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    General Zelda Favourite Princess Zelda Moment

    The part where Daphnes explains everything to Tetra and she transforms. Something about her losing that free spirit to be tied to the bonds of obligation and destiny was just really sad. I felt really sorry for her, and it was also one of the scenes in that game that pushed nostalgia really...
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    Best Zelda Game Poll 6: Wind Waker Vs Twilight Princess

    Wind Waker. Probably my favorite game ever. Twilight was cool but is my least favorite 3D Zelda, while I find Wind Waker to have a gorgeous, radiant soul and to be darn near flawless. I never don't have a good time playing it.
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    "Can Hyrule's Destiny Really Depend on Such a Lazy Boy?"

    Everything everyone says makes sense here. BUT, I have a theory about it. I don't know how to articulate it too well though. I feel like Link is characterized as a sleepy character because he is meant to be awakened by his quest. Its kind of like the gods keep him in slumber until he is ready...
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    Zelda : The Movie

    Wind Waker. Link is played by Michael Cera, King of Red Lions is Sean Connery. Also, Makar is voiced by Elijah Wood and gets his own 20 minute solo. If this is not the movie, I will not consider it cannon.
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    Spoiler A New Day, but not a Good Day?

    I always thought that was part of the game's purpose. You can see that you helped a lot of people, but at the same time you question whether you were able to save that tree dude, or if you did actually leave the world in better shape than you found it. Interesting observations for sure...
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    Favourite NPC from Each 3D Game

    OOT- Navi. As a kid I thought her enemy bios were the most revolutionary thing in gaming, and I would look for different enemies just to read what she had to say. Her HEYS gave me comfort, made me feel not so alone out in Hyrule. Majora- So many good ones, but I always liked Kafei. Something...
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    Which Zelda Game is the Most Philosophical?

    Wow you guys are reminding me why I recently wrote my college essay on Zelda. OOT is a pretty literal Bildungsroman (don't remember if I'm spelling that right, but it means coming of age) tale. Its pretty dark when you consider that Link has to fix the problem that he set into motion as a...
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    Twilight Princess "Lost Their King to Such Greed"

    Miyamoto hunched over the keyboard. He accesses the game's programming, drenched in darkness except for the opaque luminescence of the screen. He highlights every bit of code concerning the Twili's origin, the timeline's intricacies, and other pieces of backstory. He hits delete: "ITS A SECRET...
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    Twilight Princess "Lost Their King to Such Greed"

    Exactly what I feel. Just the manner in which the camera pans when you first arrive in the Gerudo Desert as Midna tells her story (I'm replaying that game and just finished that segment) suggests that the Twili at least originate from the desert. Their tale very much runs in parallel to OOT. It...
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    Which Zelda Game is the Most Philosophical?

    I wouldn't say a lot of the games pervade philosophy in an intellectual or meaningful way. They mostly just tackle larger themes, like nepotism in Twilight Princess or the concept of death in Majoras Mask (which is my vote, by the way). We all know that Nintendo places gameplay above story, but...
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    Phantom Ganon, Termina, and the Gap Between Dimensions

    Excellent points. Perhaps Im looking a bit too far into an Easter egg? Just an interesting thought I had that justified childhood imagination. But it does make me think of what phantom ganon really is. An evil creation of Ganondorf forced to traverse the ether as a dark spirit. That sounds...
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    Phantom Ganon, Termina, and the Gap Between Dimensions

    I've never seen anyone mention this, so I thought I would propose my own theory. Also, this is my first post here, so be gentle. When Phantom Ganon is defeated in Ocarina of Time, we hear Ganondorf state he is going to drop him in the "gap between dimensions." I've actually never heard anyone...
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