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    Tears of the Kingdom Is TotK Just Too Similar to BotW For Some People?

    I feel the same way, TotK largely feels like just playing BotW all over again. For someone who absolutely loved BotW that might be a good thing, but for me personally it was really disappointing since I didn't enjoy many of the gameplay aspects of BotW and found all the same friction points that...
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    Tears of the Kingdom Fav/least fav NPC

    The new NPC lady with the cart full of stuffed sand seals is my least favorite new NPC. She's wound way too tight and blames Link when she snaps and gives a difficult challenge with a pitiful reward that's honestly not worth doing.
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    The Legend of Zelda How are you finding/liking TotK?

    I'm finding this game to pretty much be more BotW, which is understandable given how many people loved that game. I personally didn't really enjoy BoTW that much and TotK hasn't really made any meaningful improvements to the friction points that hurt my enjoyment of BotW and in some cases has...
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    Do you want TOTK more difficult?

    I personally don't have much interest in a lot of difficulty in games anymore, with my limited game time I would much rather play a chill game then bang my head against the wall getting frustrated with difficult combat/puzzles since I'm generally more interested in exploration and story. That...
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    I think I can fix the timeline so that the new revelations in TotK do not contradict the lore of the past games.

    That additional timeline split makes sense and could explain the alternate timeline BotW/TotK appear to occur in. My personal headcanon is that the same way Link and Zelda are reborn endlessly, Ganondorf is the same way and is the vessel for Demise. The early age Zelda travels back to in TotK...
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    Tears of the Kingdom Anyone else feel like TOTK is just a reskin of everything?

    I totally agree, playing TotK feels very much like playing BotW again. There's enough changes to the world and other small tweaks to keep it fresh and interesting, but I am a bit disappointed that it feels so much the same after such a long development cycle. I guess if it ain't broke don't fix...
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    Breath of the Wild What are your favorite and least favorite shrine(s)?

    I'll add the labyrinth shrines to my list of favorites, although this comes with the caveat that the giant labyrinths just sitting around in the world feel really random and out of place and don't make any sense even if they're interesting and fun from a gameplay perspective. The sand seal rally...
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    Breath of the Wild What are your favorite and least favorite shrine(s)?

    As I'm playing through BoTW again and trying to 100% the shrines I'm finding quite a few new ones of varying degrees of quality. That got me thinking of what my favorite and least favorite ones overall are. Here's my list, what's yours? Favorite: Shora Hah - Blue Fire This shrine has a lot of...
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    Breath of the Wild Is Botw actually bad?

    Yeah, you're not alone in wondering what all the hype over BoTW is. I'm currently playing through it again and noticing the same thing, the huge open world is technically impressive and fun to explore, but a lot of the content feels randomly placed in the world and it's pretty obvious which...
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    can I move an app from one device to another using an sd card?

    Technically yes it's possible to get the app off using a SD card or ADB, but you're better off finding a reputable place to download the latest APK file and installing it outside the app store (or following guides to install google play on a Kindle, i just got one on black Friday discount and...
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    What would it take for BotW 2 to become your new favorite/least favorite Zelda game?

    For BoTW 2 to be my favorite Zelda game, it would need to address the major issues I have with BoTW. In other words: 1. Remove/greatly reduce weapon breakage and rebalance combat/food (I hate getting one-hit killed in the early game, and also how trivial the game becomes once you get decent...
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    Zelda's mother didn't have the same power as Zelda

    One thought I had is that Zelda's power only fully manifests itself in a time of greatest need to stop Ganon. There's multiple Zelda games where she helps out in the final boss fight, but otherwise I can't remember a time where she actually has any special powers outside of these kinds of...
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    How would you handle Zelda as a protagonist?

    Another way to have Zelda be the protagonist is to have a game where you're allowed to freely switch between Link/Zelda (and maybe other heroes) at any time so you can choose your character for the most part (some puzzles and story missions could require one or the other). Kind of like how AC...
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    Flawed Masterpieces; suboptimal/poor design choices

    Fair point on flaws being in the eye of the beholder. I would argue that there are classes of flaws that could be interchangeable with bugs that are pretty universally disliked (unless they're exploitable to the benefit of the player) where things didn't work out the way the developer intended...
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    How would you handle Zelda as a protagonist?

    I think that Zelda could absolutely carry a game on her own. In terms of handling the transition, the story could be the reverse of Wind Waker where the villain (doesn't have to be Ganondorf, maybe we could get a different incarnation of Demise/Ganon this time) after being thwarted time and...
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    What are your thoughts on how much remakes of games should change or add?

    I personally don't care if remakes are particularly faithful to the original game so long as the changes made are to fix flaws in the original and/or expand the game and result in a better overall experience. One of my pet peeves is when games have major gamebreaking bugs that never get fixed...
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    Flawed Masterpieces; suboptimal/poor design choices

    I would say that yes, some games have major intentional flaws. Maybe not so much to make the game more polarizing, but more to make the game more monetizable. Any game that contains time based mechanics that punishes players for not playing (i.e. rewards that can only be obtained by playing...
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    Breath of the Wild When and where did you defeat and/ or encounter your first Lynel?

    I actually don't remember what my first Lynel kill was. Initially I was thinking it was on Mount Ploymus since that was my first close encounter with one, but I may have just snuck around and looted shock arrows and avoided combat. My most recent kill was the Lynel on the path up to the Lanayru...
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    Breath of the Wild Why I didn’t like Breath of the Wild.

    My home internet is way too slow for streaming, and I don't have video capture equipment anyways so it will be a long wait for a recording. Not that you would want to see me stumbling through the game and grumbling about some of the dumb developer decisions while I mercilessly exploit the...
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    Breath of the Wild Why I didn’t like Breath of the Wild.

    I get it, I'll check the date more closely after using search to find an appropriate thread. Sorry to trigger you guys and bring on your wishes of ill will.
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    What would your "perfect" Zelda game look like?

    We got 2 Hyrule Warriors games so I wouldn't say anything is impossible.
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    What would your "perfect" Zelda game look like?

    Like the post title says, if you were in charge of delivering the perfect Zelda game, what would it look like? Would it be a 2D classic, a modern 3D adventure, or a blend of the two? What new mechanics and game systems would you want to see? What kind of story would you want? My "perfect" Zelda...
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    Breath of the Wild What Timeline do you believe BotW takes place in? What details in the game make you come to this conclusion?

    I personally think it's a reboot timeline that loosely reconnects to the others. The Zelda franchise has never been great about continuity or consistency and each game seems to take place in its own timeline (the LoZ multiverse). The references to the other timelines feel more like fan service...
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    Breath of the Wild Is BotW the "spiritual successor" to Zelda 1?

    In response to the OP, I've heard the same argument that BoTW was a "back to roots" Zelda game to justify the lack of structure, story and progression we've gotten in most Zelda games. I've never played Zelda 1 more than a few minutes, but the intro feels very much like BoTW where you're...
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    Breath of the Wild Why I didn’t like Breath of the Wild.

    A bit late to the party here, but I've been replaying BoTW and while I do very much enjoy some aspects of the game like the exploration, I'm constantly shaking my head at many of the design decisions Nintendo made, and all the missed opportunities with the game systems that could have made...
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