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  1. elementskater995

    Link Able to Walk the Overworld?

    All I have to say is that Link better be able to travel the overworld by fot or im not buying the game!
  2. elementskater995

    Zelda MMORPG?

    It seems a good idea. I too have thought of this. I would ceartianly love it. Although none of my friends are in to Zelda so I couldn't play it with them. But even if Nintendo didn't make one and made a Zelda game with "Drop in, Drop out" co op I would still be happy. :)
  3. elementskater995

    Future Zeldas Need More Customization.

    It doesn't have to be to the extent of rpgs, but we need a little more: 1. I would like the idea of being able to buy and furnish a house. Of corse, this will require larger towns but if they allowed the player to buy one house in every town it would be fun. 2. Clothes. Perhaps a heavy...
  4. elementskater995

    General Classic Ocarina of Time vs Majora's Mask

    OOT- To tell you the truth, I hated MM, the 3 day concept was stupid in dungeons and I hated replaying everything
  5. elementskater995

    What instrument do you play?

    The foghorn!!!!!! Actually, I don't play an instrument but I have respect for those who put the time and effort in to play one :)
  6. elementskater995

    Favorite Call of Duty Game

    Call of Duty is the popular WWII/Modern combat game series (as if you didn't know already lol). Personally I love it, mostly because of the game that got me hooked, Call of Duty 2. I was wondering what Cod games are your favorites. :)
  7. elementskater995

    Will There Be Any More 2D Zeldas?!

    But for those of us who own a 360 and have no idea what wiiware is, I added this. Just kidding, although I really don't know what wiiware is, I mean for DS.
  8. elementskater995

    Will There Be Any More 2D Zeldas?!

    With newer, better graphics mean more 3D Zeldas...... but although I perfer 3D to 2D.... I am missing the 2D Zeldas. Will they come back? I can only hope for now, but personally I think in time demand will force Nintendo to make a Zelda that still has beautiful graphics, just very polished...
  9. elementskater995

    Goron Anatomy; Gorons Have Skin!?

    Yeah. If you look at them you can see rocks jutting out of their backs.
  10. elementskater995

    Should Zelda Stay Medieval?

    Zelda is a fantasy medieval. It has swords and bows, but it also has some lights (WW has spotlights in the Forsaken Fortress) But yes, I think it should stay medieval. I like castles better than apartment buildings. :)
  11. elementskater995

    Is it just me?

    Yes I agree I dont like it that you lose all your items every time the third day comes around. And I take a loooong time to finish dungeons so I cant take my time and enjoy the game.
  12. elementskater995

    What the HELL was Nintendo thinking?!

    yea the magizine Gamepro even said "the ds has many more games than the psp, but an alarming ammount of it is crap"
  13. elementskater995

    Favorite Game Console

    360 all the way!! mostly just because it has a great selection of good games
  14. elementskater995


    Hey does anybody here watch the simpsons??!!! I love the simpsons, ecpecially Homer and Bart
  15. elementskater995

    Random activities you do whilst your bored

    Actually I draw often when I am bored also. Or I often call up my friends and we all hang out, or I skateboard around town while listening to music, with no destenation, just haveing fun.:)
  16. elementskater995

    Does Link have parents?

    Links father died in a war, and I think his mother died protecting him but I'm not sure...
  17. elementskater995

    The time line from Chaos

    SP SP SP....SP I don't really understand it
  18. elementskater995


    Iv'e never liked the magic in Zelda games so I would say no
  19. elementskater995

    Should the Legend of Zelda series ever bring back Navi?

    Your such a soul-sucking zombie that dosent care about the well being of the human race!!! just kidding
  20. elementskater995

    Termina=Twilight Realm?

    I remember when I was a kid the moon always scared me!! ....it still kinda does lol I cant see how minda's mask resembles MM but in MM it was revolving not around a time of day like the Twighlight relm, but around time itself. You always felt you were running out of time.
  21. elementskater995

    Should the Legend of Zelda series ever bring back Navi?

    ok mabye but only if you got to kill her!!!!!!!!:p
  22. elementskater995


    kinda funny how nobody knew who AFI was before Guitar Hero came out. Maybe because they Suck!:p
  23. elementskater995

    Should LoZ introduce a new Hero as a main character?

    Or if it was a GOOD companion like Elika from Prince of Persia:clap:
  24. elementskater995

    i want to collect the older handheld games

    Gamestop is where i built up my collection. Wii can play Gamecube, just buy a controller and memory card. I reccoment WW, or the collectors edition ( which has OOT,MM,LOZ, AOL) or just pick up a used GBA, they can play all gameboy games
  25. elementskater995

    Should Zelda have Voice Actors?

    I think they should make one version of every game, one with no voice acting and ...thats it. jk thats actually a pretty good ideia, but from a production standpoint, it would cost too much.
  26. elementskater995

    Favorite Song

    The White Stripes, the Who, Rhcp, Sublime
  27. elementskater995

    Should Zelda have Voice Actors?

    I actually read an article about this somewhere with one of Nintendo's grand puhbas who make Loz, he said that they wanted the player to feel more in control of Link, and scince your voice wouldn't sound like the 2 star actor they would hire to do his voice, ...:hmm: ....I lost it but I don't...
  28. elementskater995

    Zelda MMORPG?

    If it were free...and if they kept it cool and didn't turn it gay like Final Fantasy is!!
  29. elementskater995

    What do you think of this idea?

    Link and who's child?? lol Just Kidding
  30. elementskater995


    Some girls have watched it 3-4 times!! wow it looks sucky
  31. elementskater995

    The other Triangle

    Iv'e got one word for you: DECORATION! D-e-c-o-r-a-t-i-o-n They probably thought it looked bad so...TADAA!!
  32. elementskater995

    What element?

    ELEMENT SKATEBOARDS!!! Just kidding I'm with whoever said fire because It's warm and toasty!...and it burns stuff!!:clap:
  33. elementskater995

    Wind Waker Help

    wait do you have to type correctly? Because I'm used to chat...
  34. elementskater995

    Should LoZ introduce a new Hero as a main character?

    yea coop would be the best!! :clap: if it were online drop in drop out that would be cool and you would each get half the rupees
  35. elementskater995

    The other Triangle

    Yea its just there to look good. Imagine how lameo it would look if the sheild had nothing but the triforce on on it!!:eek: that would be lame!!
  36. elementskater995

    Ocarina of Time OoT vs OoT MQ

    I have never played mq but there is a version I saw at the store that has oot and oot mq
  37. elementskater995

    Most Bizarre Zelda Scene

    Yea, I thought it was reeeeeaaly stupid having to do 3 dungeons for that!!!:p
  38. elementskater995

    Favorite terrain

    Water was tempting to choose ( ecpecially in tp!!) but all in all I like forest, the oot forests were cool, but tp's were my favorites:)
  39. elementskater995

    The best timeline I've seen

    I think he would be an adult in twighlight princess
  40. elementskater995

    Windwaker Review

    It is my favorite because of all the side quests :clap:
  41. elementskater995

    Water Temple in OOT

    I think it is hard. And my least favorite dungeon in the game, but I have always hated water dungeons :mad:
  42. elementskater995

    Ocarina of Time Inside the Deku Tree

    Yea it was just to help you to remember which one to kill first, second, and third. I wish they would do more short dungeons like the deku tree. Like if they did twice as many dungeons but made them shorter...that was the only short dungeon in that game though:(
  43. elementskater995

    When Link draws his sword...

    I put took it out and put it away several times in twighlight princess to see...and yea that is weird...I noticed it in wind waker too...ecpecially with the iron boots, he just jumps and..woosh...there gone. Weird...creepy...:o
  44. elementskater995

    Zelda Classic for DS

    yea and if they put on unlockables...lots and lots of unlockables...like play as gannon....:clap:
  45. elementskater995


    the fishman could be the fisherman from oot, like how other characters are also someone ( the king of red lions, mako or watever leaf dude, and that one harp girl)
  46. elementskater995

    Tingle. Good, evil, or on something?

    but the postman in tp was gay too!!! but i can deal with him, besides, its fun to get letters ;)
  47. elementskater995

    Tingle. Good, evil, or on something?

    I hate tingle :mad: And if he was in twighlight princess!!!! That was one of the awsome things about tp, that they didnt put in all the cheesy (and gay!!!) stuff
  48. elementskater995

    What if Gannondorf defeated link in OoT?

    If link got killed...life would suck 4 everyone in hyrle :lol: i really dont know... It would be cool if they made a game like that..where everything is in ruins
  49. elementskater995

    More Zelda?

    :hmm: hard to say...maybe 2 more 3d games and 3 more handhelds? I hope it goes on forever though :D
  50. elementskater995

    Link's True Age and Hair Color

    I would think he is 18 in twighlight princess and 12 in wind waker, phantom hourglass, oot, and mm ....and he looks better with blond hair :)
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