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  1. Wisdom Triforce

    Personal Zeldathons

    Mine will considering I can beat ocarina of time in not that long ill be doing toot and skyward sword I would do to but I don't wanna be selfish.
  2. Wisdom Triforce

    Personal Zeldathons

    Sorry if this was already posted... Do you plan on playing zelda games in a zeldathon type thing? I was just wondering cause I was organising one with my friends and was wondering if other people were.
  3. Wisdom Triforce


    I play Minecraft and actually built Hyrule castle from twilight princess and Hogwarts i currently run a server and i do a lot of Zelda work you should stop on by anyone who sees this. ip: Also if its alright with you i might build clocktown now that you mention it it sounds fun...
  4. Wisdom Triforce

    SS Thunder Dragon Boss Gauntlet

    Like a couple others i found it rather easy untill i went up against ghirahim's final form. Its easy till he gets that giant fricken sword you have to break that always gets me.
  5. Wisdom Triforce

    How Were You Introduced to Zelda?

    Since a young age i had had a very great memory so i remember me being 5 and watching my stepsister play legend of zelda OOT. When i became old enough i eventually started playing the n64 which led me to be called the walking guide of that game :)
  6. Wisdom Triforce

    Link's Death Timeline, My Theory

    Well by your logic of the multiple links not existing because one is dead is wrong. My reasoning being because if this was true majora's mask would have plenty of links running around. So basically the only reason multiple zeldas exist is because she didn't travel through time she waited so he...
  7. Wisdom Triforce

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Because your grandma likes toast. Why am i tired of flying zombies?
  8. Wisdom Triforce

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted but you can only speak spanish. I wish i could have every future Zelda game and system.
  9. Wisdom Triforce

    Skyward Sword: Awesome Game Expect for Over Use of Fi?

    Even though she was overused I was crushed when she left she was a really desirable link partner right up there with Midna for me.
  10. Wisdom Triforce

    Majora's Mask Majora's Mask Remake - Ideas

    For the record the only thing Nintendo would change would be the graphics most likely. Nintendo has a record for not changing anything in a remake and honestly I respeft that to alter a syltory is to alter part of the timeliness take ocarina of time 3D for example they didn't put in th beta...
  11. Wisdom Triforce

    Super Smash Bros 4 Zelda Characters

    I'm almost positive they would include girahim. I mean a lot of people thought he was interesting and his attack possibilities seem pretty broad. In my opinion Nintendo is definatly going to include him I can see no reason why they wouldn't. I'm still not sure about Demise though.
  12. Wisdom Triforce

    Spoiler Hero's Clothes, Hero's Bow, and Statue in the Courtyard- Allusions to Skyward Sword?

    To be honest I think that Nintendo just might not care about the item being from which of the many reoccurring Links. Only because the simple fact of the matter is it doesn't matter. Nintendo would spend more time working on the key aspects then worrying about whether there bow looks like a...
  13. Wisdom Triforce

    Favorite Movie Line?

    _________ is the devil Waterboy 1998
  14. Wisdom Triforce

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    jake i love that name for dogs but if you want to name one after me name it jared
  15. Wisdom Triforce

    Your Favorite Sound.

    What else da da da daaaa jk i don't really know a lot of noises are pleasant to me. On second thought i LOVE the skyward sword theme.
  16. Wisdom Triforce

    Gaming Records

    Does anybody have any video game records they would like to share? I have the world record for a course in mariokart using a glitch the old world record holder was using. No cheats i swear it is a glitch.
  17. Wisdom Triforce

    What's Your Ringtone?

    its called alert for receiving texts. and a classic riiiiiiiiiiiiiiing for receiving calls.
  18. Wisdom Triforce

    Skyward Sword Disappointing????

    Maybe the dungeons weren't short maybe we are all so good at Zelda at this point that the game gave up. Well anyway i noticed that part too.
  19. Wisdom Triforce

    Spoiler The First Gerudo?

    In your mind he could be but to be honest I am pretty sure nintendo hasnt even thought about who the first gerudo was.
  20. Wisdom Triforce

    Do You Think There Should Be a Zelda Fighter?

    Not really its sorta pointless. We already have Soul Caliber 2 and Super Smash Bros so it really is pointless. Not to say having more Zelda characters to fight wouldn't be aw some I'm just saying it wouldn't be worth Nintendo's money.
  21. Wisdom Triforce

    Skyward Sword Can You Play Hero Mode Again on a File That is Already in It?

    i was hoping for a picture like in super mario galaxy when i beat it back around christmas in hero mode instead i got a triforce icon on that file.... still happy though
  22. Wisdom Triforce

    Thoughts About the "pointless" Treasures

    try to find the treasure in the fire dragobs room with another goddess harp in it. dont believe me look it up on youtube
  23. Wisdom Triforce

    Spoiler Treasure at Eldin Dragon Room?

    there might of been a sidequest involving getting the harps from the dragons
  24. Wisdom Triforce

    How Many Siblings Do You Have?

    i have 3 sisters and 3 brothers one of which is step.
  25. Wisdom Triforce

    Does Anyone else Hate the Way Link Runs in Skyward Sword?

    The reason he doesn't hold his sword while running is because he listened to his mommy not to run with sharp objects also i think he looks beast when he runs like he is trying to save zelda as fast as he can.
  26. Wisdom Triforce

    What instrument do you play?

    I play ocarina great along with the alto sax
  27. Wisdom Triforce

    Communal Showers

    (I can already feel the achward) Anyway what do you think of them. I think they aren't that bad except when there is that one person there who doesnt get your not suppost to pee on people. True story too that happened to a guy in our school right in front of me it was groos. Anyway back on...
  28. Wisdom Triforce

    Your Thoughts on MJ.

    I think i can say the man is very weird he showed up to court in pajamas saying he was having a slumber party
  29. Wisdom Triforce

    How Old Are You?

    actually im not really surprized it is in 14-16 age group that is about when OoT came out. makes sense now doesn't it also im 14
  30. Wisdom Triforce

    If You Could Create a Boss

    Morochnide The Consumer of Worlds. Link has just defeated dark link and restored peace to hyrule and stoped a great evil from being created or so he thought. The boss comes from the sky and is a giant ball of darkness. Then the battle starts. It is first like zant defeating a different form...
  31. Wisdom Triforce

    Have You Beat Skyward Sword Yet?

    i probably would have if gamestop hadnt cancelled my preorder and forget to notify me >:(
  32. Wisdom Triforce

    Wiiu Home Menu Speculation.

    Sorry if someone already posted something like this. Anyway what would you like the wiiu's home menu to look like i want it to be customizable i mean atleast a little. I just hope it is not as boring as the last wii menu was. Your thoughts?
  33. Wisdom Triforce

    Skyward Sword Gachapon

    excuse me but what is skyward sword gashapon
  34. Wisdom Triforce

    Release Dates

    good question i was wondering that too
  35. Wisdom Triforce

    If You Could Be an SS Race...

    i voted too fast and forgot about loftwings so i voted shekian but i change my mind
  36. Wisdom Triforce

    Post Your Phobia!

    I have a clausterphobia and maybe one of the stupedist phobias ever but a phobia of giant squids. P.S. i dont know if this counts but i have a fear of losing things in deep water where i can never get them
  37. Wisdom Triforce

    Which Zelda Games Have You Played/completed, and What Order of Preference?

    OoT, ALTTP, MC, MM, TWW, PH, TP 1. OoT- It's a legend do i really have to say more. 2. TP- love the graphics style and thought it was a great game in general. 3. TWW- didnt really like the graphics style at first but grew to love it i still hate giant octos though. 4. PH- i loved this...
  38. Wisdom Triforce

    Make Your Own LoZ Storyline.

    If you were to make a zelda game how would your story line play out, where would it be on the timeline, what graphics or gameplay styles would you use,and how would you control link. Just try to cram as much details in as possible and do your best i look forward to reading them. :)
  39. Wisdom Triforce

    Ocarina of Time What Sage Was Your Favorite from Ocarina of Time?

    i voted nabooru i wouldve voted zelda but i dont count her as a sage
  40. Wisdom Triforce

    Do You Have the Money to Upgrade to Wiiu/3DS?

    Yeah im only 14 so it's pretty hard to get a job but yeah i will pray to farore for mony actually ill pray to my dad but whatever also ill be getting a 3DS next month
  41. Wisdom Triforce

    Do You Have the Money to Upgrade to Wiiu/3DS?

    Personally i dont. Ifeel sad that i wont be able to afford the most awesome nintendo system ever (Wiiu) and see link in HD well atleast not immediatly l will probably have to hear my friends talk about how cool it is first.
  42. Wisdom Triforce

    Ocarina of Time If You Were Link...no.4

    zelda 1. In my opinion Ruto is UGLY. 2. Like VaintasXll said Zelda has perks. 3. If i could though i would marry Malon she is the prettyist.
  43. Wisdom Triforce

    Does Your Modem Need to Be Updated

    Mine does severely because it is old, and i think it's dying. SORRY MEANT ROUTER ok i know what im getting E2500 so i dont need advice thank you though.
  44. Wisdom Triforce

    What's Your Trick or Treating Cut off Age

    i personally dont have one (untill im old) because as long as you have a good time or atleast scare some people or even go with friends or gf/bf atleast you have a good time. The only way i wouldnt go is if i had a halloween party to go to.
  45. Wisdom Triforce

    Wiiu Wish List.

    What do you hope to see in the Wiiu EDIT: i also mean features not just games.
  46. Wisdom Triforce

    Life in Hyrule

    sheikah cause then i could do anything go to nintendo of america sneak in and get skyward sword + i would be unstopable at basketball
  47. Wisdom Triforce


    recently i think i have been building a strong connection with my gf and have even had ideas of spending the rest of my life with her
  48. Wisdom Triforce


    well someones loved me we were going out than i broke it off and she went bawling into the bathroom and mixed her next class then all of her friends started yelling at be to the point that i yelled at them that scared em away. i have also had deep affection close to love but never love but has...
  49. Wisdom Triforce

    Miss the N64 Devices?

    everything was stronger about the N64 i spilled kool-aid on mine still works perfectly litterally no side affects
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