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  1. VaatiWindMage24

    Majora's Mask 3D...

    i believe they will because think: why release 1/2 of the n64 zelda games but not all of them??? it just wouldnt make sense to me. that and majora's mask always got outshined by OoT since oot was the first zelda 3d game, so I think it deserves the spotlight for once :lol:
  2. VaatiWindMage24

    Majora or Fierce Deity?

    Fierce deity because as said in the hyrule pantheon The Hyrulian Pantheon: The Minor Gods (cool article btw) majora is the sun goddess, and fierce deity is the moon god. and i like the moon more than the sun, its just very interesting...
  3. VaatiWindMage24

    Creepiest Things in Zelda... Even As a Grown Up..??

    I mostly hated the thought of being chased,l and rushe. for exampple in twilight princess when you get the sols and the hands chase you, was terrifying because my mind kept thinking "cmoncmoncmon hurry up!" and i like had a heart attack every time I dropped it down those little slopes in the...
  4. VaatiWindMage24

    Spoiler What Do You Think SS Was Missing?

    What Could Skyward Sword Have Done Better On??? Hey guys, vaati here. I thought Skyward sword was awesome, yet there were some big flaws in it. For example, *spoilers* the final battle between Demise was much simpler than I expected. And he only had one form! Well if you dont counthis thunder...
  5. VaatiWindMage24

    Your Feelings on Skyward So Far

    i honestly love this game a ton so far! right now im exactly after lanayru silent realm, like i beat it, then the game messed up and now i gotta send it to nintendo, get it repaired, then do it allllllll over again....but i know i can do it although i almost got a heart attack during the...
  6. VaatiWindMage24

    Silent Realm Hate It or Love It?

    i think theyre pretty cool, i just finished the lanayru one and my god i almost got a heart attack! T_T at the end my heart was thumping sooooo hard! i completed it and not like 10 seconds afterwards i got a message saying the game disc couldnt be read....raaawr i was so angry! now im sending it...
  7. VaatiWindMage24

    Corrupt a wish!

    granted but then you get no candy for forcing me to smell your feet XD i wish that the person i like likes me too :3
  8. VaatiWindMage24

    Corrupt a wish!

    granted, but then you get in a chaotic room where all trainers demand one battle after the other, ensueing chaos and driving you mad in the process, OR granted, but then you meet missigno and then you get pwned and your life is glitched forever. i wish that I could enter and exit multiple...
  9. VaatiWindMage24

    Corrupt a wish!

    granted, but then you forget how to spell words because youre only focused on the alphabet so you naturally forget. I wish that i could choose what my dreams are about and what happens in them!
  10. VaatiWindMage24

    Corrupt a wish!

    granted, but ganon steals it. i wish the 3ds didnt have such a low power level/charge/power!
  11. VaatiWindMage24

    Corrupt a wish!

    granted, then link, the hero of time, slaps you for making him sleep for 7 years thanks to pulling the master sword. i wish my computer wasnt so frickin' stupid T_T
  12. VaatiWindMage24

    Corrupt a wish!

    granted, but when you get there you go to kaakariko village and fall in the well and get raped by a deadhand o_O. i wish that pikmin one and two were sold at a gamestore for 10 $ each and i had twenty dollars :D
  13. VaatiWindMage24

    Corrupt a wish!

    granted,but then you never get a wish ever again.... i wish i could fly/hover/puff up in the air and colpy other abilities like kirby! (the pink puff ball)
  14. VaatiWindMage24

    Corrupt a wish!

    granted, but you already spent your wish on it being un-corruptable so now you cant make your REAL wish >:D i wish vaati(minish cap vaati) was my friend and gave me a cookie! :fairy:
  15. VaatiWindMage24

    Corrupt a wish!

    wish granted, then every wish in the world becomes corrupted and everyone gets depressed, goes emo, and dies. i wish.......hmm :O....i wish majoras mask was more popular than ocarina of time! :fairy:
  16. VaatiWindMage24

    The Legend of Zelda The Forgotten Upgrade

    actually Fig, theres one more white tunic in the zelda series, (well its kinda a white tunic),the fierce deity from majoras mask could be considered a white tunic as well minus the armor he wears. I also heard that there was originally going to be a wind temple in ocarina of time and also a...
  17. VaatiWindMage24

    Skyward Sword: Dark Tribe Antagonists? Majoras Mask Possible Cameo?

    yeah so what do you guys think that that giant thing girahim was sitting on in one of the trailers is? even though its basically just a boss, im still kinda curious. what do you guys think?
  18. VaatiWindMage24

    Ocarina of Time Deities of The Zoras, Kokori and Gorons

    honestly i have NO clue.....because if din was their goddess and such wouldnt zoras worship nayru and kokiris farore? and im 99% dure vollvagia isnt either because he ATE gorons so why would they ever worship him/her/it...but im noyt quite sure about dodongos eiither i agree w/ Djinn because...
  19. VaatiWindMage24

    Skyward Sword: Dark Tribe Antagonists? Majoras Mask Possible Cameo?

    yeah that wuz a bit off topic but anyway.......so since basically some people have been saying yes and no to the majora mask cameo and since rly theres no true way to tell, do you guys think that girahim might be the dark interloper/tribe/whatever leader? or is he just a member? :fairy:
  20. VaatiWindMage24

    Skyward Sword: Dark Tribe Antagonists? Majoras Mask Possible Cameo?

    sounds very possible!!! if that was jabu-jabu who ate zelda, do you think zoras domain will be in the sky? :fairy:
  21. VaatiWindMage24

    Skyward Sword: Dark Tribe Antagonists? Majoras Mask Possible Cameo?

    sounds like an interesting thought, but are you talking about the actual hyrule or like other lands from dif. zelda games?
  22. VaatiWindMage24

    Skyward Sword: Dark Tribe Antagonists? Majoras Mask Possible Cameo?

    alright i read juicyj's long theory about the dark tribe and dark interlopers, and now im just gonna call them the dark interlopers.....and now im wondering girahim wuz rly weird....so how are the rest of his group thingy gonna look like? O_o
  23. VaatiWindMage24

    Skyward Sword: Dark Tribe Antagonists? Majoras Mask Possible Cameo?

    also its not set in stone that majoras mask was actually hidden in termina. bcuz the happy mask salesman is originally from hyrule(most likely, who knows how many dimentions/lands he moved to :P ) so maybe it was hidden somewhere deep in hyrule or a far off country? so the dark tribe/dark...
  24. VaatiWindMage24

    Skyward Sword: Dark Tribe Antagonists? Majoras Mask Possible Cameo?

    maybe its possible that well see the fused shadows as well? also maybe itll possibly show how majoras mask caused the downfall of the shadow tribe? i agree with how your saying that the fused shadows are very similar to majoras mask. but maybe the fused shadows was the sheikahs creation? because...
  25. VaatiWindMage24

    Skyward Sword: Dark Tribe Antagonists? Majoras Mask Possible Cameo?

    i wuz thinking about the antagonist for skyward sword since its been confirmed that ganondorf is most defintely not going to make an appearance could we possibly see the dark tribe as antagonists instead? because girahims got that dark tribe look goin on w/ the blue pale skin and mysterious...
  26. VaatiWindMage24

    Spoiler Something Not Seen

    hmmm good observation! but i cant exactly tell what it is..... :O to me it looks like some weird helmet or an upgraded version of the bomb possibly??? im not sure f it could be a magnetic glove OR a hookshot but it would be really cool to have the magnetic glove return into the zelda series!!!
  27. VaatiWindMage24

    Could Ganon Have a Past Life in Skyward Sword?

    well we may not see ganondorf but it coul be possible that we could see gerudos or possibly an ancestor of ganondorf.....dundundun.....but the most possible in my opinion is seeing a cameo of the gerudo or possibly seeing gerudo desert in the distance of hyrule maybe? bucz u mean a goron is in...
  28. VaatiWindMage24

    Zelda Easter Eggs

    im not sure if this is a easter egg or just a secert and if many ppl know of it or not but in majoras mask, if you read mikuas notebook/diary in the drummist, tijo's room and memorize the song you play with the bass guitarist,japas, and you play it for the pianist evan he'll say, "isnt...
  29. VaatiWindMage24

    Majora's Mask What is the Order of Your Favourite Transformation Masks?

    okay heres my list of favorites: 1.Zoras Mask:i guess beause i like water and the zoras :)....also because his form of combat was rly unique as well and his blue energy field thingie wuz fun to use too :lol: also because his guitar was unique and rly cool! 2.goron mask: he's second because...
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