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    Zelda Manga

    ill consider of buying it cuz its 40 bucks:(
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    Zelda Manga

    hi I am considering to buy the box set of the manga of zelda(10 volumes) but was wondering if its a problem that i havent played all the games the are in this box set and will it effect something(game expirience or not understanding the manga or something like that...)
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    Love Zelda But....

    lol ok... i started OOT 3D agian using only 4 hearts thx:)
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    Tunic Link

    what do you like the most green tunic link, red tunic link or blue tunic link?
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    Hardest Dungeon in Any Zelda Game.

    i hate the most the fire temple in OOT i havent completeds it yet!!!!
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    Do You Want Another Game with Epona?

    yes!!! epona for the win!!!!
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    Spoiler Things That NPCs Say

    hello, i am error.... 0-0
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    Twilight Princess What Are Your Thoughts on Twilight Princess? the Good and the Bad.

    in twilight princess the story is amazing the the graphics are great but I really dont like the gameplay:(
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    Which Console Do You Think Had the Best Zelda Games on It.

    nes or wii... cuz i dont really like OOT..sorry...i havent finished it yet still stuck in the fuc*ing fire temple:(
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    Favorite Ocarina Songs?

    1. song of storms 2. zeldas lullaby 3. sarias song 4. eponas song 5. song of time
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    Does Writing Your Name Instead of Link Reduces the Epicness?

    if you dont choose link it will just ruin the game...its like a different person in the game....its ____ and zelda 0_0
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    Blond Link Or Dark Haired Link?

    i would love the hair from OOT its stylish!:)
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    Favourite Character Sounds

    navis "hey" could be really annoying sometime but at the end of the day its fun to hear
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    What Was the Creepiest Moment in Any Zelda Game?

    i think all of the majoras mask game is creepy..masks....bo!
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    Best Opening to a Zelda Game

    ill have to say the first two(for the NES) there just to epic you see link just apper and you start playing..classic
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    Love Zelda But....

    hi, i really love zelda games but there is nothing that can make me want to go back to them like i played spirit tracks and at the fire temple i quited and never returned...same for twilight princess and OOT 3D... anything to help me?:)
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    Which is the Scariest?

    skullta creeps the hell out of me!!
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    First Pokemon Game?

    First Pokemon game: Pokemon Red Is it your favorite: No, but a game I will treasure forever Do you still own it: on my emulator... Do you still play it on occasion:more often than you think.
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    Favorite Female Co-character In Anime???

    misty is amaizing cuz shes the first one..may is fun...dawn is cute and i dont know who iris is...
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    Most Unattractive Pokemon

    vanilish and timbur are the most anoyying and ugly pokemons ever!!
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    Strong Pokemon in Pearl,diamond, and Platium

    1. 1.Inferape 2. Lucario 3. Electivire 4. GRANCHOMP 5. Torterra 6. Empoleon
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    Hardest Elite Four?

    100% drake from the 3rd gen..i remmember that i could hardly beat all hes pokemon but then hes salamance apperaed and then boom:(
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    Your Mom in the Game

    in the first time i played gold i let my mom save my cash...but the phonecalls....f***!!!!
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    Favorite Generation

    1st gen rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Favorite Pokemon Type

    to the fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Your Favorite Pokemon Game

    my faivorite is firered/emereld/heartgold cant decide
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    Favorite Boss Fight in Any Video Game

    i really liked the last boss from sly cooper 3(clock-la) and also the last boss from mortal kombat shaolin mokhs*(it was the hardest boss ever!!!)
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    Most Hated Game

    zelda for the CDI(yea remmember that?) and all rockband/guitar hero games(learn how to play a real instrument!!!)
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    Which Game Do You Think is Better?

    best zelda game: OOT or the first one Best FF: IV
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    What Final Fantasy Game is Your Favourite?

    IV 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Favourite "Battle" Theme Song.

    the one from kingdom hearts 2 cant find the name
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    Favorite Video Game Company.

    Square Enix nintendo sony
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    Favourite Game

    rachet and clanck, sly cooper, pokemon and zelda
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    How Old Are You?

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    Whats Your Favorite Type of Music?

    can you guess?
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    Which Song Do You Currently Have Stuck in Your Head?

    now its master of puppets by metallica
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    Favorite Sitcom?

    my faivorite is friends or the big bang theory or how i met your mother....or modern family...well...i have a lot:)
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    The Legend of Korra

    the legend of korra is one of my faivorite cartoons!!!! and it should be korra and mako
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    Your Favorite Villains of All Time

    my faivorite villan is ganondorf or venom(from spider-man)
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    Favorite Band?

    faivorite band is iron maiden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Do You Play Any Insturments?

    :)im playing the guitar for about 3 years..its good!!!
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    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    rainmaker - iron maiden
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    What Gaming Console/Handheld Do You Own?

    playstaition 2 playstaition 3 ds lite dsi 3ds and pc
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    What is Most Important to You in a Video Game

    the story is a really big part for me but ill have to say the gameplay
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    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    pokemon platinum god of war 3 Aion
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    Latest Video Game Purchase

    kid icarus: uprising (3ds)
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    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    the best zelda game...the eternal question...its probably the first one or ocarina of time... i havent played skyward sword yet cuz im still playing TP
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    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character

    midna, zeldas spirit(st) and the king of the zoras from OOT
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    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    my least faivorite zelda game will be the adventure of link... first the graphics are terrible, second its to hard to find where you need to go and the gamplay sucks cuz its side scrolling on zelda...on zelda!!! and its very hard to battle when a thousend enemys are coming on each side of the...
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    May Giveaway Contest: Most Anticipated Game of 2012

    i would have to say kingdom hearts 3D or new super mario bros 2. i played every game of kingdom hearts and mario and loved each and every one of them...
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