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    What Was Your Best Pokemon Card As a Kid?

    My best one was my first one. Kyogre.
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    Your First Pokemon

    I remember when i moved to Costa Rica awhile back, My friend that I haven't seen in 6 years lived in California. My Dad went up to California to get some stuff that we left there, and he visited my friend, and when he came back, my Dad gave me a Kyogre Pokemon card from my friend. Needless to...
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    Ocarina of Time Where Would You Live?

    I Would Live Everywhere At Once! No, i would live in zora's domain. Kakariko. I couldn't do it. to shadow temply.
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    Favorite Dungeon in the Zelda Series

    I love all of them... (oot) fire temple because of the whole Goron rescue and and epic boss and megaton hammer!! (MM) stone tower all the way!! (Double rainbow reference) just all the topsy turvy stuff and the dungeon item is the GIANTS MASK!!! (LoZ) level 1. I don't know why it is the...
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    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but your brain became more powerful than you and destroyed your body and it was so smart that the brain exploded also destroying the city of new york. I wish that nintendo came out with a zelda game that had everything that fans wanted and that no one would want to corrupt my wish...
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    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted but it is covered in blood and ttake away all of your game systems forever and kills your crazy cousin with a jackhammer...
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    Zelda Wii Playable on E3

    it means that you will be walking along and there is kinda a tree tunnel then suddenly' you find yourself opening a chest containing a small key
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    Vending Machine

    you get a fat duck i put in my insane dying cat
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    i think that it would be cool if you get an item in the beginning of the game and it has no porpouse (spelling :( ) then in like the fourth dungeon you fight a boss but you have to use that item you completely forgot about..also it would be cool if there were 4 doors which each had an item and...
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    Corrupt a wish!

    i willl but that doesent stop chuck norris from destoying your kingdom
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    Corrupt a wish!

    granted but uuuhhh the forces of time and space and chuck norris cause bill cosby to whack an ipad on your head and then you are force to eat terrible ice cream then marry a butt then you become ganon but in deku form and link cooks you up and your mom marrys a butt then the butt eats link and...
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    Corrupt a wish!

    granted but miyamoto says that there is going to be no more link or ganon or anything else or hyrule and link gets scrapped into half-life 2 and someone throw a grenade at zombie link and blow up links legs and he starts crawling towards you on fire and then the whole world crys.... i wish...
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    Zelda Wii Items.

    .....IDEA!!! how about a mix between the double clawshot (or hookshot) the iron boots and the ball n chain. like say there is a boss that is magnetic on his head and the roof is magnetic too. so you shoot the double iron claw (thats what i call the item!) at the ceiling and the you swing your...
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    Corrupt a wish!

    you get them but the games acts like the cube thingy in transformers and transforms your consoles into robot cuccos with machine guns and then start singing a song that has no words which makes your and your pet monkey(yes you get a monkey O_o) head to explode then master kokiri9 eats your...
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    A Majora's Mask for Art's Sake

    majora's mask would be awesome in tp graphics in my opinion.....well i am a little picky on graphics so when i played oot it was a little too bulky for me but i got used to it....cel-shaded graphics...not so much..and i would like to play tp in cel-shaded graphics and oot in tp graphics as well
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    Corrupt a wish!

    sorrry i forgot to post my wish i wish that i could have aardvark milk for lunch with a side of zora fillet!!!!....muahahahahahahaha
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    Corrupt a wish!

    you will get the lemur but it will be commanded by ganondorf to poke your eyes out and kill link and then kill ganon and take over hyrule then kill you
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    Zelda Wii = Last Game??

    there are a couple of series that if they stopped nintendo would almost die...1. Mario bros. 2. legend of zelda. 3.metroid. if nintendo stopped making any of those series = big loss of $$$$
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    Why a Shiekah?

    well it would be weird if she disguised herself as a goron or a zora or even a deku so why not a sheikah
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    my question is how do the kokiri reproduce!?!?!?...because on a different thread this guy said he read an articile (spelling) saying the lifespan of the kokiri is 60 years and TWW takes place over 100 years after OOT so they would have to be different kokiri so how were those different kokiri...
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    Skull Kid Theory

    and in oot there are other skull kids too so that could mean anything.....but i really like your theory
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    Ever Wonder Why Tetras Skin is Darker when She's Tetra and Lighter when She's Zelda

    but think about it, would you guys like it if when tetra turned into princess zelda and her skin was tan with all her frilly pink clothes
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    First Zelda Released in Your Lifetime?

    well i was born in june 11th 1999 soooooo that means that majoras mask was the first one
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    Will Dark Link Make An Appearance?

    actually, shadow link is in ST it is on the take them all on challenge but it is beyond hard to get to him
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    Ocarina of Time Which first, Shadow or Spirit?

    i couldent agree more and ihave heard that twinrova is the best boss so i think it should be saved for later
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    Ocarina of Time Which first, Shadow or Spirit?

    :) :( personally i havent beat oot yet because my gamecube controller is broke (yes i have collectors edition) and i am in the water temple but it would seem fun to do the spirit temple first
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    WW-Wii U Wind Waker Create an Island

    i have a sorta good idea...ok here it is. it would be called dusk island and when you arrive there you would find a path, two giant boulders, ad some switches which you would have to press in a certain order to get a small key. right next to the switches would be a huge field of poisonous smoke...
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    Name for Zelda Wii

    OH yes i have a great one and i heard it has a 6% of actually being the title are you ready.......Legend of Zelda Valley of the Flood
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