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  1. Onilink89

    What do you do to calm yourself?

    I also don 't show my anger very often. But yeah it may be a good thing or a bad thing. Having patience or endure your anger is a good thing. But bottiling all that anger up until your limit, you discharge all of your anger. Ever heard of " To be blind by anger" ? well basicly thats it...
  2. Onilink89

    What do you do to calm yourself?

    When i'm frustrated or mad, i do a lot of things. 1. Play (agressive) fighting games. (mostly mortal kombat) 2. Listen to hard music. (mostly rock, trance or techno with a hard bass) 3. Break something. (things that are not important) 4. Punch the wall. (one time i brused it and one time it...
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