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  1. lozeldalove

    Should Something Drastic Happen in Zelda?

    :\ Maybe Zelda.. but not Link since he's pretty much the main character.
  2. lozeldalove


    I've never been to a concert.. :'( I wanna go see deadmau5
  3. lozeldalove

    What Do You Watch On Youtube!

    shanedawson, desandnate, despwns, natesgotgame
  4. lozeldalove

    Any Good Advice on Getting a 3ds?

    Should I buy it used or new? It depends I guess.. if you don't mind it being used, then buy that because it's cheaper. Should I get any accessories for it? No.. Where should I buy a 3ds? EB Games? Best buy? Future Shop? What games should i buy for my 3ds? OOT 3D :D Is a 3ds worth buying? I...
  5. lozeldalove

    Answer with a Song

    Shut up and dance. Where do you want to be right now?
  6. lozeldalove

    Word For Word

  7. lozeldalove

    Do You Like Legendaries?

    Yeah, I like them, but it's mostly for my collection. Some aren't very good :\
  8. lozeldalove

    Last One to Post Wins.

    meeeeeee :)
  9. lozeldalove

    Zelda Art My Zelda Drawings

    Lol that's funny, cause her username is WikiEezEpic..
  10. lozeldalove

    Create a Word from the Last Letter

  11. lozeldalove

    What's Your Favorite Season?

    Winter... the scenery is epic and there is a Winter break. Oh, and Christmas :D
  12. lozeldalove

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but the peanut butter and apple salad will had ants crawling all over them. I wish I had a Pokémon..
  13. lozeldalove

    The Most Annoying Pokemon Ever!

    LOL I KNOW RIGHT. what an annoying pokémon. i totally agree. and also zubats cause they pop out all the time when you're in a cave. and freaking rattatas... ugh..
  14. lozeldalove

    What's Your Ringtone?

    it's the legend of zelda rap by smosh XD
  15. lozeldalove

    What is Your Nickname

    :nod: Jojo :)
  16. lozeldalove

    Your Mom in the Game

    Yeah, haha, although it annoys me when she calls to tell me she just bought the most USELESS ITEM EVER.
  17. lozeldalove

    What is Your Favorite Pokemon from the Hoenn Region

    Vulpix :D And Milotic.
  18. lozeldalove

    Most Overused Quotes Ever

  19. lozeldalove

    Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario Sunshine?

    Super Mario Galaxy ftw.
  20. lozeldalove

    First Pokemon Game?

    First Pokemon game: Pretty sure it was Pearl.. Is it your favorite: No not really. Do you still own it: Yeah.. Do you still play it on occasion: Yes but it's kind of boring now since I beat it. So whenever I play, I just walk around and be all like "yeah, i got all the gym badges.. im...
  21. lozeldalove

    Link's Awakening Blue or Red Tunic

    I got the red.. but I should've gotten the blue one because it has defense. You can already get the level 2 sword or a boomerang which is like wearing a red tunic :\
  22. lozeldalove

    Do You Read The WHOLE Thread?

    NOPE unless it has very few posts..
  23. lozeldalove

    If Virtual Were Real What Game Would You Want to Play?

    Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword :D omg it would be so cool..
  24. lozeldalove

    Does Raichu Suck?

    LOL nice!
  25. lozeldalove

    Favorite Pokemon of All-time

    Dragonite, all forms of eevee, and SQUIRTLE <3
  26. lozeldalove

    How Were You Introduced to Zelda?

    i forgot but im pretty sure it was when i was a lot smaller and i saw that one of my friend's had a zelda game so i was like OOOOH LEMME PLAY.
  27. lozeldalove

    How Do You Pronounce Names?

    Fi- Fye Ghirahim- Gear-ah-him Saria- Saar-ee-a Epona- Eee- Pwn- Uh Faorore- Fair-or-ee Koume- Co-ooh-me Kotake- Co-tak-ee Navi- N-ah-vee Tael- Tail Tatl- Tattle Aryll- Ar-el Ilia- Ill-ee-uh :) Yeah that's how I say them.
  28. lozeldalove

    Favorite Candy Bar?

    KIT KATS and aeros <3
  29. lozeldalove

    Best Tunic

    zora's tunic in TP :D i freaking love swimming in zora's domain.
  30. lozeldalove

    What is the Last Book You Read

    The Uglies :p
  31. lozeldalove

    Who's Your Celebrity Crush?

    Joel Zimmerman (deadmau5) :| yeah.
  32. lozeldalove

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    SS and Pokémon Crystal :P
  33. lozeldalove

    Zelda Isn't a Kid Game and Here's Why....

    omg someone said that zelda is for 6 year olds and i really wanted to slap him across the face >:(
  34. lozeldalove

    Facebook or Youtube?

    i go on facebook more because of notifications and stuff :\ i prefer youtube because of desandnate, shanedawson, smosh, thezeldadungeon ;), etc..
  35. lozeldalove

    What instrument do you play?

    piano, flute, alto sax :O
  36. lozeldalove

    Longest Gaming Session

    Probably 7 hours playing Pokémon, lol.. :D
  37. lozeldalove

    What Zelda Games Have You Beaten?

    Twilight Princess, Oracle of Ages, Phantom Hourglass, Link's Awakening. I really want to play OOT but I don't have the system :(
  38. lozeldalove

    Does Raichu Suck?

    just to prove a point with my friend, lol. so does Raichu suck? ( :nod: )
  39. lozeldalove

    Like Ghirahim? ;D

    lol omg wiki. see? people agree that he is gay.
  40. lozeldalove

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    im listening to arguru by deadmau5 :D
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