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  1. SmallPhry

    General Zelda If You Could...

    Lol i dont think it is but it would be really cool to be in the Era of Prosperity I think, building Hyrule Castle Town. I think I'd really enjoy being a Picori, but I'd have to be a Hylian in the Force Era so that I could marry Malon and live happily ever after on Lon Lon Ranch
  2. SmallPhry

    General Zelda Derp Moments

  3. SmallPhry

    A Link Between Worlds Easiest Boss Fight?

    Definitely Arrghus man, I was disappointed with him in general
  4. SmallPhry

    A Link Between Worlds How Many of You Have Skipped Skull Woods Boss

    OoT = Bongo Bongo (Shadow Temple) WW = Gohdan (Tower of the Gods) That's what I can think of off the top of my head, and that's just Zelda games, I was actually referring to all Nintendo games.
  5. SmallPhry

    A Link Between Worlds Hmm Maybe I Should Maybe Im Not to Sure...

    It doesn't feel like an ordinary top down game, it's so fluid and allows you to really be precise. Loads of fun
  6. SmallPhry

    A Link Between Worlds How Many of You Have Skipped Skull Woods Boss

    Well that's probably for the better, I hate that boss they need to stop with hand bosses they aren't fun and they never were
  7. SmallPhry

    A Link Between Worlds Favourite Dungeon(s)?

    Go into detail!! The fans demand it!! Woo.. anyway, my favorite was definitely the Ice Ruins. As previously stated, they are awesome in many ways; the elevator, the unique design, the use of connectivity and I thought the boss was a blast. Pure fun, and I thought the dungeon upgrade was...
  8. SmallPhry

    A Link Between Worlds Favorite Sage? (spoilers)

    Totally Irene, I mean cmon. If I had to pick another it'd be Rosso, maybe Gulley
  9. SmallPhry

    A Link Between Worlds Companion?

    Fair enough but with Navi, and especially Fi, I really felt as though they were on the quest with me, and I think Navi is more useful than you are making her out to be. For one, Navi is in the beginning cut scene and they both give you enemy information. I don't think companions are necessary...
  10. SmallPhry

    A Link Between Worlds Companion?

    Right but a telepathic message from far away doesn't give you the same feeling as having someone questing with you. I don't know about any of you guys, but I tend to talk to myself when I play these games and say stuff like "Okay Navi let's do this". Also you didn't answer my question
  11. SmallPhry

    MM-3DS Which Was Your Favourite Majora's Mask Transformation?

    Swimming as a Zora. No other words need to be said. The Deku Scrub is unappreciated as a pilot and the inspiration for the Deku Leaf. The Deku Scrub minigame in clock town is one of my favorite Zelda minigames Fierce Deity deserves an explanation, his artwork is incredible. The coolest...
  12. SmallPhry

    A Link Between Worlds Companion?

    I agree, Zelda from Spirit Tracks being a companion was one of the best ideas ever, and I love to see good companions. Now that I think about it, Sahasrahla was kind of a companion in ALttP, but not really. Personally, I'm patiently waiting another fairy companion or perhaps to see Navi...
  13. SmallPhry

    A Link Between Worlds Companion?

    So we are under 24 hours away from the release of The Legend of Zelda - A Link Between Worlds, and the talk of this game has been constant. We've seen multiple trailers, reviews and even a handful of instagram ads! There's not much left to talk about, but I have one question left, where is...
  14. SmallPhry

    A Link Between Worlds Street Pass Shadow Link

    There is a video that explains this feature pretty well http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTMD6qz9ezI
  15. SmallPhry

    A Link Between Worlds Tunics

    I don't think it's fair to assume a set progression. So far it seems that ALBW has stayed true to the ambiance of ALttP while improving everything else, so I don't see why they might have added an equipment subscreen like in OoT. This would make sense for the StreetPass feature.
  16. SmallPhry


    I can't wait to play some dodgebird
  17. SmallPhry

    A Link Between Worlds Get Me Pumped for a Link Between Worlds!

    Why are you MOST excited for Yuga? The thing I'm most excited for is the new magic meter. Finally I don't have to panic looking for magic jars when I use my fire rod too much
  18. SmallPhry

    A Link Between Worlds ALttP Now the #1 Most Popular Virtual Console Game in the Wii Shop Channel

    I'm glad. One (if not the best) 2D games of all time and definitely one of the best Zeldas of all time.
  19. SmallPhry

    A Link Between Worlds Aonuma Has Run Out of Ideas

    Yah I didn't even think about Midna. Good Point.
  20. SmallPhry

    General Zelda Anyone else Tired of a New Link,new Story?

    I'm sorry but are you really a fan of this series? because it sounds like you aren't.
  21. SmallPhry

    A Link Between Worlds USGamer: Horrible Graphics. Comparing It with the Ones of the CDi Games

    Thank you. Visuals are great and definitely important, but these graphics aren't even bad.
  22. SmallPhry

    Breath of the Wild Idea for Plot?

    How about Link has to travel to another dimension or like, through time to save the world from total annihilation?! Wait... But no seriously I think they should center a game around the Poe Sisters as villains. Explain each sister's background and how each became a Poe. Plus Poes would...
  23. SmallPhry

    The Wind Waker Played Through Wind Waker HD, It Was Great. But Skyward Sword is Better!

    How hard were you flingin that wiimote around? Lol Anyway I like SS it was pretty good, but being as I played WW first I have many complaints in a comparison. First and foremost being that the sky is a cheap rip-off of the ocean. I get that it wasn't meant to be as big or as content-packed...
  24. SmallPhry

    A Link Between Worlds Interesting Article from Playeressence

    Well I think it's good considering some of my favorite items of all time which will probably make combat a lot easier, but this Hero's Mode will force us to utilize them to their full potential just to stay alive! It should be grand, I tell you! GRAND!
  25. SmallPhry

    A Link Between Worlds New Artwork. (Dark Link Confirmed!)

    Lol yah I know it's a stretch but you can't blame a guy for dreamin...
  26. SmallPhry

    A Link Between Worlds Interesting Article from Playeressence

    QUADRUPLE DAMAGE?! I wish I hadn't learned that now I'm just going to be drooling until the 22nd!
  27. SmallPhry

    A Link Between Worlds Spoiler! Another Boss from a ALttP Confirmed!

    I never implied that I wanted it to go back to ALttP damage, just saying
  28. SmallPhry

    A Link Between Worlds New Artwork. (Dark Link Confirmed!)

    Well all that quote says is that Lorule doesn't have it's own Link TO SAVE IT, meaning Dark Link isn't going to be saving Lorule anytime soon cause... well.... he's evil.
  29. SmallPhry

    A Link Between Worlds Aonuma Has Run Out of Ideas

    When did Zelda fans start caring about storyline and plot? So much controversy now over the stupid little theatrics that don't matter, have never mattered and will never matter in the Zelda series. Get it into your head NINTENDO IS ABOUT GAMEPLAY Zelda was barely even in Majora's Mask...
  30. SmallPhry

    A Link Between Worlds USGamer: Horrible Graphics. Comparing It with the Ones of the CDi Games

    This guy is obviously just trying to piss people off. Complete tool.
  31. SmallPhry

    A Link Between Worlds New Artwork. (Dark Link Confirmed!)

    I for one am definitely hoping that this is the Link that Hilda implies exists by saying "your Link". It is completely plausible to infer that our new Dark Link will be getting a backstory of his own
  32. SmallPhry

    A Link Between Worlds Spoiler! Another Boss from a ALttP Confirmed!

    Interesting concept here, and he looks very badass. Although I do agree that one heart of damage is VERY weak
  33. SmallPhry

    General Zelda Unpopular Characters You Like

    Yah I never really hated Fi, it was just annoying after every cut scene she re-explained everything that was just explained. I guess I get it since in Hero Mode it is actually helpful if you skip the cut scene and forget what's going on, and her informative properties were pretty awesome, her...
  34. SmallPhry

    General Zelda Best 3D Art Style

    I choose WW's art style just because I loved the animations. It has my favorite item animations in the series, the beautiful bomb explosions in particular. Toon Link has the funniest facial expressions, too. OoT (3d) comes in a close second
  35. SmallPhry

    General Zelda Popular Characters You Hate

    **** Groose
  36. SmallPhry

    General Zelda Favorite Designs for Link, Zelda and Ganon?

    Link - Definitely OoT. I like Link as a blonde and the kelly green tunic with the all white tights is just the coolest look to me, plus he looked more muscular in OoT to me Zelda - It's a hard choice between SS and WW. They are both adorable but I think I'm gonna be that guy and say WW Zelda...
  37. SmallPhry

    What is the Most Recent Dungeon That You Completed?

    Hi, guys! First post here but um yah the last dungeon I beat was the Wind Temple in WW. I really love the music in this temple it gives it such a mystical feel. Makar is probably the cutest Zelda character of all time with his little jingly sounds he makes when he walks, never ceases to crack...
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