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  1. Patayha

    General Zelda Top 5 Most Difficult Moments in Zelda?

    5. Snowboarding against Yeta in TP 4. Watertemples in general 3. Sacred Grove Guardian puzzle 2. Dodohs minigame in SS :wrong: 1. Stonetower Temple in MM
  2. Patayha

    General Zelda Has Zelda Ever Made You Cry?

    I cried a lot during Skyward Sword. 1st when Zelda sacrificed herself to keep Demise imprisoned (couldn't see Link suffer :(). Oh, and that end...Fi gone: tears! Impa gone: more tears!! SS finished: even more tears!!! Also cried when Midna broke the Mirror of Twilight with her tear...:cry:
  3. Patayha

    Least Favorite Zelda Character?

    Ooccoo. I mean what is that thing? A chicken with a (very nasty) human face? She's so...ewwww! Ooccoo Jr. is even worse, btw. A disembodied head with wings...And yes, The City in The Sky is pure horror for me :sick:
  4. Patayha

    How Long?

    1st run (not 100%): about 55 h 2nd run (not 100%): almost 30 h 3rd run (100%): about 33 h (getting the Hylian Shield took me forever...) 4th: right after entering the Lanayru Mining Facility around 7 h
  5. Patayha

    What Is Your Signature Pokemon?

    Growlithe/Arcanine! I had them in every generation. ^^
  6. Patayha

    Best Pokémon Music

    -Cynthia's battle theme from DPP -GSC Dark Cave -RBY Lavender Town (please not the Green Version!!!:awkward:) -N's battle theme -BW Credits -Elesa BW2 Gym :love: and many many more :)
  7. Patayha

    Stupid Things You Did While Playing Pokemon.

    -Being ten years old I used the Missigno glitch in Red...ruining my game...with the legendary birds and Mewtwo...D: -Defeating Lugia with the last save point two hours ago...:S
  8. Patayha

    Most Memorable Boss Fight

    Barinade from OoT! The first two bosses were a piece of cake. 'This game is sooooo easy' - yeah, until I fought Barinade! Got b*tch slapped over and over again:mad:...Being that frustrated I quit playing OoT for a a couple of weeks just to give it another try. Et voila - defeating Barinade in a...
  9. Patayha

    Which Zelda Creatures Would Make Good Pokemon?

    Nice thread :) Scaldera-> legendary Rock/Fire Pokemon Eyegore-> Genesect? Tektite-> Water type TP Shadow beasts-> Dark type OoT Iron Knuckle-> Steel type golem thingy, similar to the 3 Regis WW Miniblins-> Dark type, can be found on most routes WW Wizzrobe->Flying/Psychic MM Eeno->Ice...
  10. Patayha

    Majora's Mask If You Were Link...

    I'd feel like a loser. I'd dig a deep hole and wait there for the moon to crash (because I'm so afraid of dat thing x.x). Sorry Termina, no heroic rescue for you!
  11. Patayha

    Stupid Things You Did? (in Zelda Games)

    When playing TWW I can't resist to go to Ice Ring Isle and let Link slide on the ice. His "Hah-duh-duh-duh-duh", it's just so amazing :lol: Not to forget when he falls :xd: Found this video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfd7RTfe7vk.
  12. Patayha

    Biggest Badass In Skyward Sword

    Skyward Swords' biggest badass is Rupin! During the day he smoozes you, but at night he's totally gruff. Well at least he gives you tons of rupees for your treasures so I don't mind. I love his face when he bought one from you :lol:
  13. Patayha

    Why is Skyward Sword So Awesome?

    Because it has... -a rich backgroundstory -interesting NPCs -great sidequests -superb music -Wii motionplus support -the fabulous Ghirahim -an improved weapon/item/potion upgrade system -amazing bosses -the much loved Silent Realms :devil: You see: SS is the best Zelda game - at...
  14. Patayha

    Most Challenging Pieces of Heart to Obtain

    #1: Snowboard Race against Yeta (TP) #2: Letting the frogs jump in Zora's River (OoT) #3: Dodoh's Party Wheel Minigame (SS) Aaaargh!!!! >:( #4: Rollercoaster Minigame (SS) #4: several Minigames in Majora's Mask (Koume's shooting game, Clock Town + Swamp shooting gallery, dog race...)
  15. Patayha

    How Can I Put a Title on This...

    Oh God, this is so great! I ate Tingle. Yum Yum! My Grandma switched bodies with Ruto. Yeah, my granny's so sexy :cool:
  16. Patayha

    Scariest Thing in Zelda?

    #4 ReDeads/ Wallmasters! #3 Everything related with the Shadow Temple (OoT)!! #2 The Moon in MM!!! #1 Being the 1st time in a Silent Realm!!!! x.x
  17. Patayha

    Your Favorite: Fi or Ghirahim?

    I like them both, really. But Ghirahim is a bit better IMO. Fi lost this battle when she told me that I can dowse for Graditude Chrystals - right after I've completed Batreaux's side quest...>.< So this cake goes to His Fabulous Demonic Lord Ghirahim! The very 1st time I've seen him I thought...
  18. Patayha

    Zelda Art My Zelda Tees!

    Hi everyone! Here I wanna show you my Zelda tshirts. Once in a while I'm spicing up old shirts and this time I went all nerdy and decided to give 'em a zeldaesque style :lol:! So here it goes! 1st one's the Moon from Majora's Mask: Yes, the Moon is yellow on pupose, I found out that grey...
  19. Patayha

    Favorite Girahim Battle

    Hmmm, that's a very tough decision. I like all three battles, but I'd say the second one's the best. I love love LOVE that cutscene when Ghirahim starts transforming into his true demon form! IMO the fight itself is too easy. I'm always like 'Come on, are you a p*ssy or a friggin' demon lord?'=\
  20. Patayha

    Like Ghirahim? ;D

    Everything?!:D I love his voice <3, his style (I mean it!:lol:) and his personality. One moment he spares your life, a few seconds later he wants to kill you! And last but not least he's an awesome swordsman. During the 3rd battle he killed me 3x in a row...:kawaii:
  21. Patayha

    Top 10 Zelda Song

    #10 Serenade of Water (OoT/TP) #9 Temple of Time (TP) #8 Volvagia Boss Battle (OoT) #7 Hyrule Field (day) (TP) #6 Zant Boss Battle (TP) #5 Zoras Domain (OoT) #4 Midnas Desperate Hour (TP) #3 Ghirahim Boss Battle (all versions) (SS) #2 Staff Roll (credits) (SS) #1 Ballad of the Goddess (SS)
  22. Patayha

    Favourite Character Sounds

    SS Link burning his a**! Every time he's near a lava pit I let him jump...yay^^! Getting shocked by a Technoblin is also great :-) (OMG I'm so cruel to poor Link :lol:)
  23. Patayha

    What's Your Favorite NON FINAL Boss in Zelda?

    Twilit Arachnid Armogohma. A very cool and GIANT boss, but unfortunately way too easy. Why does it have just that few attacks? It would have been much more demanding, if it had fallen down on you or something like that.
  24. Patayha

    Favorite Skyward Sword Dungeon?

    The Ancient Cistern is my No. 1! I absolutely enjoyed the harmony it exudes with the music, the huge Buddha in the middle, the water lilies...that all goes well together. And then that twist when entering the dungeons' basement. It's totally different and creepy with all the cursed Bokoblins...
  25. Patayha

    Cut Scenes

    SS has really superb cutscenes! I don't mind their length at all. Especially the late game cutscenes are very emotional and they kind of 'heated me up' for the last fights against Ghirahim and Demise. Sometimes I thought 'Is this an animation movie or a video game?' since the graphics are so...
  26. Patayha

    Ever Died in the Game?

    OMG I died so many times...I survived all the Bosses (well, except for Moldarach...*cough cough*) but I got killed by Beamos, Lizalfos, Armos...That's what I call facepalm at it's best...:facepalm:
  27. Patayha

    What's Your Favorite Quote in the Zelda Series?

    'None of them are intelligent by any definition of the word. Curiously, they seem to have a mysterious obsession with fashionable undergarments.'(Fi on Red Bokoblins) 'This variety of Bokoblin enjoys dark places, such as caves. Its sunlight-deficient lifestyle has turned its skin a...
  28. Patayha

    Zelda Fun Facts!

    This is what I found out in SS yesterday:the crows in Faron occasionally p**p on your head:lol:
  29. Patayha

    Zelda Art The Legend of Groose

    Haha great!:lol: Groose posing with Zelda in the background - it's too epic! I'd really like to play this game...just imagine his items: hair gel instead of the beetle and a punching bag in place of bombs!:D Very good job!
  30. Patayha

    Spoiler Most Hated Boss

    The Imprisoned. It's so annoying fighting him 3 times! And everytime he comes up with arms, a tail or the ability to fly...>.< You don't wanna know how many times I failed landing on his head at the end of the 3rd battle :( Although he's not that severe, The Imprisoned gave me the hardest times...
  31. Patayha

    What Has Been Your Biggest Duh' Moment in Zelda?

    Yesterday I had another very 'great' moment. Right now I'm playing through OoT the second time. When I went in that room with the two Iron Knuckles in Ganons Castle I thought "Hey cool! Wake one, kill it and then slash away the other! Just like the last time" So I wanted to wake up the first...
  32. Patayha

    First Experiences with the Silent Realms

    At first I hated the Silent Realms. When Fi explained what to do I thought "Welcome baaack, Shadow Insects!". As soon as I stepped out of the circle I nearly got a heart attack! That sound and that colors :S pheew! I messed up the Faron Realm five or six times, just because I couldn't find the...
  33. Patayha

    What is the Boss You've Hated the MOST in a Zelda Game?

    Volvagia! For me it is the hardest Bossfight in OoT. I had so many problems hitting it with the Hammer...>.< and it killed me several times either with its fiery breath or the falling boulders. After I've finally defeated Volvagia I found out that you can climb on the sides of the...
  34. Patayha

    What Would Characters in the Zelda Series Be if They Were Pokemon?

    Ghirahim would be a Scizor. Why? Both are superfast, very dangerous and handy with all kinds of blades. Plus Scizor is half steel and Ghirahim is also made of steel (or something similar) later on.
  35. Patayha

    Old or New? - Poll

    Of course I choose the old ones. I became a video gamer through Pokemon Red. For me, it was the most epic thing at that time!:clap: The old games had an special atmosphere (Lavender Town!), it's very hard to describe. Most of the old Pokemon were designed with passion and love, but many of the...
  36. Patayha

    Ocarina of Time What Was the Worst Ever Happened Thing?

    I can't think of anything worse than running out of arrows while fighting Bongo-Bongo...:S I went insane waiting for his hands to attack, using the Lens of Truth AND the spin attack! At least I had my beloved Biggoron Sword.
  37. Patayha

    What Has Been Your Biggest Duh' Moment in Zelda?

    I had this moment during the 1st phase of the Stallord fight. I kept hitting his spine all the time, but nothing happend. I only thought 'Oh, how cool is this!? A new glitch...?'. That continued about 10 minutes o.o. Then I hit the B button 'accidentally'... Luckily, I had no audience that day...
  38. Patayha

    Ocarina of Time Is Navi Annoying?

    No, I don't think so. With her Z-targeting, she's very helpful. Well, of course her constant 'Hey' and 'Watch out' can be pretty annoying sometimes, but without it, the game would lack something. And, believe me or not, after completing OoT, I really missed her...:( Navi is an icon!:lol:
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