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    Twilight Princess Ganon and Zants Demise.

    ZAnt was powered by Ganondorf, so technically if he was alive, Zant would be too. When you kill Ganondorf, Zant is finally killed completely. hope that made sense :)
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    Twilight Princess What Do You Think About It

    I loved the game. (also getting it for $20 was a steal) it was so much fun, even if I derped around for a while.
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    What Does Your Team Comprise Of?

    My team can have any pokemon on it, but it has to have my blaziken and kyogre in it. I love those two with a passion.
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    Banned Episodes

    Still enjoyed the one with James...
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    Favorite Pokemon by Generation

    I- Squirtle II- Bayleaf III- Blazikin (srry of sp is wrong on all of them) IV- Togikiss V- Ehh..
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    Favorite Town/City in Gold and Silver?

    Olivine City. I have no idea why, but Olivine City.
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    I dont get it either. I dont like the little thing myself, and the regular pokemon are better.
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    Do You Stick With Your Starter?

    Leaving your first pokemon should be a sin, and officer Jenny should come and arrest you on the spot. justsayin.
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    Old or New? - Poll

    Originals FTW!
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    Smart Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Team Names?

    If Team Inferno is interesting, then my team made the cut! :)
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    Hardest Elite Four?

    Definitely the elite 4 from R/S/E. I actually had to sit there and plan out my attacks before I battled them.
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    Would You Download Remakes on VC?

    I would buy them, even though that kills the awesomeness of RBY and GSC. I just love the games to much not to
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    Your Thoughts on Dragon Types

    I love dragon pokemon. They can kick butt, look awesome, and are pretty good with attack stats. Personally I find it funny that what is super effective is ice, and of course, another dragon. (well played nintendo....well played). however, I am definitely a fan of water and fire, so dragon are...
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    Who Should I Choose

    I vote Piplup. Hello, penguin based pokemon FTW!!
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    Is Pokemon Gold & Silver Gamboy or Gameboy Color Games.

    Currently playing Crystal again, and it is definitely GBC
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    Master Ball Question

    Use the master ball on Rayquaza. I caught Groudon with a timer ball.
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    Favorite Pokemon Champion?

    I like Blue. He's a classic (and classy) trainer.
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    Best Story

    B&W had the most developed story line, but I'll always be a Johto girl :)
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    When Do You Think They'll Stop Making New Pokemon?

    Hopefully they'll stop when they realized they made a pokemon resembling a toilet with the move whirlpool as its speciality.
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    Pokemon Connections

    I loved the fact that your pokemon could follow you in HGSS, but after playing Black, I hated it. It was way to easy. Maybe actually allowing the player to choose their own path would be better (i'm all for the change), so I definitely agree with you. I'm personally getting sick of dealing with...
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    Favorite Pokemon Couple

    I never really got into the anime to much, so Ash and Misty. But for the games, definitely Brendan and May.
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    First Pokemon Game?

    First one was Crystal, but Sapphire came shortly after :)
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    If Starters Wern't Water, Fire, and Grass..

    rock, ice and ground; just cause i love ice types ^.^
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    What Was Your Name?

    I used my name, or really what could fit in it. My name is 8 letters :(
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    Twilight Princess Fighting the Bosses

    The bosses in the beginning are easy in TP, but the last two were pretty challenging anyway, in my opinion.
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    Twilight Princess Is It Worth Buying Twilight Princess?

    I was skeptic at first, so i borrowed my friends. THen after the first dungeon, I gave it back to her. I regretted that choice so much that I bought the game myself, and at the steel of $20. completely worth every penny.
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    What Systems Do You Play Your Zelda Games On?

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    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character

    Midna and Epona, if she counts :)
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    Twilight Princess Fav Enemy

    Darknuts. I love sword fighting with the guy.
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    Twilight Princess Zant, the Funnest Boss Battle in the Game?

    I loked the south of castle town battle. So if ganondorf gave zant some power, why did he not give him the ability to have a decent sword fight? hahaha
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    Twilight Princess Favorite Twilight Princess Dungeon?

    I loked the Gorgon Mines. i loved using the iron boots for everything. (hello! walking on the ceiling!)
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    Twilight Princess Who Was Your Favourite Boss?

    Stallord was definitely my favorite. Using the spinner to take him out was awesome. :)
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    Twilight Princess Poll Most Scary/mysterious Twilight Princess Place?

    I got freaked out playing in the Arbiter's Grounds, and the redeads will haunt me to this day. Plus the dementor-looking poe souls are creepy too...great boss battle though.
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    Most Epic Boss Battle

    I liked the Tp bosses Stallord, Argorok, and Zant. Zants battle was cool cause of all the different phases. Although the most intense battle was definitely Ganondorf.
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    The Most Annoying Pokemon Ever!

    I hate bidoof. They are just freakin EVERYWHERE.
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    What Should I Get

    Either Sapphire or Emerald. I loved those two games
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    If You Were a Pokemon What Would It Be?

    I'd make a good luxray. but as a legendary i'd probably be an Entei
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    What is Gym Type

    Ground/ Fire. blaziken, swampert, houndoom, magmortar, and flygon. I wold definitely do single. I love double battles, but i'm old school. :)
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    Favorite Legendary?

    I love the Hoen legendaries. Although Kyogre is my hands down favorite, then it has to me Lugia, but only by .5 less.
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    Twilight Princess Hardest Dungeon

    I hated Arbiter's Grounds with a burning passion. The spinner was cool though.
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    Twilight Princess What Was the "Worst" Part About TP?

    I loved TP as a whole, but some of the items made me mad. For example, getting the horse whistle after I could warp. Justsayin.
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    Shiny Pokemon

    I have a few shinys that I managed to trade over the GTS. I love my Frostlass and Spiritomb. Thyue both kick some serious butt ^.^
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    Which Game Had Your Favorite Music?

    I liked the original music from the GB games. Also the music in Heartgold & Soulsilver. They have a gret beat to them, and in HGSS you can get the retro tunes.
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    If You Could Create a Pokemon?

    I would add antoher evolution to rapidash. It would be called magmasus, a fire/flying type. Liiks like rabidash, but has wings too. As for the ability, lets do Fire Absorb.
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    Most Attractive/Cutest Pokemon

    I got a thing for Pichu. I don't know what it is, but Pichu is freakin adorable.
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    Twilight Princess Best Dungeon In Twilight Princess

    I liked the Gorgon Mines the most. It didn't have the best mini- boss, but I loved the dungeon itself.
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    Twilight Princess Did You Like Wolf-Link?

    I played TP right after I played Okami, so I loved the idea. (Ammy is definitely better though) :)
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    Twilight Princess Do You Consider TP a Gamecube or a Wii Game?

    It is a gamecube game, but I don't see how some of the features could've been used for the gamecube.
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    Twilight Princess Which Item from TP Would You Want in Real Life?

    I love the bow, but since that already exists I'd love the double clawshot. I'd be spider woman 24/7.
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    Who is Your Favorite Link?

    TP Link is my favorite
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