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  1. J

    A Link Between Worlds What Do You Think of the Princess Zelda Rumor?

    I think her reverence of the painting may have to do more with her wanting to have the same fulfillment and sense of purpose as the noble princesses of old, rather than wasting her days shut up in the castle. The Rumor Guy might have misinterpreted her actions to be more romantically-inclined...
  2. J

    A Link Between Worlds ALttP, ALBW, and the Masked Followers: A Great Theory That Might Explain Everything!

    One thing: at the end of ALBW Zelda and Link end up in Hyrule's Sacred Realm/Golden Land. This shows that Lorule can't be the restored Sacred Realm, since it is shown to still exist in its old form. Cool theory though!
  3. J

    Justifying the Connection Between Four Swords Adventures and Twilight Princess

    One problem: at the end of TP, Midna destroys the Mirror of Twilight.
  4. J

    Breath of the Wild Huge Open Exploration. "Lost Woods"

    lost woods could work like a more mystical Slender forest.
  5. J

    The Hyrule Historia Timeline Explanation

    this should really be stickied
  6. J

    Three-Branched Timeline Split Explanations

    you mixed up the placement of a few games in your timeline summary...
  7. J

    Dark Link- Theory... Once Again

    Dark link is a different thing with a different origin in every zelda game. In OoT he's probably an apparition conjured by ganondorf, or a shape-shifting Nightmare like the one in Link's Awakening. From what i've heard, in FSA they're/he's created with the dark mirror (?), and in AoL he's a a...
  8. J

    Spoiler One CRAZY Theory

    But that 'bad energy' is personified by Demise originally and later Ganon, showing that there is "any devil or whatever". As for the 'light force', there is Hylia and the golden goddesses.
  9. J

    The Great Sea and The Mysterious Islands

    Another idea: perhaps the sudden, high pressure movement of water caused rapid and substantial erosion across Hyrule, leading the country to largely become a basin, except for those small, untouched areas that are the mountain-islands.
  10. J

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 14!

    I thought the fake door was unique and it always tricked me. :P
  11. J

    Spoiler One CRAZY Theory

    Demise is the first instance of evil seen in the zelda universe, is called the source of ALL monsters (I think...?), and bears an immortal hatred that lingers forever. I think all that (and probably more) makes him the primary candidate to fill the 'Satan archetype' (meaning the embodiment and...
  12. J

    The Great Sea and The Mysterious Islands

    maybe originally various chunks of the earth were sent skyward for protection like in SS, but this time it wasn't enough to stop evil, and so the godesses decided to try and drown Ganon as well. After this the sea level ended up on the same plane as the sky islands. ?
  13. J

    Top 5 Cartoon Characters That Should Be in the Zelda Series

    dora's map and backpack. who woudn't a singing inventory?
  14. J

    If Hyrule Was Earth. Where Do You Think the Places Would Be in a Country or State

    i live in canada, and i must say that it is really not as cold as people think. i won't harbour a grudge though, since it is a common misconception.
  15. J

    Gap Between the Dimensions

    in TP Hyrule is frequently referred to as the "world of light", which would lead one to believe that does refer to literal worlds of light and shadow. As for the "world of shadow", i think it is Termina, since (like light relative to shadow) it is a world that is parellel and in ways opposite...
  16. J

    Gap Between the Dimensions

    i remember in TP the twilight realm is described as a realm between the worlds of light and shadow, so i believe the "gap between dimensions" is the twilight realm.
  17. J

    The Hyrule Historia Timeline Explanation

    i'm pretty sure its the triforce of wisdom that link gets in zelda 1... but i could be wrong.
  18. J

    Future Zelda Titles

    1.mini-dungeons 2.increased dungeon anmout 3.a variety of races 4.rich, versatile, large overworld 5.new overwolrd biomes
  19. J

    Where on the Timeline Should the Next Zelda Game Take Place?

    i don't really care, as long as it doesn't have events that cements the official timeline for good.
  20. J

    3D Version of the Original Legend of Zelda

    it would just turn into into a different game.
  21. J

    Things in Zelda That Went Full-Circle

    in the minish cap ur quest begins in hyrule castle, where u r are comissioned to repair the picori blade. at the end of game you return to hyrule castle where you transform the sword into its ideal form -- the four sword (its also the final dungeon). hyrlue castle comes full circle a lot, it seems.
  22. J

    Could OoT-Phantom Ganon Be Vaati?

    before ganondorf kills phantom ganon, he calls it a "worthless CREATION", and ganondorf did not create vaati
  23. J

    Discussion #015: Are All the Skull Kid's the Same?

    In OOT, its stated that if people stay in the Lost Woods too long, they turn into Skull Kids. So yes, he likely was a Kokiri.
  24. J

    Lake Theory

    doesn't the walkway across Lake Floria point AWAY from Eldin Province?
  25. J

    Spoiler The Minish Cap Introduction

    SPOILER ALERT! the picori blade gets reforged into the four sword later in the game, so it can't be the master sword.
  26. J

    Spoiler Kikwi Are the Koriki?

    this is probable the Kikwi could also become the Deku Scrubs due to their close physical resemblance (e.g. plant/animal-ness, one-section bodies, and having sprouts coming out of their bodies) Or perhaps both? the deku scrubs live isolated in small caves, so they could've not been part of...
  27. J

    Lake Hylia Skyloft Crater?

    i was thinking this when i played the game too! i think the waterfall that runs off skyloft filled Lake Hylia (that is until Zora's River was formed) ...
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