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  1. gerudo_gal

    Who's Preordered Hyrule Historia?

    What??? How!
  2. gerudo_gal

    Who's Preordered Hyrule Historia?

    Thank you guys! I just didn't want to expect it that day and not get it. I am a little anal about that so I'd worry it was lost lol
  3. gerudo_gal

    Who's Preordered Hyrule Historia?

    Guess no one knows.
  4. gerudo_gal

    Who's Preordered Hyrule Historia?

    So, I read somewhere that the copies won't arrive until February 3rd... I'm hoping that's not true since I preordered it and really want it to arrive in... 8 days lol. Anyone know if what I read is just a load of malarkey?
  5. gerudo_gal

    Zelda Art Gerudo_gal's Art Thread

    Thank you. I did what I could with the eyes, it was really hard to do much with them because they are so small!
  6. gerudo_gal

    Zelda Art Gerudo_gal's Art Thread

    I don't have much to post yet, but I'll be posting my art here whenever it happens :). To start, here's a sketch a drew this spring: based off of this: This is the sketch I drew, with pieces of the original OoT artwork photoshopped over it and stretched to my (mis)proportions...
  7. gerudo_gal

    Did You Build the Computer That You Are Currently On?

    I said yes because it was built by a friend and then rebuilt by my boyfriend who's built all of our computers. But I didn't do it myself :3
  8. gerudo_gal

    Are You Ticklish?

    Terribly :( But over the years I've learned how to turn it off... doesn't always work, but when it does I feel so triumphant that I forget to keep it that way and it turns back on -.-
  9. gerudo_gal

    Create a Word from the Last Letter

  10. gerudo_gal

    Would You Rather

    MM. MM is my second favourite Zelda game :3 Would you rather be a Hylian or a Gerudo?
  11. gerudo_gal

    Would You Rather

    t-shirt! WYR live in the tropics or in the mountains?
  12. gerudo_gal

    Would You Rather

    (I was going to ask this question lol) Iron Knuckles... those are my favourite enemies to fight <3 WYR run into a like-like or Girahim every time you left your house?
  13. gerudo_gal

    Create a Word from the Last Letter

  14. gerudo_gal

    The Julius Game - Zelda

    Error (from Adventure of Link)
  15. gerudo_gal

    The Julius Game - Zelda

  16. gerudo_gal

    Love the Game / Despise the Controls?

    Even without asthma, it makes me extremely lightheaded whenever I have to use the flute.
  17. gerudo_gal

    Create a Word from the Last Letter

  18. gerudo_gal

    The Most Confused You've Been in a Video Game

    My mom and I couldn't get past the beginning of Myst. We were so confused that we just counted our monetary loss and quit lol
  19. gerudo_gal

    Who's Preordered Hyrule Historia?

    My boyfriend preorded it for me ages ago. I'm so excited to get it :D
  20. gerudo_gal

    Favorite/Least favorite Dungeon

    I'm not a huge fan of any of the water temples, especially the one in Majora's Mask. That place makes me want to stab things. I typically don't like the fire temples either.
  21. gerudo_gal

    Would You Rather

    Time traveler. Would you rather be able to speak to the dead or to animals?
  22. gerudo_gal

    Dying or Fainting?

    I always say "dying" and "killing" for some reason in those games. I think it's because I played a lot of other video games as a kid and all of them involved killing things (die! die!)... so it just transferred to my Pokémon lingo.
  23. gerudo_gal

    Dungeons- How Big is Too Big?

    I personally prefer medium sized dungeons the majority of the time. Though, I will say that I felt like the majority of the dungeons in Twilight Princess were too short. I wish the Temple of Time and Hyrule Castle especially would have been extended. In Skyward Sword, so far, none of the...
  24. gerudo_gal

    Love the Game / Despise the Controls?

    I had this problem with Spirit tracks as well. I actually quit playing because of it. I haven't beat SS yet (got it in November) because I struggle so hard to use the Wii remote (read a great article yesterday about how to solve that problem though). The biggest issue for me with new games on...
  25. gerudo_gal

    Words of Wisdom from the Legend of Zelda

    Zelda is a Japanese game featuring predominantly white people... I don't think it's racist, I think it's just a showing of Japanese culture and how the majority of the characters in Japanese video games/anime are white. Which blows my mind really. Not to mention, whenever other Asian people...
  26. gerudo_gal

    Create a Word from the Last Letter

  27. gerudo_gal

    Snow: Yay or Nay?

    I'm a big naysayer on the snow thing. I hate it. It's wet, it's cold, and extremely inconvenient. Though, I will admit that there is a certain beauty to a field that has been covered by snow and untouched by humans.
  28. gerudo_gal

    If You Had 3 Wishes What Would They Be?

    1. To be able to remember all of my dreams 2. To know the truth 3. For wisdom
  29. gerudo_gal

    If You Had a Time Machine, What Would You Do?

    Ancient Greece because I'm a hellenist and I love philosophy
  30. gerudo_gal

    If You Where Invisible for a Day What Would You Do?

    Probably what I do all day every day anyway... sit at home on my computer >.<
  31. gerudo_gal

    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    Due to a lack of finances (until recently), I have been unable to obtain many Zelda games, but of the ones I've played at least some of, Adventure of Link has been my least favourite. Couldn't even get past the beginning -.-
  32. gerudo_gal

    Are Companions Makeing Zelda Games Easier?

    I feel like some of the games might be working on their child-friendliness. I don't mind the guides at all though. The nice part about Fi was that you could at least turn the dowsing off. Midna and Navi weren't so bad because all they really did was suggest that you go places. What annoys me...
  33. gerudo_gal

    What Zelda Race Do You Believe is the Strongest?

    The Gerudo because of Ganondorf.... and because I love Gerudos so I might be biased.
  34. gerudo_gal

    What is Your Preferred Search Engine?

    Google, forever and always <3
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