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  1. Infernape

    Skyward Sword Bundle

    yay box art. too bad i preordered the normal version off amazon. do still get cool stuff:kawaii:
  2. Infernape

    Should Link's Bird Replace Epona?

    you can have a great game without Epona. i hope the bird plays a large part of the game and we see it in other games. what is the birds name ?:)
  3. Infernape

    SwS or SS?

    Its ss. ive never even herd of the germany thing. the abbreviation doesn't even matter :|
  4. Infernape

    WW-Wii U What Does Everyone Think About the Great Sea in Wind Waker?

    Haters gunna hate Ive always loved the great sea. i hated haters that hated it :) :D haters gunna hate :xd: :tektite:
  5. Infernape

    Rating Predictions

    I think 9, hope 10! but, think 9
  6. Infernape

    Four Swords Adventures How Do You View the Links?

    i would say manga im a manga fan
  7. Infernape

    Twilight Princess Random Fact :Barns Bombs:

    ok this is kinda a random thread, but. i was wondering why barns bombs is open 24/7. i mean its just a bomb shop. and all other shops (almost all) are closed at night. well i figure it out. there is a ledge above barnes shop that is only accessible through his shop. at night there are two...
  8. Infernape

    The Little Things, or Where the @#$% Are My Octoroks?!

    i love all of these ideas except bringing back zelda II bosses . i especially like the museum idea. why is it you so much like octarocks? and i would love to see another big ocean like the great sea from WW or at least the island coasts in that game :)
  9. Infernape

    Ocarina of Time Best Zelda Dungeon

    I really dont have a favorite. I really think nintendo does a great job on all of them. LONG LIVE ZELDA
  10. Infernape

    What is Ghirahim?

    I don't think that it would be destroyed because that would ruin all the backstories of the game that we know so far, because, everyone would die! :) and there are already so many connecting aspect of the games>:suspicious:
  11. Infernape

    Spoiler Beetle:

    The beetle does look like a lot of fun. ha not you mr. Beetle
  12. Infernape

    SS release dates!!!

    i totallly bet that this is not legit. i have heard from others that nintendo of europe is not that trust worthy. besides i live in england and it is still english, but british wii games only work on the PAL version wii. (European) i and other americans have american consoles. the only british...
  13. Infernape

    General Classic Randon Q.

    Does OoA and OoS have the same relation to each other as pokemon black and white. . .:) . .:silent: . .:puppy: . ............................im asking because ive never played :yes:
  14. Infernape

    Skyward Sword "number"

    Lucky number 7 ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. omg you made me T H I N K:( well anyway la,oot,mm,tp,ph,st. its my 7th let there be luck
  15. Infernape

    Gamescom 2011

    Well my hopes are very high for gamescon humph.
  16. Infernape

    Red Tunic Confirmed?

    totally that is a red tunic and i expect to see new tunics :)
  17. Infernape

    Your Favorite Zelda Game

    I realy dont have a fav. all zelda games are amazing and i dont think its right to single one out. (Excluding zelda II.) ummm. if i had to pick it would probably be either LA or PH.
  18. Infernape

    Do You Think Collecting Tears in the Siren World Will Be As Tedious As It Was in TP?

    I think nintendo will put a differant spin on it this time around. I kinda thought that they took out that part from SS. oh well it'll probably be fun. I hope . . . . . :)
  19. Infernape

    When is the Release Date?

    holiday 2011. but ive also heard nov. 2
  20. Infernape

    How Will You Play Through the Game and What Will You Name Link?

    omg reading all this SS stuff makes me sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo EXCITED
  21. Infernape

    How Will You Play Through the Game and What Will You Name Link?

    my name is link, slow attempted 100% run. first time not watching or using any walkthroughs. :)
  22. Infernape

    The Legend of Zelda Darknut Vs Landsnecht, Who Wins?

    Dark nut because i dont know what a landsknecht is. is that german zweihander?
  23. Infernape

    Spoiler Skyward Sword and Minish Cap Similar?

    Your right! Vatii----> and Ghirahim----> do look very simular. :) i didnt realize that.
  24. Infernape

    Possible Evidence of Oocca in SS

    Umm. i dont see it. mabey the shape is right. it would'nt make much since for oocaa to be in this game, or as a statue. although anything is possible we know very little about this game. good observation though :) i looked back and now i see it! oops. Probably just a coincidence >.<
  25. Infernape

    Ghirahim Bind or Kill?

    ghirahim is not the main villian and whoever it is MUST BE KILLED Ummm. my guess
  26. Infernape

    New SS Screenshots

    yea those r old. looks like some from trailers. good job posting it though. thx 4 effort . though those are pretty good pics :D
  27. Infernape

    Ocarina of Time The Trading Quest

    I never was realy even aware of the sequence. umm. once i got the big (light weapon) (*to a goron*) (**who's huge**) (***:lol:***) sword it broke instantly (I hit it to a rock) whats up with that?
  28. Infernape

    Ocarina of Time Spin Attack or Sword Beam

    how about a spin beam attack. (the name explains it). ha :lol: idk like to see the spin attack and know we will
  29. Infernape

    Ocarina of Time What Was Your Favorite Moment in Ocarina of Time?

    I D-O. like OOt (what was i thinking) mine is getting epona from ingo that whole thing is so kool. now im having second thoughts on disliking this game :D
  30. Infernape

    Do You Need It?

    Brick yes you'll need it. no motion plus, no play. i have four wii remotes with built in motion plus. i think this motion plus addition will make the game much more fun. kinda like "virtual reality" .:O
  31. Infernape

    Spoiler Skyward Sword and Minish Cap Similar?

    skyward sword and minish cap are directed by the same man. at the beginning of minish cap there was a festival. at the beging of skyward sword there there are pictures of what looks like a festival. minish cap, zelda gets kidnapped. Skyward sword, zelda gets kidnapped by a whale thing. how...
  32. Infernape

    Four Swords I Dont Get It

    i do understand cheese more than the topic being discussed -> gggggggggggggggg <-random
  33. Infernape

    Ocarina of Time What Was It for You?

    aaaaaaa. no like Ocarina-o-Time.
  34. Infernape

    Ocarina of Time Is It Really the Best Zelda Game Ever?

    I honestly dont think OOT is the best zelda game of all time. i wouldnt even put it in the 3 best zelda games bracket. :) umm. Erebea who's the dude......?
  35. Infernape

    Phi Compared to Everyone

    No one realy knows how phi is going to work. i think this will be a very unusual partnership.
  36. Infernape

    Ocarina of Time Navi's Annoyance - Overrated?

    dont be sooooooo mean 2 my precios navi LOL <3 navi is not annoying at all to me. I like her little fairy voice. she all ways helped me now I dont know why peaple say keapora gaebora is annoying?:huh: I like this picture *RANDOM*
  37. Infernape

    Ocarina of Time Convince Me

    thanks , do you think that there will be a price drop even with nintendos 3ds inncident?
  38. Infernape

    Countdown to Skyward Sword Release!

    cant wait i cant wait till it comes out ive already pre-ordered it. :lol: does anyone know anything about the game being bundled with a special gold wii remote with a triforce on it. :) I am hoping for the release to be in early november, though thats probably being hopful
  39. Infernape

    Skyward Sword--the Art Style

    BEAUTIFULomg it is the, well one of the best things about the game in my opinion:xd: the link in it looks to cool (epic hair) SwS ithought it was just SS.............?
  40. Infernape

    Spoiler Kaepora Gaebora

    Rauru,! that's what his name was i couldnt remember
  41. Infernape

    Spoiler Kaepora Gaebora

    in the skyward sword trailers there is a old man with big eye brows like Kaepora Gaebora's. I think he is also, like the school teacher or something. and since this game leads up to the events of ocarina of time. it is hypothesized that Kaepora Gaebora is the re-encarnation of this man. what do...
  42. Infernape

    Twilight Princess Randomly Crashing on Nintendo Wii Version

    ive had no such problem on my game. i buy all of my games from amazon.com
  43. Infernape

    Ocarina of Time First Encounter with a Wallmaster

    in phantom hourglass (my first zelda game) didnt scare me one bit :P
  44. Infernape

    Ocarina of Time What Would Make You Swear?

    dying:( other than that not realy. i didnt care for the game much in itself
  45. Infernape

    Ocarina of Time Convince Me

    do you have the game.......................?
  46. Infernape

    What Are You Looking Forward to Most.

    im totally lookinf forward to exploring the floating islands
  47. Infernape

    Ocarina of Time Convince Me

    I was curious about oot and got it 4 virtual console on the wii. i got to the water temple (go figures) and totally lost interest. i kinda want Oot3d but i dont think i want it 40$ much. so there you go now its your turn, convince me.:D
  48. Infernape

    All Zelda Games Ever

    wow i hade no idea there were 40 zeldas good job with the vids. that must have took a long time. good job and thanks dark master. :)
  49. Infernape

    The Bully

    no, the rival will just be a minor character. link will probably end up showing him up! :-) :)
  50. Infernape

    Spoiler What We Can Confirm About the Game

    *no_reading* wow. i skipped right to the bottom just to post this. *no reading* i am the kind of person that likes to be surprised!:xd::rolleyes:
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