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  1. ZeldaPlayer

    What's Worse: Trolling or Spamming?

    Spamming is worse. People consider pretty much anything trolling nowadays so its lost its luster. If i disagree with someone I get called a troll. Spamming is just annoying, if blatant. However, if someone messages me on Youtube and personalizes a message to me, being curtious, I am more apt to...
  2. ZeldaPlayer

    May Giveaway Contest: Most Anticipated Game of 2012

    My most anticipated game... HUMMMM, that's a great question. Obviously I am very excited for the Wii U but i don't think that is going to come out this year. So i shall go with a hypothetical game. I am going to say a direct Goldeneye 64 remake. Same levels (perhaps additional), same characters...
  3. ZeldaPlayer

    Favorite Mincraft Youtuber

    Minecraft AWESOME!
  4. ZeldaPlayer

    Zelda or Mario TV Show?

    It could potentially be neat if they were redone and improved drastically. Maybe a comedy Mario show that doesn't suck on Adult Swim or something? lol, just a thought.
  5. ZeldaPlayer

    If You Could Customize Your Loftwing...

    Picturing this made me bust out laughing. Well played sir.
  6. ZeldaPlayer

    How Old Were You when You First Played Zelda?

    I was about 5 or 6 when I first played Link to the Past back in 92. Good times!
  7. ZeldaPlayer

    Is Link Truely Either Left-handed or Right-handed?

    He is whatever hand you want him to be or whatever hand you are. He is your "Link" into the game.
  8. ZeldaPlayer

    Which Imprisoned Battle Did You Enjoy Most?

    Probably the first one considering I didn't care for the multiple rehash of the battle.
  9. ZeldaPlayer

    Poll: Favorite Minor Character

    On this list, Impa. However, she wasn't a minor character at all. Impa aside, my vote goes to Pipit and Karane. I found their sidequest very heartwarming.
  10. ZeldaPlayer

    Stop Complaining About the Tadstones

    They even let you dowse for them, it wasn't hard or tedious. It was cool seeing the woods all flooded from a different perspective. The swimming controls weren't bad if you are a competent player.
  11. ZeldaPlayer

    What is Your Favourite Snes Game?

    Earthbound but they are seriously so many awesome games for SNES. It has got to be the best system ever made!
  12. ZeldaPlayer

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    The Veldt - Deadmau5 ft Chris James Deadmau5 - The Veldt (Lyrics On The Screen) - YouTube
  13. ZeldaPlayer

    Next SSB Characters

    I would like to see Karate Man from the Rhythm Heaven series make an appearance. Most probably don't know him but he is pretty cool. Check him out!
  14. ZeldaPlayer


    The Earthbound series is the best RPG's ever in my opinion. My brother bought Earthbound when it first came out, scratch and sniff cards and all. I was probably 10 when I first played it. Since then I have replayed it multiple times and even beat Mother 3. I started the first Mother game but...
  15. ZeldaPlayer

    If You Could Customize Your Loftwing...

    I agree with the being able to wield the sword while flying, although it would be kind of hard for Link to hold on. Some more air combat would have been awesome.
  16. ZeldaPlayer

    How Old Are You?

    24, basically an old man on this board. :P
  17. ZeldaPlayer

    Who is Your Favorite Fantasy Author?

    I don't read fantasy books but I am just going to throw a name out there. D.J. Machale - he is the creator of Are you Afraid of the Dark. Since then he has become and author, mostly books for teens I am pretty sure but from what he told me, anyone can enjoy his books. I suggest some of you...
  18. ZeldaPlayer

    Spoiler Did Skyward Sword Ever Make You Cry?

    I don't think I have ever cried from a video game but when Fi got sealed back into the sword it did provoke a little emotion.
  19. ZeldaPlayer

    If You Could Customize Your Loftwing...

    I think I would go with a black Loftwing, with a white belly. It's name would be Stinky. It would be the standard size. It's special ability would be to fart out noxious gas if provoked. I would be able to train it to say one liners like "Smell my wrath", similar to how you can train a parrot...
  20. ZeldaPlayer

    Ruins of Skyloft?

    As if nothing could change over the thousands of years that probably passed? Not saying you are wrong but you sound very close minded. What if the Ooocoo traveled to the deserted Skyloft and changed it to their liking, developing it over thousands more years.
  21. ZeldaPlayer

    If You Could Customize Your Loftwing...

    How would you do it? You can pick any color, size, speed, maybe a talking Loftwing?!?! Anything is possible. Would you ditch the Crimson loftwing? Get creative!!
  22. ZeldaPlayer

    What Kind of Pets Do You Have?

    I have 2 dogs. One is named Blacky, I rescued him, found him freezing, shivering in a bush years ago in the winter time. he is my pride and joy. The second ones name is Daisy, she is a puppy and is very bad!!! Special shout out to my 2 pets that died in the past 2 years. Toonces the 19...
  23. ZeldaPlayer

    Top 5 Fav. YouTubers!

    Haha, a fellow FRAGE fan! Fraser annoys me a lot of the time but I like the rest of the crew a lot.
  24. ZeldaPlayer

    Top 5 Fav. YouTubers!

    5. fitzinabox 4. fardeomsubtle 3. nintendocaprisun 2. breaking ncs 1. SirRonLionheart -- so fantastic!
  25. ZeldaPlayer

    How do you play Brawl?

    Wii mote and nunchuck, never bothered to try out the classic controller or any other way. I haven't played Brawl in a year and it sounds fun! If anyone wants to play shoot me a PM!!!
  26. ZeldaPlayer

    Freakiest Zelda Moments?

    The scene in Majora's mask where the little girls dad turns into that zombie/mummy thing. Real creepy.
  27. ZeldaPlayer

    Fanbase That You Hate.

    I agree with the Sonic fanbase, they are just weird. But I don't hate them, I just think that they can be rather strange.
  28. ZeldaPlayer

    Ultima Online

    Does anyone still play or have played this classic MMORPG? I know it is old but it is still a classic. I still play it occasionally.
  29. ZeldaPlayer

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    My last purchase was Rhythm Heaven Fever, not a bad buy from 25 bucks. Hopefully I can get another game soon :)
  30. ZeldaPlayer

    How Long Did It Take You to Get the Heart Piece from Dodoh?

    I didn't think it was that bad. Just have to be able to anticipate where the special space would be. it took me like 5-10 tries.
  31. ZeldaPlayer

    6 Hearts Start

    3 hearts because I am nostalgic like that. 6 was a bit much but they were all needed for that first Ghriahim fight.
  32. ZeldaPlayer

    Favorite(least) School Subject

    Favorite: Science, pretty much all types Least Favorite: English. Boring.
  33. ZeldaPlayer

    Self Motivation

    Dang. that is quite an interesting situation you are in. It is good that you are at least trying to help yourself. My adivce is to go in a seperate room than the one your games are in. Bring your books and just belt it out the best you can. You would be surprised what can be accomplished in one...
  34. ZeldaPlayer

    Do You Play Any Insturments?

    I used to play the drums, don't have them anymore, but the beat still runs through me.
  35. ZeldaPlayer

    Favorite Sitcom?

    Big Bang, The Office, Seinfeld, Married With Children <3
  36. ZeldaPlayer

    Thoughts on Dubstep

    It's okay in small doses. If I am under the influence I tend to like it more. There can be some cool noises and beats. I do however really like Deadmau5, it's a lot more calming than dubstep but you can still dance and have fun to it. I keep listening to this song, it's so relaxing...
  37. ZeldaPlayer

    The Cabin in the Woods

    Has anyone on ZD seen this movie? I saw it a few weekends ago and enjoyed it a lot! It was different than most horror movies, yet had the classic horror elements. It seems like people either loved it or hated it from what I have heard. I am curious as to what you think. If you haven't seen it...
  38. ZeldaPlayer

    Ever Died in the Game?

    I think I might of died once or twice, can't remember when or where. It's crazy how some of you remember the tiniest details about how many times and where you were. Props to ya though.
  39. ZeldaPlayer

    Favorite Girl

    Karane because I like red heads and I wonder if the curtains match the drapes.
  40. ZeldaPlayer

    Epona Vs Loftwing?

    Epona all the way. It would have been nice to name the loftwing, yes. I actually thought the Loftwing controlled better than Epona but I am sure I am in the minority on that. A few examples, difficulty getting her to make jumps (having to run straight on), and her turning was a little awkward.
  41. ZeldaPlayer

    Twilight Princess Hardest Dungeon

    I voted Snowpeak. That place was pretty confusing, especialy the first time around. not to mention the annoying Ice enemies, heh. All around a fun dungeon though.
  42. ZeldaPlayer

    My Thoughs on the Wii U Zelda Demo

    If it's the same demo I saw last year, then yes it looks amazing.
  43. ZeldaPlayer

    What Zelda Games Have You Beaten?

    Link to the Past Ocarina of Time Majora's Mask Spirit Tracks Twilight princess Skyward Sword Phantom hourglass Wind Waker I started Mnish cap but havent played it in a long time. Same with the original. I WILL get around to it, just been busy lately.
  44. ZeldaPlayer

    Twilight Princess Did You Like Wolf-Link?

    I liked Wolf link a lot. I sort of wish Skyward Sword would of had some type of transformation. It was unique and intuitive!
  45. ZeldaPlayer

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Goldeneye Wii, Rhythm Heaven Fever, mega Man 1
  46. ZeldaPlayer

    Does the Imprisoned Have Bad Breath?

    I would imagine he has very rank breath. Heh.
  47. ZeldaPlayer

    Facebook's Timeline

    Bah! It auto changed me to the timeline and im not to fond of it
  48. ZeldaPlayer

    Hero Mode

    I started hero mode but ended up just leaving it, haven't played it for about a month or two. It just seems kind of like a chore... which is sad I know. I'll get around to it sometimes though, just want to play some other games first.
  49. ZeldaPlayer

    Favorite Music From Skyward Sword

    The soundtrack to Skyward Sword really just wasn't all that memorable to me. Compares to other games at least. I didn't hate the music by any means (besides Scrapper's theme) but I do not have a favorite.
  50. ZeldaPlayer

    How do you play Brawl?

    WiiMote and nunchuck.. and I love to throw projectiles
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