14. masterSword2

    Did You Ever Toss Things at Your Tv or Pc?

    Thankfully my Tv and Pc have been kept safe from my rage. :lol: Whenever I get angry at something involving one of the two I try to direct my anger at other, less important things.
  15. masterSword2

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  16. masterSword2

    What Email Provider Do You Prefer?

    I've only ever used Gmail and have encountered no problems with it in the time that I've used it. The fact that I rarely use it is probably to thank for that though.
  17. masterSword2

    Have You Ever Crushed on Somebody from ZD?

    I wouldn't call it a crush, more like just wishing I knew them outside of ZD. The people here are far more interesting than the ones I know in real life.
  18. masterSword2


    I have no problem with storms. The intense rain and lightening can be interesting to watch. What I do have a problem with is when it knocks out the power. Like last time it stormed. I had to spend an hour and a half carrying buckets of water up the stairs and dumping them outside, to keep our...
  19. masterSword2

    Dreamers Semi-Open Sign Ups

    Would it be okay if I brought back Cameron? He was technically there when they got the orb at weapons point, but we could pretend he got separated during the demon attack. I still feel bad for leaving. I'm glad that dreamers has continued to make it. ^^
  20. masterSword2

    The Seventeenth Era Part II [RP Thread]

    Reese was just finishing up for the day. He worked at a grocery store and was shelving some goods before finally heading home. Not that it was much of a home. A small apartment with paper thin walls and no AC. It was all he needed though, and it was far better than what he used to have. "This...
  21. masterSword2

    Whats Your Current Pokemon Team

    Pokemon Platinum Torterra lvl 33 Staravia lvl 31 Floatzel lvl 32 Machamp lvl 31 Gengar lvl 32 Luxray lvl 32 I'm quite enjoying this team. My only complaints are defense. Especially when it comes to Floatzel and Gengar. Other than that I'm moving through the game smoothly. :yes:
  22. masterSword2

    General Zelda Zelda Kart?

    As several others have suggested, rather than make a whole game, I'd prefer that they just throw a few LoZ related tracks, characters, and vehicles in to the Mario Kart games. That would still seem a bit silly though. They may as well just call it Nintendo Kart and have multiple other series...
  23. masterSword2

    Skyward Sword Beetle or Boomerang?

    I prefer the boomerang because of it's combat functionality. The beetle was great for puzzles and such, I just enjoy using a boomerang more. Plus, I'd hate to see them get rid of it after all this time. I don't think the boomerang has become a tired concept yet, and until it does they should...
  24. masterSword2

    Who is Your Favorite ZD Buddy/friend/amigo/amiga

    I can't exactly say that I have a best friend on the site. There are some members that I've talked with more than others, like Azure Sage, Violet, and Go_Skyward, but no one that would really be considered a close friend. I suppose my lack of activity is to blame for that.:S "I don't know...
  25. masterSword2

    Males Vs Females Game

  26. masterSword2

    Males Vs Females Game

  27. masterSword2

    Males Vs Females Game

  28. masterSword2

    Ranger Corps.

    "While we're on the topic, we might as well get all the details sorted out. I'll take first watch tonight. Any objections?"
  29. masterSword2

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    About to go mow the lawn. Yaaaaay.
  30. masterSword2

    Ranger Corps.

    "Any kind of a plan we should be aware of? I feel fairly confident in my ability to improvise, but I think our best bet would be to stay organized."
  31. masterSword2

    What is Your Mood at the Moment?

    I'm feeling a bit upset and uneasy right now. It's a result of not keeping a tight enough leash on my mind. I have a bad habit of wandering into its darker corners if I'm not careful.
  32. masterSword2

    What Time Do You Usually Go to Bed/wake Up?

    Well I always go to bed at about about 12, give or take a half an hour. During the summer I normally get out of bed at around 10:00 in the morning. However, this summer I'm doing cross country, so I have to wake up at 5:50. So basically, I nearly halved my sleeping time. I'm slowly becoming a...
  33. masterSword2

    Ranger Corps.

    "We'd better hurry if we don't want to be left behind!" Connor hops on his horse and takes off, knowing his apprentice will be right behind him.
  34. masterSword2

    Ranger Corps.

    (Sorry, my power was out all afternoon and night yesterday. This is the first I've been able to get on.) Connor sees the fear in his apprentice. "This will be your first battle, wont it? Don't worry, we won't be sending you out to the front. Just stick with me and the other rangers and do what...
  35. masterSword2

    Ranger Corps.

    Now that his apprentice is up, he heads over to the others. "Looks like I'm a bit late. How are things going?"
  36. masterSword2

    Foolish Things You Did As A Child

    Well, when I was somewhere around 3-4 years old I shut myself in the bathroom and drank rubbing alcohol. My mom had to call poison control:lol: I was fine thankfully. The thing that confuses me most is why I would choose rubbing alcohol. You'd think that if I was going to drink something, that...
  37. masterSword2

    Males Vs Females Game

  38. masterSword2

    Ranger Corps.

    Connor wakes up and walks out of the tent. He sees a few other rangers talking, but decides to wait for his apprentice before joining them.
  39. masterSword2

    How Often Are You on the Forum?

    Oh yeah, and don't assume that just because I'm not on the forums all day that I'm out being a productive member of society. I'm usually doing something equally, if not less productive with my time.:P
  40. masterSword2

    How Often Are You on the Forum?

    (I'm pretty sure this is a new topic, but if there's another thread like this, I apologize.) Until recently, I'd only just pop up every once in a while, lurk a bit, then leave. More recently though, I've become much more active, and thus spend a lot more time around here. I'd say I probably...
  41. masterSword2

    Shout Box on or Off?

    It's always on for me, but I pretty much always just lurk. In fact, today was the first time in forever that I actually said anything in the SB. :P
  42. masterSword2

    Pokemon Number 666

    I hope they go all out with it and make it as obvious as possible that they are taking inspiration from it's number. At the same time though, I don't want to give the crazies even more reason to prevent their kids from playing Pokemon. I'd much rather have more people be able to enjoy the series...
  43. masterSword2

    Do You Eat Til You're Not Hungry, or Do You Eat Til You're Full?

    I eat until I'm satisfied. Whether or not that's until I'm completely full, or just not hungry fluctuates. If I'm satisfied there's no need to continue eating.
  44. masterSword2

    Individuality Vs Conformity

    I think either of them are fine, as long as you aren't doing one for the wrong reasons. It's ok to conform and go along with big groups if you genuinely fit with what that group is. It's ok to just be yourself and not fit in to any group. Whats not ok though, is changing yourself just to fit in...
  45. masterSword2

    General Zelda Do You Tend To Investigate?

    I usually do the bulk of exploring on my first playthrough. After that, not so much. I mean, If there's a treasure chest right in front of my face I'm not gonna ignore it. I just don't take the time to go out of my way.
  46. masterSword2

    How Old Are You?

    I'm 14. Not that it really matters. :mellow:
  47. masterSword2

    Funniest Legendary Pokemon Captures

    This story is a bit different than everyone else, but it's still a crazy legendary story, so I figured it would fit. In B2 I really wanted to catch a shiny Zekrom. I planed to do this by soft resetting until it happened to be shiny. I had no idea that it was no longer possible to encounter a...
  48. masterSword2

    Ranger Corps.

    "Whatever she was up to, it's not really a big deal. And if I'm guessing right, it was actually beneficial. No better place to practice stealth than around rangers." Those were his last thoughts before falling asleep.
  49. masterSword2

    Ranger Corps.

    Connor opened one eye and looked at his apprentice. "Welcome back. Out for a bit of a nighttime stroll, were we?"
  50. masterSword2

    Ranger Corps.

    Connor walks on over to his tent. He laid down and closed his eyes, but was not sleeping.
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