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  1. Shadsie

    Link....Using Guns???

    You know what? I hope Ninentdo *does* make a Zelda game in which Link uses a gun/guns (alongside swords, of course). Why? I'd like to see people stop whining about it. One minor change/innovation incorporated into the Zelda formula, if done well, is NOT going to ruin the whole thing. In...
  2. Shadsie

    Link....Using Guns???

    Um.... *Timidly raises hand* I wrote a novel-length fan fiction that was an LoZ Sci-Fi/Western. Yes, Link got the Master Sword, but he also had a six-shooter. That's my fanfic Link in my current avatar. He also wears a cowboy hat. I figure, if we already had Zelda with pirates and...
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