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  1. EonNinja

    Will You Use the Torchic?

    I chose not to use it. I didn't want to load up my team with starter Pokemon (I currently have a Quilladin and a Wartortle) and I wanted to experience some of the new Pokemon on my team. I'll probably train it up to use competitively, though
  2. EonNinja

    Klefki, Possibly the Greatest Pokemon Ever?

    Honedge strapped to the right hip. Klefki on the left. Someone needs to make fanart of this, like, stat. In other news, Nintendo no longer has an excuse to put locked doors in Pokemon games
  3. EonNinja

    Team Flare's Motivation Revealed - TO MAKE THE WORLD BEAUTIFUL

    Well, it's really only fair that we have PokeNazis. To date we've had the PokeMafia, PokeCommunists and PokePEETA
  4. EonNinja

    Other Regions As DLC?

    I would definitely pay extra for that!
  5. EonNinja

    Pokemon X and Y - Demo For X and Y In Japan!

    I'd watch the heck out of these videos if my computer had sound at the moment...
  6. EonNinja

    Pokemon X and Y: What Comes Next?

    Yeah, we'll probably be getting a lot more info as the release gets closer and closer.
  7. EonNinja

    Favorite Generation

    Gen 4 was my favorite. I consider it the first "new" generation that came out while I was a Pokemon fan (playing the games, at least. I watched the anime for a while before I picked up a game). Technically, I came it a Gen 3 due to my first game being LeafGreen. The new Pokemon were great: a lot...
  8. EonNinja

    Update on Pokemon Global Link!

    Sounds good
  9. EonNinja

    Pokemon X and Y: What Comes Next?

    I agree, though the evolutions are kind of a given. I just cant wait to see the eighty or so Pokemon that have yet to be revealed. We've only seen a few thus far and I'm really excited!
  10. EonNinja

    Update on Pokemon Global Link!

    I used Global Link a good deal of times, but I have to admit that playing flash games for an hour every day for some berries and a special ability Pokemon (where you weren't even guaranteed the one you want) kinda starting grating on my nerves after a while. But this new X and Y update looks...
  11. EonNinja

    3 New Pokémon for X and Y Pokédex!!!

    Considering every Gen we get a Pikachu lookalike, Dedenne doesn't surprise me. Bunnelby is Buneary and Bidoof's child, and Skiddo has actually been revealed prior to this. If you look closely in one of the trailers if you look closely enough. All in all, I'm quite satisfied with these and can't...
  12. EonNinja

    [SPOILERS] Team Flair/Flare

    I'm calling it right now! They're gonna summon a solar flare!
  13. EonNinja

    Pokemon X and Y: What Comes Next?

    We've gotten a ton of news so far in regards to the sixth generation of our beloved franchise. New Pokemon, a new Type, Mega Evolutions, new mechanics, etc. What do you think will be announced next? What do you WANT to be announced next?
  14. EonNinja

    A Cotton Candy Pokemon? Gamefreak is Officially Running Out of Ideas!

    Dragons are people too! I mean animals! Whatever!
  15. EonNinja

    Evolutions That Need to Happen.

    Considering we're getting Fairy Type Sylveon, they should do a Dragon Type Eveelution. In Gen 2, Psychic was the Type being balanced and Dark was there to balance it, hence Umbreon and Espeon. See where I'm headed with this?
  16. EonNinja

    Mega Evolutions Confirmed for Pokémon X and Y!

    And here I was thinking that fights in PMD fanfics couldn't get more like Dragonball Z...not saying I have a problem with it, though! I'm glad they're breathing new life into old creations. Now, God willing that there are more generations, we'll have another factor to anticipate: more Mega...
  17. EonNinja

    Which Will Be Your Starter?

    I think I'm going with Fenniken, considering that I usually go for the Grass-Type with the Water-Type as a backup plan. But if it turns out to be a Fire-Fighting Type, all bets are off.
  18. EonNinja

    New BB Code: Spoiler Tag.

    I've been gone fore a while and am confused on how to earn and use "gold." What is that?
  19. EonNinja

    New Pokemon Fan-Faction

    Just thought I'd let everyone know that the first three chapters of Pokemon: The Plasma Saga are finally up on FanFiction.net! Enjoy and please give me some feedback!
  20. EonNinja

    New Pokemon Fan-Faction

    Just to clarify, hopefully the first three chapters will be posted today round 3. The thing is I signed up for Fan Fic on Friday, and there's like a two day waiting period or whatever so yeah if all else goes well the first few chapters of Pokemon: The Plasma Saga Part 1 will be up today on...
  21. EonNinja

    New Pokemon Fan-Faction

    I just wanted to let the community know that I will begin posting a new Fan-Fiction of FanFiction.net tomorrow, October 7th, which happens to be the day Black 2 and White 2 are released in the U.S. So please check it out as I writer I find feedback encouraging and it gives me further reason to...
  22. EonNinja

    Upcoming Z-Talk Section:Unraveling Threads

    Recently, I have gotten in touch with Din Akera of the Z-Talk podcast, and we decided on a title for my new community oriented segment for the podcast, "Unraveling Threads." The segment will consist of me finding an exceptional article on our forums, doing a little research on the topic, and...
  23. EonNinja

    Secrets of the Deku Mask

    Yes, I can understand why you are saying some of this is obvious, but one of my large main questions in this thread is, "How exactly did Skull Kid steal a sould and why?" We do know from the game that masks can house spirits in them, but never do we learn if Skull Kid can steal spirits. And if...
  24. EonNinja

    Secrets of the Deku Mask

    BTW this article has a second part I will get to it ASAP
  25. EonNinja

    Secrets of the Deku Mask

    Majoras Mask-a game most of us have played. It made us laugh, it made us cry, but the first 30 minutes or so gave us phsycholocial damage. Skull Kid just had to go and turn us into a deku scrub for his own satisfaction:(. Our first main goal of that game was to get out of that form anyway. If...
  26. EonNinja

    What Three Zelda Characters Would You Most Like to See Make a Come-back?

    Impa's Return I must admit, I love Linebeck, but he did sort of make a come back. And Kapora Gaebora made like three. So I would have to choose Impa. Yeah, I know, she made a comeback too, but she is AWESOME!
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