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  1. ACE1009

    Why Can't the Kokiri Children Leave the Deku Forest?

    I always thought that leaving the forest meant they would be attacked by monsters and that's why they said they would die if they leave the forest.
  2. ACE1009

    Why Do Parents Let Kids Play M Games?

    Yea it's pretty dumb letting your infant kids play M games, but annoying, soccer moms are terrible as well.
  3. ACE1009

    Your Mom in the Game

    I kind of liked having my mom hold my money so she can buy items with it. Very humorous
  4. ACE1009

    What instrument do you play?

    I play the trombone and bass trombone.
  5. ACE1009

    What's Your Favorite Season?

    Living in Texas, spring and summer are hell,and fall can be too, so i always look forward to winter
  6. ACE1009

    What's Worse: Trolling or Spamming?

    Spamming is much worse, but can't trolling and spamming be the same thing?
  7. ACE1009

    What is Your Nickname

    My nickname is ACE.
  8. ACE1009

    Favorite Candy Bar?

    Milky Way all the way!!!
  9. ACE1009

    Most Overused Quotes Ever

    OVER 9000!!!!!
  10. ACE1009

    May Giveaway Contest: Most Anticipated Game of 2012

    My most anticipated game would be the Wii-U and New Super Mario bros. Mii
  11. ACE1009

    If You Were a Pokemon, Which Type Would You Be?

    I would be water/electric
  12. ACE1009

    April Giveaway Contest: Top 5 Favorite Video Games

    In no particular order MOTHER3 Sonic Adventure 2 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Super Smash Bros. Brawl Super Mario 64
  13. ACE1009

    Should Zelda Songs Have Lyrics?

    Orchestrated music is good enough for Zelda.
  14. ACE1009

    Discussion #019: Who Are the Moon Children?

    I think that the moon children being the giants and the child in the middle wearing majoras mask sounds pretty reasonable.
  15. ACE1009

    Most Hated Game

    Superman 64 - enough said
  16. ACE1009

    Favorite(least) School Subject

    My favorite qould probably be World Histroy and least would be math
  17. ACE1009

    Where Did Navi Go?

    Maybe Navi just got lost in the lost woods or maybe even ended up somewhere in Termina.
  18. ACE1009

    Prefered Joystick Type

    I love the Nunchuck joystick.
  19. ACE1009

    Zelda or Mario TV Show?

    Personally, my favorite was Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3
  20. ACE1009

    Ocarina of Time Best Version of OoT?

    lol i assume i have the original n64 because there is still chanting in the fire temple
  21. ACE1009

    Pronouncing "Malon"?

    lol i pronounce it like Talon but with an M
  22. ACE1009

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    woah this thread... just wow
  23. ACE1009

    What Was the Inspiration for Your Username/user Title?

    My love of myself and my birthday, Oct 9
  24. ACE1009

    Jello or Yogurt?

    Trix Yogurt is the greatest yogurt in the universe.
  25. ACE1009

    How Old Were You when You First Played Zelda?

    my first zelda game played was ocarina of time when I was 7
  26. ACE1009

    Let's Play The What If? Game

    Then the Twilight Realm would go chaotic without its ruler. What if Aryll was never kidnapped by the Helmaroc King.
  27. ACE1009

    The Most Adventurest Zelda Out There Game

    To be honest, I would say Wind Waker.
  28. ACE1009

    The Symbol of Legend of Zelda

    The Triforce definitely
  29. ACE1009

    Is the Master Sword the Best Item in Zelda?

    Well the Master Sword is definitely my favorite item, so yea it is the best.
  30. ACE1009

    Too Old to Play Zelda?

    Too old? HA! You can never be old for Zelda.
  31. ACE1009

    What's Your Opinion on Upgrades?

    Upgrading in a Zelda game is a necessity. To be honest, I don't think the upgrade system can be.... upgraded! It is already perfect.
  32. ACE1009

    Are You Going to Buy the Wii U?

    Of course, I have no reason not to buy it
  33. ACE1009

    What is Your Favorite Race?

    I never played SS, so my favorite race throughout the whole series would either be the Deku or the Hylians.
  34. ACE1009

    The Soundtracks

    I love Deku Palace and Tal Tal Heights and Molgera Battle and Dragon Roost and a lot more Oh yeah, and Stone Tower is also one of my absolute favorites
  35. ACE1009

    Zelda Weapons

    The one and only Master Sword of course
  36. ACE1009

    Which is the Best Transportation?

    Epona or the Goron Roll
  37. ACE1009

    SSB4 Charectors: Who's Going?

    Lucas, Ike, Lucario, PokeTrainer, and maybe Snake and Sonic if SEGA and Konami don't allow it.
  38. ACE1009

    Petition for English Translation of Hyrule Historia

    I would buy Hyrule Historia in a heartbeat
  39. ACE1009

    Twilight Princess Did You Like Wolf-Link?

    There was nothing wrong with Wolf-Link. His gameplay was fun and amazing.
  40. ACE1009

    Hardest Dungeon in Any Zelda Game.

    it would probably be the Lakebed Temple from TP. That place is so confusing :S
  41. ACE1009

    The Kokiri (Can They Die from Ageing)

    No of course not. Whenever someone dies from old age, it is usually due to failure of an body system or some kind of sickness, but since the Kokiri are eternally young, it would be impossible to die naturally.
  42. ACE1009

    Is Link Truely Either Left-handed or Right-handed?

    Link is a confirmed left-handed
  43. ACE1009

    Dream Car?

    lol my dream car is a go-kart XD
  44. ACE1009

    Darkness of MM and TP

    The darkness in TP and MM were excellent and well put-in, and Nintendo would do no harm in making more. In fact, the Wii-U Zelda looks pretty dark as well.
  45. ACE1009

    What's Your Favorite Cartoon?

    The Smurfs is my favorite.
  46. ACE1009

    Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario Sunshine?

    SMG by far. More thrilling gameplay, better music, etc
  47. ACE1009

    What is Your Favourite Snes Game?

    Super Mario RPG
  48. ACE1009

    What is You Favorite Quote from Any Video Game?

    "It's all about speed!" ~Sonic the Hedgehog
  49. ACE1009

    Do You Think There Should Be Staurn/Dreamcast Ga,mes on Wii U's VC?

    Yeea i don't see why not. It would be great to play classic sonic games and nights
  50. ACE1009

    Spoiler Cave of Ordeal's

    I never really had a problem with the Cave of Ordeals but it's still hard nonetheless
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