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  1. TwiliMajora

    Favourite Zelda Commercial?

    I liked the skyward sword one where master swords and hylian shields dropped from the sky. What about you?
  2. TwiliMajora

    Skyward Sword Race That You Would Like to See Return

    I think The parella were really underused, so I'd definitely like to see them again
  3. TwiliMajora

    What is Your Favorite SS Pairing (other than Link X Zelda)?

    Karane and Pipit were really cute together :3
  4. TwiliMajora

    What Shield Did You Use Most In Skyward Sword?

    The hylian shield was really the only good one
  5. TwiliMajora

    Shortest Zelda?

    The length was fine with me, but I wish it didn't that so much filler
  6. TwiliMajora

    Zelda Poems

    It's not bad at all! Good job!! :)
  7. TwiliMajora

    Link Vs. The Horde

    It was a really good idea, though really easy. I really hope they do something like that again
  8. TwiliMajora

    How Did You Waste Time?

    I played thrill digger when I was supposed I be looking for the key shards to enter the earth temple. Sorry Impa, that's why I was late
  9. TwiliMajora

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    1/10, never seen you sorry
  10. TwiliMajora

    The Julius Game - Zelda

    Statue of the goddess
  11. TwiliMajora

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    Happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy joy!!!!
  12. TwiliMajora

    Most Overrated Person of All Time

    I have 5: one direction
  13. TwiliMajora

    What element?

    Water is pretty :P
  14. TwiliMajora

    What's Your Favorite Cartoon?

    My little pony: friendship is magic! Brohoof!!!
  15. TwiliMajora

    What Kind of Pets Do You Have?

    I don't have a pet :( but if I could choose, I'd pick a dog... Or a cat... Or a pony/pegasus/unicorn from Equestria...
  16. TwiliMajora

    Your Lightning Round First Battle

    Ghirahim. Is. Fabulous. I picked him
  17. TwiliMajora

    Jello or Yogurt?

  18. TwiliMajora

    Any Bronies Here?

    If you're a brony I give a Brohoof to you Who's you're favourite pony? Mine is Fluttershy :3
  19. TwiliMajora

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I'm happy because pinkie pie sang about smiling
  20. TwiliMajora

    Favorite Movie

    The hunger games :P
  21. TwiliMajora

    Too Old to Play Zelda?

    Never! Zelda is for all ages! In fact, one of the things I like is how the fan base ranges from like 10 year olds or younger to adults! It's a game for everyone!
  22. TwiliMajora

    Should Zelda Songs Have Lyrics?

    I don't think they should give lyrics to the classic songs, but in the future with new songs might be interesting to see. I liked Zelda singing in SS, so it could be good.
  23. TwiliMajora

    Playing Zelda with Family & Friends

    My brother always watches me play Zelda. Out of all the zelda games we have he's only beaten oot (with my help...) but he feels like he's beaten all the ones I have because whenever I play he's there watching me. It's kind of annoying actually.
  24. TwiliMajora

    Pronouncing "Malon"?

    I switch between muh-Lon and ma-lun :P
  25. TwiliMajora

    Spoiler Least Favorite Dungeon in Skyward Sword?

    The sand ship seemed really dull to me... I had high hopes about that one but I was just bored the whole time
  26. TwiliMajora

    Poll: Favorite Minor Character

    I wouldn't call Impa a minor character... But oh we'll I vote for her!
  27. TwiliMajora

    Is Skyward Sword the Most Challenging Zelda Yet?

    The tv commercial says that skyward sword is "the most challenging Zelda adventure yet" I disagree. What do you think? If you disagree with the statement, what was the most challenging game for you?
  28. TwiliMajora

    The Most Adventurest Zelda Out There Game

    Twilight princess has the most adventure-like atmosphere for me
  29. TwiliMajora

    Biggest Badass in the Legend of Zelda

    I'd say demise. Or Ghirahim, because he's so fabulous.
  30. TwiliMajora

    Things You Hate in Zelda

    I don't have much I would want to change. As long ad they don't make all the filler in skyward sword a repeating thing, I'm good.
  31. TwiliMajora

    Zelda Poems

    Does anyone know a good one? Post it on here! I know of one haiku. (credit goes to meekakitty on YouTube for thinking it up) Hey listen Navi You already told me that I want to kill you :)
  32. TwiliMajora

    Which is the Best Transportation?

    Epona <3
  33. TwiliMajora

    Skyward Sword What's Your Opinion on Motion Controls?

    They worked. Therefore, I had no problem with them.
  34. TwiliMajora

    Complete Symphony of the Goddess Concert CD

    I wish. I really liked the majora's mask movement.
  35. TwiliMajora

    Adult Link or Kid Link

    Adult link cuz... He's awesome. Nuff said.
  36. TwiliMajora

    Water Temples

    I like the water temples! I really don't find them that hard!
  37. TwiliMajora

    Twilight Princess Who Was Your Favourite Boss?

    Im a big fan of the Snowpeak ruins, so blizzeta is my favourite. The music was great, and even thought the fight was easy it was very fun imo
  38. TwiliMajora

    Twilight Princess Is It Worth Buying Twilight Princess?

    Definetly worth it!!!!
  39. TwiliMajora

    Favorite Video Game Music

    Zelda music and dream to life music are my favorites, final fantasy and super Mario galaxy music is also very good imo Oh silly me! I almost forgot to mention skyrim!!!
  40. TwiliMajora

    Miyamoto's New Game for the Wii U, Better Than the Zelda Series?

    Probably an rpg, but I doubt it will be better than zelda
  41. TwiliMajora

    Favorite(least) School Subject

    My favourite is art, least favourite is gym...
  42. TwiliMajora

    Should Hero Mode Overwrite Your File?

    I was kinda sad it overwrote my old file, I kinda wanted to 100% that file...
  43. TwiliMajora

    Spoiler Did Skyward Sword Ever Make You Cry?

    I cried when Zelda sealed herself away.. What about you?
  44. TwiliMajora

    Is Skyward Sword a Good Game or a Bad Game?

    The game is amazing! The graphics are gorgeous, the music is beautiful, the characters are extremely well developed, the controls worked, the difficulty was challenging but not too hard, and it made me both laugh hysterically and cry! Fantastic job Nitendo! Two thumbs up!!!
  45. TwiliMajora

    LEAST Favorite Companion?

    Fi was annoying, but she was helpful sometimes (very rarely though) and at the end of the game I ended up kind of liking her because of that final scene. (I won't spoil anything) Navi on the other hand.... Was never the least bit helpful, had an annoying voice, and I really didn't care about her...
  46. TwiliMajora

    Least Favourite Villain?

    Who's your least favourite villain in the Zelda series? Not really sure myself... Kind of a tough question...
  47. TwiliMajora

    What is the Strangest Dream You've Ever Had?

    My weirdest dream ever was when my grandparents drove my brother and I to some waterside park and my entire grade six class was there by coincidence. We met this singer named water girl and for some reason gave her a ride home. Her house turned out to be a space station where they looked for the...
  48. TwiliMajora

    Which Series or Dungeon Gaming Website is Your Favorite.

    Zelda dungeon!!! My Favourite series, so obviously my favourite website!! ^_^
  49. TwiliMajora

    Whats Your Favorite Type of Music?

    Even though I voted classical, my favourite is better described as instrumental. I feel like music without lyrics is a lot more meaningful and powerful than music with lyrics.
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