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  1. MaanavLink

    A Link Between Worlds Favorite Sage? (spoilers)

    Gulley of course. He is sure not what one would think is a sage, and instead it comes out as a surprise he is a sage. When is mother comes asking where Gulley is shortly before you can go to Lorule, I thought that finding Gulley was a side-quest, or something you could have to complete to go on...
  2. MaanavLink

    A Link Between Worlds Counterparts (spoilers)

    It is Ganon. Though it may not seem so, it is. Besides the visual similarities of Ganondorf, and Yuga (since Ganon is just a form of Ganondorf), they both are evil. Though Yuga helps Hilda, he does succumb to the power of the Triforce, and does defy her, and goes for the Triforce himself, which...
  3. MaanavLink

    General Zelda Which Dungeon Structure Do You Find To Be The Most Unique?

    Ice Ruins in A Link Between Worlds. It had a creative way of going with an over head dungeon, by taking the 3D to its advantage, and making it an open multilevel dungeon.
  4. MaanavLink

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    A ton is on my mind. School, acting, and work. So much to do, yet so little time :(
  5. MaanavLink

    A Link Between Worlds Pegasus Boots -- How Did YOU Figure Out How to Get Them? *possible Spoilers*

    Found the theif, and when he was Kakariko, I got them right away. Didnt really think it through. It just sorta happened.
  6. MaanavLink

    Taking Your Hand Held Console to School?

    I don't take my handhelds to school, besides my iPhone. To me, that is enough game. I prefer taking my handhelds anywhere if I expect to play for about 45 minutes, otherwise I dont feel complete. I anyways, have to keep it away until I am on the bus, so I prefer not to have them at all.
  7. MaanavLink

    Day of the Doctor Discussion, SPOILERS Likely to Appear.

    It was brilliant. John Hurt's Doctor wasnt as great as I thought he would be, but other wise, it was great! I saw it online, what about you guys?
  8. MaanavLink

    What is the Most Recent Dungeon That You Completed?

    Lorule Castle was my last dungeon. It was a pretty good dungeon for a final dungeon too.
  9. MaanavLink

    Majora's Mask Do You Think a Majora's Mask Remake Is on the Way?

    Well back when A Link Between Worlds was in its brainstorming stage, Nintendo was trying to decide with either a Majoras Mask Remake, A Link to the Past Remake, or A Link to the Past sequel. So the release of A Link Between Worlds was more or less the demise of a Majoras Mask Remake for atleast...
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