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  1. Shadow Goris

    Did You Like Twilight Princess

    I really thought the game was way over-hyped and had too high expectations. I'm sure everyone over at zentendo are proabably sick to death of me saying that, But I just can't say how much of a let down that game was. I'm not going to get into too much detail(because at 1 am that's kinda...
  2. Shadow Goris

    Your Opinion of Minish Cap

    I think all the games from wind waker and beyond got a little worse each time, tp being the appitamy of fail. Minish cap wasn't anything special, nothing was in it was really innovative.
  3. Shadow Goris

    Ocarina of Time Is OOT overrated?

    This game is overrated. I've played through it 3 times and it's getting slightly dusty.
  4. Shadow Goris

    Were do kokiri come from?

    If the piccori became the kokiri than all the stuff scattered around under rocks, in bushes, etc. wouldn't be there. As said in MC by a minish(piccori), they put that stuff there.
  5. Shadow Goris

    The mystery of Link's items

    Hyrule has magic. The answer is 42-uhh...Link uses magic.
  6. Shadow Goris

    The max OOT upgrades.

    Well I think you can carry 99 arrows and bombs, deku sticks 50 and same with slingshot. I have no idea about the bombchus. However, there is no upgrades about how many magic beans you can hold.
  7. Shadow Goris

    Your Username

    Well my username goes back to character from a fantasy story that forevr lives in my mind....The main character's name is Goris. Shadow comes from something called a shadow form. Goris's shadow form-Shadow Goris. I really don't know how i came up with the story. And no, Goris was not branched...
  8. Shadow Goris

    Zelda Easter Eggs

    Can someone post a pic of that?
  9. Shadow Goris

    Minish Cap help, couple Qs

    I wish you could link up to fuse...
  10. Shadow Goris

    When Link draws his sword...

    Leave that gravity to mario galaxy, none of the gravity in that game is real, merio would just float off the planet or would die from heat or cold.
  11. Shadow Goris

    Boss Ideas

    Anyway, what would be really cool is fighting your own partner(if you have one) or plugginh another controller in and letting the other person control the boss. Or imagine this (a joke) Mario vs. link. epic. :lol:
  12. Shadow Goris

    Deku Nuts

    Ii actually liked the deku nuts and they were usefull with young link before you got the boomerang. And it's one of the only items that both links can use.
  13. Shadow Goris

    Hardest boss for Minish Cap

    the game didn't give me any trouble
  14. Shadow Goris

    2d Zelda

    I think There will be another title with simaliar graphics to FSA for the DS. However, I'm hoping for a 3D Zelda game that uses a DVD9 disc that has the best graphics on the wii. Sure if the game was a superb 2D zelda for the wii/DS/GBA SP then that would be okay, but i would like a 3D one better.
  15. Shadow Goris

    What Gaming systems do you have?

    Well the title speaks for itself. Just list the sytems you have, and if you want, the games you have for them. 1)Wii 2)GBA SP 3) DS 4)GCN Yes i'm a nintendo fan.
  16. Shadow Goris

    Questions concerning Majora

    Is the metroid manga cannon?
  17. Shadow Goris

    Minish Cap: Is it toon Link?

    Yes, Mc link is toon link. Look at the Mc bozart and stuff. It's very simaliar to ph and ww toon link pics.
  18. Shadow Goris

    Questions concerning Majora

    Wasn't the beast's name Majora? An btw, what does cannon mean?
  19. Shadow Goris

    Saddest Zelda Scene

    LOL The saddest scene is when you wearing the FD mask in MM while There's the cutscene where the happy mask man was shaking you. :P
  20. Shadow Goris

    Favorite Majora's Mask form

    I like deku link best. I mean, you gotta love the deku!
  21. Shadow Goris

    Were do kokiri come from?

    Yes, were do kokiri come from? Are they born or are they forest spirits that come from wood or something? I think this just wasn't thought about by nintendo, so they don't have an answer. :(
  22. Shadow Goris

    Link's True Age and Hair Color

    Of course, his hair was pink.
  23. Shadow Goris

    FSA, FS, and TMC Place in the Timeline?

    What's cannon? O.o
  24. Shadow Goris


    I got confused and forgot some of the things i was saying O.o So just whatever, the kokiri did evolve into the koroks(even though i don't believe the sort)
  25. Shadow Goris

    Feirce Deity: Is it nooby?

    Well someone woke up on the wrong side of the bumb shak.
  26. Shadow Goris

    Feirce Deity: Is it nooby?

    I'm sure you would know all about it:shy: Anyway, it's not nooby(which can mean many things) the player that uses it non-stop is a noob and can't beat anything with out it. P.S. Avenged, go play the other classics
  27. Shadow Goris

    Favorite Zelda character

    I can't chose between midna or ezlo...or the king of red lions....or makar......
  28. Shadow Goris

    Should LoZ introduce a new Hero as a main character?

    Maybe link could be fighting off some being or entity that is causing some plague but catches it himself and his role goes to a very close freind or brother or someone that wants to prefaile link.
  29. Shadow Goris

    How many sages were there?

    I was wondering why would they add the extra 2 sages?
  30. Shadow Goris


    It's zelda don't expect that (crap) in it
  31. Shadow Goris


    You know how in the Cheesewaker, the koroks are the kokiri? And how the kokiri are never age? Well then are the koroks in the cheesewaker the same kokiri in ocarina of cheese? If they are then can you match up what koroks are which kokiri?
  32. Shadow Goris

    How many sages were there?

    Yeah but in cheesewaker there are 9 sages:light, forest, fire, water, spirit, shadow, earth, and wind. However, one thing that puzzles me is that fado, a kokiri, was a sage. There were no kokiri in WW, there were koroks. Maybe that was before they tuned into korok?
  33. Shadow Goris

    FSA, FS, and TMC Place in the Timeline?

    To me the only spinoffs are the tingle games(freshly picked tingles rosy rupeeland and tingle's balloon fight).
  34. Shadow Goris

    shadow temple confusion

    Glitches most likely. Try copying the profile you used that this happened on to a new slot. Or maybe you pushed the thing in the wrong direction. Possibly you didn't get the hover boots yet or something like that? I haven't played this game for a while but i will today...This is OOT you're...
  35. Shadow Goris

    Hidden Stuff/Supposed To Be Removed Stuff

    ...This doesn't stop in zelda games. In super mario 64 if you go up to a certain painting on the first floor and use the free camera veiw and look through the wall with it you see a giant floating red letter "F". Odd
  36. Shadow Goris

    Muliplayer Zelda?

    I think multiplayer Zelda games would be fun. 3d even better. However, you should have had the ability to control all four links at once in four swords(gba).
  37. Shadow Goris

    Water Temple in OOT

    Whjy does everyone say the Water temple in oot is the hardest thing ever? To me it's pretty easy. Well not easy but not hard. Medium. Post your thoughts.
  38. Shadow Goris

    Hidden Stuff/Supposed To Be Removed Stuff

    You know how in WW where if you use the jump code AR once you walk into the bomb shop on windfall island, you can walk through walls(i think you can do this in all buildijngs)? Well any way, the pirate crew is outside standing on an invisable platform. I wonder why nintendo didn't just remove...
  39. Shadow Goris

    OoT Best Game ever?

    OOT is to over rated...*sighs*...*gang of people form around ShadowGoris* It's still a great game though, No seriously
  40. Shadow Goris

    TP Help Please

    Also, i see that using link's sword is easier than fighting with wolf link. Might help :/
  41. Shadow Goris

    TP Help Please

    If you have a lot of rupees then yes. I wouldn't have survived the cave with out the magic armour! Btw linkman8, cakewalk?
  42. Shadow Goris


    I agree that alttp is set in the same hyrule as TP because the master sword is in the ruin of the temple of time. Though there are some doubts...
  43. Shadow Goris

    Favorite Instrument

    I like the Deku Horn from MM. I don't really know why i just like it. Also howling with wolf link(is that counted) because it's literally beast.
  44. Shadow Goris

    Favorite Bomb

    My favorite bombs are probably bomblings from TP.
  45. Shadow Goris

    Ocarina of Time Life as a Kokiri

    Kokiri I would love to be a kokiri. I could just play all day with the others and yeah. Beside, what's so bad about koroks? I think they're cute....Any way, I was wondering, Were Do Kokiri Come From? This really baffles me. If they never age, then if they were born, wouldn't they stay as babies...
  46. Shadow Goris

    Do you let others borrow your games?

    I would only let my close freinds borrow my games. Because i know they won't steall my games. My cosins....probably not.
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