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  1. Keats

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Oh yeah.
  2. Keats

    New Year Resolutions

    I don't really have a resolution. I like the direction my life is heading in. Actually scratch that. I do need to find a job...
  3. Keats

    Pet Peeves

    I really, REALLY hate being ignored. It infuriates me to no end. I mean, it's not like I want to be the center of attention, but at least acknowledge that I'm there and/or talking.
  4. Keats

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    http://img545.imageshack.us/img545/9647/1278643599429.png Bam.
  5. Keats

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Announced at VGA - Really, Really Seriousness

    Yeah, when I heard about this I let out a very loud "SQUEE!" I can't wait to get a hold of it. :D
  6. Keats

    Should Zelda stay Medieval or more Steampunk?

    I'm for the steampunk themes, to be honest. Like PJ said, Zelda has been stuck in the same stagnant setting since the first game, and in my opinion it's gotten boring enough to be a distraction. I would love to see a change of setting in general, even if the setting isn't steampunk. Now, the...
  7. Keats

    What Class Are You?

    Don't forget being kited around and generally toyed with by mages. P: Anyway, I'm a paladin, specifically prot. I like to keep people alive.
  8. Keats

    Okay, Story Time on How My Life Relates to Zelda!!!

    I oftentimes quote the CD-i games (usually Wand of Gamelon and Faces of Evil) when talking to people, e.g. my mom asks me to clean my room and I respond with "there is no time, your other son is enough."
  9. Keats

    What Do You Think of the Nostalgic Feel of Majora's Mask?

    Once, someone asked me to show them a game that could bring about true emotions. I pointed them to Majora's Mask. Even now, some of the sequences with the Song of Healing cause me to tear up a bit, most notably the scene with Pamela and her father. I can honestly say that no other game since has...
  10. Keats

    Name Pronunciation?

    Back when I first played TWW, I pronounced it Ary-Rill. Nowadays, I prefer Air-Rill. Rolls of the tongue better, you see.
  11. Keats

    If You Could Only Play One Non-zelda Game This Year, What Would It Be?

    I'm torn between WoW: Cataclysm, Halo: Reach, and Fable III. D:
  12. Keats

    Whats Your Opinion on Zelda Games

    Every game subsequent Majora's Mask has recycled old material to the point where it is no longer interesting nor fun.
  13. Keats

    How Do the Ritos Come from Zoras?

    I maintain my stance that the whole Zora-to-Rito theory is just that - a theory.
  14. Keats

    Hardest Zelda

    Adventure of Link, mostly because of its cheapness.
  15. Keats

    Favorite Sword

    Technically, the other two swords in ALttP were still the Master Sword, only upgraded in some way: the L. 3 sword was the Master Sword after it had been tempered, and the Golden Sword is what I believe to be the "true" Master Sword. Anyway, Gilded Sword for me, both for appearance and...
  16. Keats

    Firearms In Zelda?

    I believe you. Really, I do. Blasted 50 character limit. How is this?
  17. Keats

    Firearms In Zelda?

    I don't think this could have been worded any better.
  18. Keats

    Firearms In Zelda?

    Your use of the word "we" implies that all of us want the same thing. In reality, that is as far from the truth as you can get. Don't speak for the rest of us. Realize that if they made the reload time so long that the weapon was practically unusable, it would be devastating from a gameplay...
  19. Keats

    Firearms In Zelda?

    Given the existence of other technologies that exist in the Zelda universe, I think it's quite likely that we'll end up seeing Link with a gun at some point. Now, I'm not saying Link should run around carrying an AK-47, but an archaic musket is well within reason. In fact, what shadsie posted...
  20. Keats

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v339/nvm_gringo/1264041075721.jpg Greatest wallpaper ever.
  21. Keats

    Link's Taste in Fashion - What Do YOU Want?

    Might as well contribute to my own thread. My idea would be for a Zelda game that was inspired by the 18th century - you know, pirates and whatnot. Link's outfit in this particular game was comprised of a bone-white collared shirt, a brown vest, and a frosty, olive green overcoat with tan cuffs...
  22. Keats

    Your Username

    "Keats" is the surname name of a 19th century English writer named John. It sounded catchy, so I used it. As it just so happens, this is the only forum I use it on.
  23. Keats

    Link's Taste in Fashion - What Do YOU Want?

    Obviously, Link's basic getup has been subject to slight alterations over the years, ranging from the addition of tights to a mail undershirt in TP. However, this thread is not about discussing small alterations and how they relate to Link. Instead, I ask you, the Zelda Dungeonites, how would...
  24. Keats

    Who's Your best and Worst Character in Brawl?

    Snake and Zelda, respectively. In fact, I don't think anyone is particularly good with Zelda.
  25. Keats

    How Advanced IS Hyrule??

    Accurate clocks were not the only technological marvel in MM, you know. Goht was described as being a machine, and the Great Bay Temple was basically a large factory. There's even an incandescent light bulb in the bomb shop. Just thought I'd point that out.
  26. Keats

    What Would You Call Your Child?

    I'm indecisive when it comes to naming things, so I'll leave that up to my future wife. I do like the names Cody for a boy and perhaps Megan for a girl.
  27. Keats

    Most embarassing/Worst Game you've ever bought?

    Probably Halo 3: ODST. There was literally nothing special about it.
  28. Keats


    When I was still learning to internets, I used it a lot. Nowadays, I only use it when I'm being sarcastic.
  29. Keats

    Is Texting Overrated?

    It's irritating at times, but I wouldn't call it overrated. Before my parents deactivated my phone for reasons unknown, texting was basically all I used it for. I rarely have extended conversations with people over the phone, and it seems inconvenient to call someone just to ask them a simple...
  30. Keats

    Do You Have Your Own Vehicle?

    I do, but it's KIA at the moment. It's a Dodge Shadow in case you're wondering.
  31. Keats

    What is Your Job?

    Currently jobless. The only place worth working at around here is our local grocery store, and they won't hire you unless you can work mornings and evenings. As you can imagine, working there could lead to conflicts in schedule.
  32. Keats

    Favorite(least) School Subject

    I've always hated English, not because I dislike the subject, but because every English teacher I've had has been absolutely insane. Verbal abuse, constant loss of assignments (on one occasion, I did the same assignment four times because she kept losing it), and borderline obsession were just...
  33. Keats

    Is Wikipedia a Bad Site?

    No, but people think that because anyone can edit it that it's full of false information. Little do they know that there are actually people who reverse any damage done to the site in short order, so most of it is pretty factual.
  34. Keats

    Favorite Antagonist

    Before Zant was revealed to be an immature psychopath under the influence of Ganondorf, he was the bomb.com. Other than that, Vaati, pre-floating orb of death.
  35. Keats

    How Long Have You Stayed Up?

    Once, with the use of caffeine pills, I stayed up for seventy-two hours. By that point, I was so far gone that I couldn't hold a coherent conversation and found everything to be hilarious. I also did this during the school week, so things were... eventful.
  36. Keats


    I have eight dogs; a pitbull, two Jack Russel terriers, a chihuahua-dachshund mix, and a shepherd collie mix. The last one had puppies about a year ago, each with a different father, so now we have a black lab-shepherd-collie mix, a yellow lab-shepherd-collie mix, and something...
  37. Keats

    Future weapons!!

    Riveting tale, chap, but you missed the part where you said it took away from the... no, wait, you didn't.
  38. Keats

    Future weapons!!

    A flintlock rifle for obvious reasons. I'd like to see Link wield an archaic firearm.
  39. Keats

    Zelda Art Zelda's Yummy Graphics

    Le sigh, I wish I had your talents. D: The TVTMaster sig is amazing, by the way. It's probably my favorite of the bunch.
  40. Keats

    Zelda: Hylian Enlightenment

    Yes, we heard you the first time, and the additional three times. Listen, if you don't like the idea, accept the fact that some people do and leave it at that.
  41. Keats

    Playing Games with Parents?

    My dad used to be big on Contra 3 back in the day. He doesn't play them much now, though, due to getting motion sickness; these "modern games" (which are anything 3D) are too fast for him. My mom has never cared much for games, I don't think.
  42. Keats

    Zelda: Hylian Enlightenment

    Yeah, I see what you mean. I suppose an effective way to enforce this limited progression would be to block of certain areas until you've accomplished a certain task, or to make areas inaccessible without a specific item that is found earlier in the quest. Hm, probably not. I dunno if I...
  43. Keats

    Zelda: Hylian Enlightenment

    Bump because this thread > you. Also, long post will be long. Open mindedness is something you can never have an excess of, if you ask me. =3 As for your fanfic, I like the direction you've sent it in. Please post it someday so I can enjoy a good literary experience involving my favorite...
  44. Keats

    Thinking in Your Online Handle

    The only time I do this is when I'm on Live, and that's usually purposeful. I *have*, however, accidentally thought for a moment or two that I was one of my created online personas. It was kind of weird, but when I thought about it, that particular persona was basically who I really was, but...
  45. Keats

    Name for Zelda Wii

    Oh man, Darkness Falls? I remember when that movie came out. I was eleven, I think. Anyway, the title is up in the air at this point. We won't really have a clear idea of what the title could be until we have more than a poster. If I had to choose, though, I'd call it Rain of Prophesies. Why...
  46. Keats

    What element?

    Probably fire, seeing as it can be the most practical. If the power goes out, make a few floating fireballs; if you're in the middle of nowhere and need a fire, make one by shooting fire at a pile of brush. In regards to the periodic table, I'm going with rhodium, because then I'd be richer...
  47. Keats

    Strangest Foods Willingly Eaten?

    Probably snails. Unsurprisingly, they were terrible.
  48. Keats

    Zelda: Hylian Enlightenment

    Finally, responses! That was mainly to weed out the people who contribute nothing to the thread at hand beyond "lol dis is bad idea." I have no problem with criticism. I probably should have mentioned that. Hehe. Not always. Even in real life, ancient civilizations are forgotten by the...
  49. Keats

    Zelda: Hylian Enlightenment

    Before I begin, a word of warning is necessary. If you have a problem with any of the following, it would be a good idea for you to refrain from posting and/or avoid this thread entirely: - A Zelda game with actual firearms - A Zelda game with choices that affect the story, gameplay, etc. -...
  50. Keats

    What do you want to be when you grow older?

    I'm not sure, really. Part of me wants to design games, part of me wants to draw, part of me wants to make movies, part of me wants to play music, and part of me wants to be a teacher. We'll see how that turns out.
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