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  1. Sheiken

    Breath of the Wild BotW's mysterious women

    Link is male...period. Confirmed by Nintendo, it is a closed case. Let this stupid topic die already! OT: I believe this is either Zelda in adventure gear or a side character similar to Malon or Ilia. I am banking on Zelda herself though.
  2. Sheiken

    Breath of the Wild Do you feel BoTW has the potential to become your favourite Zelda?

    I believe it will. It seems to be everything I could have hoped for in an open world Zelda game. I need this game in my life!
  3. Sheiken

    Breath of the Wild Do you think BotW's season mechanic exists?

    Depends on how it is implemented. Is it plot based, player driven like Oracle of Seasons, or does it have a real time progression of some sort. I think it may be in there, because why show it if it is not? I understand the arguments given by those who say no, but it can be done right if...
  4. Sheiken

    Thoughts on Spirit Tracks

    Spirit Tracks to me is easily one of the most under appreciated Zelda games out there. It fixed many of the things people did not like about PH and Spirit Zelda was up there with Midna in the great companion department. I think many people who complain about it never played it. It sold...
  5. Sheiken

    Why Aren't Temples Places For Worship?

    I always figured that the temples in some cases USED to be places of worship (forrest temple) or are currently places of worship, but you never see anyone there due to the enemies that have taken it over (spirit temple for Gerudo or Fire Temple for Gorons). I think in some cases there is even...
  6. Sheiken

    Majoras mask was a DREAM

    Link was not dead in Majora's Mask nor was it a dream. It was a side adventure of the Hero of Time akin to the Ocean King's domain in PH (alternate world). There is no indication that Majora's Mask was a dream nor would it make sense. Even Nintendo themselves stated that Termina was in a...
  7. Sheiken

    Breath of the Wild 3ds Breath of the Wild complex

    Sounds to me like you should get the Switch version and have the best of both worlds.
  8. Sheiken

    Breath of the Wild What are you excited for in BotW?

    The vast land to explore and uncovering the hidden lore in the game. There will be so much to discover that it is not even funny!
  9. Sheiken

    Timely defeat

    Yeah, I can see that. Four Swords Adventures is pretty bright and cheery compared to MM and TP lol.
  10. Sheiken

    Timely defeat

    Actually Four Swords Adventures can only take place after TP. It is the only place in the timeline that would not contradict anything due to the new incarnation of Ganon. The adult timeline is def out, it cannot happen before OoT because Ganondorf could not be reincarnated an incarnation wqs...
  11. Sheiken

    Breath of the Wild Will you play Breath of the Wind on Wii U or Nintendo Switch?

    Unless the WiiU for whatever reason runs better, which I just do not see happening OR the WiiU version for some reason gets released first, which I also do not see happening... Switch all the way. Amiibo support has been confirmed so there will be nothing that the WiiU has to offer that Switch...
  12. Sheiken

    Breath of the Wild Have we seen too much already?

    For the most point we have only seen the starter area of the game. We have not even scratched the surface. With all we have seen, it makes the game more impressive actually.
  13. Sheiken

    I just got to play the original Zelda on an actual NES for the first time.

    I can say that in most cases, the ports are the exact same as the original. For example I grew up with Zelda 1 and 2 on the NES. However when I started my collection, I got the GBA ports. They run exactly the same with no real difference other than portability. Now remakes tend to have some...
  14. Sheiken

    Do Zelda games need more variety in enemies?

    While new foes are welcome, we will always need the ones we know and love. The Legend of Zelda has become its own fantasy universe/multiverse unlike any other out there. Have a large number of returning monster species helps to compliment that fact and makes the world feel more consistent IMO.
  15. Sheiken

    Timely defeat

    I actually agree with the OP on this. I have a feeling that the Hyrule Historia appearing right after Skyward Sword with a 3rd timeline out of no where (especially when you can fit most of the downfall timeline into the child era after FSA), and with no real explaination of how it came to be at...
  16. Sheiken

    Is the reliance on Cel Shading dampening series sales?

    This is a tough topic. I think cell shaded graphics look great and they make the game age better. However due to the mentality of certain gamers, a realistic tone could generate more interest in the short term. I think for Nintendo though, cell shaded graphics are the way to go as they always...
  17. Sheiken

    Should Nayru and Din feature in other games?

    Seeing the three golden goddesses in another game would be great, but this time using their godlike powers to some extent. I always felt those were odd choices for a damsel in distress.
  18. Sheiken

    Exploring the Unexplored

    I mixture of the hidden skills from TP and the counter system from WW would be fantastic. i would love to see them build on that and make it deeper. I would also like the game itself to be harder if they make the combat deeper. If not it could make the system redundant.
  19. Sheiken

    Who has actually played the CD-I games?

    I own a CDi and all three games. They are certainly the franchise's black sheep, but they don't deserve the hate that people who have not even played them throw at it.
  20. Sheiken

    Wind Waker or Twilight Princess?

    Twilight Princess for me. WW was lacking in full scale dungeons and the overworld was more lacking overall. Love both games, but I prefer the epic story of TP over the charm of WW. Plus TP had great dungeon design.
  21. Sheiken

    Introducing someone to the series

    Ocarina of Time is an excellent starting point. If they like it, delve into the timelines a bit with them and give them an idea about what the other games have to offer. Suggest that they do either MM, TP, WW, or SS next. At that point, their curiosity should take care of the rest. Once they...
  22. Sheiken

    The Scariest Zelda Enemies

    Redeads affected me the most as a child, so I will always see them as the scariest.
  23. Sheiken

    Does anybody else find the Zelda cartoon to be really funny?

    I have the complete collection DVD. Have not seen it yet, looking forward to it!
  24. Sheiken

    Plot hole that's been bugging me...

    Not only did he con you into renting your house to him, you also PAID him to rent the items IN THE SAME HOUSE that YOU are renting TO HIM. Tired of his BS? No problem! Just pay him a premium at no discount and he will gladly sell you said items to keep. In fact, this makes you so greatful...
  25. Sheiken

    TPHD-Wii U Was TP HD in need for a remake for the wii u?

    It was not NEEDED, but it was still really nice to have. I for one missed out on the GC/Wii version, so I was very happy to be able to play the newer definitive WiiU version.
  26. Sheiken

    Best Outfits in Zelda

    True form Midna's outfit...
  27. Sheiken

    Best Handheld Zelda Game?

    I feel Spirit Tracks is heavily under appreciated, so I put my vote there. I like the idea of a New Hyrule and Toon Zelda was the second best companion in the series IMO. Not to mention I really liked the dungeon design.
  28. Sheiken

    Mobile Zelda?

    I like to add games to my physical collection so no, please no mobile Zelda games. I think they should focus on dedicated HW as the execution will always be better anyway.
  29. Sheiken

    Did you play the remakes first?

    I was born into the franchise, but drifted away for a while after Wind Waker. With that in mind, I played the originals first for everything except Twilight Princess. I did not have the privilege of playing that one until TPHD came out. I will also note that my complete physical collection...
  30. Sheiken

    What is your favorite way that Link wakes up?

    I am going with little sis from Wind Waker. It reminds me of my sister and I when we were younger. Actually it is spot on lol.
  31. Sheiken

    Favorite Handheld Zelda

    Not including any remakes, I will say Spirit Tracks. I feel like this game is very under appreciated and it deserves a bit more credit. Spirit Zelda was a fantastic companion, the dungeons were very well done, we got a new Hyrule to explore which opens up endless possibilities for new games...
  32. Sheiken

    Do people really not like Twilight Princesses story?

    TP and SS have the best stories in the franchise thus far, bar none. I think a lot of people just didn't like how Ganondorf was forced im at the end, but I didn't mind. It made sense so that twist was cool with me.
  33. Sheiken

    Best Zelda remake so far?

    Funny how little people know about TP HD. That game actually recieved more visual upgrades than WW HD on a technical level. The reason it looks like WW HD got more is because the cell shaded visuals aged better than the realistic them of TP. It causes you to think WW got more instead of the...
  34. Sheiken

    Breath of the Wild Do the ``new zelda formula`` was needed in your opinion?

    Then don't argue, does not change the fact that open world games come in many forms. By your logic there has not been an open world game on consoles until GTA, but even that story has missions that must be beaten in a certain order to unlock new parts of the city. So by your logic GTA is not...
  35. Sheiken

    Is It Weird for Girls to <3 LOZ

    There is nothing weirde about girls liking any video game, let alone a fantastic franchise such as Legend of Zelda.
  36. Sheiken

    Breath of the Wild Do the ``new zelda formula`` was needed in your opinion?

    Yes FFVIII is an also an open world game. You are free to explore as you progress to find secrets the world has to offer as long as you have made enough progress to access an area. Again just because a game requires progression does not mean it is not open world. Thank you for giving me...
  37. Sheiken

    What were the Gossip Stones really used for?

    They are surveillance stones used to spy on the people of Hyrule for the Sheikah. This is why you need a special mask to extract the info from them and when they fly off and explode they are executing protocol zero. This is where the info has been compromised and all evidence of it must be...
  38. Sheiken

    Spoiler Do People Really Think Link is Dead in Breath of the Wild?

    I do not think he was dead, I think he was badly injured or kept in cryostasis for some reason. As to why, I have no specific theories at this time.
  39. Sheiken

    What Did You Imagine the Moon to be Like?

    Same...I also had the Ganon transformation in OoT ruined for me for the same reason. Those two games are the only Zelda games I ever used a guide for and why I do not have them for my growing Legend of Zelda collection. Zelda is about figuring things out and exploring the world, guides have no...
  40. Sheiken

    Breath of the Wild Do the ``new zelda formula`` was needed in your opinion?

    This is incorrect, they are all open world (save for FS, FSA, and Triforce Heros). Even though certain areas would be blocked off until a certain event happens or you get a specific item, you are still free to explore in the areas you do have access to. Furthermore you can return to older...
  41. Sheiken

    Bad neighbours

    I had neighbors once that always fought. The girl would run outside in the middle of the night yelling, "I cannot take this anymore! I am just going to kill myself and end it all!" It was like every night and it got old really fast. Glad I don't have to deal with that anymore!
  42. Sheiken

    The most annoying bugs

    Spiders...I would be that guy to burn my house down over huge spider.
  43. Sheiken

    What Games Should be on the Nintendo Switch?

    -Hyrule Warriors 2 -Hyrule Warrior COMPLETE edition (all dlc) -Proper Metroid game -A new 3D mario adventure in light of Mario 64 or Galaxy series -New Kirby -New Xenoblade -Bayo 3 -A 3D Donkey Kong game like Donkey Kong 64 -Smash 5 -Mario Kart 9 -Another Zelda like BotW later in the NX lifespan...
  44. Sheiken

    Games you got bored of too quickly

    Metal Gear Solid V I love the franchise, but for some reason I just cannot get into it. When I am playing it I am enjoying it very much. However I find myself lacking to motivation to turn on my PS4 and play it. Like seriously WTF?
  45. Sheiken

    Breath of the Wild Could time travel in BotW double the game's size?

    It depends on how it would be implemented. Of it is similar to Ocarina of Time, then yes it very well could double the content of the game. However if the time travel is contained to small areas like the timeshift stones in Skyward Sword, then no time travel would be just like any other hidden...
  46. Sheiken

    Breath of the Wild Do the ``new zelda formula`` was needed in your opinion?

    Yes, like it or not it did need change. All of the games are great, but if they do not shake things up and evolve the franchise with the industry standards, it will die out as people will get tired of the same old formula. Luckily it looks like BotW will be raising the bar and perhaps pulling...
  47. Sheiken

    Rank all the main villains

    Ghirahim Ganon/Ganondorf Vaati Zant Demise Majora Yuga Dark Link Malladus Nightmare Twinrova Veran Onox Bellum The Lady The mid-lower end was hard to decide, but Bellum and The Lady at the bottom are my least favorite by a long shot.
  48. Sheiken

    Favorite 3D Zelda Game

    I am gonna go with Twilight Princess. It took everything Ocarina of Time did and made it better in a bigger world. It has its flaws sure, but Twilight Princess is my favorite of the bunch. Skyward Sword takes number 2 and Majora's Mask takes 3rd.
  49. Sheiken

    Weakest link in the Zelda timeline

    I feel the timeline is very well put together considering it was an afterthought. It makes sense in every aspect, like it or not. As for my vote, I say TP to FSA. It makes sense and worka sure, as there is nothing to contradict the story here and literally anywhere else in the timeline would...
  50. Sheiken

    Best Generation of Link?

    The Hero of Twilight was easily the most badass version of Link from his looks down to the vibe of his personality. When I got to Ganondorf at the end of OoT, I felt the tension of a decisive battle of good VS evil. In WW when Link faces Ganondorf, I felt a sense of urgency as this powerful...
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