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  1. J Oh

    Digital Pets

    Heck, I remember when Tamagotchi came out. I had a pale green one, and when the first generation Digimon came out. I got in so much trouble at school lol.
  2. J Oh

    Wii Motion Plus

    There is... at the top of each section, or for the most part there is.
  3. J Oh

    Favorite Kingdom Hearts Character

    Riku from KH2, awesome. I like Ansem too, well.... spoilers: real Ansem
  4. J Oh

    Is It Zelda's Fault?

    She is a self proclaimed 7th sage in OoT but she doesn't say of what "element".
  5. J Oh

    A Link to the Past Link to the Past Death Count

    I honestly don't worry about the fact of death count in A Link to the Past, maybe cause I die a lot, because I use death as a warp back to the map or the beginning of the dungeon. I know the mirror works for dungeons beginning but oh well. You can die so easily in the game, that you'll always...
  6. J Oh

    7 and a Half More Months Till Skyward Sword Comes Out?

    You won't know until Nintendo confirms it. Though I would say in spring 2011.
  7. J Oh

    King of the Hill!

    KA ME HA ME HA! Hampsters and yourself gone. I am KING!
  8. J Oh

    7 and a Half More Months Till Skyward Sword Comes Out?

    A fiscal year is when a company totals its financial statements and such for the year then starts over. It extends over a 12 month period like a normal year, it just may not always follow the calendar year. April is when Nintendo's ends I think, could be wrong, but the point is their "business...
  9. J Oh

    7 and a Half More Months Till Skyward Sword Comes Out?

    Man you make a lot of random threads :p I've known GameStop's dates to change all the time with pre-orders. The dates most of the time are guesstimated just so they can have a firm date to say for the pre-order, but who knows it could be right. I think that date revolves around Nintendo's...
  10. J Oh

    Majora's Mask Which Mask Represents Your Personality?

    Shouldn't that be for stealing mail? :p jkjk Um I think I would be the Keaton Mask, because I always like to quiz people or ask them difficult questions.
  11. J Oh

    Hylian Loach

    The TP Loach is quite easy, I had no problem with that. OoT I can never catch that one.
  12. J Oh

    Are You Psyched for Skyward Sword?

    I like Twilight Princess motion controls. Same with Prime 3 and Mario Galaxy. I just think that the specific direction of slices and constant pulling back of the bow along with bowling bombs and balancing the beetle might cause problems. I admit it would be fun but when I play Zelda I usually...
  13. J Oh

    Captain Jean-Luc Picard

    I'll agree with you that he does pwn, though I hate auto-tunes lol.
  14. J Oh

    Are You Psyched for Skyward Sword?

    I don't know, the more I think about it, the more I feel I'm gonna be disappointed. I'm not a huge fan of motion controls. Maybe if they made a non-motion version I'd be happier.
  15. J Oh

    Captain Jean-Luc Picard

    Here's to the finest crew in Star Fleet! Discuss... :p I know, Old video is old.
  16. J Oh


    I think what gets on my nerves most is when someone goes on those special pages and just "likes" dozens of phrases that they think are cool. I usually tag them in a thread telling them to get a life. lol
  17. J Oh

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    *NOMS on Josie's brain* Heh.. >.< When can a cat fly?
  18. J Oh

    Hylian Loach

    I feel you on that, I've been trying to just make him appear for the last hour. Can't even do that. Thought I would take a break lol.
  19. J Oh

    Ocarina of Time Gameplay Time OOT

    Well considering I haven't played OoT without shooting for a 100% since I got the game in 98 I'd say my run time isn't very fast, but if I had to put a label on time maybe 11 hours without a walkthrough.
  20. J Oh

    What Do You Think Spirit of the Skyward Sword's Name and Personality?

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I see her being honorable and strong willed. I make this decision based on the fact that she is a sword and the way of Bushido, the code that Samurai followed. Samurai believed that their sword had a spirit or entity, so in a way that is where I...
  21. J Oh

    Final Fantasy Series

    Well Well lets see. For all the systems that you have I would say that you can play the best games of the series. Like Aultimaespada said, I would start with the PS1 games. They are very cheap by now and probably some of the best to get you interested in the series. Just don't forget to get a...
  22. J Oh

    All Zelda Games Ever

    CDi should be forgotten about lol, I cringe everytime I see those cut scenes.
  23. J Oh


    This is Link lol He's just as old OoT but he is still healthy and still playing. He use to fetch which I always thought was weird for cats. and this here is Ellie, my 7 month old Boxer puppy. She already knows sit and stay just trying to figure out lay down lol
  24. J Oh

    If Link Were A Woman

    I was off topic, but just expressing my opinion of the realistic possibility of how the series could have a female protagonist, yet I do not count CD-i games as official in anyway even if Nintendo gave them the rights to use characters. Their just sad additions to the series lol. I want an...
  25. J Oh

    Ocarina of Time Deku Nut Upgrade Question...

    I have, I'm on the Deku Tree right as we speak, about to fight Gohma. I didn't find out about the missable upgrade until I was gathering my remaining heart pieces and skulltulas before heading off to Ganon's Castle. :/ Its cool though. I have the time to kill. Should only take me 3 or 4 days >.<
  26. J Oh

    Ocarina of Time Deku Nut Upgrade Question...

    I see what you did thar :p Sadly I'm a completest, now that I know its something I can't get it will bug me. Though I do love your idea ;)
  27. J Oh

    Ocarina of Time Deku Nut Upgrade Question...

    Just sucks because I was so close to 100% now I started a new game. I sat for an hour going in and out hoping that they would still give it to me but I still got some funny responses. Sometimes the would just stare like they froze or something.
  28. J Oh

    Majora's Mask What...

    You are a cruel cruel person :p
  29. J Oh

    Ocarina of Time Deku Nut Upgrade Question...

    Well apparently its this thing called a "missable upgrade". Supposedly if you don't go to the forest stage with the Mask of Truth before you become an adult then they only give you rupees. I can't get it on my OoT VC so now I have to start all over again. Yay!
  30. J Oh

    Majora's Mask What...

    As far as I know there is no meaning to the statue other than its just a statue version of Link and as far as theories go, I doubt there are any.
  31. J Oh

    If Link Were A Woman

    I don't count CDi lol and will never play them.
  32. J Oh

    Majora's Mask What...

    Are you asking if it is part of the actual story of Majora's Mask or are you asking if there is a theory?
  33. J Oh

    Majora's Mask What...

    Its a statue created from a song in Majora's Mask.
  34. J Oh

    Ocarina of Time Deku Nut Upgrade Question...

    Ok so I searched for this in the forum for a thread and couldn't find anything and didn't feel like combing the walkthroughs to find the answer :p I recently found online something to do with the fact that you can get a maximum upgrade of Deku Nuts to 40. From what I recall, playing through OoT...
  35. J Oh

    If Link Were A Woman

    The only way I see this being a possibility is if the game revolved around Zelda being the protagonist. Maybe Ganon wised up and captured Link to halt the process of Hyrule being saved and Zelda actually has to "man up" and not be the damsel in distress and do the job herself. (Don't take that...
  36. J Oh

    Ocarina of Time Bottle Glitch

    Actually you can't, the game doesn't recognize bottles made by the glitch as empty bottles so you can still only capture 3 at a time with the original 3 bottles.
  37. J Oh

    Link....Using Guns???

    "Link! It's that legendary gun... The Master Shotgun! It shoots evil banishing shells!" I can't believe this even exists as a thread. This isn't Final Fantasy, its Zelda people.
  38. J Oh

    Is the Adult Timeline More Technologically Advanced?

    Bombchu Bowling, just got done doing it :p
  39. J Oh

    Ocarina of Time Maybe I'm Late to the Party But...

    Now that I think about it I do remember there not being chanting in the Fire Temple. I don't see why people complain about stuff like this. I guess their lives are not interesting enough for them that they have to stir up drama for someone else. This kind of behavior saddens me.
  40. J Oh

    Ocarina of Time Maybe I'm Late to the Party But...

    Did anyone else notice changes in the block images and mirror shields in OoT from the original cartridge to MQ and VC? I did a bit of research and people theorize that the Crescent Moon and Star resembled Islam and I guess they felt the need to change it? IDK I never got a legit answer. Here is...
  41. J Oh

    What Will Be Your Option if You Die?

    lol just take a helicopter tour over one and drop it in. Piece of cake.
  42. J Oh

    What Will Be Your Option if You Die?

    I already threatened my family that I would haunt them for the rest of their lives if they didn't cremate me and dropped my urn of ashes into a volcano.
  43. J Oh

    Which Zelda Games Should I Get from the Virtual Console?

    Well I thought I would let everyone know I picked option 1 :p Playing through LttP atm Thank you all for your input
  44. J Oh

    "Real" Zelda Items?

    Daaaaang! That mouse pad is BA I only have a Master Sword and a few T-Shirts.
  45. J Oh

    If You Lost All Your Zelda Games but Could Only Keep Three.

    1. OoT (because its the first Zelda I ever completed) 2. WW (because its my favorite so far) 3. SS (because I know I'm going to like it :p)
  46. J Oh

    Which Zelda Games Should I Get from the Virtual Console?

    Well thank you for putting in the time to put my situation in that frame of light. I think I'm gonna end up going with option 1 :)
  47. J Oh

    Google Instant: Useful or Useless?

    Lol I just don't like how Bing thinks it knows where I want to go :p Google you don't have to come and confess, we gonna find you, we gonna find you, you are so dumb, you are really really dumb, forreal.
  48. J Oh

    Which Zelda Games Should I Get from the Virtual Console?

    Ok so I only currently have Majora's Mask at the moment, but I was wondering what you all would do with 2200 Wii points. I really want to get Ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past, and The Legend of Zelda. I have played and beaten all 3 of those titles though LttP I haven't played in forever. I...
  49. J Oh

    Google Instant: Useful or Useless?

    Where can I turn it off? Its getting on my nerves. They are just trying to come up with something like Bing but Bing sucks so meh.
  50. J Oh

    Influencial Game Franchises

    Kingdom Hearts! The standard for action rpgs.
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