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    Breath of the Wild List of Incorrectly Marked Treasure Chests for Interactive Map for Breath of the Wild

    I've come across multiple chest while playing Breath of the Wild on Master Mode that have items different from those listed in the Interactive Map. All treasures will be listed with their location along with how many Divine Beasts have been defeated so a determination of whether the number of...
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    BOTW Interactive Map

    Hi Duncan, It's been a year since you asked this, but in case you or other people wanted to know how to reset the map, open the Interactive Map, click the gear icon on the upper-left part of the screen, and then click on the "Clear completed data" button. -Tommy
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    Interactive map of BOTW : Show checked objectives directly on map ?

    Hi Noxon, I just saw your post. When you go to the interactive map, follow these steps: Click something you have collected. Click the checkmark to show you have completed collecting that item or task. The checkmark should change to an undo button. On the upper-left part of the screen there...
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