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    Spirit Flute

    oh god. i'm stuck on this part too. i've tried it about 20 times, and the others i had no problems whatsoever...
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    TWW Refrences

    The fact you get Links WW shield from Niko after collecting 5 or 10 stamps is a bit of a reference. ha. The town is Outset Town. Thought i've seen it under a different name in the walkthrough. Tingle statue in Linebeck 3rds home.
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    Emphasis on Number 4 in Majora's Mask

    Considering the town is at the centre, it's gonna have 4 points, to the rest is pretty obvious. The only thing i found odd was the part where you said "4 days" There's only 3.
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    First Form of Bellum in PH Help

    you need to get the little orb first that Ceila drops, this is at the part where it's running at you though, before that you'll need to fire arrows at it's tentacles.
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    Spirit Tracks: DENIED!

    Well, it isn't released here until the 12th, but it's the tin edition, it has been shipped as we speak which i found wierd since it's a bit early O.o But i'm not so fussed about the whole "everyone has it but me" I never look in this section (due to spoilerific titles) but saw this name on the...
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    Placement of New Zelda Title?

    Well, that's really what this topic is asking, I just came up with my wee theory. Yeah, it's all fan fic until we know more, which essentially won't be up until the release (storywise) As for the sword, i decided to look it up, but they're even similar anyways, i don't see much of a difference...
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    Placement of New Zelda Title?

    I truley think it is the "Person" behind the Master sword, either she somehow becomes the Master Sword, or the Master Sword is made in her image. The point about her cape being pointed downwards whereas the Master Sword points upwards... be serious, they aren't going to put the cape pointin...
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    First Zelda Released in Your Lifetime?

    I was two when ALTTP came out, but the first game i played was OOT in.. 2002.
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    Should There Be a Sequel to Mm

    I generally wouldn't like a sequel,Because in most cases, the sequel rarely lives up to the original. Although... I'd love a game where masks play a big part again. It's fun having to re-do time just to get a single mask, so it has that longer playability. Though if a game were to take place...
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    Times You Thought "Hmm..."

    Yeah, but i mentioned (in a way) That the first time is always fun, because you don't know anything about it, you have to work things out for yourself, like i said in majora's mask. But generally, once you've played it more than once, you just seem to beat them in a few shots. But that can't be...
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    What element?

    I think Earth, I'm going to go travelling one day and hope to see all the natural structures around the world. I just think nature is beautiful, a dense forest, snow untouched on top of mountains, Orange leaves on trees. It's all good :)
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    Times You Thought "Hmm..."

    Generally the bosses in the 3D games, Most are to easy imho. I'm replaying MM now and because i haven't played it in years, it takes a while to beat the bosses which is nice.
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    Youtube Accounts

    Yeah I have one, i made it just to favorite music videos etc, and now use it full time, I don't make my own videos anymore though ^_^ ID: NullNyctota
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    Zelda Manga

    Well, i decided to order my first Zelda Manga while i was doing a little internet shopping yesterday and bought OOT Vol. 1 It was about £3.60 alltogether with amazon's free delivery. If it's good i'll buy the rest, or ask for them as a christmas present :)
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    Water Temple in OOT

    Unless you added a speed hack or something i severly doubt that. Time it takes to lower water, rise water, defeat mini-boss, backtrack, beat boss. More than 5 minutes surely. As for myself, i didn't really find it a problem, just takes a bit to do all the backtracking, Now that i play the...
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    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Solntse - YaYa Russian group, you can find this song only on their myspace, http://www.myspace.com/yayasite
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    When Do You Plan on Getting Spirit Tracks?

    The day it's released here, the 12th December, I pre-ordered it so it will be the tin and figurine edition. Should be here on he day or a day later
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    What's The Time?

    Hmm... I think i may have asked an impossible question to answer. I think it's safe to assumed that in most games it will take place over months. With the obvious exceptions
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    How many sages were there?

    Also, Somethign about WW. There was only 2 Temples, The Wind(?) Templte to the South, and the Earth Temple to the North. So only need for 2 sages. For some reason before the flood of Hyrule there was only two temples. Pour example, The events after the CL of OOT can take place across a long...
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    How Advanced IS Hyrule??

    They could also tell the time in OOT. It just wasn't displayed, like if you talk to a Soldier at the entrance to Kakariko, he will tell you the time. But i guess you mean that they had the clocks in a physical form. Well right from the start we have bombs I'd say those are pretty advanced.
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    Spirit Tracks Pre-Order Bundle

    Got an e-mail from GAME (uk game store) So anyone who orders the editiion with the tin will now have to pay £29.99, Glad i Pre-ordered more th it over a month ago.
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    Need More Joy Pendants!

    just from moblins. You can sail around the main map and climb on the lookout posts / rafts with them on. Just don't rely on beating them to get the pendants, use the grappling hook on each. They're also in most of the temples.
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    Zelda Phantom Hourglass on NES!!

    Phantom hourglass with a pictre of Ezlo and the title being "minish cap" on it? It's alright. For a pirate. I guess. I'm just not like "oh wow" =/
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    Darknuts (WW)

    There's a cave on Outset Island which you need the Deku Leaf to get to (and the power bracelets) It's a sort of cave of ordeals and has a few Darknuts in there. They're generally in most the dungeons too. There's also another hole on Dragon Roost Island which you only need a bomb. (it's near the...
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    Epona's Song Not Working?!!?

    When i first went to Lon Lon Ranch as an adult, I didn't get on a random horse, I played Epona's song and got on Epona. The 2nd time you choose to ride a horse Ingo will challenge you to a Race. @OP dunno why Epona's Song isn't working for you, could be a case of a bad rom.
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    Lady GaGa

    Anyone a fan of Lady GaGa? I just got her new album yesterday, The Fame Monster. It's pretty amazing. She's a brilliant artist, does what she does best, and so innovative. The fact she dares just to do what she wants, then tops the charts is just amazing. Any other fans? :D
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    Brand New UK Spirit Tracks Commercial

    Nah, you could get 5000 Rupees in Wind Waker. I've yet to see the Advert on my own tv, but so looking forward to it :) Yay for pre-orders.
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    Placement of 2D Games

    Dunno if this has been mentioned or not, but the 3 priestesses in Minish Cap (Farore, Din and Nayru) when you get their statue, it mentions for Nayru and Din their old town, Labyrinna and Hooldrum (whatever it was called D:) And that they came to Hyrule to find new homes. So dunno if that...
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    Which Character Would You Be?

    I'd probabely be a Skull Kid. (from OOT/MM) Cause i like the whole quirky movements he does basically.
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    What's The Time?

    I'm sure, the door is open once every 100 years, So the game spans over a day. unless you think it's 100 years. Edited my first post for a "time line"
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    Do You Organize Your Game Cases?

    Console, then alphabetically. But i'll keep my favorite types together, like All the Final Fantasy Games on one shelf, All my Metal Gear games on another, and all the Legend Of Zelda games on another.
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    Darkness and Realism

    Too me: Dark and Realistic = Not always good. Sure, it can set good scenes, but it doesn't neccesaraly make a good game. It has to be about the gameplay, like i don't want to have to resort to playing WW for a good hearted game. There's only so much deppresion you can take.
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    Difficult Controls?

    Yeah, the controls were pretty hard at first to swing, I always found it difficult to roll too :S But i got the hang of it eventually. I remember one of the skeletons in the game saying something like "I wish there was button control!" so there may be that option in Spirit Tracks. Not likely...
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    Bosses too Easy?

    Maybe they should have a difficulty setting... Like i know how the Wii is supposed to appeal to everyone so if a new player plays Zelda, they won't find it too difficult.. But they should include an option for harder enemies for the more experienced players.
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    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    I don't own anything other than a cap and a hoodie. I'll be getting the two recycled PH figurines with my copy of Spirit Tracks though. I might end up buying an ocarina too. I'd also love a replica of the Mirror Shield in Majora's Mask. But... finding one isn't that likely. lol.
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    What's The Time?

    Thanks for the posts, interesting point. I know about the whole "depends on the player" but there must be like a set time? I'm gonna edit my first post to include the names of the games and the proposed times. Another one to add is Minish Cap, this game takes place over a day, due to the...
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    Hardest Boss in OOT

    I found Shadow Link to be a bit of a pain in the ***. It literally takes me nearly an hour to beat him.
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    Not Quite Fan Art.. but XD

    Oh thanks for the link, i might check it out and make more masks :) Well, here's more fan art, more sigs but meh. > This is the one currently in my sig V but it won't show for some reason... < (Fallout was a previous forum name) Enjoy!
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    Which is easier: Minish Cap or Phantom Hourglass?

    For me PH seems more child orientated, considering there are only heart containers, and with all the slapstick comedy. It just seems more childish. While Minish Cap seemed like a proper Zelda, though it was a handheld, it was like playing a proper Zelda game. I've started playing Minish Cap...
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    What's Really Annoying to You?

    Yeah i didn't like this, it was worse in the eyed reefs. You get bombed out your boat, then as soon as you get back in, you're bombed out again. It's hard if the wind is blowing the other direction too, cause you can't just open the sail :stalfos:
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    Embarrassing But True

    I wouldn't find it embarrassing, it just makes me more different than to say we all like the same bands... I like loads of different stuff. t.A.T.u. MakSim Britney Spears Kate Nash YaYa Russian music, English music, French music, whatever music, i like it all. I just wouldn't put it on for my...
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    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Mariella - Kate Nash Bit of British :P Well the whole album is on shuffle = Made Of Bricks - Kate Nash
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    Games You Bought Recently

    The only game i've bought recently is the pre-order of Spirit Tracks, the pre-order edition. Can't wait for it to arrive in the tin and figurines =3
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    Lame, Lame, Trading Sequence

    I'm pretty sure it was a Koleidoscope? the thing that makes shapes as you twist it in the sunlight ha. There wasn't many places you could look though. It was literally 3 boats and an island. I gave the first three items to the first three people, but at first i went to the Goron Island...
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    Favorite Books

    Hmmm, I think one of my favorite books is(are?) The Time Travelers Wife, When the movie came out and was said to be based on a novel by Audrey Niffenegger I decided i wanted to read the novel first, It was amazing. So much better than the movie, If you haven't seen the movie, i reccomend reading...
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    ~SongOfStorms Gallery

    Impressive :) I like the style of those Scribbletars. Are they wooden characters? with the holes on the top of the Limbs? You're very talented :) do you do these just as a hobby or are you studying an Art course or something?
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    What do you do to calm yourself?

    If i'm stressed from work or something, usually i just light a candle, (yes, how masculine of me lol) and lie down/watch a movie. I find candles very anti-stressing, Especially the scented ones.
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    How Do YOU Open a New Game?

    When i get a new game, i'll try and find the little flap to rip the cling film off. Then i'll look at the box, cover and read the stuff on the back. Admire the disk art/cartridge Sit back and read through the manual, looking at the art, Then i'll start playing. But it doesn't stop there xD I...
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    You Know That Feeling You Get...

    Hmm.. I get something when playing Guitar Hero, i think it's technically "Travel Sickness" If you play one song, then look at something like a wall or whatever, it looks like it's melting or something. Combine that with playing it for more than an hour... = Heavy sickness. But yeah, i try not...
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    Favorite Island in PH

    I don't really have a favorite =/ none of them even come to mind as "good" just seems like a mini WW to me in a way.
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