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  1. Zemen

    Zelda Art Legend of Link Project Idea - Long, But Please Read!

    Thanks for the feedback. To address the town names, I agree that they seem lazy, but I assure you that the names were chosen for an overall reason that will be made clear in the final product. I've been working more on the overall story so here's a general idea of the plot. Through a series of...
  2. Zemen

    Zelda Art Legend of Link Project Idea - Long, But Please Read!

    This is something that I have been wanting to do for a LONG time. I haven't decided whether I am going to write out a whole fan fiction or if I want to create a simple RPG to tell the story (I'm more leaning towards the RPG idea). Either way, I hope you guys enjoy this little sample and I want...
  3. Zemen

    List of Theories on the Figure from the Trailer

    The ONLY way that he could be Vaati is if SS takes place AFTER MC on the timeline. In MC, Vaati's BS shows him as a Picori and an apprentice to Ezlo, another Picori. It's not until he receives the wish granting hat that he becomes a Hylian sized being and gains his powers. It's pretty clear from...
  4. Zemen

    Nintendo's Pretty Quiet... Why?

    Lack of Information I haven't been on in a while so I apologize if this is a repost of a thread that may already be in existence. Anyway, I thought that since SS is coming out this year, this is a good time to bring up a good point. We have almost no information on this game. This isn't that...
  5. Zemen

    Where Do YOU Place Minish Cap in the Zelda Time Line?

    FSA and ALTTP have very similar map designs leading most to think that they take place relatively within a certain amount of time that allows for Hyrule to be pretty much unchanged which also leads some to put ALTTP after FSA when taking into consideration the GBA version of ALTTP having the...
  6. Zemen

    Where Do YOU Place Minish Cap in the Zelda Time Line?

    That's what I meant was ALTTP being a prequel. Sorry for the mix up and thanks for clarifying that to me and thanks for adding the sources and such. Also, I did mention mistranslation in my previous post. I'm aware that the 100 years thing was a mistranslation and that still makes a good example...
  7. Zemen

    Where Do YOU Place Minish Cap in the Zelda Time Line?

    There have plenty of other games that have had the same developer quotes given before the games release and then the game content counteracts the developer quote. For example, FS was said by developers to be the oldest tale, except FSA makes it seem like FS occurs directly beforehand which...
  8. Zemen

    Where Do YOU Place Minish Cap in the Zelda Time Line?

    I love debating Minish Cap (as it's my favorite handheld game) and I haven't had a long winded response to anything on this site in a LONG time. I used to be very active and still try to be but I've been busy and also haven't seen a lot of newer threads that required my knowledge. Anyway, here...
  9. Zemen

    Is Gannondorf Really Evil?

    While I do believe that Ganon/dorf is EVIL and BAD, I have argued many times that I believe that WW Ganon/dorf had a more righteous plan in his mind than any other Ganondorf. To me, in WW, it seemed that Ganondorf only did what was necessary to get what he wanted. For instance, once Ganondorf...
  10. Zemen

    Why Not Ganondorf?

    Ganon/dorf has appeared in OoT, ALTTP, FSA, OoS/OoA, WW, LoZ and I think AoL. I'm not really sure why you think he has only appeared in three games. I suggest that if you are going to post a thread with statements like that then you should do the research before making false statements. As for...
  11. Zemen

    Tiny Hyrule

    Well it's all relative to your perception of the games and how the creators WANT you to see the games. Think of it this way, you said that in OoT Hyrule was small and it took very little time to actually cross the map in the game. I would agree that this is true. The map is rather small and easy...
  12. Zemen

    How Does SS Fit into the Timeline?

    The answer to the question asked in this thread has been given. Developers have already stated that SS takes place before OoT, so the timeline either looks like.... This: ............WW SS-OoT< .............MM This: ............WW SS-MC-OoT< .............MM Or this: ............WW...
  13. Zemen

    Spoiler Minish Cap or Ocarina of Time?

    There are a TON of threads dealing with MC and OoT being first in the timeline. Thread Closed
  14. Zemen

    Skyward Sword: Majora Before the Mask?

    I quite like the idea of getting a little background on Majora and possibly having a game where the original/younger Majora is the villain. That would be pretty cool. It doesn't matter that Majora in MM is supposed to be from ancient times seeing as how SS could easily take place hundreds or...
  15. Zemen

    Hole in the Timeline

    I believe that Locke has hit the nail on the head with this one. The BS is referring to the LAND that Hyrule lays on while Hyrule itself was not founded til years later. I believe the solution to this problem has been solved. Thread Closed
  16. Zemen

    There is No Timeline!?

    There are already multiple threads of people who suggested that there is no timeline. The developers/creators have already confirmed that there is one so it's a moot point to suggest that one doesn't exist. The games provide more than enough evidence to support the fact that a timeline does...
  17. Zemen

    Is Zelda Skyward Sword Being Un-Original

    Exactly what I was thinking when I read the OP. Nintendo made Wii Sports Resort. Nintendo makes Zelda. They can't steal their own idea. All it is is Nintendo reusing their idea for a different game.
  18. Zemen

    Is OOT the first game in the timeline?

    From what we know, SS is supposed to be first in the timeline. Even if that wasn't stated, do a quick thread search and you will TONS of threads about OoT being first or not. Thread Closed
  19. Zemen

    ST - Second Split?

    That's just a decision asked in the game. If you are going to base that question on whether a split exists then there would be endless splits as the player has the decision to do all sorts of things. Should I buy this potion? If I buy the potion then is there an alternate timeline where I didn't...
  20. Zemen

    The Great Calamity

    Bradley put it simplest IMO. Each timeline is basically a "what if" timeline. The adult timeline is "what if Ganondorf was sealed in the SR at the end of OoT?" and the child timeline is "what if Ganondorf's plans were discovered before he could act them out in OoT?" Both questions lead to their...
  21. Zemen

    What Happens to Fairies?

    The different fairy fountains never run out of fairies so maybe after they are used, they disappear back to their respective fountain to regain the power that was used.
  22. Zemen

    Spoiler The Missing Triforce

    The theory you are referring to is called the Tetraforce theory. It's the idea that because there is a hole in the center of the Triforce, then there must be a piece that fits in there. This is a widely known theory but there are no elite theorists (people who know all of the ins and outs of...
  23. Zemen

    If You Lost All Your Zelda Games but Could Only Keep Three.

    This is easy for me. I would keep Wind Waker, Majora's Mask and probably one of the OoX games. Those were great games.
  24. Zemen

    Where Are the Goddesses Now?

    Well if you believe in God, he just kind of leaves and watches from above after creating the world. I would assume that the Goddesses do the same. They've created the world, they've created the Triforce so they will just sit and watch and intervene when necessary (like when they flooded Hyrule...
  25. Zemen

    Ganondorf Had Mercy?

    The way I see it, there are 2 different Ganondorfs (and I do not mean physically 2 different Ganondorfs so do not confuse what I am saying). In OoT Ganondorf is this Gerudo leader who is trying to take over Hyrule (and succeeds until Link tears him down). He is power hungry and just wants to...
  26. Zemen

    Are the Carpenters in OoT Gay?

    Honestly, I think this thread is completely unnecessary. I think we are all mature enough to know that there is not going to be an answer to the OP's question and I'm sure we all know this thread might be a little inappropriate. I think 3 pages of this is enough. Thread Closed
  27. Zemen

    Connection Between SS and MC?!

    I doubt there is meant to be a connection there. If you read the BS of MC, the Minish people come from the sky, it doesn't mention the Hero of Men or any other human coming from the sky, just the Minish. Also, the Minish didn't bring a sword from the sky with them. They made it for Link once...
  28. Zemen

    Who is the Hero's Shade in Twilight Princess?

    These past posts have nothing to do with the thread topic. I'm going to assume the topic of this thread is dead. Thread Closed
  29. Zemen

    Multi-Dimensions Theory

    With Ocarina of Time, I think what is happening is that Link is, in fact, traveling forward and backward on a timeline in the same dimension and the future part of that is a time where kid Link has already succeeded in a way. If we know that Link is going back in time and doing the well and the...
  30. Zemen

    Favorite Tribe

    Mine has always been and will always be the Zora. Just think about it, they get to live in two different worlds. They have an entire race dedicated to the underwater world where they have their own civilization but they can also just as easily go to the surface and walk around with the land...
  31. Zemen

    Zelda Refrences in Movies

    They also have some Zeldaesque music as Scott's roommate (Wallace I think his name was) is playing Zelda on his gameboy during certain parts in the movie. Other than that, I can't think of any off the top of my head but I know more are out there.
  32. Zemen

    Which is the Minish Cap in the Title's Context?

    Actually, the term "Minish Cap" is NEVER used in the game. The only time you ever see the term is on the box and the title when you pick which file to play as. Other than that, not a single character ever uses the term "Minish Cap." If they did, this question would be a lot easier to answer.
  33. Zemen

    Spoiler What Sex is Sheik?

    This seems to have gone on long enough (5 pages on a simple question is pretty impresive). Hanyou said it best, I believe. Zelda is a girl. Shiek is a disguise for Zelda, thus Shiek is a girl. Regardless of her being referenced as a male, Shiek is a girl. If you see someone across the street who...
  34. Zemen

    Metroid: Other M

    Could someone please tell me the appeal? I'm not trying to be rude or knock the tastes of others but I have NEVER been into the Metroid games. I don't know what it is. It's like how I never really liked A Link to the Past but many says it's one of their favorite Zelda games. I just never liked...
  35. Zemen

    Your Favorite Pokémon?

    My favorite pokemon is Squirtle. When I first played the games years ago I loved Squirtle so much that I wouldn't let him evolve and trained close to level 100. Definitely not the strongest level 100 pokemon around but he was always my favorite and I didn't want him changing.
  36. Zemen

    Which is the Minish Cap in the Title's Context?

    Hmm coulda sworn that I made a thread just like this a while ago. Maybe it was at a different site. Anyway, I voted Ezlo. It only makes since. Neither Ezlo or the wish granting he creates are ever referred to as the Minish Cap so you have to go by evidence alone. Ezlo is a Minish. He gets...
  37. Zemen

    Is Eiji Aonuma Running Zelda into the Ground?

    I personally couldn't disagree more. I feel that every game that has been made under Aonuma's reign has worked out fine if not amazingly fine. There is not a single game in the series that doesn't feel exactly like a Zelda game should feel. That's just my opinion, of course, but I honestly don't...
  38. Zemen

    What Was the First Zelda Game You Played and Was It Good?

    The first Zelda game I played was ALTTP. Honestly, I wasn't a big fan of ALTTP at all. Everyone swears by that game. My friends always think it's weird that I say I dislike because it's always one of their favorites. I just never got into it that much. I've almost beaten it and have tried...
  39. Zemen

    Most Hated Character

    Wow, I'm surprised I didn't see too many people call out Tingle on this list. I always see people bashing Tingle which is sad because I love the little fella. Anyway, my most hated character is definitely Midna. I know, I know, everyone loved Midna. Not me. She was always unclear about...
  40. Zemen

    Minish Cap Best Handheld Game?

    If we are talking old school 2D graphics then in my opinion, MC is definitely the best. I have always loved MC. I've played it multiple times over and over again, but to say it's the best overall handheld game might be stretching it because PH and ST are completely different styles of game play...
  41. Zemen

    Why Minish Cap SHOULDNT Be the First Game in the Timeline (WARNING HUGE RANT) :D

    Pinecove, although the BS of MC isn't the clearest, for all you know the Triforce wars took place before MC. The BS of MC talks about how monsters had rampaged the land and all hope seemed lost until the Hero of Men came along. It's very possible that these monsters were after the Triforce. The...
  42. Zemen

    A Link to the Past Timeline Placement

    I'm assuming you mean you place ALTTP after ST seeing as how PH is a direct sequel to WW and ST is a direct sequel to PH. It would be impossible for ALTTP to take place between WW and PH.
  43. Zemen

    Why Minish Cap SHOULDNT Be the First Game in the Timeline (WARNING HUGE RANT) :D

    Pinecove, you brought up good points but something I noticed is that the Triforce not being mentioned in ST and MC is not a good connection at all. In ST, there is literally no mention, sighting, word, or symbols of the Triforce anywhere. You clearly believe MC to take place after ST but MC has...
  44. Zemen

    Can Be Vaati Be Back Already?

    That's not quite the same thing. Dark Link has never been a MAIN antagonist. He's always a fall back villain who never talks and appears for very short periods of time and the battles against him aren't anything special. Vaati actually has a backstory and has been a MAIN villain multiple times...
  45. Zemen

    Would You Want a Canonical Manga?

    I voted no because if there was a canonical manga then Link would have to talk. I know what many are thinking right now. "What does it matter?" Well as a fan of the series since it's origins it matters. Link has never talked or never talked more than a few words. The beauty behind that is that...
  46. Zemen

    Why Minish Cap SHOULDNT Be the First Game in the Timeline (WARNING HUGE RANT) :D

    I see where you're coming from Locke about the thread not being a debate of MC being first, but the title of the thread directly implies that that is exactly what this thread is about. I will let this thread go on a little longer and if it keeps up with the MC debate then I may close it as you...
  47. Zemen

    A Link to the Past Timeline Placement

    This is minor and I'm just throwing a small bit of evidence in and seeing how the SW is so unclear based on created games I like this idea. The Master Sword progression works perfectly on the child timeline. In OoT the MS is in its pedestal the ToT. In TP the MS is in its pedestal the ruins of...
  48. Zemen

    Can Be Vaati Be Back Already?

    I don't believe we've seen the last of Vaati. If you think about it, Vaati is the second main villain in the Zelda series. Ganondorf is obviously first but Vaati has 3 games that he appears in. That's already more appearances (other than Ganondorf) than any other villain in the series. I hope...
  49. Zemen

    Just a Theory

    It seems the question has been answered. Some games Link starts with the tunic and some he doesn't. Others have explained this well and since the majority of the OPs post was about MC, I am going to close this thread as we already have a couple active MC threads that have been going on for a...
  50. Zemen

    Why Minish Cap SHOULDNT Be the First Game in the Timeline (WARNING HUGE RANT) :D

    For the sake of me being back (I've been barely on the site since during the summertime, when I'm home from school, I have very limited internet access) I think it's fitting that I respond to this thread for my return as MC is my favorite handheld title and I am a strong believer of it being...
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