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  1. Greenie

    Repeat Bosses

    I think repeat bosses can be done well but they run the risk of feeling like padding. The Wizzrobe in Majora's Mask is an example of how it can be tedious. For whatever reason that game feels the need to repeat that battle four times, five if you are going for 100%. That fight is largely...
  2. Greenie

    What was your first Zelda game and How was your Experience with it?

    Like others I was introduced to the series through OoT. But in my case I wasn't able to play all that much of it for a few reasons. The first being that the game actually belonged to my brother, though he would let me have my own save file. The second is just that as a very young child I was...
  3. Greenie

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 444!

    My problem with cooking in BOTW is that it is largely undermined by the armor system. Link always has all of the armor sets on him and can equip them at his discretion at no penalty whatsoever. Whereas you have to be in a specific place to cook and sacrifice resources for it to get only a...
  4. Greenie

    How has the Legend of Zelda series affected your life?

    There is a fair chance that Ocarina of Time may have been the first video game I have ever played. Meaning it is possible that the Zelda series got me interested in video games in the first place. Games have been a significant part of my life for a very long time, so I would say that made for a...
  5. Greenie

    what is the worst zelda boss ever

    Gyorg on 3DS. The second phase of that fight is chore. It feels random whether or not the underwater bombs will cooperate with you. The whole thing just takes forever. They also made it impossible to win this fight as the Fierce Deity.
  6. Greenie

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 442!

    I didn't actually remember what the archipelagos were in the game and having just refreshed myself on them I now understand why. There is basically nothing to do on them. But Eye Reefs stuck in my memory more for being monotonous. I'm not sure what is worse in this case; being unmemorable period...
  7. Greenie

    Favorite/Least Favorite Character

    Ocarina of Time Link is definitely my favorite incarnation of the character, child and adult forms. His journey in OoT is a unique reflection of the whole coming of age type of story. It directly shows the shift in perspective and responsibility that occurs as we transition from child to adult...
  8. Greenie

    Favorite/Least Favorite Dungeons

    Ocarina of Time has my favorite dungeons in the series and I love all of them for a multitude of reasons. It's hard to pick one, but I think I will make my case for the Water Temple. I think it is the first dungeon of the game to really make you think about how you approach it in layers; as in...
  9. Greenie

    Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Games

    Ocarina of Time, Link's Awakening, Link to the Past, Majora's Mask and Zelda 1 are my top five in that order. I don't dislike any Zelda game thus far nor do I think any one of them is undeserving of praise. I just hold some games in higher regard than others. There isn't a particular Zelda game...
  10. Greenie

    Does Majora's Mask stress you out?

    In a way it does. Sure, with the Song of Time and the inverted version you basically do get infinite time but it still doesn't change the fact that the timer continues to tick down. There will always be things you will want/need to accomplish on a single cycle, and schedules of the NPCs you will...
  11. Greenie

    Hopes for Zelda in 2021

    I never got the chance to play WW/TP HD so if those could come to Switch that would be great. Though I am a little worried if they end up doing a compilation thing for the anniversary when you consider how Mario 3D All Stars turned out. Limited release, full price, next to no improvements or...
  12. Greenie

    Do You Tend to Replay Easy or Hard Games More?

    My favorite games tend to be on the easy side. Their challenge was fair on the initial playthrough, but subsequent runs naturally make beating them easier over time. I find this also applies to games that some people might consider hard or at least challenging, like a few Megaman or Castlevania...
  13. Greenie

    worst zelda music

    The theme for the Crown Dungeon in Oracle of Ages. I can't think of any Zelda game with any soundtrack I would consider bad overall, but that single track from Ages is downright repugnant.
  14. Greenie

    Breath of the Wild Is The Champions’ Ballad Worth My Time?

    I actually agree with you on the utility of the Master Cycle. If I were to start a new game on BOTW, I would honestly bee line it through the divine beasts and the DLC. I think getting Link fully decked out with all his abilities and the MC would make exploration a lot more exciting for the rest...
  15. Greenie

    Breath of the Wild Is The Champions’ Ballad Worth My Time?

    The Champion's Ballad is kind of worse off the later you do it in the game. Especially in your case since you finished up the shrines. It's basically more shrines and one more divine beast esque challenge. When you are at the end of the game you aren't really able to enjoy any of the rewards it...
  16. Greenie

    What is your unpopular Zelda opinion?

    In my opinion Tatl is a completely unlikable and irredeemable character, such that I cannot relate at all to people who believe she is superior to Navi. What's clear right off the bat is that she is a complete jerk to Link and she stays that way throughout the whole game. She does very rarely...
  17. Greenie

    Have you ever cried during Zelda?

    I have but maybe for strange reasons. Something that manages to always gets me no matter how many times I see it is not even a mandatory event. It's when you go out of your way to talk to Mido as an adult after beating the Forest Temple. He realizes that Saria will never come back and is clearly...
  18. Greenie

    Do you ever play Zelda games as a form of stress relief?

    Ocarina of Time in general is greatly calming for me in a way that few games manage to pull off. Getting out into Hyrule Field in that game always feels liberating. It's just so pleasant. In particular Lake Hylia is a place I find the most relaxing. It has fishing of course but simply being near...
  19. Greenie

    What Are You Doing In Zelda?

    I've just experienced the Crown Dungeon which is the fifth level in Oracle of Ages and wow... what a truly abysmal dungeon. It is not my first time with it as I have beaten the Oracle games a few times before, but upon revisiting them I am beginning to understand why my playthroughs of those...
  20. Greenie

    Stuff in Zelda you didn't realize until much later.

    When I was a kid I somehow believed that you had to wear the Kokiri Tunic inside of the Forest Temple otherwise Link would die. I guess I assumed this because the Death Mountain area wanted you to wear the Goron Tunic; therefore I must have concluded that each tunic was color coded for a...
  21. Greenie

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 438!

    It's a toss up between LTTP and BOTW for me but I have gone with LTTP. Both the opening infiltration sequence and the second visit are both highlights of the pacing to me. For the first visit, you run out into the stormy night to rescue Princess Zelda from the deepest parts of the castle...
  22. Greenie

    What Are You Doing In Zelda?

    I'm near the end of my minimalist run of LTTP. That means I only pick up mandatory items for completing the game without glitches. Right now I'm at Turtle Rock which is possibly the most dangerous part of the run simply due to the boss. You don't have the half magic upgrade nor do you have any...
  23. Greenie

    What do you think of how difficulty is handled in Zelda as a series?

    I am personally not too bothered about the ease of most Zelda games, though I also would not mind if the difficulty was upped. Only in a more organic way, of course. By that I mean things like increased enemy variety in both types and attack patterns as well as taking away certain crutches from...
  24. Greenie

    Link's Awakening Switch Do you still play Link's Awakening Switch from time to time?

    Link's Awakening is my second favorite Zelda game overall and I did quite enjoy my time with the Switch version despite initially being ambivalent towards it. While I haven't replayed it on Switch, I have gone back to the DX and classic GB versions a few times during the past months. I would...
  25. Greenie

    Anyone else not always bothering with the map/compass?

    Depending on the game they are usually on the path you need to take through the dungeon regardless, so I've never found the harm in picking them up. I agree with the sentiment of getting them to make the dungeon feel fully complete. As such I will go off the beaten path to acquire them if...
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