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  1. cucco002

    What Could Happen when We Have 2 Princesses at the End of AoL?

    Hi everyone, this is not exactly a theory, but a discussion that needs some At the end of AoL Link wakes up the sleeping Zelda, and since the princess of the previous game is still around, I was wondering what would happen since there are two princesses Zelda? there would be some political...
  2. cucco002

    Spoiler What Ever Happened to Those Masks?

    Well, Link was unconscious after defeating Majora, it was a good opportunity for the Happy Mask Salesman :P
  3. cucco002

    Spoiler What Ever Happened to Those Masks?

    I cant talk for NaviandLink, but the only thing connected to any mask at the end of TP could be that some people see the Majoras Mask in a wall http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XI89rKljncQ thougn I can see the thing in the wall, I fail to seriously see the Mask, so I don't give it my...
  4. cucco002

    Twilight Princess Did You Know? Unused Music for the Sacred Grove

    Maybe this is something well known, but this is new for me so I wanted to share. I was bored, hitting "random page" in the wiki and the Sacred Grove page appeared. By reading the trivia section I learned that: Version used in the game Here is it...
  5. cucco002

    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    "What Zelda Game That You Played Do You Hate the Most?" Sorry, I have never played a Cd-i game, so I don't know what you are talking about :( ... Seriously, I understand that someone doesn't like a game, even if it is one I love, but to hate the game? I don't get it Just my little...
  6. cucco002

    Which Character Would You Give a Bigger Role and How?

    Hi everyone "which character would you give a bigger role and how?" For example, in OoT the Happy Mask Salesman and the Skull Kid were not very different from other minor characters, but they got a mayor role in MM using the game´s plot (and there is no need to explain it here).
  7. cucco002

    Rounded Ears Theory

    Just for reference http://www.zeldawiki.org/Human
  8. cucco002

    How the Triforce Can Exist in Twilight Princess and Wind Waker

    Well, if I understand what you mean, maybe this quote from WW can help Sorry I cant help more, I have something to do, I bet some other users can help you better, anyway, I will come back again sometime
  9. cucco002

    Do the Cursed Bobokoblins Evolve into Redeads?

    There is no need to say this again but its improbable the cursed Bokoblins and the Redeads are related directly or biologically as an evolution would imply, but I would believe that both are animated by a similar curse or evil magic. Some people are mentioning the SSBM trophy As you...
  10. cucco002

    Ocarina of Time, How Would You Make It Better.

    Well, when it comes to my favorite game ever, its a little harder for me to explain. Some people have two favorite games over all the others, I have six of them, between them, no one is better than the other to me, because I cant compare them and I just cant pick one, its like asking a father...
  11. cucco002

    Game Help Character Name?

    Well, with that description is very easy to know who is this character, but.... little...girl? I guess the SNES sprites does not help, but he is a man, and if he is ever called by something from Nintendo is in the official strategy guide: He is called the Running Man, its not weird to...
  12. cucco002

    Time Traveling Banker

    Actually, the banker uses an invisible mark to recognize the bank users, remember how he always touches Links head?. So each time you go to the bank he checks the marking to know your name and how much rupees you have stored with him, and if they are lost when you travel back in time, he still...
  13. cucco002

    Is It Too Late to Lose Confidence in the Hyrule Historia?

    Maybe, just maybe, it was an error with the images, I have seen this before note how the fire and spirit medallions seem to be placed wrong, and I don't think it means that they decided to change them
  14. cucco002

    Spoiler Why The "Link Created Termina With His Mind" Is NOT True!

    uhm, yes? I dont think that what I said goes against that, or it does? If anything, what I said is that the inhabitants of Termina are the same, that's if they are part of a dream, and I am not saying they are. I am not sure why, but just thinking about it made me relate the Happy Mask...
  15. cucco002

    Tad Tones Are Zoras?

    I was a little bit lazy in my last post, I was hoping for someone to point it out, but lets try this and see what happens. The images showing here are obviously concept art created for the design of the Parella, we know how it ended looking, but we can see how the concept art, specially the...
  16. cucco002

    Spoiler Why The "Link Created Termina With His Mind" Is NOT True!

    I am not trying to get into this discussion, I dont think I could truly say if Termina its completely real or there is something created by the mind of some character, though I prefer the parallel world version over the dream one. I am just here because of this: because we have this...
  17. cucco002

    Tad Tones Are Zoras?

    Well, if we look at the baby zoras and their adult counterparts, its not hard to think that the tadtones could be baby parella ----> http://oyster.ignimgs.com/mediawiki/apis.ign.com/the-legend-of-zelda-skyward-sword/f/f9/Sword_4676.jpg ----> we can see how the shapes on the...
  18. cucco002

    How Long Do You Think It Takes an Adventure in Zelda? (in Game)

    It seems like I forgot to tell my opinion In general I would go with months To those thinking about how much time it takes to beat the game I think you are misunderstand me here, forget about that, imagine that each adventure is a real story, how much time do you think it takes, realistically...
  19. cucco002

    How Long Do You Think It Takes an Adventure in Zelda? (in Game)

    Hi everyone! its been a while since I was around the forums, so I decided to post this question "How long do you think it takes and adventure in Zelda?", and I mean in the game universe, days? weeks? months? years maybe? How much time you consider it takes? of course it can be different...
  20. cucco002

    Skyward Sword Skyward Sword

    well, is hard to understand what you mean, but if I remember the rope during the Din silent realm, there is a little tunnel for Link to crawl, I think it should be bombed, I am not sure
  21. cucco002

    Spoiler Creating Challenges, Quests & Other Random Activities!

    Hi everyone! I must confess I love fooling around in every Zelda game, and sometimes that leads to interesting “discoveries”. Just the other day I was fooling around, and I was thinking what else I could try. That lead me to this thread, I had read that other people likes to do random things...
  22. cucco002

    Link in Other Games

    Nintendo vs Capcom would be awesome. As for real games, I don know :/... but talking about capcom, monster hunter? :P, Link surely knows how to kill big monsters fast
  23. cucco002

    Did You Know That... (Demise)

    :? you mean, is stupid you can beat Agahnim with a net? or what is stupid?
  24. cucco002

    8 Er So Things

    And others, like the volcano-like island:
  25. cucco002

    Did You Know That... (Demise)

    Here is a video, I think you can skip to 00:37 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzNv7e9KPFE Now that I think about it, in 3d Zelda you can use bottles to reflect attacks, I wonder if that works in SS? gotta try it later
  26. cucco002

    8 Er So Things

    Dont forget how it was the only item they decided to throw instead of keep it, without doubt:
  27. cucco002

    Did You Know That... (Demise)

    Sir, thank you very much for this info! Is awesome!, do you think it is an easter egg? since you were able to use your net to reflect Agahnim magic in AlttP? OFF-topic: Always I see the Demise fight, I cant help but think "Skyward Swords looks awesome" seriously, SS shine in that...
  28. cucco002

    8 Er So Things

    2.When you start Hero Mode and bath your sword with the light inside the statue of the Goddess, as you do in any run when you get the goddess sword, it says your sword can now do fully charged skyward strikes, that means they are as powerfull as one from the true master sword. Later in Hero...
  29. cucco002

    Deku Princess and the Loftwings

    So, thats how your loftwing ended! I knew it! ;) Talking seriously, I don't think they are related, but very nice find anyways!
  30. cucco002

    Ways They Can Add Voice Acting but Not Totally Change the Series

    Do the games need voice acting?
  31. cucco002

    Twilight Princess First Time TP: Three Heart Run?

    I think you will enjoy the game more if you do a normal run, because you would be able to do whatever you want without fearing heart pieces. For this reason I think doing minimalist runs the first time you play it is a bad idea (same with speed runs)
  32. cucco002

    Game Over Screen

    I dont mind seeing the game over screen (other than Zelda I and AoL). Actually I was happy to see it in SS, I hadn't seen it in some time while playing Zelda
  33. cucco002

    Poll: Favorite Minor Character

    Talking about Rupin, its me or...
  34. cucco002

    Spoiler Could Those Be Considered "towns"/"villages"

    Hi everyone! Skyloft is surely a great town, but other than Skyloft there are not other real towns. BUT, in this game we had some non-traditional dungeons, non-traditional overworld, non-traditional items, etc., could there be non-traditional towns/villages? Those would be the underground...
  35. cucco002

    Poll: Favorite Minor Character

    I had to go with Impa, she was just awesome, I love what they did to her character and I hope to see her again in future games But, Impa is most of a main character, if she were not in the list I would go with Scrapper
  36. cucco002

    Do You Think Skyward Sword Lived Up to the Hype, the Reviews, and Your Expectations?

    Oh yeah, it did! This game gave me every kind of emotions, good emotions (even in my second playthrough I still feel chills in my spine, not to mention some tears that try to come out in that scene when, in no spoiler terms, get the TRUE Master Sword, you know what scene is that one) the story...
  37. cucco002

    Your Favorite Hylian Town?

    What are your favorite hylian town in the games? I was going to say human instead of hylian, but I wanted to exclude towns of tribes like the gerudo, or others, I have nothing against them though. for me they are: 1-Clock Town: No real need to explain why, Clock town has a lot of memorable...
  38. cucco002

    Zelda Online Gameplay and Saving the 2d Style

    Hi everyone! I will try to explain it fast. Zelda has its own feel, with the 3DS, the possibilities of getting another game with a traditional 2d style are decreasing. For a while I have been thinking how to get online gameplay in Zelda without losing the Zelda style. Nintendo has been...
  39. cucco002


    I don't like the idea, even as a side-game, spin off or whatever It would not feel like Zelda.
  40. cucco002

    I Need Help Figuring Out the Sheikah.

    How could Sheik be male? have you played OoT? Edit: I had curiosity about the manga, and after searching a little, here are some good arguments about Sheik gender, I WARN YOU IT CONTAINS SPOILERS about Sheik (obviously)
  41. cucco002

    Spoiler The Return of Demise?

    Seems like you are having problems understanding the time travel. If I understand correctly, what SNOlink means, is that the master sword, that stayed at the past, is or is inside the spike. Everyone knows that the Goddess Sword becomes the Master Sword, once the GS turns in the MS, Link goes to...
  42. cucco002

    What's Your Best Play-through or Speed Run Time?

    My best playthough is the one who last the most, I am not a fan of speedrunning, but I would try to beat MM without playing the song of time twice (because it is possible)
  43. cucco002

    Link Vs. The Horde

    I may be wrong, but I think they can block one hit, but they get knocked back, but I may be wrong
  44. cucco002

    What is the Cultural Influence Behind Skyloft?

    Hi everyone! What culture do you think influenced the look of Skyloft? the houses, the bazaar, etc.?
  45. cucco002

    Link Vs. The Horde

    I liked this battle a lot, I just finished hero mode and they gave me trouble, I was lucky that I didn't have to fight them (or Demise) to get my shield. And talking about the lighting round, that you can battle the horde whenever you want makes up for not having Bilocyte all the bokoblins...
  46. cucco002

    Spoiler Treasure at Eldin Dragon Room?

    probably, because I don't think there is that kind of glitch, he used some cheat to go through the walls and walk in the air, but for the item in the chest, I guess its some un-scrapped thing, I think there is some example of his in previous games, but I cant remember
  47. cucco002

    Spoiler Time Doubt: Dragon Lanaryu Quest

    well, in some way it would be a different timeline, but: those did the same, and neither of them would make a timeline, at least for Nintendo
  48. cucco002

    Spoiler Treasure at Eldin Dragon Room?

    So, no one has been able to get this treasure? the area where the treasure is located doesn't seem to have a way to get in, and if you look at the map it is out of the limit of the room, the map shows the limit to the lava, and not an area where Link would be able to walk Maybe EDIT! This...
  49. cucco002

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Ending Discussion Thread (OoT and SS Spoilers)

    While nothing stops Nintendo from creating a split in SS, there is not a split. What Link did in the past has already happened in the present, Link defeating Demise at the end help the seal to last the thousands of years between the past and the present. The sword probably is still there...
  50. cucco002

    Colorful Birds Flying with Loftwings Circling

    Just a few days ago: http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/showthread.php?28862-Loftwing-Formations maybe this helps
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