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  1. Seamus

    Majora's Mask Was Majora Hard?

    The first time I beat him, I had the FD mask. Easiest final boss ever. I have beat him normal Link, and he is pretty hard than. At least harder than OoT Ganondorf/Ganon
  2. Seamus

    Favorite music.

    Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, CCR and tons more classic rock and country/folk rock bands.
  3. Seamus

    Zelda Controls for N64.

    Ive honestly never had problems, and never heard anyone say they have had problems until now :/
  4. Seamus

    Whats the Worst Thing That Has Happened to You when Playing a Zelda Game?

    I havent had too many terrible experiences, except for the common falling off a bridge or whatever. Probably the worst was when I had about 2 dungeons left in LoZ, and when I tuned it off I forgot to hold down reset so it decided to erase all of my data.
  5. Seamus

    The Member Fact Game

    Shares almost no info about himself =\ EDIT-Ninja'd me again
  6. Seamus

    The Ask a Member a Question Game

    Dunno if I could pick a favorite, but Thor and Spawn are pretty cool. Uhm, what is the oldest song you have on your computer?
  7. Seamus

    Game Recomendations Thread

    Probably the number 1 game I would have to recommend for any RPG fans, because Its not a very popular game, is Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean for the Gamecube. Amazing story, music, and beautiful graphics. Also has a pretty unique card battle system.
  8. Seamus

    The Member Fact Game

    Nija'd me DD: (30 post filter)
  9. Seamus

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    Oh hai thar fellow Floyd fan ;) Anyways, heres mine. http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/178/7/9/June_27th_2010_by_daltonr6.png
  10. Seamus

    The Zelda ABC's

    X for the X Shaped Jewel in OoS. and yes, I did search on Zelda Wiki.
  11. Seamus

    Do Zelda Games Ever Get Old for You?

    To be honest, OoT has been getting a little old for me. Everytime I go into a dungeon I just think "Ugh, Ive been through this so many times", and I feel like I just dont want to do again.
  12. Seamus

    Ocarina of Time Farore's Wind: Useless?

    Same as stated above, I only used it in the Fire temple. I think I remember using it when you have to get the Megaton Hammer. If I didnt get there in time, I wouldnt have to risk falling down when going back down the steps.
  13. Seamus

    Ocarina of Time "Annoying" Navi?

    Just ignore her -_- I only found it annoying when you really had to talk to her, not when it was optional. IMO Kaepora Gaebora is much more annoying, because he talks longer and its not optional (unless you glitch)
  14. Seamus

    Official Graphics/Art Thread

    Some pretty nice icons Zeruda :D
  15. Seamus

    So What Are Your Initial Reactions Now?

    I loved it the second the trailer started playing xD I dont think I could find it in me to not like a Zelda. I mean, its Zelda. I will always be a fan. Ive never dis-liked one in the past, and I know I wont dis-like this one.
  16. Seamus

    Sequel or New Timeline Split?

  17. Seamus

    What Do You Think Skyward Sword Will Be Rated?

    I bet it will be E10. One of the reasons the rated TP Teen was because of the more realistic graphics, thus more realistic battles and violence right? Even though this has some similar models to TP, but the cel shaded graphics, I think it'll be E10.
  18. Seamus

    What Was Your Very First Video Game?

    I think Super Mario 64. I got my n64 with SM64 for like my 3rd birthday. I may have played some games on my dads NES before that, but I cant remember that far back
  19. Seamus

    Graphic Requests

    To make an image link to somewhere else- I think thats what your asking about Or if your asking how to post an image, upload to to photobucket (you have to sign up) then in your album, hover over the pic, and a menu will drop down. Select and copy the lie of text that begins with [IMG], then...
  20. Seamus

    Twilight Princess Who Was Your Favourite Boss?

    voted for stallord. Love the second pat in that battle.
  21. Seamus

    Which Zombie's Your Favorite?

    I think the big poes were the most frightening and fun to kill
  22. Seamus

    Hardest Boss

    I voted Snake Ganon, but I really remember all of Puppet Ganon being hard
  23. Seamus

    The Member Fact Game

    Has the old ZD Banner in there sig, and its awesome xD
  24. Seamus

    Seamus Has Designs

    some of my latest ones
  25. Seamus

    Argorok Glitch?

    Alright, so i was fighting Argorok, and I was on one of the pillers with my hookshot. Then I shot at his tail, and I went flying forward toward it. Then I put on my Iron Boots to see what would happen. But then my chain like disappeared, and I was hanging on him. I couldn't use any of my other...
  26. Seamus

    Rate the Avatar!

    The art is good, but I dont like the thing on the side 6/10
  27. Seamus

    Why Link Doesn't Eat...

    I find it that in almost all other games, movies, or books that the people dont eat or go to the bathroom unless it adds to the story. I mean, i wouldnt like to have to 3 times a day while playing zelda, stop what im doing so link can eat and go to the bathroom.
  28. Seamus

    Most Annoying Battles

    The battles only get annoying to me are like Gohma. Whenever I want to play through OoT again, Fighting Gohma is so annoying because Ive done it so many time already.
  29. Seamus

    Which Temple Had the Best Opening Cutscene?

    I found the Gerudo Pirates and the turtle cut scene pretty funny. And wehn your about to go to the Great Bay temple (forgot what its actually called xD) and you can see it in the distance, makes it sorta of intimidating.
  30. Seamus

    Bottled Poes

    I never really cared to collect them. I never even killed them unless I had to, which I dont recall having too.
  31. Seamus

    Killing a Boss with a Fast Time

    Fighting all three stages of Majora with the FDL mask takes me like 2 or 3 minutes.
  32. Seamus

    Why Do People Hate Google Chrome?

    :o I love google chrome. Personally its fastest for me, and I like the open window.
  33. Seamus

    How Was Your First Dungeon Experience?

    first time I played through a dungeon on my own, was the deku tree. It was really hard because I barely knew how to read xD
  34. Seamus

    The Lord of the Rings

    A couple weeks ago I rewatched the series, and theyre really great. Im now reading the books :D
  35. Seamus

    The Zelda ABC's

    J is for Jabu jabu, the big fish that is the 3rd dungeon in OOT
  36. Seamus


    I think she was a good character. She had a lot to add to the story, a good partner,a nd she was pretty funny at some times :)
  37. Seamus

    Agitha Poll

    This. Playing through TP the first time, I pretty much ignored her. I CBA to get all the bugs...
  38. Seamus

    Radio Silence? (No New Rumors)

    ^Yeah, no info would be interesting. It would raise the anticipation, and be way more exiting buying the game and playing through.
  39. Seamus

    Radio Silence? (No New Rumors)

    Probably a lot of new info will come out at E3 in June.
  40. Seamus

    Why Should't Link Be Able to Use Feirce Diety Anywhere?

    Theres an easier way, where you go to the horse races, then you put on the mask like right before the race starts, or something like that.
  41. Seamus

    The Zelda ABC's

    G is for the Garo Mask in Majoras Mask. uhhh 50 post thing
  42. Seamus

    Structured How?

    More longer. More time for the story to unravel, more time to play, etc. Overall it would just be better.
  43. Seamus

    What's Your Favorite Temple?

    Not sure, i really liked a lot. The temple of time was really epic, with the master sword and all. I really liked the whole atmosphere of the palace of twilight, and the boss fight was awesome.
  44. Seamus

    Which Race Do You Want to Return in Zelda Wii?

    Ohh, i remember those guys! It'd be neat seeing them in 3d :D
  45. Seamus

    Musical Instrument

    I cant really think of any new musical instrument that they could bring into the game. Unless its some really unknown like Japanese or Chinese instrument.
  46. Seamus


    I think it'd be really weird if he could fly. Though I think that a hot air balloon or something like that would be very cool.
  47. Seamus

    Which Race Do You Want to Return in Zelda Wii?

    The gerudos. They were only in two games. and I think it'd be cool to see them again. The Zoras and Gorons do not need to come back. Thevye been in like almost every game.
  48. Seamus

    The Member Fact Game

    Has a pretty good mega man signature. dont like the text though >~<
  49. Seamus

    Kefka Signature Tutorial

    Enjoy! http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/059/c/2/Kefka_Sig_tut_by_daltonr6.png
  50. Seamus

    Pokemon Black and White

    Wow, the 3d look is really amazing! I cant wait to play this when it comes out. Also, im suprised i havent seen these yet. These pokemon are i guess two new pokemon, and are also going to be in the new movie coming out in june.
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