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  1. ZeldaHam

    Equipable Bottles? And Stuff to Carry in It. And Upgrades

    I want to be able to break one of the bottles and use it as a weapon.
  2. ZeldaHam

    How Old is Link if He is Gonna Be the Oldest?

    He's going to be 35. Like Tingle.
  3. ZeldaHam

    What Do YOU Want in Skyward Sword?

    A scythe as an item. Oh, and and a bowling alley. And for some reason, Skyward Sword constantly reminds me of Dragon Quest IX. Maybe Link is really a Celestrian?
  4. ZeldaHam

    Dungeons Without Sword

    Blue bubble cursing Link making him unable to use his sword, Forsaken Fortress, Lost at Sea Station.... Yup, it's been done before.
  5. ZeldaHam

    Twilight Princess Magic Armour = Rip Off

    Eh, I used it with an infinte rupee hack to become invincible. But remember, take it off before you save. Otherwise when you next turn on the game without homebrew you suddenly start losing rupees.:3 And Incubus, spelling correction fail. "Armour" is the English spelling, American English tends...
  6. ZeldaHam

    Majora's Mask Reasons Why I Dont Like Majoras Mask

    The Story: IT WAS SCARY BECAUSE SOME MEXICAN SCARECROW WAS GOING TO KILL US ALL WITH THE MOON WHILE WE'RE STUCK IN AN ENDLESS 3 DAY CYCLE LOL The Dungeons: 1. Woodfall Temple 2. Snowhead Temple 3. Pirate's Fortress 4. Great Bay Temple 5. Beneath the Well 6. Ancient Castle of Ikana 7. Stone...
  7. ZeldaHam

    Spoiler Least Favourite Race?

    Update: I seem to have gotten negative rep, saying 'african american hating troll'. Damn these forums are predictable. Update #2: The dark side has yaoi? That's disgusting.
  8. ZeldaHam

    Gorons Vs Zoras

    1. Summon Volvagia 2. Eat Gorons 3. ??? 4. PROFIT Question of the day: Wait, why does Princess Ruto not wear any clothes despite having breasts? Ocarina of Time: Stealing your childhood since 1998.
  9. ZeldaHam

    Link....Using Guns???

    They already did it in Oracle of Ages. Y'know, the Seed Shooter/Blunderbuss/Drug Dispenser?
  10. ZeldaHam

    Music Similarities.

    Listen carefully to the loop that carries on throughout both songs. Sounds similar right? Nothing special, just something I just found quite interesting.
  11. ZeldaHam

    Traditional Item (Not Yet Confirmed) That You Most Want?

    Hang on, the Ball and Chain is a traditional item? It's only been in TP.
  12. ZeldaHam

    Dreaded 3 Heart Challenge

    All of them? It's impossible to do a 3 heart run on ALttP because the pendant/maiden doesn't appear until you get the heart container.
  13. ZeldaHam

    Hyrule Soldiers

    They're there to make fun of Link because all he has is a crappy sword while they have spears. D:
  14. ZeldaHam

    Spirit Tracks Afterthoughts

    Eh, I always thought they made it to stop us getting bored waiting for Skyward Sword. Oh, and another thing. RESKINNED. SS Linebeck- Spirit Train Oshus- Anjean Linebeck- Alfonzo Ciela/Tetra- Zelda Ghost Ship- Demon Train Cole/Malladus- Bellum Phantom Sword- Lokomo Sword Temple of the Ocean...
  15. ZeldaHam

    Your Favorite Zelda Songs

    1. Elegy of Emptiness (MM) 2. Demon Train Battle (ST) 3. Ganondorf Battle (WW) 4. Blizzeta 2nd Phase (TP) 5. Sonata of Awakening (MM)
  16. ZeldaHam

    Link's Face

    He looks a little girly, but atleast he doesn't turn into a furry like TP Link.
  17. ZeldaHam

    Oracle of Seasons Difficulty?

    I'm playing OoS right now, and I've died on every boss at least once. And to add to that, I even needed a magic potion to survive Digdogger. (stupid iron ball of rage.) Plus Subrosia is pretty damn awesome. (Subrosian Ring FTW.)
  18. ZeldaHam

    Ocean King Temple Vs Spirit Temple

    PH vs OoT? That seems a little unfair. Seriously though, TotOK was actually challenging, and there's even a gold portal halfway through that acts as a shortcut. Most important of all, there's only 13 floors. Tower of Spirits had 30 floors, I found it far too easy, and I HATED that spiral staircase.
  19. ZeldaHam

    Why Do People Dislike Phantom Hourglass?

    So you're saying that because it doesn't revolve around Hyrule or Ganondorf it's not a true zelda game? That makes no sense. PH is a direct sequel to WW, in which Hyrule is flooded and Ganondorf is at the bottom of the ocean turned to stone with the Master Sword in his forehead, so there can't...
  20. ZeldaHam

    Why Do People Dislike Phantom Hourglass?

    People dislike PH because they hear that one person hates it, then they think OMG THATS KEWL LOL and hate it as well. Mindless zombies. And Turo602, PH isn't a spin-off or a 'side game' as you call it. It's part of the main series, mainly because it's a direct sequel to Wind Waker.
  21. ZeldaHam

    Traditional Item (Not Yet Confirmed) That You Most Want?

    Hmm, how about the drug satchel from OoX?
  22. ZeldaHam

    Magic Vs Tech

    The steamboat was invented after the train, yet no one seems to complain about the steamboat in PH. Ham is confused.
  23. ZeldaHam

    What Temple/Dungeon is the Biggest?

    Death Mountain Labyrinth. Level 9 in zelda 1. :)
  24. ZeldaHam

    Traditional Item (Not Yet Confirmed) That You Most Want?

    Why does everyone want the Ocarina? It's been in plenty of games already, isn't it about time we moved on? Personally I would prefer an unusual instrument like the Wind Waker or Wolf Link's howling.
  25. ZeldaHam

    Traditional Item (Not Yet Confirmed) That You Most Want?

    Ugh, don't remind me. I still can't kill digdogger because he jumps around so damn much and I keep on getting hurt by the iron ball. :(
  26. ZeldaHam

    Traditional Item (Not Yet Confirmed) That You Most Want?

    That was a clawshot. The hookshot and clawshot are different because you can move up and down on when attached to a clawshot tile.
  27. ZeldaHam

    Ocarina of Time "Annoying" Navi?

    Navi should say hello more often. It sounds better.
  28. ZeldaHam

    General Classic Navi Vs. Tattle

    Navi is a pretty cool guy. eh annoys zelda fans and doesnt afraid of anything.
  29. ZeldaHam

    Traditional Item (Not Yet Confirmed) That You Most Want?

    I just want the Mirror Shield and the Elemental Rods to return. :/
  30. ZeldaHam

    Chances That SS Will Be Ranked #1 of All Time?

    This is what's happening at the moment.
  31. ZeldaHam

    Spoiler Guaranteed Ganon?

    As long as he's not fat like he was in TP, I'm fine with Ganon being in SS.
  32. ZeldaHam

    Give It a Chance

    Graphics and gameplay look good so far, although I was suprised when the item subscreen only had 8 slots. Oh well, it's better to have a few frequently used items than lots of useless items. (TP much?) Also, I know for a fact that fanboys will compare SS to OoT, it's sad but true. :(
  33. ZeldaHam

    Ending of OOT!?

    Continuing from Hero of Wind's idea, Fado had to leave Kokiri Forest before the events of WW so that he could pray at the wind temple.
  34. ZeldaHam

    Ending of OOT!?

    Maybe the die-when-you-leave-the-forest thing ended when the Great Deku Tree died. Otherwise, IT'S A SECRET TO EVERYBODY.
  35. ZeldaHam

    About Graphics and Disappointment

    Bokoblins actually have a fashion sense in this game? Awesome. I'M A KEY. HAHA DISREGARD THAT I OPEN LOCKS
  36. ZeldaHam

    Environments You Want in the Overworld?

    Hmm.... -Volcano -Jungle -Underwater -Desert -Mechanical Ruins -Frozen Castle -Underground Tunnels -A Town And, that's all I could think of. :)
  37. ZeldaHam

    Spoiler Least Favourite Race?

    Kokiri. I dislike the Gerudo but I have a feeling that since I'm considered a troll, someone will yell 'OMFG ZELDAHAM HATES BLACK PEOPLE'.
  38. ZeldaHam

    About Graphics and Disappointment

    Seriously, do you really find it damn hard to understand that it's impressionism, and not a cartoon theme? Don't judge a book by it's cover. Heh, example of me almost lashing out there. But hey, I have no control over it. It just happens.
  39. ZeldaHam

    About Graphics and Disappointment

    Are the trees really that big of a deal? So, maybe Nintendo rushed them a little, but no game is perfect. Besides, it's not going to have a major effect on the overall game, so I don't really see a problem at all.
  40. ZeldaHam

    About Graphics and Disappointment

    I agree the trees look like something from a pop-up book, but Gabbe, it's not cartoony, it's an impressionist art style which looks perfect in my opinion because the game looks smoother and more colourful (plus it'll calm me down if I keep dying). And if SS had OoT's art style, it would be 64...
  41. ZeldaHam

    Do You Think That SS Will Tur Out More Beautiful Than TP?

    Skyward Sword's graphics? Colour explosion of awesomeness.
  42. ZeldaHam

    Scorpion Too Easy

    Will he leave one of his claws behind which Link somehow turns into a boomerang within a timespan of 3 seconds? Because that would be good. Although the Beetle seems to act similar to the boomerang and will most likely replace it, leaving poor boomy crying in a corner. :(
  43. ZeldaHam

    Stupid Little Things

    I loved how the when Link picks up a pig in WW, it starts oinking as he walks.
  44. ZeldaHam

    Last Key What Water Level?

    Yay. :D And to add to your sig, the Happy Mask Salesman somehow resets the 3 day-cycle and you get to watch it happen all over again!
  45. ZeldaHam

    Ocarina of Time Has Anyone Mapped Out a No-Glitch Speedrun for OoT?

    I dunno, but side-jumping or walking backwards while z-targeting is the quickest way to travel before you get any of the warping songs, and you can also get a free Hylian Shield under one of the graves in Kakariko Graveyard, so you don't have to gather rupees. And shield-dropping bombs also...
  46. ZeldaHam

    Just a Question.

    If Skyward Sword is set before Hyrule was discovered, so there's no Hylian Royal Family, right? So how does Link have a Hylian Shield with the crest of the royal family on it? This a question, not a theory. So no randomly bashing it for no reason. Last time I posted a random idea in the theory...
  47. ZeldaHam

    Last Key What Water Level?

    Since I haven't got that far in the game yet, I don't knowunfortunately. But you could try using one of ZD's walkthroughs if it helps, since the water temple is considered to be quite difficult in Ocarina of Time, and a lot of people have been stuck on it before. Also, I believe this is in the...
  48. ZeldaHam

    Which Sword is Better

    White Sword/Gilded Sword works for me.
  49. ZeldaHam

    First Zelda Released in Your Lifetime?

    OoT, but I couldn't really play it at the age of 2.
  50. ZeldaHam

    Easiest Console Game

    Definetly TP, everything about it was ridiculously easy. Especially bosses.
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