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  1. Lupine

    What Would You Like to See in Skyloft?

    A variety of NPC interactions would be much appreciated :) I would love characters that are believable and rich with emotions and some backstories, whether they be important characters or not, like MM's Clock Town. Along with that, I would also like a few mini-games here and there and plenty...
  2. Lupine

    You Guys Are Gonna Love This

    Haha! I never noticed that before! x3 Then again, I've never really stared at a dollar bill long enough.
  3. Lupine

    Twilight Princess Benzaie: Why Twilight Princess Sucks

    So... he decides to pick at a game released in 2006?.... The thing that really bugged me about this was that it seemed like he didn't even try to find something in TP that pleased him. Instead, this entire video was one big rant without any real constructive material. Of course he is entitled to...
  4. Lupine

    Golden wii remote

    If I get the chance, the golden Wii mote is definitely going on my shopping list. I think that it will be a separate item, since it may attract some new fans or people that haven't been following SS around when they see it on shelves.
  5. Lupine

    If There's One Thing I Don't Understand About the Zelda Series...

    because if I had to find keys to unlock more keys I would go insane. Anywho. Why does Link put his quiver and bow in a "pocket" instead of strapping them to his back Robin Hood style?
  6. Lupine

    Twilight Princess Boss With the Coolest Theme

    I always have a hard time choosing when it comes to music. I don't really know if I can choose a full fledged favorite. This one's just so seizurific :xd: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2gL8eg_YEQ
  7. Lupine

    Where Are They Fighting?

    Woah, sweet find! The pyramid definitely matches, and the wear and tear is similar. The wall's style type could be a common design for Skyloft architecture, so that's a clue. Attack on Skyloft, perhaps?
  8. Lupine

    Twilight Princess Scariest Looking Boss / Mid-Boss

    I'd have to say the Death Sword was the creepiest looking, especially with the way he disintegrated into thousands of flying beetles when he was defeated. The Twilit Bloat is the most disturbing.
  9. Lupine

    Where Are They Fighting?

    Indeed it does. The walls look beaten and torn apart. It looks like Ghirahim can light torches with magic fire, too (not that it's of any real importance ;) )
  10. Lupine

    Time of Day

    It's neat, but it's troublesome all the same. It would, in short, be quite tedious waiting for specific times when you're up and ready to go for a sidequest/event. It works in games like Animal Crossing because it's a game that reflects "real" living instead of being a paced action/adventure...
  11. Lupine

    Enemy Interactions

    In Wind Waker, most (all?) of the enemies that you encountered had the ability to smack and beat eachother to a pulp by accident while trying to reach you. In addition, you could steal your opponent's weapon and use it against them, causing them to either fight with their bodies or pick up...
  12. Lupine

    Funniest WW Moments

    Standing on a ledge or running around as your enemies beat eachother senseless while trying to kill you.
  13. Lupine

    Zelda Music?

    My friends and I made a Lost Woods/Sacred Grove trio once, and I learned a bit of the Song of Storms on my trumpet.
  14. Lupine

    Tingle in SS!

    It would... make sense.. a lot... actually.. He'd most likely act like the map fish from WW, lingering around certain sections of the overworld where you could get a map of. Popping his balloon with your trusty bird might be a way of getting his attention. Tingle.... robbed me blind in WW...
  15. Lupine

    Hylian Voice Acting

    Well, if you look at Okami, every character emits Midna-ish voices while speaking. It didn't ever bother me, really, and it gave the player a clue as to what the voice of said character sounded like. It would be a cool idea, no doubt, but I think that I'd stick to the silence that most...
  16. Lupine

    Why is That Woman Making Soup??

    It might be to show what Skyloft existence is like, which is much like life in Hyrule except for the fact that you can walk out your door and fall into infinity and beyond. It is peaceful, familiar to its inhabitants, and life carries out as normal until it's thrown into turmoil. The soup might...
  17. Lupine

    Favourite Aspects of the Zelda Series (Characters, Games, Plotlines,gameplay Ect)

    Hmmmhmmm... The Legend of Zelda is truly a timeless series ;) The discovery in the story, from adventuring around the overworld to exploring the depths of several dungeons is incredibly fun ^^ Each Zelda game is like the last, but they are so very diverse and unique that they never get old. The...
  18. Lupine


    This species looks pretty cool so far. They apear to be a witty and mishcievous sort of creature ;) Makes me wonder what happened to these guys... They could have evolved into gorons... they live in the same types of volcanic areas, after all, but that doesn't mean that they had to change into...
  19. Lupine

    What Do You Want to See in SwS?

    I would love to see the interlopers, and I'm really hoping that Ghirahim turns out to be one. With the Mirror of Twilight broken, I don't see another way Hyrule could directly connect to the Twilight Realm again, unless Nintendo conjures up another hidden gateway :) The return of Midna or one...
  20. Lupine

    Temple of Time

    Since this game revolves around the creation of Hyrule and the Master Sword, is it possible that we could see the rise of the Temple of Time as well? It doesn't seem that the people of Skyloft are aware of the Triforce yet, and if Ghirahim and his band are indeed the dark interlopers that...
  21. Lupine

    Pet Boss

    Well... close enough. Kalle Demos, then
  22. Lupine

    Real-World Zelda-Sounding Places

    Cape of Good Hope - South Africa Transylvanian Mountains - Europe
  23. Lupine

    Does Waking the Winds Mess Up Trade?

    I never really thought that people would notice it. It's a magical world that's going through troubled times, after all. The only real effect I can see Link's meddling with the wind is if some poor old fool happened to be sailing in the opposite direction ;) That and Link's constant changing...
  24. Lupine

    Ocarina of Time Do Any of You Find It Surprising That...

    XD It's really interesting, actually ^^
  25. Lupine

    Twilight Princess Ending Battle (SPOILERS!)

    :D I beat TP for the first time a few years ago, and the horseback battle is what gave me the most trouble on my first play. I couldn't seem to get Zelda to aim straight for the longest time X3 I absolutely love the music for the battles, too, and the atmosphere is epic ^^
  26. Lupine

    Real-World Zelda-Sounding Places

    "Death Valley" - desert in California
  27. Lupine

    Why Doesnt Link Ever Have Parents...?¿

    The fact that Link doesn't have his parents around helps set him apart from the rest of the people around him. It gives him an aura of independence, and adds to his mystery. He's always been an oddball of sorts around his hometown, and I think that not having his parents with him helps him...
  28. Lupine


    ....flying zombies.... o.O Anywhoo, this is what I love about graphics such as these :) One moment could be bright and cheerful, but a quick change of colors and lighting and the mood can be changed dramatically.
  29. Lupine

    Ocarina of Time Killing Beast Ganon: Blood or No Blood.

    I really don't care... but it was in the original, so I'd stick with it if there's no problem. It adds a touch of realism, although nothing big enough to be missed, and I don't think that a couple of splatters will really be enough scar a kid for life. Besides, most of the people on this forum...
  30. Lupine

    Bulbasaur Penguins

    Yes, that would make more sense lol. I completely forgot about the little wooden dudes.
  31. Lupine

    Name That Plot Hole!

    In the end of the game, The King of Red Lions' eyes are shut. My assumption is that the king did not physically transform into the boat, but instead imported his spirit into it. So, in the end, what Link is sailing is a normal, wooded floatation device :)
  32. Lupine

    Bulbasaur Penguins

    Here's a clear shot of one of those creatures while they're in their plant disguise :) Since it looks like they hide out a lot, maybe they'll give us information on places like the gossip stones did.
  33. Lupine

    Pet Boss

    Most difinitely Majora. All I would have to do is hang it up in my window. No one will ever disturb my house.
  34. Lupine

    What is Your Favorite Zelda Boss and Mini Boss?

    Miniboss: Death Sword. he's just cool looking :) Boss: Volvagia ^Ghirahim may take this spot when SS is released
  35. Lupine

    Exterminate a Zelda Charachter

    Chudley from Twilight Princess. He and his snobby mannerisms can take a hike. Luckily, Malo Mart turned his attitude (or his pride) around. :)
  36. Lupine

    Name That Plot Hole!

    He must have gotten the idea of magical, bottemless and wightless pockets from Link ;) :D
  37. Lupine

    WiiU HD Zelda - E3 2011

    If there is to be a Zelda for the Wii U (most likely), I would absolutely love to see those kinds of graphics, although I'm sure I would love whatever Nintendo gives us. They're beautiful! As for a Twilight Princess sequel, I think that that story has ended quite nicely. It would be cool to...
  38. Lupine

    Rank Order The 4 3D Home Console Zelda Games

    In truth, I can never place these games in an exact order. But, I shall try: 1. Majora's Mask: Dark, unique story, and emotional characters. 2. Wind Waker: My first Zelda game, so it holds a special place in my heart. I'll never forget the art style. 3. Ocarina of Time: Epic classic. 4...
  39. Lupine

    Twilight Princess The Twilight Princess Beta: The "real" Twilight Princess

    Exactly... there's just something about them that gives you this vibe. I think that's why the first beta trailer stands out the most.
  40. Lupine

    Spoiler Sws is Starting to Look Darker (MAJOR SPOILER)

    The detail in the past games didn't fully satisfy me somehow... but here, I'm extremely happy with it. I think that all the details added to a scene, such as environment, actions, and dialogue really make the picture. I love how Ghirahim would twiddle his fingers in satisfaction after giving...
  41. Lupine


    It's not so much the looks that kill, I can handle just about anything when it comes to appearance. I'm just a bit jumpy, so when things tend to pop out of nowhere, I'll fly out of my seat in surprise x3
  42. Lupine


    There will probably be redeads... or floor/wall masters, or something new. And then of course there's Ghirahim... ;) Some frights would be cool. They grab your attention, that's for sure. :)
  43. Lupine

    Ocarina of Time Do Any of You Find It Surprising That...

    Link was destined to be the Hero. And, in the aftermath, he deserves to be free and should be given a chance to live a normal life (if that's possible, which, in MM's case, it's not).
  44. Lupine


    Yeah... Okami's fishing was quite challenging, especially with that stress bar ^^ With the motion plus added, it would be much more precise with the movements, too, and not every fish would fight and feel the same (finally) :)
  45. Lupine

    Twilight Princess The Twilight Princess Beta: The "real" Twilight Princess

    It's amazing that they took so much out, really... the first beta trailer really looked like a great foundation for a fantastic game world. It seemed so much less linear, and gave off a completely different vibe. Faron Woods wasn't satisfying enough for me, I admit. It felt more like a canyon...
  46. Lupine

    Spoiler Sws is Starting to Look Darker (MAJOR SPOILER)

    My thoughs exactly ^ :) I'm really loving the dialogue. I don't know why. Maybe I'm just weird like that. I really think that Debbie here would not hesitate to murder Link, nor anyone else who stands in his way.
  47. Lupine

    Wow !!

    I think that every art style is perfectly suited to each game ^^ if we had the same art style EVERY game, it wouldn't be as unique :) Sure, I'd love to see some graphics like the ones the Wii U demo had, but this is gorgeous and fits Zelda :)
  48. Lupine


    Yes. But. We don't know where they came from, do we ;) (at least I don't) ^ this is not meant to be a serious argument :D I fail at timeline arguments -.-'
  49. Lupine

    Where Are They Fighting?

    True, but he could be highly respected among them and looked toward for advice. He does say "we", so yes, I guess it does seem like he has equals.
  50. Lupine

    Where Are They Fighting?

    Perhaps the "Lord ________" title was used for high-ranking members in the tribe... or Ghirahim could be the leader. He certainly acts like he's in charge.
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