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    How Do You Pronounce Names?

    my sister's frined sydney pronounces demise "deh-meese"... yeah, i hate deh mooses to! :bleh:
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    My Third Attempt at a Zelda Game Idea

    noted ... :) just filling in characters up to 30...
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    What is Your Favorite Enemy

    I just love pounding on the red bokoblins from tp. helmsplitter is most enjoyable, especially if you can pull off a flourish finish afterwards
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    My Third Attempt at a Zelda Game Idea

    A while back, I thought up 2 zelda game ideas, both of which failed utterly on the forums. but never-the-less, i'm back again! So let's go! From the title screen, you have 3 options: Story (main story line and such) Arcade (where you can play minigames you unlock in story mode in a more...
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    Watch Me Playing Some Zelda Tunes Using the N64 Controller and Ocarina of Time

    Holy crap... does this work on 3ds version?
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    Temple of Time Prophecy

    ok, i didn't mean for this to be completely canon, and i never said "the hero born anew" was tp link. for all we know, he's probably tp link's father or grandfather. this was just some poetry
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    The Adult Timeline is a Paradox

    ok, ok, i think we can confirm one thing: i'm a suckish noob who doesn't know what he's talking about because he never completed the eldin silent realm and therefore, never finished ss. have a nice day :)
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    The Adult Timeline is a Paradox

    Hello and welcome. today, i'm going to show you why i think skyward sword is at the beginning and END of the timeline. here we go! (Skyward Sword spoilers) at the end of ss, it is presumed that link stays with zelda in the world of the past. Now i think ss is at the end of the timeline because...
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    Spoiler The Temple of Time and the Sacred Grove: Location, Location, Location.

    I'm just surprised this is a forum and not and article. BTW, AWSOME theory
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    Should the Wii Get a Second Zelda Game?

    I say it already has 2... SS andTP you can't say Tp was a Gc game... it came out on the Wii first... at least I think it did
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    Twilight Princess Ordon Heart Piece Help

    Like BL88 said, beginning of the game. other wise, its just a pain in the neck
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    What Exactly Does the Triforce of Courage Bestow?

    I think nintendo just ran out of Ideas..."Ok, so Ganon has power, Zelda has Wisdom, what should we give Link?" "Money?!" "Don't you be givin' my money to some kid! Lets just give him Courage that means absolutely nothing and call it a day".
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    How Long?

    I haven't beat it and I got it on release day... WHY DOES MY LIFE SUUUCK!!!???
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    Spoiler The Chekhov's Gun

    I haven't gotten past the Eldin silent realm yet (pathettic, I know ): ) but I figured the "missing eye at the begining of the game would be something important
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    Another Atempt at a Zelda Game Idea

    You can do it at will from the menu, where you can also set certain attacks or items to certain buttons, turn on or off voice acting, and some other light and audio options
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    Another Atempt at a Zelda Game Idea

    Hey guys, if you read my last zelda game idea, you'd probably know that it had several plot-holes. I'd just edit the old one, but it's long gone and it'd be to much work. I'm also not sure what to call it and where it goes on the timeline. I'd appreciate if you'd help me with that. without...
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    Hardest Dungeon?

    ugh... tell me about it. I couldn't figure what to do in that big room the conveyor belts
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    Spoiler Inverted Triforce.

    (Slaps face in disgust) Ganon's already in the REGULAR triforce
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    Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn: Should I Buy It?

    So I was thinking I need a new strategy game and through ssbb, I was reminded of the Fire Emblem series. I watched the comercial on Nintendo.com and liked it... up until the point where it said "lost allys shall never return to fight again"... I want your guys' opinions on this game and whether...
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    Did the Timeshift Stones Work the Same Way in the Past

    That's what I was thinking! heh heh...
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    Clawshots or Hookshot?

    Spider-Link, Spider-Link, does whateva a Spider-Link does... of course you'd need the clawshots for that
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    Temple of Time Prophecy

    "unlike you"... WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!!!
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    Would You Like to See Zelda Be More Popular Than Mario?

    F*** Mario, Zelda's better and Luigi's cooler. 'Nuff said Heh heh, my message for street pass on Mario Kart 7 is "WhynoZeldaKart?!
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    Anyone else Hate the Guards in Zelda?

    Don't worry man, I feel ya. I hated the tower of spirits from spirit tracks. When I heard about the silent realms from SS, I freaked out thinking it'd be like the Tower of Spirits. I was wrong. They're WORSE!!!!!
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    Would It Be Cool to Have Superbosses in Zelda?

    I Love it. Nintendo, give this man a check for 5 million!!!
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    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    Link's Awakening is mine. This is the oldest Zelda game I own and I'm sure the other oldies share the feeling of vast unknown worlds. I also really like the character of Marin. She's like a Zelda without the kidnapping and princessy things. But what really seals the deal for me is the "Pandora's...
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    Temple of Time Prophecy

    You know that stone slab in the temple of time, right in front of the door of time that tells you to play the song of time? (Ugh! to many 'of time's!) Well to me, it felt like it needed a prophecy... so I made one up Ahem,'The Hero of Eld with the Master Sword, For he was the one who closed...
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    What Three Zelda Characters Would You Most Like to See Make a Come-back?

    1. Dark Link- This poor guy NEEDS a new game. He is the most badass character I've ever seen... and doesn't have ANY dialouge! 2.Saria-I just really unexplainably liked her as a character. I wanna see a character like her again 3.Marin-Yes, she's just a dream of the Wind Fish, but I just like...
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    Close Calls In the Silent Realm

    In Din's silent realm, near the area of the summit entrance, I had a few tears to go. I saw one on a ledge next to a sky guardian and grabbed it. Then, instead of going down the ramp I came up, I just jumped off... into a pool of waking water. "Oh S***" I exclaimed (right next to my 9 and 7...
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    Spoiler Hardest Part in Zelda Skyward Sword.

    "Hardest temple would be Lanayru mining facility, but I hated the boss for that temple... He just was too easy, he wasn't even cool looking! >:C"Same here... and then you had to freaken fight him AGAIN on that mining station thingy...which really did the story no good
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    Skyward Sword Storyline: Need Your Help

    You're right, that would totally suck
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    Phantom Hourglass Figure Giveaway - Favorite Zelda Enemy

    Bokoblins by a mile. In TP, I loved just smacking the crap out of 'em with the wooden sword and they're just as fun if not more in SS.
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    Zelda Trivia Forum

    Hey guys. I was bored and my friends suck at Zelda trivia, so I'm giving it to you people. If you can flawlessly answer all five questions, you will be rewarded with rating points. (Also, if you're a staff member, just remember that rating points are given out for good posts. I am congratulating...
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    Seahawk1's Mini Timeline

    Hey guys! Just saying, I have not played windwaker, the minish cap or 4 swords so go easy on me if I mess any story line elements up. Also, I'm only covering the child side of the timeline, mostly because I don't understand the adult half games too well. So here we go...
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    6 Graders

    I'm a fifth grader with an eighth grade Iq. does that count?
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    Spoiler What Did Link Say!? (MAJOR Spoilers)

    It TOTALLY makes complete sense he stays with her. Skyward takes place at the beginning of the timeline, right? Well, to me Skyward seemed like it belonged higher on the timeline with the original and zelda 2, with the "barren-ness" and all. But if Link and Zelda were to stay in the "world of...
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    Battle Tower Strategies

    hey guys, I was looking through this category, hoping to find a good battle Tower team, and I was like "Wow. This is kinda pathetic." so I'm giving you guys a forum to talk about battle fronteir teams, strategies and what not. You can thank me now...:)
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    Is Zelda Getting Old?

    If they kept kirby,(no offence kirby fans) nintendo is keeping zelda. It may be an old series, it's a hell of a good one!
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    Anti-Master Sword

    If the thing's name is "The Imprisoned", this is almost difinetly its "unleashed" form. i can also speculate this is Girahim's master
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    Link a Sage?

    I just remembered something. As some of you might know, in ssbb(Super Smash Brothers Brawl) if you get the trophy of the tp sages, it says they are reponsible for the creation of the master sword. Unless it's a different master sword we're talking about, and in skyward sword you do forge the...
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    The Legend of Zelda Push Rock?

    What game are we talking about? I might be able to help
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    Link's Pre-quest Outfits

    Wow. This is most replies I've ever gotten! Go me, uh huh, go me! Anyway, I just love the Wind Waker's. I mean, if Link hadn't already been bound to the green tunic, this is what he would wear. BTW, I've never even played Wind Waker!
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    Return of the Shadow Temple

    I loved the shadow temple because of the intense puzzles and lack of to many enemies. I'd love to see another like it
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    Life in Hyrule

    Sheikah.... and like a whisper, I am gone.........
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    Misnaming Enemies/Bosses

    I never really called them anything, i just said "Oh, another one of those things, eh? SMACK!!!"
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    Where Would You Live

    Lake hylia, Oot version. I've just always liked that place.
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    Link's Pre-quest Outfits

    We all know Link usually has an outfit besides the green tunic that he wears before the main plot. what's your favorite?
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    Does Ganondorf Pay His Minions?

    Why do we care!!!! it doesn't matter!
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    OoT: Phantom Ganon Strategy

    For anyone who's had trouble with phantom ganon, I've got a remedy. First Phase: when he disapears into the painting, find him in another one. aim your bow directly into the painting. if he glows purple, immediately shoot him. if he turns back, run around the room like mad so you don't get hit...
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